Thursday, February 18, 2021

Media Mystifies the Massive, Global Drop in Covid Cases, To Push Fear A Little Longer.

In the past six weeks, the number of new coronavirus infections reported globally has dropped nearly by half, from about five million the first week of January to about 2.7 million last week. Worldwide, overall daily case tallies are the lowest they’ve been since October, according to the World Health Organization.

Canada is part of that trend. The country has seen new infections plunge from 57,519 in the week beginning Jan. 4 to 20,776 in the past week – a 64-per-cent drop.

US, Britain, Europe Canada, South Africa ( end date Feb 16/21)

US (gold) Britain (blue) Europe (grey) Canada (red) South Africa (orange)

Globe and Mail Source: Our world in data via Johns Hopkins

University CSSE COVID-19 Data – Last updated Feb. 16

We need to understand what is driving those transmission dynamics,” Mike Ryan, head of the WHO’s health emergencies program, told a news conference Monday.

Golly, shucks,  I thought we had the transmission dynamics all worked out- Just wear a mask and no viral spread... ;) Oh wait, that was a huge fail. Because masks were a fail for prevention and were likely spreading the virus (one need only look at the graph to see masks were a HUGE, undeniable fail on preventing spread) 
“Is it the natural seasonality and wave-like pattern of the disease? Are we building a level of immunity in the population that’s preventing the disease finding the next case?
Despite doing everything we could to prevent natural societal immunity for occurring it happened!
And are control measures having an impact on that? I think all of the above, to an extent, are true.”

All of the above, to an extent, are true- Claims the expert.

It wasn't the vaccine. We KNOW that with 100 percent certainty- The drop began in early January and to this date vaccines haven't been deployed ( like harmful weapons) enough to make a difference. Additionally there was never, one bit of evidence that the vaccines prevented transmission. None. Zip. Zero. Zilch.

Globe and Mail

Canada's drop is a enormous 64%

In Canada, coronavirus cases are falling; new infections plunged from 57,519 in the week beginning Jan. 4 to 20,776 in the past week – a 64-per-cent drop.

It's not the public health measures. It's not strict adherence to rules, which is laughable

It's not the vaccine, that's for darn sure  It is very likely the natural seasonality of coronaviruses could all be responsible for the drop. And, again, it is very likely social immunity (herd immunity)

  • Canada’s drop in coronavirus cases is similar to a global decrease in cases recently. Observers say there are many possible reasons: Stronger public-health measures, stricter adherence to the rules borne out of fear of faster-spreading variants, and the natural seasonality of coronaviruses could all be responsible for the drop.

 “We knew that this winter was going to be extremely difficult, because [SARS-CoV-2] is a respiratory virus, like flu, like other coronaviruses,” Dr. Binnicker said. In the Northern Hemisphere, influenza usually rises in December, peaks in early- to mid-January and falls off by mid-February. “And that’s really what we’ve seen with COVID,” Dr. Binnicker said.

Gosh, let's see... how many times was the fact that covid is a respiratory virus like other coronaviruses and flu viruses that rise and fall mentioned here? Come and go. As usual. Covid follows the same pattern. How many times have we talked this very information at the blog?

Expert opinion acknowledges vaccines are not the reason for the drop, but, misses the boat entirely on social immunity

With only 3.4 vaccine doses injected for every 100 Canadians and fewer than 900,000 infections confirmed in Canada since the start of the pandemic, the vast majority of Canadians remain susceptible to the coronavirus.

Fewer then 900,000 infections confirmed DOES NOT MEAN that only 900,000 Canadians were infected. The number of confirmed and the number infected & recovered are undoubtedly very different.  I've no doubt that many, many, many more Canadians were infected and that those infections were unconfirmed.  Because this virus has been circulating, globally,  for much longer then is usually claimed.

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 Recall my post of January 05/21?


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  1. the formatting is wonky, I've tried to fix it, to no avail
    no matter the media is lamenting the massive fall in covid cases because their much vaunted mRNA therapy masquerading as a vaccine wasn't the glorious saviour they'd pushed it as.

    No one needs that toxic swill.. Nature will do what natures does. Always