Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Multi Millions of Toxic Masks Recalled- Pulmonary Toxicity, Masking is in and of itself, Toxic

Before reading the latest let us recall the report from January/21

Covid-19 Face Masks Could Cause Lung Problems- Plastic Fibers Embedded in Your Lungs- Inflammation and Cancer
The scientists from Wuhan’s Institute of Hydrobiology counted the plastic fibers shed by masks over a month, using a laboratory device that simulated human breathing. They found that masks containing activated carbon produced the highest number of fibers, at nearly 4,000.
Brief rant:

All masks will deliver fibers into your lung. Because you are breathing with your nose and mouth covered by something that is deteriorating as it is used. And you are inhaling the product of that degradation.

We were never, ever, ever meant to have our respiratory system impeded/blocked/impinged for long periods of time. Seriously, only a moron would believe that to be acceptable. And sadly there are lots of moronic people around.

After this latest "breaking news", that isn't surprising in the least, additional links to other reports on the subject will be provided.

 After Quebec issued a mass recall for the masks on Friday, following a safety warning from Health Canada, a growing pool of workers has been identified as the exposed group.

The Société de Transport de Montreal told CTV News on Monday that the masks were handed out to STM employees for months.
 The grey and blue masks are labelled as SNN200642 and are from the supplier Metallifer, which said it imported them from China and that they conformed to all regulations at the time.

In a notice Thursday, a Health Canada director wrote of "a potential emerging risk" with face masks coated with nanoform graphene materials, the layer of miniscule carbon particles that coats the masks.

Reread the SCIENCE included in the January post

Breathing in this substance presents an "unacceptable" risk of toxicity to the lungs, Health Canada said.

The next day, Quebec recalled the Metallifer masks.

Teachers and daycare workers were the first groups to learn they'd been wearing the masks, with instant recalls at schools.

The province identified these groups, as well as health-care workers, as the recipients of the problematic masks, but didn't say who in the health-care system had been wearing them.

 "Thousands” of employees had access to the masks, he said, and those were mostly maintenance workers and mechanics -- drivers and ticket booth operators work behind plexiglass and are not required to wear masks at all.
Overall, "hundreds of thousands” of the masks have been used by STM employees over the last few months, Dery confirmed. The STM took them out of circulation on Friday, after the Health Canada notice, he said.
Dery also said that while the STM has been giving free masks out in the metro to the public, these masks weren't distributed to the public at any point.

If the STM was giving free masks out in the metro to the public then these masks were distributed to the public. What an out and out lie from this Dery person! Undoubtedly these employees shared these masks with family and friends too. 

Teachers and Parents Respond After Toxic Masks Pulled: Feel betrayed

    The Quebec government is asking school boards, daycares and health networks to stop using a type of mask that Health Canada warned can be toxic to the lungs.

People have even been asked to "immediately store the boxes of masks in a secure and isolated location" after the alarming warning.

The grey and blue masks are identified by the code SNN200642 and are from the supplier Metallifer, the province said.

 According to a statement provided to CTV News, the province distributed 30.6 million SNN200642 masks to networks under the ministry of family, education and higher education.

Since January, the province has distributed 116 million masks to the school network, 4.6 million of which were of the SNN200642 line.
 In a notice Thursday, a Health Canada director wrote of "a potential emerging risk" with face masks coated with nanoform graphene materials.

The agency "identified a potential for early pulmonary toxicity associated with the inhalation of nanoform graphene," it wrote. It considers the risk the masks pose to be "unacceptable."
Early pulmonary toxicity as opposed to that which might come from other masks a little later?

Previous studies about the risk of plastics discovered microplastics in the lung tissue of some patients who died of lung cancer in the 1990s. Since then, other studies have examined the potential lung damage caused by plastic materials.

According to research, plastic degrades slowly, so once in the lungs, it tends to stay there and build up in volume.

Some studies have found that the immune system can attack these foreign objects, causing prolonged inflammation that can lead to diseases such as cancer.

 Masking is toxic. And it has not stopped the spread of Covid.  This was covered as far back as 8 months ago and here it is again.

 Oh and the masks tossed everywhere are a disgrace!  They are plastic pollution and if you believe in the 'pandemic' as presented your certainly assisting in the spread of the virus. 

Personally, I find the quantities of discarded masks laying about heinous. Disgraceful. Disgusting.



  1. All masks should be recalled. They are dangerous, as we all have figured from the start of this. Now how many people will be affected by this? Looks like a lot. What many don't know is they repackage masks made in China, so they can be anywhere in any store. Giant Tiger sold them and probably still do. I bet lots of stores sell those toxic things. Everyone just stop wearing them. End of problem. Cloth is no better. They shed all the time too. Just check out the lint screen in the washer or dryer. Lint comes of anything made of cloths.

    Even the swabs are toxic. Seems everything is toxic. Of course when they keep importing stuff from China what do they expect. Their jewelry was loaded with lead. The blinds also had lead. Night lights caught fire etc. I had a hair dryer from there that started to shoot out sparks. It is hard to avoid buying made in China stuff.

    1. Hey Thinking:
      It looks as if Health Canada may be recalling more masks- too late of course, if they do?
      (they are investigating some other masks)
      The sad thing, though typical of health canada, it was only because an individual brought the problem of these masks to health canada's attention that they actually bothered to look into this problem.

      Talk about a do nothing agency.

      I've seen those masks here in Ontario- so clearly they've been wider spread then just in Quebec.

  2. "Man’s skin ‘peeled off’ in rare reaction to Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine"

    1. OMG- those pictures are awful.
      poor guy must have suffered terrible.

    Suppressed Facts About Vaccination
    Eleanor McBean


  4. My hygienist yesterday gave me a blue mask to wear on my walk home. I accepted it and thanked her but said if I wanted to, I could get plenty of them off the street. She caught the inference right away.

    What scares me is that all the people in that office are wearing masks all day long, every day, just in order to save their jobs since the gov't makes it a condition for dental offices to stay open. Same with food stores and pharmacies. Are these people literally risking their lives to serve the public? Looks like it. I worry about my young pharmacist all the time since she took the vax. She's doubtful about getting the second shot, but she also has to keep her job. It's tryanny, pure and simple, and criminal! And what will their later lives be like once the pollution of their lungs and the long-term adverse effects of vaccines develop into full-blown illnesses - and the official denials prevent any recourse.

  5. Need links/hyperlinks please. Not clear if your underlined bits are supposed to be links but they are certainly not working as such on an up to date phone chrome browser. Otherwise great work!

    1. All the links are working just fine. Checked them all and they are okay. There are five of them all together.
      No one else has mentioned this problem? Anyone?

      Sorry :(