Sunday, March 28, 2021

Vaccination Dogma

DW published a piece that can and should only be considered as the promotion of DOGMA.  Clearly suggesting you must be convinced of the salvation offered by an experimental jab. Despite the obvious  and abundant failings cited in their own article!  To be clear I’m using the word DOGMA in this manner:

“ a point of view or tenet put forth as authoritative without adequate grounds”   


DW: Coronavirus infection despite vaccination? Maybe, but jabs still save lives     

Keeping in mind the reality that this virus already had such a high rate of survival- one wonders how it could be credibly claimed the jabs  save lives?  As you can see we’re off to a contradictory start from the headline. But, we shall continue.

“Reports of vaccinated people getting COVID-19 have been appearing in the news over and over in recent weeks, but that's neither a reason to get angry, nor an argument to reject vaccines.
It isn’t an argument to reject? Clearly, it is.  If your furnace doesn't heat your house do you keep it? If your car doesn't drive do you still plate and insure it? Where's the logic in the DW stance?
“Even if someone experiences mild symptoms after a vaccination or tests positive for the coronavirus, the vaccine is still effectively doing what it's supposed to do: prevent severe disease progression and death.”
But it does not block transmission.The prevention claim is suspect as well. The virus has a very high survivability rate. And most people who test positive are asymptomatic. So the claim of preventing severe disease progression and or death. How can that be quantified, demonstrated or known?
“Why have COVID deaths occured after vaccination?

In Germany, however, there have been some cases in which seniors in nursing homes still had severe COVID-19 courses even after vaccination. Some even died.
So, the vaccine did not stop transmission and it did not reduce severity. That's clear.
What do sterilizing immunity and functional immunity mean?

In this respect, it's safe to say the BioNTech-Pfizer vaccine offers a fairly high sterilizing immunity against the most common coronavirus variants. Though conclusive figures are not yet available for other vaccines, efficacy is likely comparable.

 The first evaluations of BioNTech-Pfizer vaccines administered in Israel  showed that people who had been vaccinated twice had a 92% lower risk of infecting other people.
"The first evaluations"? They use Israel to prove their point?  A nation where many tens of thousand of Israelis became infected with Covid after vaccination. How would that prove sterilizing immunity?

Here comes the admission the vaccine is a fail...

“Nevertheless, only when there is clear evidence that vaccinated individuals cannot infect others, or when a sufficiently high "herd immunity" has been reached, can authorities exempt vaccinated people from obligations such as wearing face masks or observing physical distancing rules.

Still, though we have not yet reached that point, all of the vaccines currently available have been shown to provide functional immunity, i.e., prevent or reduce the risk of severe symptoms. And even in rare cases of disease occurring, vaccines have significantly shortened the course of illness.”

No clear evidence that vaccinated individuals cannot infect others.. This has been written about endlessly here. In fact even the claim of functional immunity is also a fail.
How about we set the Dogma aside and allow the facts, the reality, to inform us?




  1. When looking into the Bossche alert regarding leaky/sub-optimal/non-sterlizing vaccines I came across these two talks by Andrew Read that you might find of interest:

    Some Vaccines Support Evolution of More-Virulent Viruses-

    Pathogen evolution in a vaccinated world-

    1. I've started to listen but don't have the time to give the attention needed.
      That said, first ten minutes, intriguing.
      Definitely going to to give -second link- two listens.

    2. I will be posting the talk at some point in time. It was certainly interesting...