Monday, April 12, 2021

Coronavirus: 100 doctors express opposition to vaccinating children & seperating vaccinated from unvaccinated

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The signatories stressed that children should be allowed to return to routine without needing the vaccine.

Jerusalem Post

  Some 100 medical professionals expressed opposition to vaccinating children with the coronavirus vaccine and separating between vaccinated and unvaccinated people, in a letter to the Health Ministry on Sunday, according to Israeli media.

  “We believe that there is no room for vaccinating children at this time when we will base ourselves on the following attributes – caution, modesty, the understanding that ‘haste is from the devil’; the recognition that we do not understand everything about the virus and the vaccine against it; and the first commandment of medicine – ‘First do not harm,’” wrote the medical professionals in the letter.


While the professionals admitted that the Pfizer vaccine was shown to prevent serious coronavirus infection and mortality in children, they stressed that children do not usually experience severe symptoms and that the long-term possible side effects of the vaccine, even if rare, will only be known after years of study.

The signers to the letter added that it is also unclear how long immunity from the vaccine lasts, which variants it works against, how often booster shots will be needed and what the far-reaching implications of the periodic immunization on the immune system and the evolution of the virus could be.They additionally claimed that the prevailing view among the scientific community is that the vaccine cannot lead to herd immunity, meaning there is no justification for vaccinating children. In opposition to the claim, a number of health officials in Israel have indicated that the vaccination campaign has already brought Israel to herd immunity in recent weeks.The medical professionals stressed that they believe vaccinating children is not appropriate at this time, as putting even a handful of children at risk of unknown side effects is not worth the protection it will afford them against a disease they say is not dangerous to children.

The vaccine cannot and will not lead to "herd immunity" because it was never created to block transmission. And it does not block transmission. Period. 

This FACT, this REALITY has been written about and mentioned over and over again. Most recently March 21/21- Simply Put : The Covid "vaccine" and the Myth of Herd Immunity  Go back and look at all the reports covering reality. Truth. Fact. No spin. No propaganda..

 Prof. Itamar Grotto, former deputy director-general of the Health Ministry, told Army Radio that the “risk of the vaccine is not zero. We need to tell parents that the vaccine is recommended and good, but also leave more space for their considerations.

“According to my personal opinion, the entrance of children to various locations should not be dependent on showing a green pass,” he said.


  1. Just the idea that these concepts: Vaccinating children and separating humanity into "vaccinated" and "unvaccinated" are terrifying indications at how far they've come in their "agenda" to reduce all surviving humanity into abject slaves with internal Operating Systems controlled remotely.

    Give me Liberty or Give me Death!