Friday, April 16, 2021

Covid in Canada- A Rational Perspective

Just want to take a few minutes to point out some statistical facts about Covid in Canada:

Canada’s population is (as of latest stats) 38, 440,000

That is 38 million, 4 hundred and forty thousand people.

*To April 15/21- 1,096, 716 cases of Covid have been identified throughout  all of Canada
That is 1 million, 96 thousand, 716 identified cases. Through PCR testing. (PCR testing is problematic)

These figures make VERY CLEAR that more then 97 percent of people in Canada have been unaffected by this viral “pandemic” 

We know that because less then 3%, to be exact just 2.85 %, of Canada’s population has tested positive for Covid.

That is the bare bones statistical reality of this ‘pandemic”

“Pandemic” is related to the the word pandemonium. (utter chaos/widepread disorder)  

Pandemic means wide spread or prevalent over an entire country.  

I’m going to ask you this question..?  Do you consider lower then 3% positive test results (2.85% in more then a year) with more then 97% of the population unaffected,  to indicate wide spread prevalence?

*More then 97 percent of Canada's population going unaffected doesn't scream pandemic to me

Then consider the risk, attempting to be imposed on the vast majority of Canadians, through the pushing of vaccines, that were not approved rather authorized for emergency use, of questionable value. Make that VERY questionable value.

* Unproven, improperly tested vaccines being given under coercive conditions positively reeks of state sanctioned human experimentation.



  1. This is a keeper, Penny. You've laid out clearly what has been conjectured all along. You may already know about the "Covid" joke, but I'll add it here: "I'd tell you a Covid joke, but 99% of the population won't get it."

    And I won't get the vaccine. I'd rather serve time in jail.

    1. I'm sooo tired of this baloney. It's causing soo much unnecessary hardship. It's been contributing to and worsening many family situations' I've been involved in for sometime now-
      And I'm not the only one!

    2. If you break down the stats further, how many of the less then 3% of Canada's population who have tested positive actually been sick enough to require hospitalization?

      Juxtapose that to all those who've had delayed surgeries and treatments and harm done to them to 'free up beds' in the hospitals

      Meanwhile here in Ontario we have two fields hospitals standing empty for all these alleged covid patients.

      One in TO. One in Burlington. The one in Toronto is still empty and I believe that Burlington one might have, at one time, held a few patients.

      with more on the way

      Seems to me the misery is being inflicted on the general population for reasons having nothing to do with this virus.

    3. I've just now finished a new post, and have placed a link to your post at the very top.

      I hear you about being sooo tired of this baloney!!!!

      It has absolutely nothing to do with the virus and everything to do with vaccine reluctance and the need to induce more fear.

    4. Thanks Yaya. Thanks so much!

      "It has absolutely nothing to do with the virus and everything to do with vaccine reluctance and the need to induce more fear."

      Absolutely- it's medical martial law!!

  2. In my very small town hospital, almost a year ago, they erected a very small metal building (I called it the 'Covid Shed') in the parking lot (while basically closing down the hospital except for emergencies).

    One nurse told me that it saw about 10 people the 9 months it was there (now gone). She also said that none of them died.

    I have heard of some people supposedly dying from Covid, but I don't know any of them personally, so I can't confirm.

    At this point, almost everyone I discuss the subject with (including the nurses caring for my Mom who is at that hospital for rehab) consider it a joke.

    It certainly is no pandemic.

    1. Hey Bman!

      "It certainly is no pandemic."
      Agreed, 100 percent!

  3. This does certainly put it into perspective, Penny, something, including "context", that is never presented anymore in the MZM.

    Are you going to be putting out an analysis on the VAERS today [Friday]? My husband is after me for some stats on VAERS to prove that people are actually dying of the vaccines...he doesn't believe me when I tell him.


    1. Hey GC: I don't do the VAERS- I do Canada's version of it- Is that what you mean?
      Show your hubby my previous reports the weekly death count is there- And people are clearly dying from the vaccines.
      Wait until I publish my newest report!

  4. Well laid out Penny! Furthermore look at how many people "THEY SAY" died from the virus this year compared to last year. Way more right? Yet this year the "VACCINE" is in operation and last year it wasn't. Not hard to draw an appropriate conculsion from that simple observation.

  5. Very good point, AB. This goes under the general heading of:

    "Oh! what a tangled web we weave...when first we practice to deceive."