Thursday, April 8, 2021

Doug Ford, Ontario’s Legal Drug Cartel Boss, Puts the Province Under House Arrest

 I’m going to give you all the quickest synopsis of what is occurring here in Ontario. Sure, it’s my opinion, but it all does seem rather obvious. 

Why the extreme lockdown at this time?:

Experimental emergency authorized vaccine uptake has been very slow. There is lots of hesitancy and with very  good reason. Leaky vaccines. No transmission reduction. Blood clots. Deaths. All associated with the vaccine. The virus itself is nearly 100 percent survivable. The vaccine is an unknown.

So what would the pharma cartel (a coalition of political or special-interest groups having a common cause, ) need to happen to change this reality? To force your hand? 

Well, my friends, they’d have to “put the squeeze on”.  Like any type of organized crime faction, extreme coercion, deprivation and or psychological torture could always be resorted to if other methods have failed. And we’ve been bearing witness to some of  the other methods- fear mongering being the primary tool of manipulation for some time. Prior house arrests aka lockdown being another. And denial of human rights being still another- impeding ability to socialize as normal human beings.These have all been harsh, but, apparently not effective enough for the cartel. So here we are. On the cusp of beautiful weather. With the sun working it’s virus killing magic in our favour and we're in lock down!

When we should all be getting outside, we are being compelled, bullied and forced by Ontario’s big pharma cartel boss to stay indoors. If you don’t understand how harmful this is to each and everyone of us, you have not been paying attention!

Doug Ford needs to credit vaccines rather then the real world:

Precisely because nature will take it’s course and the cases will drop like a stone. As they have been elsewhere. As had been predicted already.

 The leader, Doug Ford, of the Ontario cartel branch wants this inevitable case drop attributed to the forced vaccination rather then real world, mother nature’s normal functioning.

Quoting Mr Ford- he's not hiding the vaccination push- CTV

"The situation is evolving rapidly, hour by hour. And as things change, as we learn more about these deadly new variants, as we see new problems arise, we need to adapt. We need to move quickly and decisively. And right now, above all else, our plan is to get needles in the arms and protect our hospitals. That's why, today, on the advice of the chief medical officer of health I'm declaring a state of emergency."

Oh, yes the overcrowded hospital theme/meme. That's been repeated over and over. 

If Ontario’s hospital ICUs are overflowing, why is the temporary COVID field hospital at Sunnybrook empty and unused?

What’s the reason for this? There are 85 new, empty hospital beds at the field hospital.

When Toronto Sun Queen’s Park Bureau Chief Antonella Artuso asked this question, Elliott did not seem to have a complete answer.

We know the vaccines do not block transmission and there is little to no evidence they reduce severity. We also know that the vaccine was not created to work against these alleged deadly new variants because it's not proven to be effective against the originating strain.

We know the agenda is simply to “get needles in the arms” of the masses

It’s not a coincidence that Ontario is set to receive the biggest shipments of experimental vaccines throughout April of this year. 1.5 million doses by the end of April, coming in weekly. And you are I being forcibly confined and manipulated into believing we need this jab for our freedom.  

Ontario bracing for 1.5 million doses of vaccines before end of April 



 Yes, they're still opting to use Astra Zeneca.

 So, will you risk your health for this experimental vaccine in exchange for freedoms that are are already yours? All you have to do is live. I mean choose to live. Stay out of  the fear that makes you irrational and live. 
Remember: Pandemics are Over When the Public Decides They Are Over
What's your decision?

Tragedy & Crisis in Ontario


  1. Hi Penny:

    Thanks for this excellent update from Ontario. Do you think having the Leader of the Resistance, Chris Sky operating out of Ontario has any bearing on the third lockdown? What is your opinion of his activities and is he as well known there as he is Canada-Wide?


    1. Hey GC:
      the guy is certainly walking his talk, no doubt about that.
      Is he as well known here as elsewhere?
      I can't say.
      But are his actions a factor in this third lockdown?
      Not in my opinion.
      They kicked this off last week and then upped the ante once the gov knew the shots were on their way.
      It's coercion. Plain and simple.
      And it's going to come down to how one of Canada's most populous provinces is going to take to the strong arming?

    2. IMO this is when we have to do mass demonstrations against this tyranny. Here in BC there are about 10 demonstrations planned in Vancouver alone over the next month or six weeks. You can go to a demonstration just about every day of the weekend starting Friday afternoon and ending Sunday afternoon.

    3. Mass demonstrations aren't a bad idea, but, my hope is a quiet rejection of the vaccination coercion, enmasse which could align with mass outpouring of disdain.

      Doug Ford has done enough damage to this province and he's been given a free pass that strains all comprehension

  2. Those who are rejecting the vaccination need to know there are numbers rejecting it. This is what they want to do...isolate us and pump us full of media lies. We need to get out and meet each other in person to share the truth!

    1. good point gc- so all those rejectors get out there and talk. (here and in real world space) That's what I do. And I know others are as well.

  3. Just an fyi I tweaked the report and added a definition clarification- thanks for reading everybody :)

  4. M.R. here ...

    I feel like I'm locked in a funeral service. No relief for my grief. Nothing more I can say about your excellent post today, Penny. You nailed it.

    I haven't been able to get into Yaya's site today. It has happened before and been resolved so I'll just wait and see.

    1. just checked in at yaya's she's up and okay
      with a new read too-

    2. Lately the company I rent space from has occasionally been doing maintenance; at least that's what they told me. M.R., you don't need any more grief, so I apologize on their behalf. I'm just glad you care enough to try.

      Penny, you nailed it for sure. Greencrow is right: we need to get visibly active. I keep watching for events in my town, but there's only been one that I know of, some time ago, and it was unnanounced and very small.

      There's a "No More Lockdowns Canada" website, though, for whatever that may be worth:

    3. Yep, thought if I just waited Yaya would be back. Started doing taxes this afternoon so I went off the internets for several hours. The forms changed this year so I'm picking my way through more slowly than usual. -- M.R.

  5. Hi Penny:

    Here is a report on the latest Lockdown from RT. This is reaching international crisis proportions! Can't you turf those bunch of political mf's? They would quit in shame if they weren't criminals!

    1. gc: " They would quit in shame if they weren't criminals!"

      but they are criminal- they are all criminals, that's the reality

    2. They won't quit because their snouts are so far down the public trough their ears are buried.


    1. thanks GC
      btw did you see the video yaya has up from a restaurant in BC. Vancouver to be exact- Corduroys?

      if you haven't seen it, check her latest for the video

      the customers kick the masked mf's to the curb (I like your initial useage) :))

  7. I've signed

  8. There's also this:

  9. Where can I find an intelligent, unvaccinated doctor, Yaya? I lost mine to the covID vaccine!!! Now she's a mutant and I need to find another doctor! This is going to be a growing problem, I suspect. There needs to be a registry for "Doctors with Brains...i.e., unvaccinated".

  10. Greencrow: I haven't visited a doctor since 1996 (too much guesswork, not enough real knowledge about autoimmune conditions) and I've managed better with diet, supplements, topical pain relievers - instead of pills - plus exercise, etc.

    I hear, also, that Vancouver has a shortage of MDs, but I asked my long-time blogger/live discussion video friend Chycho - - who lives in BC and whose partner is a nurse, and here's his response:

    "I have one in Vancouver that I haven't seen in like 6 years who ended up moving to a new location and I think I lost him as my MD. The doctors here are useless anyway, all brainwashed pharma pill pushers, that's been my experience. So sorry, can't help on that front."

    It might help to get in touch with the Vaccine Choice chapter located in Winlaw, BC. to see if they can recommend someone.

    Or maybe consider trying a naturopath?

    For the little it's worth, Greencrow, you have my sincere empathy.

  11. Hi Yaya and Penny:

    Thanks Yaya...I am tending to drop all doctors and try to go "cold turkey" on the meds other than over the counter. We'll see how that goes.

    In the meantime...I cited Penny's latest post in mine of today.

    I like the headline about Doug Ford being the crime boss of the CovID Cartel...or words to that effect.