Thursday, April 22, 2021

Doug Ford Cries..... For Himself.

Doug Ford April 22


Don’t interpret my criticism of Mr Ford as a nod towards the NDP or the Liberals. All 3 parties are a disgrace. Politicians are useful idiots by and large. Mr Ford’s  teary eyed act “seeming to choke back tears” was just more of the usual political theatrics.  Of the kind we've seen from Canada's PM , Justin Trudeau, who is big on crying. Maybe Doug & Justin both get their crying advice from Chrystia Freeland? Because clearly the both of them are on the Chrystia bandwagon

But, I digress...  
Who was Mr Ford really shedding tears for? Himself? His future career, possibly in federal politics? His faltering popularity?  Whatever his reason it had nothing to do with sincerity, regret  or sorrow for anyone but himself.
At one time he was a ‘can do no wrong’ leader. Which raised my ire, quite a bit.  For a few reasons, as follows:
- Mr Ford didn’t shed one tear for all the dead LTC home residents and their grieving loved ones. It was, after all, the policies of his government and the silence of the opposition in this province, as elsewhere that led directly to those deaths. Here Doug stands tall among his peers,  Legault in Quebec. Andrew Cuomo. Gretchen Whitmer. Boris Johnson. Gavin Newsom and many others. Globally. Those who moved the sick into the LTC homes, knowing what the inevitable outcome of those actions would be!  Why, knowing? Because there was NO WAY it could not have been known. Only an idiot could believe otherwise. 
-Doug Ford didn’t shed a tear for all those small business owners he crushed with the lock downs that favoured Walmart, Costco and Amazon. The outcome of those decisions were also knowable.
-Doug Ford didn’t shed a tear for those that have been accosted or been subjected to witch hunts for opposing the unnecessary and massively harmful lockdowns. And believe me there is witch hunting going on. It’s obvious even in the regional government here in Niagara.
- Mr Ford admitted to getting it wrong when the hypocritical  “zoom crowd” couldn’t play golf or take their kids to the playground. Or when his police state moves crossed the lines with the public at large and some of the police forces who realized that stopping people for no reason what so ever would further tarnish their already questionable reputations. Though some would have surely relished the power.

* Like assaulting a 12 year old child  at a skate board park?


  So much for "white privilege" right?

 *Doug Ford, the fact that you wept for yourself and the future of your leadership in the Conservative party of Ontario, in my opinion, speaks of your selfishness one hand and the inherent shallowness of the political classes in general.   

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  1. He got all teary-eyed over the deaths in LTC homes, too. And now he's doing the same thing:

    I guess he misses Tweedle-Dee. Being Tweedle Dumb is hard.

    1. He did get all teary? Wow, and I missed his show!
      I stand corrected.

      But not really because the fact that he engages in the same behaviour knowing for certain what the outcome will be makes clear that he is for all intents and purposes a deranged individual- because really what is the definition of insanity?
      Doing the same things over and over and actually expecting a different result.

    2. Well, he was "up all night" and it was "gut wrenching", etc. etc. He said he was definitely going to fix it. Hmmmm...

  2. The Silence Of The Lambs? The crying and fainting of the politicians.

    1. Hi Mishko!
      Oh yes, the endless theatrics.. We have some good showman here in Canada.