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The Black Sea Boils: The US Moves Against Turkish/Russian Realpolitikal Cooperation

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 Finally the report I wanted to get to. A break from the the covidiocracy. The reality created for us through extreme media manipulation, heavy handed perception management and endless fear mongering all created to terrorize and subjugate the people while enriching the global corporate crowd. Especially big tech and big pharma.  Though I will be back with Canada’s latest Covid vaccine death and injury report, tomorrow.

Present time I want to get to touch on the remake the region- birth pangs series.  For those with eyes to see. There was much talk about what appeared to be an imminent Russia/Ukraine conflict. That seems to have not occurred as of this writing.

Reality, speaks to me that flare ups will inevitably occur in this area. This is what is described as a ‘frozen conflictFrozen conflicts heat up and cool down. Mostly forgotten until they reach boiling point, though really they are always simmering in a type of extended holding pattern over an undetermined length of time.

What was of far more interest to myself and went largely unnoticed was the pressure the US applied to Turkey  in order to instigate discord between Russia and Turkey. Who wants Russia and Turkey at odds? It’s the US, of course! Israel & France.  The figure head in charge matters not. The goal remains the same. Though the Biden's have a unique interest in Ukraine going back to the Obama adminstration.

Briefly speaking, though never mentioned by the so called alt anti imperial media is the FACT, the reality, that in realpolitik terms Russia and Turkey have been cooperating for years now. I mean years. In Syria. Libya. And lastly in Armenia/Azerbaijan. This cooperation cannot warm the metaphorical heart of the US administration. Nor Israel’s for that matter.  So let’s look at what happened. The US brought a whole lot of pressure to bear on Turkey and left them in an awkward position and it was done intentionally.

I’m going to begin at the end- Because the last little piece of this article explains quite nicely


Ersen added that the Biden administration will exert more pressure on Turkey to actively cooperate with NATO in the Black Sea, considering the US president’s personal interest in Ukraine.

“However, if Turkey decides to take action outside the framework of the Montreux Convention, this would inevitably create significant tensions with Russia which could spill over into vital issues like Syria and bilateral economic relations,” he said.

You understand, I hope, that the US is attempting to force Turkey into a very difficult position?

  If Turkey becomes too ensnared, again, with NATO, after having withdrawn  from it's orbit, Turkey risks losing all it has gained in it’s cooperation with Russia. To me this was a very big attempt by the Biden administration to bring Turkey to heel.

For readers I'm including the Montreaux agreement in pdf- just click

"In compliance with the Convention, Turkey has sent notifications to its participants that the warships will make a transit from the Mediterranean to the Black Sea and back," the embassy said.

The 1936 Montreux Convention that also applies to Russia as a participating state restored Turkey’s sovereignty over the Bosporus and Dardanelles straits. The Convention was adopted at a conference on the Black Sea straits held in Montreux (Switzerland) on June 22 - July 21, 1936.

Back to the Arab news article:

 In line with the convention, Washington notified Ankara about its future deployment of vessels to the Black Sea on April 9, 15 days before they are due to do so, in a move to support Ukraine against increasing Russian activity on the country’s eastern border. The warships are expected to stay in the area until May 4.
“We are concerned by recent escalating Russian aggression in eastern Ukraine, including the credible reports about Russian troop movements on Ukraine’s borders and occupied Crimea,” US State Department spokesperson Ned Price said last week. 
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky visited Istanbul on Saturday to attend the ninth high-level strategic council meeting between the two countries. The pair have increased their defense cooperation in recent years, with Ukraine purchasing unmanned combat aerial vehicles and ground control stations from Turkey.
However, the passage of the US warships and the visit of Zelensky drew a negative reaction from Moscow. Russian President Vladimir Putin held a phone call with his Turkish counterpart, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, to discuss developments in Ukraine.
A statement issued by the Kremlin revealed that Putin stressed the importance of preserving the current status of the Montreux Convention, and that he had also blamed Ukraine for carrying out “dangerous provocative activities” in the eastern Donbas region.
The presence of two warships might escalate tensions in the region, experts say. 
Aydin Sezer, an expert on Russia-Turkey relations, told Arab News: “The Biden administration made its Russia policy crystal clear: It wants to contain that country and consolidate NATO toward this goal, to restore transatlantic ties that were undermined during the previous Trump period.

“During Friday’s phone call, Putin reminded (Erdogan) of the bilateral commitments in Syria’s rebel-held Idlib region and the previous cooperation protocols. The tourism embargo is also significant as the Russian side knows that it is Turkey’s Achilles heel,” Sezer added.

Additional reading added April 11/21: The Drive-Warzone The ships named have been in the Black Sea previously. USS Donald Cook and USS Roosevelt.

Turkey, squeezed by two very big players. Time for a song!

 "Stuck in the Middle With You" Stealers Wheel

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