Sunday, May 16, 2021

Pt 1:Canada’s Covid Vaccine Weekly Death and Injury Report- As Deaths and Injuries Increase

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This week's Covid Vaccine death and injury report will be done in two parts because there will be several screen shots included below This week's report was a shocker to me. And I’ve been doing the death and injury report for months. As always this information comes from the weekly report.  As always the data lags so what is reported this week will change next week. And it’s consistently worsened when it's finally caught up as has been demonstrated in previous weeks. And will be pointed out again in Part 2.
The deaths with vaccine for this week stand at 56. Making the running total 308 plus 56 equal to 364. That’s 364 dead with vaccine. Below we will take a more in-depth look into the stats provided however poor they are.    

15 reports of TTS in Canada- It’s higher then that. That’s been covered here already. Last figure featured here was 28 and more to come.
  28 confirmed VITT's awaiting pending confirmation of more cases

  • Up to and including May 7, 2021, there were 15 reports of TTS in Canada. 

Of the TTS cases:

  •     15 cases received COVISHEILD/AstraZeneca vaccines
  •     Symptom onset ranged from 6 to 24 days after vaccination
  •     8 were males (age range 34 to 71 years old), 6 were females (age range 46 to 72 years old), and the sex of one was not specified
  •     8 had laboratory results showing the presence of platelet factor (PF) 4 antibodies, indicating VITT (also known as VIPIT)
  •     Two people died
  •         Another TTS-related death was reported in the media but has not been yet been submitted to PHAC

We know more people have died from VITT’s (TTS) then is reported in the weekly update

Up to and including May 7, 2021, a total of 56 deaths were reported after the administration of a vaccine. Following medical case review using the WHO-UMC causality assessment categories, it has been determined that:

  •     28 are still under investigation
  •     23 of these deaths are unlikely linked to a COVID-19 vaccine
  •     3 deaths could not be assessed due to insufficient information.
  •     2 deaths were likely linked to the vaccine (refer to the Thrombosis with Thrombocytopenia Syndrome bullet above)

Goodness they don't even want to acknowledge the Thrombosis with Thrombocytopenia were linked to the vaccine "likely linked"

There are now many adverse events of special interest

Adverse events of special interest (AESI) are pre-specified medically significant events that have the potential to be causally associated with a vaccine product. They must be carefully monitored and confirmed by further special studies. AESI can be serious or non-serious and can include:

    Events of interest due to their association with COVID-19 infection.
    Events of interest for vaccines in general (e.g. to the specific vaccine platform or adjuvants).

The list of AESIs below takes into consideration the lists of AESIs from these expert groups, manufacturers and regulatory authorities:
We’re going to look at each of these associated with each vaccine, screen shots will be included below:     You can and should look through these charts yourself- It’s not likely I will post screenshots each time- I’m quite sure readers here can undertake these reviews for themselves :)