Sunday, May 16, 2021

Pt 2: Canada’s Covid Vaccine Weekly Death & Injury Report: Saskatchewan Confirms 1st VITT, BC & Alberta Men Vaxx Injured. Vaxx Injured Royal

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 We’ve got a “Royal” with Vaccine induced clots..  Three more Canadians. Two men and a woman, all who have been through horrific experiences thanks to the so called “safe and effective” vaccine...

Pt 1:Canada’s Covid Vaccine Weekly Death and Injury Report- As Deaths and Injuries Increase

This week's Covid Vaccine death and injury report will be done in two parts because there will be several screen shots included below This week's report was a shocker to me. And I’ve been doing the death and injury report for months. As always this information comes from the weekly report.  As always the data lags so what is reported this week will change next week. And it’s consistently worsened when it's finally caught up as has been demonstrated in previous weeks. And will be pointed out again in Part 2.
Part 2 begins now:
Canada is monitoring one safety issue: VITT’s or TTS (that seems to be vaccine-induced due to the laboratory-confirmed presence of platelet factor (PF) 4 antibodies.)
These were confirmed vaccine induced quite some time ago in Norway.

  •  There have been a total of 5,015 reports (32.7 reports per 100,000 doses administered) up to and including May 7, 2021. Of the 5,015 reports, 872 were considered serious (5.7 reports per 100,000 doses administered
  • 15,325,183 Total doses administered
  • 5,015 Total adverse event following immunization reports
  • (0.033% of all doses administered)
  • 4,143 Total adverse event following immunization reports that were non-serious
  • (0.027% of all doses administered)
  • 872 Total adverse event following immunization reports that were serious
  • (0.006% of all doses administered)
  • *316 New adverse event following immunization reports since last update
  • (199 new non-serious and 117 new serious)

  The weekly report ( from the available incomplete information) addresses the adverse events from 1,904,985 toxic jabs.

  • * 15,325,183 Total doses administered minus the 13,420,198 Total doses administered according to the last report = 1,904, 985 gene therapy injections

Up from last week’s total jabs, but, still down from the highest point of toxic injections given  two weeks ago. Canada is claiming to be monitoring one safety issue, but, clearly that’s not correct as we saw in Part 1

Here’s where I point out the problem with this data.. As has been done many weeks in a row.

Let’s look back at the data for the week ending April 23/21 where adverse events came in at approximately 270- This week they are 328 for the same week.

Week after week the numbers of adverse effects creep up as more data rolls in. All previous reports will be linked at the end of this post for you to view this data change for yourself

After we get to the news:
She is married to the Queen’s paternal cousin

Princess Michael of Kent, 76, who is married to Queen Elizabeth’s paternal cousin, was given two doses of the Oxford/AstraZeneca shot earlier this year — and now has been ill for a month, according to The Sun.

“The princess has been unwell and has sought medical attention. It has been a worrying time for those around her. It has been difficult for those close to her to see her suffering. She’s really been through it,” a source told the outlet.
63-year-old man who was admitted to hospital with blood clots in his leg.

 Dr. Paul Petrasek, a vascular surgeon and an associate professor at the University of Calgary's Cumming School of Medicine, says having blood clots in different parts of the body is commonly seen in cases of vaccine-induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia (VITT) but rare in other cases of blood clots.

"Usually, you just get a blood clot in one part of the body, but not in two very different parts of the body. So, his presentation to the hospital was typical of VITT, but VITT itself is a condition that has very unusual features to it," said Petrasek,

 As for the 63-year-old patient, Petrasek says the man will lose a part of his foot, but his condition has improved significantly after treatment.

"We had a little bit of a period of time where we were trying to figure out why he wasn't getting better. But when we came upon the diagnosis of VITT and confirmed it and gave the treatment for it, he had a remarkable turnaround in his health," Petrasek said.                                        

Just ignore the “expert” (video link above) who claims he went to 5 places to attempt to get the AZ vaccine. But never states if he got one or not? “Experts” make all manner of crazy claims based on the appeal to authority logical fallacy.

A formerly healthy 43-year-old father from Langley, B.C.  — who is in hospital recovering from complications following a rare blood clot — is warning others to watch for signs of trouble after receiving an AstraZeneca-Oxford COVID-19 vaccine.