Friday, May 14, 2021

Step By Step Doctors Plan(Actually Multiple Doctors) Home Based Treatments- That Could Save Your Life

2nd: Risk of Vaccine-Induced Thrombotic Thrombocytopenia (VITT) In Canada : One in 55,000 so Far- With Worse To Come

1st:India's Greta Thunberg Knock-off Appeals to the West For Intervention/Meddling in India

Third and final post for today. Promise!The information is coming fast and it's difficult for me to keep up with it all- I'm trying, though.. Why? The importance of the information. That's how I'm seeing it :)

Recall the report from the other day?

 The emergency authorization for the experimental vaccines were premised on their being no treatments for this virus. That's not correct. And even if it was, this virus is so survivable one would have to ponder why, other then to bolster pharmaceutical profits  an experimental vaccine would have even been required?  
I'm expecting that readers here are mature enough to understand the responsibility for their health is in their hands. It's for them to take charge of and make decisions that they feel are appropriate for themselves. This is after all how real adults. thinking, intelligent beings should act. Responsible. Informed. Acting in their best interest. When one acts in their own intelligent, informed interests this naturally radiates outward into benefit to society at large.

This is just common sense people!

Unlike the incessant fear mongering which has really destroyed that which has made us human. As was the intent.

 Readers here are aware there were treatments that had been successful. They were hidden from sight. Obfuscated. To advance the experimental vaccine.
 We listened to one DOCTOR speaking about this in a previous report. If you didn't watch it before.... Why didn't you? And why don't you listen right now!
He was having an 85 percent success rate in treating patients. Including himself and his wife.
Hattip to my sister- friend of the blog. And a hell of a sister to boot! (that's a compliment)

Below you will find a link to a PDF-
A Covid Treatment Guide- Step by Step 
 Written by Doctors--- who apparently cared enough to try to help their patients. Read through, download it. Familiarize yourself with the information. 
Stay out of fear. Fear is the worst place to be. Fear puts you in a deep dark pit that will be so difficult to escape from. Better to never let fear over come you.  It's hard. But ya gotta try.



  1. A question for readers? Is the blog showing up okay?
    I'm finding it slow to do everything..

    Is more then one post per page showing up?
    As is supposed to be occurring. I'm only getting one at a time and having to click older post, rather then being able to scroll through.
    Is it me?
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  2. WaffelStaffel: regarding the magnets sticking to people's arms?

    I came across this at Nukepro (whom I follow)

    Published in 2014

    "The efficiency of delivery of DNA vaccines is often relatively low compared to protein vaccines. The use of superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (SPIONs) to deliver genes via magnetofection shows promise in improving the efficiency of gene delivery both in vitro and in vivo. In particular, the duration for gene transfection especially for in vitro application can be significantly reduced by magnetofection compared to the time required to achieve high gene transfection with standard protocols. SPIONs that have been rendered stable in physiological conditions can be used as both therapeutic and diagnostic agents due to their unique magnetic characteristics. Valuable features of iron oxide nanoparticles in bioapplications include a tight control over their size distribution, magnetic properties of these particles, and the ability to carry particular biomolecules to specific targets"

    since this entire vaccine promotion is experimental, why not?

    1. Looks like an interesting blog; thanks for the link. I had been thinking that the magnet thing was probably a hoax, but like much in Clown World, real world indistinguishable from The Onion.

    2. Gwen "like much in Clown World, real world indistinguishable from The Onion."

      sad but true.

    3. Wow, that's the most relevant and informative study reference I've seen come out of this, thank you Penny.

      "can be used as both therapeutic and diagnostic agents"

      Yeah Gwen, looking at the people and the circumstances, I do not believe this is a hoax. It's not evidence of microchipping or mind control to me, but it needs to be explained.

      There is now an hour long compilation here. I've tried to upload one of the videos (and set to private) before and youtube removed it within an hour.

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    1. Hey Brian: I've been having difficulties in general with the blog- slow, slow, slow and the one post thing, I can't understand because I've set and reset the numbers of posts to be 6 per page- it won't change!


    Here's some more info. I started taking V-C, V-D, Zinc when this started it what China handed out to thier citizens. I got the virus and I was sick but within 4 days I was back to good health. I ordered
    Ivermectin online and it came from India. You might be able to buy over the counter in Canada? The virus lingers and comes back until you take Ivermectin. It's an old drug so there's no money to made by Big Chems

    1. jo- did you get the virus yourself? I just want to be sure before I ask you if you want to share anything with us here?
      I've read about the Ivermectin being effective, very effective, and just another one of those treatments that got pushed aside to advance the experimental vaccination!

    2. Yes I had the virus but because was taking Vit. it only knocked me down for 3 days and 4 I was weak but OK.
      Ivermectin is cheap and wouldn't be a bad thing to have on hand.

  5. In re: your conversation with jo6pac, I have not looked into this I'm only passing along what I've read local people say. As I understand it, you can get Ivermectin, OTC, from places that sell products for livestock (feed and supply stores) since it's used for animals also. I read someone say that you dose it based on your weight same as it says on the label.

    1. That's true but be careful.

    2. jo6pac "That's true but be careful"

      Hey jo,any specific insight you could share?

    3. Indeed, I'm curious to know the reason for your caution also. I'm thinking of keeping it in stock, and I'd like to know as much as possible so I hope you'll share your thoughts.