Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Whom the Gods Would Destroy They First Make Mad- Mass and Unjustified Covid Hysteria..

"Whom the Gods Would Destroy They First Make Mad" Roughly equates with the idea of foolish actions seen as self-destructive in their effect.  Accurate. Astute and Correct. 

  The media and the political class are the reason the people have been made mad. Insane with fear. And it was done intentionally- Trauma Based Mind Control. Society is fractured. Fearful. Sick. With a mind virus. That’s has settled in so deeply one wonders if it will ever leave.  Fear based mind control. Works beautiful every time. And it worked on you. And you. And most certainly, you. Why? Because YOU allowed it to. I'm just finish up reading a book about FEAR: The history of fear as a political idea. Enlightening if one ignores the left vs right dichotomy

Fear is the subject of this latest: The Province: Unjustified Fears....

Polls keep showing that the public believes COVID-19 disease is way deadlier and more pervasive than it really is
The COVID-19 variants, it was roundly said, were attacking the bodies of young people with unprecedented ferocity.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that the U.K. variant had been “proven to be more dangerous in children and young people.” Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe just this week said that the variants are “shown to be more dangerous to young people.”
But that’s wrong: The variants are more transmissible and have landed more young people in hospital due to  more cases, but there’s no clear evidence they’re deadlier or make people sicker.
 “We did not identify an association of the variant with severe disease,” reads a recent study in The Lancet which followed a few hundred patients hospitalized with the B.1.1.7  variant — the so-called U.K. variant, because it was first identified there. A more comprehensive study tracking nearly 37,000 Brits using the COVID Symptom Study found the same thing: “There was no evidence of an association between the proportion of infections with the B.1.1.7 variant and the number of symptoms reported over a 4-week period.”
It is far from the first time that public fears about COVID-19 did not match the reality on the ground. B.C. anesthesiologist Pooya Kazemi is one of a community of Canadian doctors actively criticizing overzealous lockdown measures. As he told National Post, “there is definitely a huge mismatch between what the literature shows and how people are behaving.”
That can't be stated often enough! And how did it come to this? The lying media and the lying political classes.
North America is now definitively entering the final days of COVID-19. Even in Canada — with ongoing third waves in both Ontario and Alberta — deaths remain way down from their January highs and mass vaccination is rapidly shielding whole sections of the population from lethal harm.  (Questionable given the seasonality of this virus) But as our pandemic deliverance approaches, physicians and researchers are now warning of a new public health challenge: When normalcy arrives, many may refuse to accept it.

A familiar pattern has emerged whenever a pollster asks the public to gauge the risks of COVID-19: Across the board, people think the disease is deadlier and more pervasive than it really is.

"Whom the Gods Would Destroy They First Make Mad"

A recent survey from the Netherlands found that Dutch people think COVID-19 is about as dangerous as Ebola — a disease that kills 50 per cent of its patients.


A survey of pandemic anxiety among more than 6,000 Canadians last spring found that stress was particularly high among those of “younger age” — the one group that is relatively insulated from the epidemiological consequences of the disease. The same survey also found an “association between left-wing views and stress worsening.”
In February, a French survey saw respondents estimating that COVID-19 killed one in every six people who caught it. The actual figures are closer to one in every 400 — and that ratio plunges dramatically for people under 70.  “Respondents overestimated the probabilities to catch or die from COVID-19,” wrote researchers.
In a July survey out of the United States, respondents estimated that about 40 per cent of U.S. COVID-19 fatalities were under the age of 55. Their estimate was wrong by a factor of six: Under-55s actually accounted for just 7.3 per cent of U.S. fatalities.

Poll responses were even more wrong when it came to COVID-19’s threat to children. Respondents said that around eight per cent of fatalities were under 24. In truth, it’s about 0.1 per cent. Notably, these overestimations were common to both Republicans and Democrats.

Where did the populace get such crazy ideas? The exaggerating media and the lying political class. Certainly not at PFYT's. Here you were encouraged to stay rational and stay out of fear.

Results of a summer, 2020 survey showing the dramatic mismatch between the demographics of COVID-19 deaths and public perceptions of that ratio.

“Unjustified fears” of COVID-19 are “very, very real,” said Nova Scotia emergency physician Aris Lavranos. “It’s almost maddening trying to change the public perception.”

Madness abounds

Now, as COVID wanes across the developed world, psychiatrists are warning of a wave of COVID-centric anxiety. “Those with severe health anxiety are likely to become abnormally avoidant, continuing to isolate and practise repeated hand washing, checking their body temperatures, respiratory function, and even testing their ability to smell … over and over again,” reads a paper on “COVID-19 health anxiety” in the journal World Psychiatry.

In October, U.K. psychologists devised a questionnaire to gauge the severity of what they called “COVID-19 anxiety syndrome.” One of the questions has respondents answering how many times in the past two weeks they “have read about news relating to coronavirus … at the cost of engaging in work.”

Singapore has seen only 31 deaths from COVID-19, but even they are not immune to COVID-19 anxiety. A recent study examining “inflated risk perceptions” among an elderly community in Singapore concluded that “the affective symptoms of anxiety and depression should not be overlooked; if prolonged, these mental health consequences may result in longer-term problems than the pandemic itself.”

Mental health concerns aside, there’s the very real policy problem that if the public isn’t reckoning with the realities of COVID-19, they’re more apt to back restrictions that make very little sense.
Governments have continued to order the closure of playgrounds despite no evidence for them as vectors of transmission. Stefan Baral, an associate professor of the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health noted back in February that of 99,226 COVID-19 studies to date, not one had identified playgrounds as “common sources in outbreaks.
A similar phenomenon has been occurring across the continent through the continued closure of schools in jurisdictions such as Ontario and California. “We know that they’re not major sources of spread, we know that they weren’t major sources of outbreak and we know about the downsides of school closures,” said Ottawa ICU physician Kwadwo Kyeremanteng in a recent video calling for the reopening of Ontario schools.
Pediatricians have similarly called out Ontario’s closures of summer camps. “There really are no medical or other reasons to delay further,” reads a recent statement by Pediatricians of Ontario.
No medical reasons, certainly. But reasons of terror spreading and coercion to force vaccine acceptance are de rigueur.
Outdoor transmission of COVID-19 is estimated to represent only 0.1 per cent of cases. In one rigorous study that traced COVID-19 cases in Wuhan, China, only one of 7,324 infections occurred outdoors. Ireland performed a careful analysis of all 232,164 their confirmed COVID-19 cases and found that only 262 came from the outdoors.
Nevertheless, broad bans on outdoor recreation remain in place in Ontario, including continued  forced closures of the province’s golf courses


It’s why, despite his fervent pro-vaccine stance,  Kazemi says he strongly objects to any efforts to shame  people who are doubtful of the shot.


  1. And our PM had the audacity to tweet we have the right to peaceful protest unless it's against the covid clown show!


    1. Hey Brian- saw what Trudeau stated and we should use it to our advantage
      End the Lockdowns!

  2. Hi Penny:

    I just stumbled upon another view of what's causing...and will increasingly cause...the madness. I wrote about it at the end of my post today:


    Scary stuff indeed.

    1. Left a comment at your place that had to do with this at off guardian- my own comment how effective propaganda is


      May 14, 2021 11:57 PM

      “Everyone wonders how Hutus could have suddenly started axing their Tutsi neighbors to death after being inundated with waves of anti-Tutsi propaganda from Radio Télévision Libre des Mille Collines”

      Oddly enough I was discussing this topic with my husband in relation to the constant vaccine propaganda- This endless stream of radio messages created the environment for a massacre- just by deploying words as weapons to incite a deadly frenzy.

      This speaks of the incredible power language really has- Power we largely fail to consider.
      Juxtapose this with the incessant push to inject experimental vaccines into humanity- It’s as relentless and insistent as I imagine the anti Tutsi propaganda was.. How many people have the control and will to shut it off?
      How many refuse to let that message wash over them, repeatedly. Until it is a thought in their mind they actually believe is one of their own and they too can think of nothing else?
      Absolutely frightening to consider. The prospect of persons being so controlled by the ideas of others. Others that have their own goals. Their own agendas. That do not align with yours..
      How easily we are persuaded to act in ways that do not benefit us.
      That’s a nightmare to contemplate and yet that is the reality.

  3. "we estimated that about 0.6% of nontriaged adults from the greater Vancouver, Canada, area between May 17 and June 19, 2020, showed clear evidence of a prior SARS-CoV-2 infection, after adjusting for false-positive and false-negative test results".

    The CDC found Covid-19 in the US before it was in China, agreeing with findings in Italy, Spain, and France. 

    Tests of archived Red Cross blood samples taken in the US from December 13, 2019, revealed high levels of antibodies nationwide for the Covid-19 virus. 

    The samples were taken more than two weeks before the December 31 official confirmation of the outbreak in Wuhan and a month earlier than the first confirmed case of Covid-19 in the US on January 19.

    "Serologic testing of U.S. blood donations to identify SARS-CoV-2-reactive antibodies: December 2019-January 2020”. Sridhar V Basavaraju, MD, et al. https://academic.oup.com/cid/advance-article/doi/10.1093/cid/ciaa1785/6012472

    1. Hi Godfree: Based on all my reading Covid-19 was around in 2019. That's why it was named as such.

      Covid-19 stands for Covid-2019. Because that's when it was identified- When in 2019,exactly? Unknown.


      "Official names have been announced for the virus responsible for COVID-19 (previously known as “2019 novel coronavirus”) and the disease it causes."

      The 2020 narrative has all been built on lies. The name makes the lie clear