Saturday, June 19, 2021

Death of Fully Vaccinated Patient in Calgary is "RARE" and "NOT UNEXPECTED"

*Recall when the incidents of blood clots were rare, but, then became less so?

* Or how about the myocarditis and pericarditis? (Inflamed hearts) They were supposedly rare but are becoming more common too. See below and be aware there is more information coming on that so called rare, so called side effect. Which is actually an EFFECT-to cause to come into being the vaccine causes the inflamed heart to come into being)

* Breakthrough cases are  alleged to be "rare" but are increasingly occurring.. 

* Blame it on the 'variant' but there isn't any proof the variant is any deadlier. And since the vaccines were never effective at reducing transmission, anyway.......

And if the breakthrough cases are EXPECTED what exactly is the point of the vaccine passport? Other then rewarding the compliant bootlickers? While sowing more division

 Breakthroughs keep breaking through

Death of fully vaccinated patient in Calgary is rare, but not unexpected

A patient at a Calgary hospital who died after contracting the more-contagious (allegedly more contagious not more deadly) Delta variant of COVID-19 was among a group of people who caught the virus at the hospital despite being fully vaccinated.

Or because they were fully vaccinated? Again: Antibody Dependent Enhancement. It's real.  And it's most probably happening

Specifically, it was the vaccines that targeted the N (nucleoprotein) antigen of the coronavirus that had ADE problems, while the ones that targeted the S (Spike) protein did not. Update: this isn’t accurate. There was trouble after immunization with a nucleoprotein-directed vaccine, but ADE could also be seen with some of the Spike-directed vaccine candidates as well – see reviews here, here, and here


One potential hurdle for antibody-based vaccines and therapeutics is the risk of exacerbating COVID-19 severity via antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE). ADE can increase the severity of multiple viral infections

Foothills Medical  Covid Outbreak

The outbreak at Foothills Medical Centre had already been raising alarm because nearly half of those infected already had two doses of vaccine and others had a single dose. The death of a fully vaccinated patient, a woman in her 80s, has also added to the concern about the increase in variant cases in Alberta. The Delta variant, while still a small percentage of overall cases, has been increasing in the province.

But health officials and experts have cautioned against reading too much into such breakthrough infections, which will continue to happen even as more people are vaccinated, but should remain rare. It’s also not clear what pre-existing conditions the fully vaccinated patient who died at Foothills had, and whether that could have put her at a higher risk of severe illness or limited the effectiveness of the vaccine.

And they're playing the 'pre existing conditions' card- which made no difference when a so called pandemic was being peddled.

Two units at the Foothills hospital reported outbreaks involving the Delta variant, which was first associated with India, in recent weeks. The outbreak in one unit was declared over last week, with no new cases since May 20, and the other has had just one new case in the past week.

Altogether, 23 people, including 17 patients, tested positive for the Delta variant in the two units.
Of those, 11 had been fully vaccinated and nine had a single dose.

Kerry Williamson, a spokesperson for Alberta Health Services, said the fully vaccinated woman who died had “significant comorbidities” and was already in hospital when they contracted COVID-19.

- Sorry Kerry, you'd have pushed this women's death like any shameless pandering toady to sell the pandemic-   Push the fear. Promote the pandemic. Support the mass coercion to enable experimentation on humans with the vaccine.

Stephanie Smith, an infectious-diseases expert and associate professor at the University of Alberta’s medical school, said it’s difficult to assess what happened with the fully vaccinated patient at Foothills without knowing more about why they were in hospital in the first place. She said some conditions can affect the ability of someone’s immune system to mount a strong response to a vaccine.

University of Calgary epidemiologist Craig Jenne said vaccines could have (Or not. Since could have is just wild speculation) prevented the most recent outbreak from becoming worse. He said hospital outbreaks are often significant, with infections climbing above 100 patients and and potentially causing high death tolls.

“Compared to the previous outbreaks, I think (is an opinion) we are actually seeing a great deal of protection – but it’s not absolute.”
Clearly it's not absolute- that's a fact.

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  1. In Australia, the death toll from the "vaccine" is now up to 303 and the supposed toll from the virus is 900 or so. Only 20% of the population is partly injected and only 3% is fully injected meaning the "extremely rare" cases of death will exceed the "highly dangerous" virus deaths within a few months. For 2021 the vaccine is 300 times more dangerous (303 v 1) but according to trusted government approved sources, the benefit outweighs the risk.

    1. Hey AB:

      And who knows what the actual death toll from the virus really is?
      The news has been coming out about the seniors dying of neglect, dehydration, immoral/criminal drug use.

      Then there are those that actually died of other causes- cancer/heart attack while testing positive for virus (substantial comorbidities)
      I'm expecting the vaccine will eventually kill far more then died of Covid (actually from the virus) but we get the same spin here "benefits outweigh the risk" but we never really know how THEY are defining it?

      Does that mean the benefits for enrichment are greater when given then the risk for no profits when not given?

      We really shouldn't assume their meaning.

  2. Added some additional information on antibody dependent enhancement- it's happening- And from a marketing perspective I could see it being a big profitable benefit to the pharmaceutical giants. Not so much for you and me

  3. Agreed Penny.

    They actually mentioned in one of the press conferences that a whopping 73% of people getting infected have not been injected (in England I think that may have been.) Wait a minute...doesn't that mean that 27% of infections ARE people that are supposedly immune? As blatant as that sounds, it gets even worse, because there are still millions who have not been injected at all. Are 27% of the healthy population injected? Me thinks not. And as you say...Who knows what the real figures are as we only have the lies to work with.