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Australia’s Bushfires Not Caused by Climate Change, Bogus Bushfire Maps and More

 Continuing on..
The report  below is gone from Epoch Times. Down the memory hole. Gee I wonder why?
Big Brother in action?  Not politically correct?  Too much truth? 
I'd say, in my opinion, all of the above.
Fortunately I'd saved the disappeared article and more!
 Epoch Times
"Australia’s current bushfires have been caused by increased fuel loads, not climate change, according to bushfire expert and leading scientist David Packham.
Packham, an Order of Australia recipient and former Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) bushfire expert, warned Victoria’s Inspector-General for Emergency Management five years ago that “a massive bushfire disaster will occur” if the annual fuel reduction burning target of 5 percent was not doubled or tripled.
 Fuel levels have since reached their most dangerous levels in thousands of years, Packham added.
Packham’s prediction has proven true as Australia grapples with massive bushfires across the country. Across six states, more than 6.3 million hectares have been burned. Comparatively, around 800,000 hectares were lost during the 2018 California fires, reported the BBC.
At least 25 people have died in the fires, reported News Corp.
In an interview with 2GB’s Jane Marwick in December 2018, Packham said he was surprised to hear former fire chiefs lay the blame for Australia’s devastating bushfires on climate change"
“Anybody who knows anything about the principles, and a little bit about the science of bushfire behavior, knows that that is not the case,” he said. “I can’t believe that they’re saying things that they didn’t believe just to push a semi-religious myth about climate change.”
According to Packham, fuel is the main component for a bushfire; the amount of fuel determines fire ferocity and the rate at which the fire moves. Other components include hot, dry, windy weather and ignitions.
Fuel is the main component for any fire. Not just a bush fire.
“For example it is very hot and very dry, and sometimes very windy in the center of Australia. But there’s no fuel,” he said. “Occasionally there is fuel after a very good year when they have a lot of rain. The next year becomes a problem in the center of Australia, and huge fires take place there, because now at last there’s fuel.”
Burning is the most “economic way to control the fuel over the big areas of Australia,” which was “controlled beautifully by the original inhabitants of Australia” Packham added. 
However, Associate Professor Philip Zylstra, from Wollongong University’s Center for Sustainable Ecosystem Solutions, told The Sydney Morning Herald that fuel loads and state government management were not responsible for the fires as “more [burning] has been done in the past decade than in many, many decades.”
Zylstra added that an increase in fuel load burning would instead blanket cities and towns with smoke and create “huge risks” of accidental property damage and mortality.
Packham told 2GB that traditional ways of burning did not involve “scorching the earth” but involved “trickling” little fires, such as over the surface, with no damage to tree crowns.
“You might do an area and might do say 70 percent of the area, so there’s 30 percent of the area where the bigger animals can just go back and sit until the fire has gone through,” he said.
NSW Rural Fire Service Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons said on Jan. 8 that one impediment to hazard reduction burning was the weather.
He added that as the fire season lengthens, a “shrinking window of opportunity” exists for favorable burning periods. Fitzsimmons believes fuel burning to be “absolutely an important factor when it comes to fire management and managing fire in the landscape but it is not the panacea,” reported SBS News.
Last month, New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian blamed arsonists, lightning strikes, unseasonably warm weather, downed power lines, car crashes, and prolonged drought as causes of the Australian fires, reported the Australian Associated Press.
On Jan. 7, the Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Council issued a statement asking Victorians to work with Indigenous Australians in bushfire management. “We must work together with all Victorians to ensure country management is sensitive and practicable,” chairperson Rodney Carter said.
Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said on Jan. 5 that he will meet all state leaders to discuss clearing more land and conducting more hazard reduction burns, which were “run and overseen entirely by state governments.”
So, Epoch Times disappearing of the opening article could not have been due to inaccuracies.  Nor was it  'fake news'. Since,  the report posted below, from 2017, contains the same information.  Nearly 3 years ago. David Packham  was speaking very clearly about the enormous dangers of poor forest management. One has to consider that this negligence was intentional knowing full well the inevitable outcome.

David Packham  February 2017 interview   'Victoria's never been in a more dangerous situation'
"The fire danger index was right through the roof. I remember saying, 'I hope I'm wrong about this'. It was clear it was going to be a monumental day."
What has happened in the eight years since Black Saturday infuriates David's scientific mind — it has been applying itself to bushfires since the 1960s when, as a chemist, he first came to understand the physics in terms of heat and mass transfer.
"I have a lot of suppressed anger about all this. But what can I do?"
He hesitates to call it paranoia. But certainly, a preoccupation. A sense of impending, preventable disaster.
"The situation is very, very serious. This state has never been in a more dangerous situation in the last 30,000 years. We are sitting, truly, on a little pile of gun powder and smoking cigarettes.
"What we are looking down is the fires that have taken place that culminated up into Black Saturday, fundamentally all the early ones which burnt about a third of the state in 2003 and 2007, all took place north of the ranges in areas where there weren't too many people exposed.
"Black Saturday exposed a few more, but not really great numbers, compared to places like say Eltham, Warrandyte where you have not a few hundred or the odd thousand but tens of thousands of people exposed."

The Packhams' house in Rosedale, in Victoria's Latrobe Valley, contains an extensive library of bushfire-related books and reports. In truth, there's little need to consult the shelves: David's memory is encyclopaedic.
In retirement, life is full. There is flying his French-made plane, the yacht docked in Paynesville, black and white photography. Not to mention the four acres of grapevines to tend.
The 77-year-old lives on 17 hectares that encompass both river flats and a patch of the last remnant rainforest for possibly 50 kilometres around. In the fern gullies, he's waging a constant battle against blackberries and wombats.
Perhaps somewhat curiously for someone so attuned to the bushfire threat, he's chosen to live directly opposite a massive pine plantation.
The forest represents an enormous fuel source that starts 75 metres from his front door and stretches for 20 to 30km in each direction.
Since Black Saturday, David has been issuing his own fire weather predictions via an email list of subscribers, a practice borne out of a sense that the public wasn't getting accurate, unfiltered information on which to base their decisions on high-risk days.
He says the official messaging has improved, but laments that bushfire policy is still far from adequate, particularly when it comes to preventative burning.
"One of the most difficult things about this issue is there is no acceptable political solution. The only solution that is going to work is to do what the Aborigines did for tens of thousands of years," he says.
"That is totally unacceptable to urbanised Victorians. They do not understand fire. They do not understand the role of fire in the environment, the necessity of fire."
 Urbanised dolts! And for god's sakes I'm urbanised but do understand this concept, perhaps because I spend time in the woods, foraging and gathering herbs and , oh yah, I read! Informing myself about the real world. My home. The planet that sustains me. Grrrr......

 BBC: Misleading Maps on Australia's bushfires

Another widely shared map of flame icons dotted across the country claims to show "all the fires burning in Australia".

It is taken from the Australian government website MyFireWatch, which uses satellite data to map heat sources.
However the data incorporates "any heat source that is hotter than its surroundings... This may include gas flares, refinery furnaces or highly reflective large industrial roofs", according to its website.

All agenda. All the time.

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Fake-Green Zero Carbon Frauds

 Ah, yes the fake greens, how I despise you all.  Always with the death sermons from your soap boxes offering "salvation" through global taxation.
   Can’t believe this piece is from Counter punch who must have published it as an attempt to come off as anti globalist.  Even a stopped clock is correct twice a day...  Though it’s not likely Counterpunch gets it right that often, this was a breath of fresh air from their usual stale, pale  & dank offerings. 

The excellent piece below touches on the fires in Australia... Lots of questions, in general, about that situation. (Will get to that asap)  Let's all  read the featured excerpt, though you should read the entire piece at the link below:

Fake-Green Zero Carbon Frauds

"The IPCC “CO2 causes global warming” position, adopted by a plethora of industries and institutions determined to benefit from its decree, has already been exposed as a fraudulent misrepresentation of the truth. Making CO2 into ‘the devil in our midst’ is an overtly false trail which I have dealt with in an earlier article.*

Observe carefully and you will notice that the great majority of political pronouncements made by leading protagonists of ‘cabal politics’ are subsequently reversed in the actions that follow. Promises of peace are followed-up by acts of war; promises of prosperity for all are followed by a widening of the poverty gap. Claims of trying to stabilize the planet’s climate are followed by acts of wilful destabilisation – and so on.

This ‘reversal of truth’ formula is the trick used by power seeking despots who have adopted dark-side practices designed to suppress – and quite literally reverse – peoples natural propensity for humanitarian expressions of warmth and mutual respect. Instead, turning those qualities into cold and calculating acts of division.

Since our world is currently in the grip of this ‘cabal agenda’ whose goals are not mutable nor flexible, attempts are being made to make it appear that every serious geological/environmental upheaval manifesting on this planet – is happening due to (the phony) ‘global warming’.

The continuous repetition of this mantra by mainstream media is essential for the unquestioned roll-out of the corporate and banker backed ‘Green New Deal/Zero Carbon’ plan (scam) – which is termed ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ by the industry that backs it. This is because it promises vast riches to the corporations contracted to build and implement the impossibly large scale infrastructural requirements deemed necessary to shift the world from an almost 100% fossil fuel dependence to a close to 100% dependence on renewable energy.
See today's earlier post, check the chart contained within,  to understand how far we have to go to make the planet 100% dependent on  so called "renewables,"? If that's possible or realistic? Or is it simply more exploitation/profiteering on the parts of those we should not allow to lead us?

The Carbon Wisdom of Rex Murphy “We're freezing! Isn't it great? The carbon tax must be working!”

The heavy dependence upon fossil fuel energies needed in order to make possible this (theoretical) shift, would, in practice, involve an unparalleled asset stripping march across the length and breadth of the planet. Such a situation makes a mockery of the hugely over-hyped UN term ‘sustainability’.
The ‘zero carbon’ cabal, for example, must make it appear that the disastrous fires which have ravaged South East Australia and a significant part of California, are the result of ‘anthropogenic global warming’ and, of course, could not possibly have anything to do with any ‘conspiratorial’ ulterior motives.

Which leads us to ask the following question: just who might benefit from the fact that whole communities have been wiped-out and large forests burned to ashes in these countries?

A recent expose of the Australian position shows successive governments destroying the vital South East Australian river systems by deliberately siphoning-off huge volumes of river water and hoarding it in a large number of specially constructed reservoirs. Not for strategic use in irrigating the surrounding countryside in times of drought, but to sell-off to the highest bidder – including foreign interests – hugely enriching the vendors.

A viciously inhuman policy which includes grossly negligent management of the Australian bush, in which millions of highly flammable gum trees have been allowed to over mature, presenting the perfect fuel for the rapid spreading of extremely dense fires.
It is believed that the real government ambition behind this appalling act of ecocide is to pave the way for the establishment of a super-sized control grid, construction of 5G microwave powered ‘smart cities’ and a new high speed railway link between capital cities. All recognised Agenda 2030/Green New Deal ambitions.

I established in earlier articles that Green New Deal is a key part of the New World Order’s strategic march to power. It is founded on the fictitious ‘greenhouse effect’ science of the IPCC/United Nations; and on the insanely bizarre plan to achieve an end to the use of fossil fuels (‘zero carbon’) by mining and burning vast volumes of oil, coal and gas (fossil fuels) in order to achieve this end!

The Carbon Wisdom of Rex Murphy “We're freezing! Isn't it great? The carbon tax must be working!”

The Carbon Wisdom of Rex Murphy as written by Harold aka Geofish.
Check out the charts geofish has posted- I’ll include  just one below.
"Renewable Energy" will save the world?
Then we’ll read some of Mr Murphy’s oped:

British Columbia
We're freezing! Isn't it great? The Carbon Tax Must Be Working!
"Recent news report: Thanks to the recent deep freeze in North America, Calgary Zoo had to take extreme measures to protect its animals from the weather — including even the most naturally cold-resistant (animals on earth), the zoo’s king penguins

It’s good to see the carbon (dioxide) tax is working so effectually. Especially in areas out West, where it is most critically needed. The Prairie provinces in particular have for years, decades, even earlier been plagued by severely milquetoast weather during the winter season — weather described by more than one hardy farmer as “one parka, no mittens” days.
If you live in the tough northern regions of any of those provinces, a single parka is known as the Prairie swimsuit. “What’s the point of winter without icicles from your eyebrows and hoarfrost on the morning cornflakes?” asks more than one disappointed Westerner.
    What’s the point of winter without icicles from your eyebrows?
frozen noodles on a plate, Calgary
Who can question that without the intervention of the carbon tax, the residents of that beautiful city would probably be sweltering right now in the low -30s. It’s been a boon in unforeseen ways. More than a few doughty travellers cancelled their annual vacation to Siberia (“where they have real winters”), saving them thousands of dollars in flights and hotels, because, thanks to the efficacy of the global warming tax “we can now enjoy the full winter delights of a Siberian winter right here in our home city. We’ve thrown out the Speak Russian in Six Days guidebooks.”

Some were skeptical (your author may have been among them) when it was first mooted that putting a tax on fuel and gasoline would actually lower global temperatures. (Boy, are our faces red!) But there are no skeptics now in a winter wonderland when even the migrant polar bears show up in shawls and foot warmers, and every engine block has its own monogrammed electric blanket.
Nor is the benefit confined just to the Prairie three. Further west, poor British Columbia, where snow in January was but a picture on the garage calendar; Vancouver, where people were plunged into an annual depression by the spectacle of premature blooms and the peep of green lawns before February; they are seeing the change and are welcoming it.
“We’d almost given up on winter” said one resident I plan to talk to: ”Frankly, I’m sick of godd–mn flowers in January.” And who could blame him?
Well, B.C. led the way, being among the first to welcome the carbon tax and bring their winters into line with the Canadian experience. It’s changed attitudes. Says another I may encounter: “How we envied Newfoundland with its snow storms and blizzards, high winds and blocked roads, the weekly sleet storms and the train of power outages. Since the carbon tax we’re been waiting for the evidence it works. And this winter, especially during the past few weeks, has been everything we ever wanted.”
And there’s even more good news. The beloved carbon tax, by lowering temperatures to bare survival limits, has greatly aggravated the demand for electricity to heat homes and businesses. The demand in Alberta, for example is at “an all-time peak,” in obedience to the equation that the colder it gets, the harder it is to keep warm. So the power plants (and the windmills that alone keep them humming) are at an all-time record functioning. Maybe a few are burning oil or coal, but there is really no need to spoil this tale by mentioning that?"
High winds and heavy snow cause white-out conditions in St. John’s, N.L., on Jan.17, 2020. The city has declared a state of emergency.

'Long ways to go': Day 5 of state of emergency in St. John's after massive blizzard

For those who don't know the east coast was hammered with a record breaking snow and cold storm, to beat all storms, but pay no mind to that fact.

"A cooler Canada. That’s what almost every citizen wants. Who wants sand and sun, beach balls and sun-bathing? That’s for sissies. And as the years roll by and the carbon tax bites deeper and deeper, this rugged country will shiver its way into the record books."

Cold is still and will always be the absence of warmth

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Libya: Berlin Conference. Force Majeure in Oilfields? Etc.,

 Wanna get up to speed?

 Continuing on:

 "Fuel and gas processing at Libya’s Zawiya refinery were continuing normally on Monday despite a halt to loadings from El Sharara oilfield, two refinery employees said. Zawiya is connected to Sharara by a pipeline that was shut on Sunday by forces loyal to eastern-based commander Khalifa Haftar as part of a wider blockade, Libya’s National Oil Corporation (NOC) said"
Two major oilfields in southwest Libya began shutting down on Sunday after forces loyal to Khalifa Haftar closed a pipeline, potentially cutting national output to a fraction of its normal level, the National Oil Corporation (NOC) said.
The closure, which follows a blockade of major eastern oil ports, risked taking almost all the country’s oil output offline
However, the earlier rise in oil prices eased after some analysts and traders said supply disruptions in Libya will be short-lived and could be offset by other producers, limiting the impact on global markets.
 It appears Haftar's move isn't as effective as we were led to believe?

  • TASS: Participants in Berlin conference on Libya have agreed text of final document — source
Pompeo behind Merkel
BERLIN, January 19. /TASS/. Participants in the international conference on Libya in Berlin have agreed the text of the conference’s final document, several diplomatic sources told TASS on Sunday.

"The text has been agreed," a source said.

As follows from the draft available to TASS, the settlement process will be divided into six ‘baskets,’ namely ceasefire, arms embargo, political process, security sector reform, economic and financial reform, respect for international humanitarian law and human rights.

It also calls for noninterference into the armed conflict in that country and urges the United Nations Security Council to impose sanctions on countries violating the arms embargo.

When the statement is adopted, a special International Follow-Up committee will be established to oversee the implementation of the Berlin summit’s decisions.

A high-level international conference on Libya is underway on Sunday in the German capital city Berlin. Along with Russian President Vladimir Putin, the conference is attended by Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Egyptian President Abdel Fatah al-Sisis, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, President of the Republic of the Congo Denis Sassou Nguesso, Crown Prince Of Abu Dhabi Sheikh Mohammed Al Nahyan, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, French President Emmanuel Macron, US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo, Secretary General of the Arab League Ahmed Aboul Gheit, United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres, President of the European Council Charles Michel. High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell Fontelles, director of the Office of Foreign Affairs of the Communist Party of China Yang Jeichi, Chairperson of the African Union Commission Moussa Faki Mahamat. Leaders of Libya’s conflicting parties, Prime Minister of the Tripoli-based Government of National Accord (GNA) Fayez al-Sarraj and Libyan National Army (LNA) Commander Khalifa Haftar also arrived in Berlin.

"Moscow’s cooperation with Ankara in seeking a Libya peace deal implies Russian acceptance of Turkey’s controversial (loaded word choice) East Med maritime border claims

Not controversial to Libya, Turkey or Russia, clearly.
Russia and Turkey, previous backers of opposing sides in the Libya conflict, have clearly decided that—if they could jointly achieve peace in the country—both would be assured of a lasting stake there. This would be a blow to the European powers most closely associated with Libya, Italy and France, which have persistently tried and failed to bring the fighting to an end.

Both countries have strong energy links with Libya which they would like to expand. Now there is a possibility that Russian and Turkish firms will put Libya’s oil and gas reserves in their sights. Russia has said in the past that it is interested in working jointly with Turkey on energy exploration and development.

For President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the link-up with Russia in pursuing peace in Libya has another huge dividend. Moscow’s involvement in the initiative is an unmistakable sign that President Vladimir Putin accepts Turkey’s maritime agreement with Libya. This creates two vast contiguous blocks of the Eastern Mediterranean, from the Turkish coast in the north to Libya in the south, with a joint maritime border between the two. The northern part, claimed by Turkey, encompasses some Greek island and parts of Cyprus’ economic exclusion zone (EEZ)

The Turkish move greatly complicates efforts to achieve harmony (more loaded language- achieve harmony? Was that the goal?  For who?) between Eastern Mediterranean gas producers and potential producers. More to the point, it could potentially further complicate already ambitious-looking plans for a planned pipeline (costing $6bn, scheduled for completion in 2025) to export gas from the region to Europe.
In early January, the leaders of Cyprus, Greece and Israel committed themselves to the scheme. While all three states, along with Egypt, the European Union and the US have rejected the Turkey-Libya maritime agreement as being illegal, Erdogan will feel emboldened by having Russia at his side. Waving aside international criticism of the pact with Libya, he said “Greek Cypriots, Egypt, Greece and Israel cannot establish a natural gas transmission line without Turkey’s consent”.
Some analysts believe that Erdogan’s East Med maritime border claims were designed specifically to try to block the pipeline plan. But the Turkish government has put forward other reasons to seek to justify the country’s right to reach the maritime deal with the Tripoli government and the agreement that allows Turkish troops to be based in Libya.
Anti-terror justification
Burhanettin Duran, a columnist in a pro-Erdogan newspaper Daily Sabah, writes that “Libya is one of Turkey’s maritime neighbours, which means that instability, terrorism, mass migration and human trafficking in the country falls in direct relation to Turkey. Limiting the definition of national security to terrorists across our land borders alone is simply out of sync with the contemporary notion of national security.” He adds that the criticism directed at Ankara stems from the other states in the region “not wanting Turkey to strengthen its hand in the Eastern Mediterranean”.
Turkey's move greatly complicates efforts to achieve harmony between East Med gas producers

The international community (define international community? Is that just the US and friends? ) will not be persuaded by these arguments. Nor will it shift from its view that Turkey is acting in contravention of international maritime laws and agreements. But that does not mean that Turkey is about to budge.
Assuming the current Erdogan-Putin deal on Libya policy holds, the Turkish leader will feel no pressure to think again about his current dual objectives—to get a foothold in Libya and win Moscow’s support for the move. For as long as Cyprus remains divided and Turkey is excluded from the East Med energy club, Ankara will do whatever is necessary to stop Cypriots and others exporting gas by pipeline to Europe. Whether Erdogan needs to do so, when the high cost of producing gas in the East Med’s deep waters may make the pipeline a non-starter anyway in a currently depressed European and global gas price environment, is another story.

 Does Haftar really have support from the Russian state?

I've long been torn on this idea. Since support of Haftar would generally contradict Russia's usual course of action: 
- Supporting the legitimate internationally recognized government of a nation state. 
-  If Russia supported Haftar as has been claimed why not help him to continue on the fight?
Instead of working alongside Turkey and with the international community to enact a ceasefire
- Additionally claims of "russian mercenaries' fighting alongside Haftar's troops do not necessarily mean the Russian state supports Haftar. Since mercenaries are soldiers for hire. 

"Haftar, whose forces are bearing down on the capital Tripoli with the backing of Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Russian mercenaries and African troops, was expected to attend the one-day summit despite having abandoned talks last week.

Haftar quit a Turkish-Russian summit a week ago and escalated the conflict on Friday when eastern oil ports were shut down. The National Oil Corporation (NOC) said the shutdown was directly ordered by Haftar’s forces and would cut oil production by 800,000 barrels a day"

Russia & Turkey Opposed the 2011 Intervention in Libya- Their Voices Speak Loudest As They Work To End 9 Years of Chaos

RT- Scott Ritter - read entire oped at link

"Moscow and Ankara are not responsible for starting the conflict which has ravaged Libya, but they may have a decisive role in ending it, as they lead international diplomatic efforts at the Berlin peace conference. 
The two countries opposed the US-led NATO intervention to overthrow Muammar Gaddafi nine years ago but, despite Turkey being a NATO member and Russia being on the UN Security Council, neither exercised their veto prerogatives.
Both states went on to bitterly regret sitting out, as the increasingly violent and morally muddy Arab Spring swept through the Middle East, dragging both into proxy conflicts.
But being untainted by the calamity of Western intervention serves the two powers well as they attempt to mediate the many-sided Libyan civil war.


No peace yet, but moving towards a ceasefire

Last weekend’s conference in the German capital ended with a ceasefire commitment agreed to by the leaders of the two warring parties, Fayez a-Sarraj, from the Government of National Accord (GNA) and Khalifa Haftar, who heads the Libyan National Army (LNA), as well as an agreement among all of the attendees to the conference for an enforceable arms embargo.
I'll have additional information in a second post regarding the conference and more.
The Berlin conference follows on the heels of an earlier meeting in Moscow this month between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Erdogan, where the foundations of the current ceasefire agreement were negotiated. 
While the Moscow meeting failed to produce a ceasefire, it did initiate a process of direct talks between the leadership of the GNA and LNA that carried on into the Berlin conference and contributed to a successful outcome. 

 Jan 14/20- Libya: Russia & Turkey Work for Permanent Ceasefire in Libya- Haftar Refuses To Sign On

Obama’s ‘right thing to do’

Putin and Erdogan are operating on the embers of a landmark Western failure in the region – one that put in doubt the entire rationale of military intervention.
This role of the US and its allies has been widely acknowledged as a disaster (Gaddafi was killed by US-supported rebels after his convoy was attacked by NATO aircraft).
While President Barack Obama later said that intervening in Libya had been “the right thing to do,” he also called the intervention the “worst mistake” of his presidency, blaming the failure of his administration “to plan for the day after” once Gaddafi was removed from power. The US was guilty of an act of commission by getting NATO to use offensive military power against a sovereign state, but could Turkey and Russia have done more at the time?

What’s in it for Putin & Erdogan?

The motives of both Russia and Turkey in bringing peace and stability to Libya are as complex as they are diverse. For Russia, bringing Libya back into the fold as a client state would provide a boon to Russian arms manufacturers as well as Russian energy companies. 
Haftar’s LNA controls the bulk of Libya’s oil fields but is prevented from selling oil due to UN economic sanctions. These sanctions won’t be lifted until a political solution to the Libyan crisis is reached.
Turkey, for its part, has structured its geo-political position in the eastern Mediterranean Sea around a maritime border recently negotiated with the GNA. This new border gives Turkey considerable leverage when it comes to the establishment of exclusive economic zones in the eastern Mediterranean regarding the ongoing exploration and development of potentially lucrative underwater oil and gas deposits.


Khalifa Haftar: Friend of Israel, Not A Force for Good In Libya

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Khalifa Haftar: Friend of Israel, Not A Force for Good In Libya

Dedicated to the many dis/misinformants that populate the so called alt media, including Mark Sleboda,  MoA,  & 21st Century. While Canthama and other disinformers who resided at Syper,  extol the unimpeachable virtue of  Saint Haftar as everyday ritual.

Khalifa Haftar is not a force for good in Libya


 I’m using the paragraph below from the above linked article to start this report:

 “The justification of those who support the Russian role in aiding the Syrian government, to defeat the opposition forces which included al-Qaeda and Daesh, is that the internationally-recognized government of Syria asked for its allies help. If consistent and we don’t apply a double standard, this is what is happening with the GNA-Turkey alliance”
 If  we are consistent on this concept then we can't and shouldn't apply a double standard? 
 Yet, the double standard has been applied liberally by many.  Hypocrites being hypocrites....  double standards will keep being applied. As a point of fact the hypocrisy regarding the official and internationally recognized government of Libya has been previously mentioned:
 Isn’t the  government in Tripoli  the officially recognized/ UN sanctioned government of Libya? It is and yet... it’s get the pariah treatment. That’s odd isn’t it?”
Prior to that report blatant hypocrisy via the so called alt media was demonstrated in the report
Where b’s post was dissected and shown to intentionally, in my opinion, misrepresent the actual agreement made between the officially recognized government of Libya and Turkey.
German FM and Haftar
Continuing with the oped from Press TV:
There is currently much dispute over which side, in Libya’s ongoing civil war, is a force for good in the region and which side should be treated with the most legitimacy. Many will argue that the LNA (Libyan National Army) forces, commanded by warlord Khalifa Haftar, are indeed what is needed for Libya to see progress and to make its way back to operating as a normal State in the Middle East, however, there are many problems with this argument.
For those who value the independence of Arab peoples - including the people of Northern Africa - Khalifa Haftar is not a figure to revere. His LNA forces have aligned themselves with a number of regional enemies of the Palestinian people and also the people of the wider region, including Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Israel and France. Using the airpower of both Egypt and the UAE as an integral part to play in Haftar’s plot to control Libya.
Who is Commander Khalifa Haftar?
The now internationally well known leader of the LNA opposition forces in Libya, Khalifa Haftar, is not a new figure unknown to the Libyan people. He first emerged to prominence as a colonel under Muammar Gaddafi’s rule, aiding Gaddaffi in his 1969 military coup which removed King Idris from power.

After enjoying a large public following in Libya, he was eventually arrested as a prisoner of war during the Chadian-Libya war and was disavowed by Muammar Gaddafi. The condemnation coming from Gaddafi due to Haftar’s military operation having violated an agreement brokered between Libya and Chad at the time. Khalifa Haftar feeling he was betrayed by his leader, then went on to form a militia, based in Zaire, which was aimed at overthrowing Gaddafi.
Haftar intentionally breaches an agreement made between Libya and Chad? 
Why? Most probably because he was already a CIA asset.
As part of a CIA-sponsored deal with Kenya, in 1990, Khalifa Haftar was then welcomed into the United States, being given citizenship to the country. Once in the US, Haftar built close connections within the nations’ intelligence services. In fact, when Haftar resided in the US, he chose to live in close proximity to the CIA’s headquarters.

Khalifa Haftar continued then to support a number of attempts to overthrow the Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi, the most notable case being in the 1996 uprising.

Later, come 2011, Khalifa Haftar became an influential figure in the overthrow of Gaddafi, leading to the bloody chaos we have seen since, in Libya. Keep in mind that this was all possible due to NATO forces having supplied both air support and also weapons to Libya’s opposition militias - who were fighting Gaddafi - leading to their eventual victory. Meaning that the legacy of Khalifa Haftar is one of Western collusion, aiding in the mass murder of Libyan’s, for personal political gain. Leading him towards his current campaign.
Turkey Aids Libya's Official Gov.
Khalifa Haftar and his ‘Friend’ Israel
After forming an alliance with Russia, Khalifa Haftar has formed alliances and garnered the support of the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, France and even Israel.

Many have attempted to dispute the open support for Haftar’s LNA from Israel, however, in 2014 Haftar openly stated that he wouldn’t mind cooperating with the Israelis. In 2018, it then emerged that the LNA was directly supplied with Israeli weapons. The UAE mediated between the two, resulting in the supply of Sniper rifles and night vision equipment to LNA forces, according to reports.
Israel supplying Haftar weapons:

Commander of the Libyan National Army, Khalifa Haftar, has reportedly been supplied with Israeli military aid after secret meetings with Mossad agents that were mediated by the United Arab Emirates.
A high-ranking official in Haftar’s military informed The New Arab that the Libyan commander has been holding secret meetings with Israel over the past two years.
Sniper rifles and night vision equipment were amongst the military aid provided, according to the source.
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An IDF (Israeli military) source even reportedly defacto referred to Haftar as a friend of Israel, stating the following: "A friend of our friend - and an enemy of our enemy - is our friend, and Haftar is a friend of Egypt, Jordan and UAE. He also fights ISIS."
Israel evidently has an interest in building new alliances with Sunni Muslim States (Sunni Muslim Kurds/Kurdistan/ Greater Kurdistan)  in the Middle East, working to achieve new trade relationships and to destroy the Palestinian people. Israel has now signed a deal with Egypt’s illegal coup leader, el-Sisi, under which Egypt will buy its gas from Israel. Israel has also worked to get cheap oil from a number of different areas in the region, after losing 77% of its required oil needs from the Kirkuk oil fields (in Iraq). Israel lost the formerly Kurdish controlled oil, sold to it through Turkish ports, which was taken out of the hands of the KRG (Kurdish Regional Government) following an Iraqi offensive against northern Iraq.
Ah, yes Kirkuk.
Now Israel may be seeking to do a deal with a willing partner in Libya, this willing partner seemingly being Khalifa Haftar. Already Haftar’s forces preside over the countries resources, but delivering a final blow to the UN-recognized GNA government in Tripoli, would be a complete takeover of the country.

Khalifa Haftar is often referred to as Libya’s el-Sisi and this is exactly what Haftar’s ally’s are betting on, in order to extend the influence of the pro-Western block in the Middle East.
Why people are deceived by Khalifa Haftar and the LNA
With recent decision by Turkey to deploy forces - including ex-Syrian opposition fighters - to Libya in support of the GNA government, many supporters of the Syrian Government are taking the side of the LNA in Libya. However, applying their distaste for certain actors in the war of Syria is not considering the wider picture in the case of Libya.

The justification of those who support the Russian role in aiding the Syrian government, to defeat the opposition forces which included al-Qaeda and Daesh, is that the internationally-recognized government of Syria asked for its allies help. If consistent and we don’t apply a double standard, this is what is happening with the GNA-Turkey alliance.

This is not to say that the GNA, or the Turkish government for that matter, are angels. But the fact of the matter is that there are regional players which seek to gain from the victories of Khalifa Haftar in Libya and this is something that has to be considered before taking any given side in this conflict. One thing can be concluded however, Haftar is far from a good force for peace and independence in the Middle East.
People are deceived because they want to be deceived. 
As has already been stated:
"This is not a simple case of “bad Turkey” or “bad Libya” as is very commonly presented in the 5 eyes main stream and alternative media. That angle is a carefully crafted, pro empire bias that only serves to manipulate your understanding of what is happening in the region. Much in the way of resource profit and control is at stake. Countries can survive or be further weakened depending on the outcome of this situation"
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Friday, January 17, 2020

UK Classfies ALL of Hezbollah as a "terror group" and Freezes It's Assets/ Usrael Smiles

Definitely a strike against Lebanon. And Iran. For starters.

Notice the mass support for Hezbollah in Lebanon?

 Israel is pleased
The United Kingdom designated the entire Hezbollah organization as a terrorist group and froze its assets.
The Finance Ministry move, which was announced Friday, is part of the implementation of the UK’s Terrorism and Terrorist Financing rules, Reuters reported.
Until now, only Hezbollah’s military wing was subject to having its assets frozen under UK rules.
In 2008, Britain banned Hezbollah’s armed wing. Last year, the government announced it will blacklist the entire group, but the announcement Friday is the first concrete step taken in that direction.
Hezbollah, which is designated as a terrorist organization by the United States, was established in 1982 by Iran’s Revolutionary Guards and is an important part of a regional Tehran-led alliance.

U.S. 'Very Pleased' with British Blacklisting of Hizbullah

Brian Hook
Brian Hook, the U.S. special representative for Iran, said Friday that the United States was "very pleased" with the UK’s decision to add the entire Hizbullah group to its list of terrorist organizations subject to asset freezing, adding that Washington had long been seeking such a move from European allies.
"We would like to congratulate the United Kingdom," he told reporters in Washington. "There is no distinction between Hizbullah's political arm and its military arm," Hook added.

From earlier:

Still, There Were NO American Casualties Due to the Iranian Airstrikes