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US to Lead Ground Op In Syria- Turkey summons US Ambassador/Betrayal

February 10, 2016

RIYADH: The United States welcomes a Saudi offer to deploy special forces to support a coalition ground operation against the Daesh group inside Syria, the kingdom’s foreign minister said.

Speaking after a meeting with US Secretary of State John Kerry, Foreign Minister Adel Al Jubeir said any operation would be US-led but that Saudi Arabia would play a leading role.
The US will lead any ground operation inside Syria

“The United States government was very supportive and very positive about the kingdom’s readiness to provide special forces to the operation in Syria, should the international coalition make a decision to do so,” he told reporters.

“So the kingdom will be part of it,” he said.That support came from the White House, it came from the State Department, it was natural for Secretary Kerry to support such a decision.”

Jubeir said the idea for a possible ground operation had come from Washington, and that members of the 65-strong coalition against the Daesh would expect the United States to lead it.
If the idea for a ground operation came from Washington, there would have been NO offer from Saudi Arabia, unless there had been a prior request from Washington.

State Department spokesman John Kirby confirmed that the United States welcomed the Saudi offer, and that discussions were ongoing, but would not comment on the nature or timing of any operation.

“We are talking about a ground element,” he said. “We have discussed the potential value of a special operations capability inside that element, which would be valuable.”

The United States has publicly confirmed that it has sent a small number of special operations forces to eastern Syria to help local militias fight the Daesh group.

But debate continues in Washington about the advisability and final size of a possible larger ground operation against the hardline group.

Reiteration: * The US will lead any ground operation inside Syria. * The idea for a ground operation came from the US, not Saudi Arabia * Saudi Arabia will FOLLOW, but, will not lead this ground operation. *  A small, no mention of numbers, special op force has already been sent into eastern Syria- alongside local militias- that would be Kurdish militias fighting under the PKK umbrella.
Those are the main facts to be taken away from the above article.

Turkey summoned US Ambassador

Turkey summoned the U.S. ambassador to express its displeasure on Tuesday (February 9/2016)  after a State Department spokesman said Washington did not regard Syria's Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) as a terrorist organisation, a Turkish foreign ministry official said.
Obviously Washington  can not acknowledge the same product, a NATO backed terror group, labelled & promoted under another brand name to obfuscate the fact, the reality, the truth that PYD/YPG = PKK. Since the PKK is an acknowledged terror group obfuscating or hiding the connections between the PKK and the PYD/YPG by using another brand name is the best way to fool the gullible and over complicate the truth.
Tensions between the two NATO allies have flared over the PYD,YPG which Washington supports in its struggle against Islamic State militants in Syria.
Ankara sees it as a sister of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), with which it has been embroiled in fierce fighting in southeast Turkey since their decades-old conflict reignited last July. The PKK is classed as a terrorist organisation by Turkey, the United States and the European Union.
Asked about the difference in opinion with Turkey on Monday, State Department Spokesman John Kirby said: "This is not a new concern, as I said, that the Turks have proffered. And we don’t, as you know, recognise the PYD as a terrorist organization."
 The non recognition of PYD/YPG  as terrorist affiliates to the PKK suits the US remake the ME agenda just fine. Don't be fooled by the word magic employed by the psycho war makers.
On Tuesday, Kirby confirmed that U.S. Ambassador to Turkey John Bass met senior Turkish officials on Tuesday, although he declined to describe what they discussed. The spokesman also said the United States has not changed its views on the PYD.
Turkey fears advances by Kurdish YPG militia, backed by the PYD, on the Syrian side of the two countries' 900-km (560-mile) border will fuel separatist ambitions among its own Kurds.
Turkey fears the advances will fuel the ambitions of 'their own kurds'  Utter nonsense
Turkey KNOWS the YPG and the PKK are coordinating their efforts presently and have been for some time now on both sides of the Syrian/Turkish border

And finally! 

The one quote that summarizes everything I have written about for almost 18 months now...

US Fails to Grasp the Gravity of Turkey's Warnings on PKK linked PYD/YPG
Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) Chairman Devlet Bahçeli commented on Washington's statement on the PYD and YPG, saying that the U.S. is side by side with the terrorists. Speaking at his party's parliamentary group meeting in Ankara yesterday, he said:
"The target is Turkey after Syria. Sur and Cizre are the places that separation is tested with the guidance of external power groups."
Exactly! Exactly as I've stated. Turkey is the target. Separation or balkanization is being undertaken with the guidance of external powers. This is the first time I've read a public acknowledgement of this fact, by anyone in authority in Turkey. Which tells me that non NATO occupied Turkey is aware of the NATO betrayal of Turkey

Ankara's concerns over Washington's close relations with the Syrian PKK affiliate PYD's YPG militia have shifted to a level of questioning the alliance between the two countries after a U.S. State Department spokesman said the U.S. will continue to support the PYD and YPG.
As has been written here for so long now- the US is tossing Turkey into a high temp oven and watching it burn!!
Turkish-U.S. relations have gone south following a statement from U.S. State Department spokesman John Kirby that the U.S. does not consider the Syrian PKK affiliate Democratic Union Party's (PYD) armed People's Protection Units (YPG) to be a terrorist organization.
 Even though Ankara repeatedly warned the U.S. and Europe that there cannot be any good or bad terrorists, pointing to the YPG, the U.S. disregarded Erdoğan's last call and designated the YPG as its "partner." "Syrian Kurds are our partners against DAESH," Kirby said, stoking the flames of a rift between Ankara and Washington. Erdoğan's ultimatum to Washington came days after U.S. President Barack Obama's special presidential envoy for the Global Coalition to Counter DAESH, Brett McGurk, paid a visit to PYD-controlled Kobani and held talks. Photos of McGurk's visit to Kobani surfaced on social media. He was seen meeting with former PKK fighters in Syria over the weekend. Polat Can, known as the spokesman and one of the founders of the YPG, shared a photo on his Twitter account showing him presenting a plaque to McGurk.
I mentioned the visit by McGurk in this February 1st post which included the quoted statement below

US Envoy/NATO visit to Annexed Syria- Turkey under fire- PKK warns Barzani....

  " I would say that visit is intended to send a message to Turkey’s leadership"

Indeed, Turkey got the message. I would say they got the message loud and clear.
Hot oven. High temps. Fire. Death. Destruction. Mayhem.
While the U.S., considered a significant ally to Turkey, refers to the YPG as "a strong partner," the PKK-affiliated (YPG) group released a video in late January in which Westerners were called on to join the group and attack Turkey. The footage shows a man with his face covered by a scarf and rifle on his leg, making a statement to a group gathered around him, urging Kurds and Westerners to take up arms against the Turkish state.

"Attack the institutions of the Turkish state all over the world. Come to Kurdistan and join the forces of the YPJ [Women's Protection Units], YPS (Civil Defense Units in Turkey) and the guerrillas," the man says in the video.
Some reports say the YPG has committed human rights violations in places where the group has established cantons. A U.N. report presented by Paulo Sergio Pinheiro to the U.N. Human Rights Council in Geneva in September 2015 said: "Following the YPG's retaking of the previously ISIS [DAESH]- controlled areas of Tal Abyad in early July and villages in the Tel Tamer region of al-Hasakah, YPG fighters reportedly looted houses belonging to Arab villagers."

Amnesty International also accused the PYD of violating human rights. According to an Amnesty International report, the PYD autonomous administration in northern Syria is applying pressure by unlawfully detaining and unfairly trying peaceful critics and civilians on the pretext of fighting DAESH.

The PYD administration reportedly detained civilians for periods of up to a year without charge or trial and denied basic rights, including the right to defend themselves, see evidence used against them or access a lawyer.
Just a bit more!
Speaking to Daily Sabah on the issue, Yaşar Hacısalihoğlu, Yeni Yüzyıl University's vice dean and academic in the Department of International Relations, criticized the Obama administration's "inconsistent and incompetent" policies in the region and said: "Nobody backs Obama's policy in the Middle East and considers it a total failure."
I actually believe Obama's policy is very successful.
Saying that the U.S. collaborates with such organizations as a result of its blurry policy in the region, Hacısalihoğlu labeled the U.S.'s foreign policy as contradictory and ambiguous. "The president's [Erdoğan] attitude is obvious and appropriate. Such behavior [of the U.S.] toward a NATO ally and significant partner that deteriorates relations is not sustainable," he added. He also asserted that the U.S.'s inconsistent policy is likely to continue until a new president is elected later this year.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The PKK’s Urban Warfare Tactics

The PKK’s Urban Warfare Tactics

For those who are delusional enough to support NATO backed terrorists in Turkey as they destabilize yet another nation. Turkey, in this case, specifically. Though the  PKK is active and fully participant alongside the US/NATO special forces in Iraq and Syria. As I’ve mentioned, repeatedly here, it was the PKK that took their terror into the neighbourhoods of south-eastern Turkey. Intentionally. They could have and should have stayed holed up in their mountain hideaways. But, they CHOSE to enter the residential neighbourhoods, so civilians would be caught up in their lusted for fight with Turkish police.  Because dead bodies make good PR via the NATO and so called alt media. I continue to be flabbergasted at the presentation of the drug running, human trafficking, blood & organs smuggling, NATO supported militias, as some sort of sainted martyrs.

People fleeing that PKK insurgency in their neighbourhoods

Seven months after violence between Turkey and the PKK began anew, the dynamics underpinning the conflict show no sign of abating. Even as the PKK is rolled back by a determined military push in cities across the region, it is adapting to the new, urban dimensions of a conflict once confined to the mountains of Turkey’s southeast.

Since the summer of 2015, Turkey and the insurgent Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) have fought for control of cities and towns across country's majority Kurdish southeast, claiming the lives of over 200 civilians and displacing over 100,000. In late January this year, however, Prime Minister Davutoglu signaled that the months of urban battles may soon be at an end. Turkey's military, Davutoglu said, was preparing to declare victory “within a few days” against PKK insurgents in Cizre, an embattled town located on Turkey's border with Syria and Iraq, and in Sur, a historic walled district in the Kurdish-majority city of Diyarbakir.

But just hours after Davutoglu promised a new, less violent chapter in the state-PKK conflict, an insurgent ambush in Sur killed five Turkish police officers and soldiers. In the two days before the prime minister's address, seven more security officers had died in ambushes on the streets of Cizre and Sur. These incidents and other open-source casualty data maintained by International Crisis Group (ICG) suggest that the seven-month-old conflict has entered a new phase.
Those poor, poor innocent PKK militias- They're offered less violence and take that as a sign to kill, kill, kill.

According to this data, 28 soldiers and police officers were killed in Turkish state-PKK clashes in December, a figure that rose to 49 in January. In Sur, where an estimated 200 PKK fighters are battling approximately 2,000 security officials equipped with tanks and armored vehicles, 34 security officers have died since a military curfew went into effect on December 2. Security force fatalities in the district nearly tripled between December and January from 9 to 25, with fatalities from IEDs and snipers rising significantly.

The PKK has also employed more deadly urban tactics than in the summer of 2015, when the group relied on an armed urban youth militia known as the Patriotic Revolutionary Youth Movement (YDG-H) to secure and hold neighborhoods throughout the southeast. The group appeared to act without direct PKK supervision, but some believe the PKK provided the group with training and weapons.

When police cracked down on the YDG-H in the town of Cizre in September, an eight-day battle resulted in the death of 21 residents and sparked international concern over the Turkish government's counterterrorism tactics. Ankara, however, hailed the mission as a success: No police officers died during the operation that led to the arrest of dozens of YDG-H members.

After that confrontation, the YDG-H increased its use of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) to slow the Turkish military’s urban advances, a tactic the PKK may have learned from Al-Qaeda in Iraq, the predecessor to the Islamic State (ISIS or ISIL) in Syria. According to ICG data, more than 45 percent of the 259 security officers killed since July 2015 have fallen victim to IEDs.
There's that KurdIShIS connectivity, yet again! How many times does that connection have to slap you in the face before one realizes these two groups are connected!!!

The PKK announced another change in tactics in mid-December. The PKK leadership said it had reinforced the YDG-H with seasoned insurgents as part of a new urban group christened the Civil Protection Units (YPS), a name meant to imply protection of areas the group has declared autonomous from the Turkish government. Media and casualty data indicate that the spike in security force deaths coincides with the PKK’s decision to embed fighters with YPS units in urban areas.
A repeat of what took place in Syria. And these seasoned insurgents aka hardened murderous fighters will make life so very miserable for Kurds in Turkey that don't go along with this agenda, exactly as they did in Syria- Such good, good guys (facetious)

By late December, Turkish media began attributing a growing casualty tally in Sur to the deployment of PKK snipers, and speculated that the PKK had redeployed veteran fighters from the PKK-aligned YPG in northern Syria to fight in Sur. There is no reliable data to confirm where the snipers came from. Though pro-government media outlets speculate that no more than eight PKK snipers were dispatched to Sur, the Turkish military attributes 12 out of 34 security force deaths in Sur since December to snipers and 9 to IEDs, according to Crisis Group data.
I've talked about snipers previously- Snipers appear always in tandem with a destabilization.
Libya. Ukraine. Syria. Turkey.

Snipers have become a minor fixation for Turkish media, which in January was abuzz with the alleged death of Roza the Hunter, a female sniper who allegedly fought in Syria, and in February, improbably reported that two PKK snipers were foreigners of Serbian origin.

“When soldiers try to clear a barricade to defuse an IED on a street, they’re hit by snipers,” said Mahmut Bozarslan, a Diyarbakir-based journalist for Al-Monitor. Even as the military ratchets up its curfew in Sur and uses tanks to root out insurgents, “the PKK is learning to put its weapons—barricades, IEDs and snipers—together in an increasingly deadly way.”

The Turkish armed forces’ overwhelming firepower will eventually clear the lesser capable YPS and PKK in Sur and Cizre. It claims to have already killed a combined 605 insurgents in both curfew zones since December. ICG data lists total of 265 confirmed PKK deaths since the beginning of the conflict in July 2015. Post curfew, both communities are likely to resemble the border town of Silopi, where the military ended a 36-day crackdown in January. A heavy military and police presence and a curfew remain in Silopi.

In Cizre, Sur, and Silopi Ankara hopes to drive a wedge between residents and the PKK’s hardline leadership by pouring resources into reconstruction and economic development. Prime Minister Davutoglu will also hold weekly meetings with local Kurdish leaders in different Kurdish majority cities in Turkey’s southeast, though the plan is likely a bid to gain conservative Kurdish support for a proposed referendum to strengthen the powers of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

But while Ankara may feel that months of urban battles are nearing an end, the PKK is unlikely to see it that way. “Erdogan said ‘we will crush [the PKK] this winter.’ Now winter is ending,” PKK lieutenant Durkan Kalkan said in a recent announcement. “They say ‘we’re going from the first stage to the second stage [of the state counterterrorism policy]. We’re winning victories.’ It’s the same old tale.” Ankara, meanwhile, remains determined to militarily defeat the PKK.

The PKK’s broader strategy is linked to its vision of political autonomy, a vague concept that entails local councils governing independent of parliament. The group’s current leadership in Kandil favors the use of armed struggle to coerce Ankara to make concessions to its imprisoned leader, Abdullah Öcalan. At times, the PKK appears divided, with Öcalan taking softer-line positions compared to that of the Iraq-based leadership. However, the return to the insurgency suggests that the group is united behind the current strategy. This implies a continued cycle of violence, especially in spring, when the bulk of the PKK will be able to traverse the now snow-filled mountain passes dividing Iraq from Turkey.

In Sur, the military could prevent another flare-up in urban violence. But in other neighborhoods of Diyarbakir, the PKK could draw the military into a similar confrontation, while in more rural areas, bordered by mountains, the military may not be able to prevent PKK infiltration from Iraq.

The increasing deadliness of the PKK’s urban insurgency suggests that it may be equally, if not more willing than ever, to draw the Turkish military into whack-a-mole style battles in cities throughout the southeast. Absent a return to the peace process, the prospect of a yet more deadly chapter of conflict looms large.
Such swell guys and gals those PKK/YPG killers...

 Those relinks should do for a bit of essential background but of course there is much more information to be found here regarding the PKK: Destabilizing Turkey. Supported by NATO. And their crime syndicate activities.

From Yesterday 

Aleppo: Syrian Actions- NATO Reactions

Monday, February 8, 2016

Aleppo: Syrian Actions- NATO Reactions

The battle for Aleppo is pivotal- This fact was made clear weeks ago here at the blog.

January 16/2016: Syrian Endgame Could Begin in Aleppo- Who Would Block This Pivotal Win?
‘Ask yourself what group or organization would want only to deny Syria’s combined allied forces from taking back Aleppo?  The answer is NATO”
Oh a baby in a blanket... Not! Look at all the men in the vicinity?
I would take this staged photo, with the requisite 'baby' imagery,  as a manipulative device  being used for maximum emotional appeal.

CTV-Syrian Troops are within kilometres of the Turkish border

 Are The “refugees” at the border wanting to flee the bombing? I'm not seeing 'refugees'
 These are fighters I would think they are from  the US/NATO bases that succored them in Turkey- That psyop photo makes it very clear.  Are they leaving Syria?  Or, are they entering Syria?
Smart money says these "refugees" are entering Syria.These are the fighters, most probably already trained, mentioned in this post from January 7/2016: The Top US Military Official Arrives in Turkey. Who Greets Him?...
‘Syrian army troops recaptured a new village north of Aleppo Monday, bringing troops and allied militiamen to within a few kilometres of the Turkish border as part of a major Russian-backed offensive in the area”

Turkey has come under mounting pressure to open its border to assist the fleeing Syrians, many of whom have been sleeping in cold weather in open fields near the Bab al-Salameh border crossing.

“The army gains have allowed troops to almost fully encircle Aleppo, Syria's largest city and one-time commercial centre, preparing the way for a blockade. The main supply line to the Turkish border has already been cut and many residents of the city were looking to leave, anticipating severe shortages in the coming days”

Sleeping on ‘open fields’ In tents of course. Hmmmmmm....
Syrian army cut the main supply line to the Turkish border- The one that is/was held by the 'rebels'
That supply line will be mentioned again, below in the linked article: From the European Council on Foreign Relations. They (ECFR) lay out the response to Syrian/Russia gains- I’m ignoring the spin. And pointing out what the concerns are and what the response will be via ECFR.

“But the real question remains what can usefully be done? The idea of continued negotiations is clearly out of favour. The government’s military advances have been accompanied by the predictable collapse of intra-Syrian talks”
"With the regime appearing to build momentum toward victory on the back of wider recent gains in Latakia and Daraa the desired response by many is to put negotiations on hold, increase lethal support to the various factions of the opposition and seek a more favourable military balance for a deal"

SAA gains ground. Syria is taking back her territory. Negotiations out the door- So obviously a military solution, as repeatedly mentioned, is the only option. In order to create a more favourable military balance to force a deal. The talk of war makers and mass murdering minded psychos.

Just as Russia and Iran stepped in as the government teetered on the alleged brink last summer, so the backers of the opposition can now be expected to step up their own game
The regime is not on the verge of outright victory. Certainly, the Russian-facilitated advance has made a huge difference, consolidating the regime’s position and putting it back on the offensive. The removal of Assad in the near future, whether militarily or politically, is now off the table - whatever Western diplomats may choose to read into Russian messaging suggesting greater flexibility over his position during recent ISSG talks.
For Russia and Iran alike, Assad remains the immediate guarantor of their interests, even if they are not tied to him for the long term. Both know that in the current climate any rapid transition away from Assad, even if tightly managed to secure their wider interests, would risk a potentially uncontrollable wider unravelling”
 Assad’s (SAA)  forces remain over-stretched and it is not clear that the regime has the resources to maintain activities on multiple fronts, let alone engage in a long siege of Aleppo or move towards actually taking control of the city. Unlike elsewhere, the rebels are less likely to be willing to surrender, even under siege conditions, given the strategic importance of the city.
The opposition and its backers remain focused on denying them that strength. The extent to which they succeed depends a great deal on the US position. (It depends entirely on the US/NATO position)

A more likely outcome is that Washington will succumb to pressure to open up the flow of advanced weapons to the Syrian opposition, namely the provision of more TOW anti-tank missiles which made such an impact in blunting initial regime advances under cover of Russian air power in September and October.

In order to enable Washington to up the weapon flow- The US needs Turkey to open the border in the immediate area of the last border crossing held by NATO’s mercs.  The article discusses the no fly zone as no go.
Allies are “likely to put considerable pressure on Washington to find a way to re-open the supply route into Aleppo city, possibly through the last remaining Turkish border crossing still in the hands of rebels, Bab al-Hawa”
For the United States, increased weapons flows are a more palatable alternative than direct intervention. These new weapons will be aimed not so much at securing decisive victories, but at keeping the opposition alive as a viable fighting force, preventing the fall of Aleppo and making Russia pay a higher price for their ongoing support. 2017 will usher in a new US president and hope that the new office holder will be willing to up US intervention in the conflict, something that is distinctly possible given US political dynamics and the expected desire of a new president to project assertiveness as a mark of contrast with Obama’s perceived timidity. Keeping the rebels ready for this moment is likely to have already emerged as a critical strategy of the opposition and its backers.

To summarize- The NATO global army and it’s minions will supply more weapons. To keep the opposition viable as a fighting force. To prevent Syria from retaking it’s territory. At all costs. Until a new president is in place. And it will be the evil & ruthless Hillary Clinton. Because the self identifying lefties always accept war under the democrats- And Hillary will kill with glee!

Monday, February 1, 2016

US Envoy/NATO visit to Annexed Syria- Turkey under fire- PKK warns Barzani....

Lots going on present day- So a quick round up of interesting news items!

U.S. envoy visited Kurdish- Annexed Syrian north
This surely has to do with the impending move to create that continuous Kurdish area, annexed violently, from Syria. Covered in two previous posts:  "Kurds Gear Up for Major Offensive Against ISIS" aka Annexing Syrian Territory And Narrative Prep for NATO's Invasion of Syria via (NATO Occupied) Turkey

Brett McGurk, the United States' new envoy to the coalition it leads against Islamic State, speaks to reporters during a news conference at the U.S. embassy in the heavily fortified Green Zone in Baghdad, Iraq, December 9, 2015. REUTERS/Thaier Al-Sudani
Brett McGurk, the United States' new envoy to the coalition it leads against Islamic State

- This is also a NATO visit. And, it is a significant visit!
"We can confirm that Special Presidential Envoy Brett McGurk completed a two day visit to northern Syria this weekend to assess progress in the campaign to degrade and destroy ISIL," the U.S. official said, using an acronym for Islamic State.

"This visit and the discussions he had are in keeping with the Special Envoy's efforts to continue looking for ways to increase coalition pressure on ISIL," the official said.

Fred Hof, a Syria expert with the Atlantic Council think tank, said to his knowledge this was the first declared visit to Syria (annexed territory) by a U.S. government official since the February 2012 closure of the U.S. embassy in Damascus.

The Syrian Kurdish official told Reuters McGurk landed at a Kurdish-controlled airport being used by U.S. military helicopters for logistical purposes and deliveries.

McGurk was received by officials including the prime minister of one of three autonomous regions, or cantons, the Syrian Kurds have set up in northern Syria.

In a statement posted on Youtube, Akram Hasso, head of the administration of Jazeera province, said McGurk's delegation was 17 strong and included representatives of France and Britain.

The trip by Brett McGurk, the U.S. envoy to the coalition against Islamic State, may anger neighboring Turkey ......
 I would say that visit is intended to send a message to Turkey’s leadership-

I want to share some picture’s at this time:
This isn’t Syria. If you thought it was, it would be understandable, but it's not.

Those images are from Turkey.  Can anyone really believe Turkey is not being covertly destabilized by NATO proxies the PKK and special forces from multiple other nations

"We were oppressed by both sides," Ramazan Duruk, 56, who lived under curfew for 12 days in the town of Silvan last November, told Human Rights Watch. "This should not be a war zone. The population lives here. We keep saying this to both sides."

Exactly as I'd mentioned previously- The PKK set up shop right in the residential areas in order to provoke a response from the Turkish government! But the regular Kurds that reside in that area are not blaming the Turkish government alone- They are saying both sides are oppressing them.

Covered that topic previously in this post: PKK’s War of Choice lacks Kurdish public support in Turkey- YPG Terror in Syria

Foreign nationals employed by the PKK as snipers? - One Serbian sniper was recently identified. This is not a first for this reporting, but, a first time mention at the blog. The Serbian embassy did not deny this news, their statement was something like this activity is not officially condoned and it is not part of their official business in Turkey
The statement indicated that the Republic of Serbia strongly opposes any participation of its citizens in any armed conflicts in third countries. "The National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia has passed a law that sharply sanctions any such activity. Bearing in mind that the allegations cannot and should not be in any case or way related to the official policy or activities of the Republic of Serbia and its institutions. The embassy expects to be officially informed about the case by the Turkish side so the relevant Turkish and Serbian institutions can work together on its clarification in the aim of the fight against terrorism," the statement from the embassy said.

Russia wants information from NATO and the Pentagon,  not Turkey, regarding cross border shelling
It’s self evident why the request is being made to NATO and the Pentagon. Since NATO and the Pentagon have been running the show out of their NATO occupied territory and NATO airspace. Jens Stoltenberg made it abundantly clear that it was NATO's airspace recently violated, allegedly.

Recall? NATO Confirms Russian Intrusion into NATO Airspace- SAA gains in Aleppo

Russia would no more ask Justin Trudeau for an explanation of Canada’s involvement in the middle east  then they would ask Erdogan? Neither leader is in charge of their occupied territories.
“Russian Defense Ministry is waiting for explanations from representatives of NATO and the Pentagon of the actions of Turkish military which the ministry accuses of shelling the Syrian territory, official spokesman Igor Konashenkov said on Monday”

Finally a warning to Iraq’s Kurdish leadership courtesy of the PKK
On 29 January, two improvised explosive devices (IEDs) targeted a gas pipeline in the Shwan area of Kirkuk province; the pipeline feeds power stations in Erbil and Chemchemal, Sulaimaniyah province.

Independent energy company, Dana Gas, announced its gas plant at the Khor Mor field was offline for a few hours as a result.

No group has claimed responsibility for the attack, however a Kurdistan Region Government official in the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), which administers Erbil and Dahuk, Nadhim Harky, stated it would have been impossible for Islamic State to access the area since it falls within Kurdish-controlled territory.
 KDP states not Islamic State. Who could it have been?

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Narrative Prep for NATO's Invasion of Syria via (NATO Occupied) Turkey

If you haven't read this post- Read it first

NATO Confirms Russian Intrusion into NATO Airspace- SAA gains in Aleppo 

UPDATED- For the record "The Pentagon can confirm that Russia jet entered Turkish airspace" We are aware of reports and can confirm that yesterday another Russian combat aircraft violated Turkish — and NATO – airspace,” Pentagon spokesman Mark Wright told RIA Novosti in a written statement Saturday.
Russian intrusion as a pretext for NATO air support and move on Syria; Enabling NATO backed Kurdish militias to annex Syrian territory?

Hi Pen,
Yes, it is telling that Turkey is being described as NATO airspace. It is also convenient, as you say, that Erdogan will be in Latin America so he won't be able to interfere in NATO's moves as follows.

This looks like NATO is laying the narrative of 'Russia as the aggressor' in preparation for a NATO/Turkish military intervention into northern Syria.

If this happens, then I would expect moves by the US in Eastern Syria at the same time.

The US cannot allow Russia to prevail in Syria as its own (the US) prestige will diminish greatly and with that goes a lot of its power over its allies.

The US needs to keep the fighting alive and ongoing.

  1. Hi James!

    You know what I'm thinking? I'm thinking this is the time NATO's army moves into Syria to connect the final leg of Syrian Kurdistan.

    The timing is perfect!

    By NATO's army I mean the Turkish military controlled by NATO-aka Deep State military PKK fighters and whatever NATO specials ops officers are available- from US, Canada, Britian, where-ever

    I mentioned in this post from Thursday January 28/16

    " The powerful Syrian Kurdish YPG militia and its local allies (that would be all the previously mentioned persons) have drawn up plans for a major attack to seize the final stretch of the Syrian-Turkish border held by Islamic State fighters, a YPG source familiar with the plan said on Thursday"

    If your hunch is right James and it is extremely plausible as hubby says (standing here beside me, presently)I agree wholeheartedly because all the players are present and it all fits

    Now NATO has to set up air support aka protect Turkish airspace- It's the perfect cover for the PKK/YPG and their local allies to strike

    Let's see what plays out?
Also James one last item

If this plays out- Turkey the nation state (not the NATO occupied state) will have "gone rogue"
Perhaps we are looking at the big move to really redraw the map?

  1. Check out some of these latest news items:

    Syrian civil war: Could Turkey be gambling on an invasion?

    Kurdish forces, close to sealing the border, must beware - President Erdogan is unpredictable

    The Syrian war is at a crucial stage. Over the past year the Syrian Kurds and their highly effective army, the People’s Protection Units (YPG), have taken over half of Syria’s frontier with Turkey. The main supply line for Islamic State (Isis), through the border crossing of Tal Abyad north of Raqqa, was captured by the YPG last June. Supported by intense bombardment from the US Air Force, the Kurds have been advancing in all directions, sealing off northern Syria from Turkey in the swath of territory between the Tigris and Euphrates.


    I think this needs a post

    And here it is! Being curious about the news or should I say spin? Erdogan is out of the country - covered in the previous post

    Syrian civil war: Could Turkey be gambling on an invasion?

    Kurdish forces, close to sealing the border, must beware - President Erdogan is unpredictable 

    " The Syrian war is at a crucial stage. Over the past year the Syrian Kurds and their highly effective army, the People’s Protection Units (YPG), have taken over half of Syria’s frontier with Turkey. The main supply line for Islamic State (Isis), through the border crossing of Tal Abyad north of Raqqa, was captured by the YPG last June. Supported by intense bombardment from the US Air Force, the Kurds have been advancing in all directions, sealing off northern Syria from Turkey in the swath of territory between the Tigris and Euphrates"

    So much for the rubbish about porous borders... As previously stated

    Mentioned all this information two days ago:

    "Kurds Gear Up for Major Offensive Against ISIS" aka Annexing Syrian Territory

     The YPG only has another 60 miles to go, west of Jarabulus on the Euphrates, to close off Isis’s supply lines" (LIES, RUBBISH, GARBAGE- this move is a must to completely annex Syria's territory and have a continuous area for Israel 2nd,oops I mean Kurdistan) "and those of the non-IS armed opposition, through Azzaz to Aleppo. Turkey had said that its “red line” is that there should be no YPG crossing west of the Euphrates river, though it did not react when the YPG’s Arab proxy, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), seized the dam at Tishrin on the Euphrates and threatened the IS stronghold of Manbij. Syrian Kurds are now weighing whether they dare take the strategic territory north of Aleppo and link up with a Kurdish enclave at Afrin"

     So, it's going to be Patrick Cockburn delivering the 'lefty version' of  NATO Sykes Picot2- It figures?! I had mentioned the significance of  taking of Aleppo by SAA as a big "no can do" for NATO and their Kurdish backed militias- As recently as the post from earlier today. Also in a post from January 16/2016 Syrian Endgame Could Begin in Aleppo- Who Would Block This Pivotal Win?

     "Turkey could respond to this by accepting a fait accompli, conceding that it would be difficult for it to send its army into northern Syria in the face of strong objections from the US and Russia. But, if the alternative is failure and humiliation, then it may do just that. Gerard Challiand, the French expert on irregular warfare and the politics of the Middle East, speaking in Erbil last week, said that “without Erdogan as leader, I would say the Turks would not intervene  militarily [in northern Syria], but, since he is, I think they will do so”.
     Erdogan has been a good foot soldier, however, the last little bit has seen him out of the loop-
    And he is clearly being set up (narrative wise) exactly as I've mentioned "gone rogue"

    Omar Sheikhmous, a veteran Syrian Kurdish leader living in Europe, says that the Syrian Kurds “should realise that the Russians and the Syrian government are not going to go to war with the Turkish army for them”. He warns that the ruling Kurdish political party, the PYD, should not exaggerate its own strength, because President Erdogan’s reaction is unpredictable.
    The PKK/YPG don't need Russia or Syria to go to war with the Turkish Army on their behalf- NATO, has their back. And has had the knife in Turkey's back for some time now.

     It shall be interesting to see how this unfolds

NATO Confirms Russian Intrusion into NATO Airspace- SAA gains in Aleppo

1-Make of that what you will!
"A Russian SU-34 fighter jet violated Turkish ??? airspace yesterday (Jan. 29, 2016) at 11.46 a.m. local time in Turkey [0946 GMT]," the statement read.
***Yet, that didn't make the news rounds till 24 hours later? Or should I say it exploded on the msm once Erdogan left for Latin American- That's important
The Russian Ambassador to Ankara Andrei Karlov was also summoned over the incident, it added.
Speaking to reporters at Istanbul Atatürk Airport before his departure for Chile, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said the violation of Turkish airspace, which he also described as NATO airspace, was a result of Russian attempts to escalate existing tension in the region.
"Russia will have to bear the consequences if the violations continue," he said."
"NATO has confirmed the airspace violation: "I call on Russia to act responsibly and to fully respect NATO airspace," Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said"
"Russia must take all necessary measures to ensure that such violations do not happen again," he added.

As I've stated repeatedly- Turkey, like Canada, is NATO occupied- "Respect NATO airspace"

2-NATO warns Russia to 'fully respect' Turkish airspace

 Despite Israel's lying media headline....

Stoltenberg said in a statement

 "I call on Russia to act responsibly and to fully respect NATO airspace. Russia must take all necessary measures to ensure that such violations do not happen again,"
As I've stated repeatedly- Turkey, like Canada, is NATO occupied- "Respect NATO airspace"

3-NATO chief urges Russia not to violate NATO airspace again

Stoltenberg:  "I call on Russia to act responsibly and to fully respect NATO airspace. Russia must take all necessary measures to ensure that such violations do not happen again."
 Considering the Stoltenberg statement I have no doubt that the Russian jet shot down in November was shot down by the NATO fighters, most probably Americans, as part of a NATO operation.

Russia says:
 "There were no violations of Turkish airspace by aircraft of the Russian air group in the Syrian Arab Republic. Turkish authorities' statements of an alleged violation of Turkish airspace by a Russian Su-34 jet are naked propaganda," Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov said.
 "None of these radars are able to establish the type and affiliation of an aircraft — whether it belongs to Russia or to the so-called US-led anti-ISIL [Daesh] coalition," Konashenkov told reporters.

We read NATO's leader label the alleged intrusion an intrusion in NATO's airspace.
While Russia denies any such intrusion at all, anywhere.
This feels like a distraction. Why? Perhaps because the SAA has made large gains in Aleppo?

VIDEO: Syrian Army Regains Areas in Aleppo, Crushes ISIS in Deir Ezzor

An army unit restored security and stability to Tannouzeh village northwest of the Air Force Academy in the eastern countryside of Aleppo, a military source announced on Saturday.
Earlier, army units fired intensively at centers and fortifications of ISIS terrorists in the villages of Jeb al-Safa- al-Seen, Jeb Ghabsheh and Tal Maskour in the same countryside.
The centers and sites with terrorists, weapons and vehicles equipped with machine guns present were all destroyed, the military source confirmed in a statement to SANA.
In the northern countryside, gatherings of terrorists were targeted, with their vehicles getting destroyed, in Hayyan town and Retyan village.
Another army unit destroyed vehicles and gatherings of Jabhat al-Nusra-linked terrorists in al-Mansoura village, 10 west of Aleppo city.
Inside the city, terrorist targets were hit in al-Lairamoun and Salah-Eddin neighborhoods.
UPDATED: Conveniently for the NATO propaganda machine Erdogan is in Latin America
 "We regard this infringement which came despite all our warnings in Russian and in English as an effort by Russia to escalate the crisis in the region," Erdogan told reporters before departing on a Latin American tour. "If Russia continues the violations of Turkey's sovereign rights, it will be forced to endure the consequences."
 Erdogan before departing for Latin America- in a message for the domestic audience, clearly. 

 Erdogan eyes expanding Turkey influence on Latin America tour- filed 12 hours ago

 Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Saturday embarks on a major tour of Latin American countries in a bid to expand Ankara's ties outside its traditional sphere of influence.

"Russia will have to face consequences if it keeps on such violations against Turkey's sovereignty rights," Erdogan told reporters at an Istanbul airport before leaving on a Latin America tour. "Such irresponsible steps do not benefit either the Russian Federation, or Russia-NATO relations, or regional and global peace."
Ideal time to ramp up the propaganda war
From earlier:

Zombies and PropaGUNDa: Brian Anse Patrick- Interview

Zombies and PropaGUNDa: Brian Anse Patrick- Interview

 Interview via Red Ice Radio with much thanks for providing it

 Zombies and Memetics (Memetics is more often referred to, here, as perception management or mind viruses)

 I've discussed the zombies that masquerade as living humans previously as far back as 08 when I ran into one of these sad creatures and the only descriptor I could think of was "zombie"  Watch out for zombies promoting genocidal theories!!! Since 08 I noticed the zombie meme being promulgated or promoted much more widely. Including but not limited too Zombie Drills, Zombie Alerts, Canada never becoming a safe haven for Zombies (though it really is!)
 , Zombie Apocalypse Revival- Numerology and 8888?  and numerous other posts here addressing the reoccurrence of  the zombie mind virus. So it was with much interest I decided to give this interview a listen. It's thought provoking. Give it a listen yourself and share some relevant thoughts?

In the first hour, Brian talks about the rise of the zombie phenomenon, which he calls the premier archetype of modern times. We compare the original, minion-like, brain-eating zombie under the control of evil forces with the modern day, mass society version of autonomy – braindead cogs plugged into a constant stream of entertainment and self-affirming social media.