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U.S. worries Russian humanitarian operation in Syria may be 'ruse'

So the headline reads....Is the US really concerned the humanitarian operation may be a ruse ?
Or does the concern lie with the fact that if the control of the portion of Aleppo, which has been occupied by US/Israeli backed thugs, swings back into the arms of Syria, the NATO backed destabilization of Syria is a fail! Is the US additionally concerned at the possibility of their thug/terrorist/killer inventory being reduced? One way or another?

The importance of the battle for Aleppo was written about here on January 16/2016 : Syrian Endgame Could Begin in Aleppo- Who Would Block This Pivotal Win? If you didn't read that post then, please, read it now. 

It's an interesting read particularly in light of the coup attempt in Turkey.

By that I mean, Turkey had impeded the flow of NATO's jihadis, they built a wall at the border, and were making it difficult for the thugs to flow through. Contrary to main stream and alt media lies.
From January's post "
Ask yourself what group or organization would want only to deny Syria’s combined allied forces from taking back Aleppo?  The answer is NATO"
Continuing:  "NATO occupied Turkey will play their role, but, not the civilian government which is increasingly left out of military decisions"

There is a recounting of a meeting between General Dunford etc.,  My own commentary written in January regarding that meeting as follows: "Which means the conversation was something like ..... we’ll claim you guys requested this help, but, it's really all part of the plan to prevent Syria from retaking Aleppo which would be the beginning of the end and that just can't happen"

Did the US and company, including Gulen followers, undertake the coup attempt in order to remove the obstacle of the uncooperative civilian government?

As of this moment the US/NATO terror army cannot count on support from Turkey's controlled military.  The US/NATO terror army cannot count on cooperation from the civilian government in Turkey. Recall from the other day? General Votel Admits Allies Jailed in Turkey Amid Coup Backlash This lack of cooperation, and loss of allies, will make it difficult to counter Russia and Syria's move to take Aleppo. And isn't that really what the US is worried about? Of course it is! Still think the US wasn't involved in the coup?

 The United States is trying to determine whether a Russian plan for a humanitarian operation in Syria is sincere, Secretary of State John Kerry said on Friday, adding that if it proves a "ruse" it could ruin cooperation between Moscow and Washington

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's government and its Russian allies declared a joint humanitarian operation for the besieged area on Thursday, bombarding it with leaflets telling fighters to surrender and civilians to leave.
U.S. officials have suggested the plan may be an attempt to depopulate the city so that the Syrian army can seize it.
 "depopulate the city so that the Syrian army can seize it" YAH, they want to depopulate the portion of the city containing NATO's thugs! That's why the amnesty was offered. 
Aleppo, Syria's biggest city before the war, has been divided since 2012 into government and rebel sectors. Retaking it would be the biggest victory for Assad in five years of fighting, and demonstrate the dramatic shift of fortunes in his favor since Moscow joined the war on his side last year.
As stated Syria has had control of a good portion of it's city for years now- It only needs to clear the terrorist held side.
This would also be an embarrassment for Kerry, who has led a diplomatic initiative with Moscow aiming to let the Cold War superpower foes cooperate against Islamist militants
An embarrassment for Kerry. For the US. For NATO- Still think the US wasn't involved in the Turkish coup attempt? It was obvious the move on Turkey would affect the whole area. This is surely the reason that Russia and Iran had to have supported Turkey including warning the civilian government of the coup plot. Recall?  Turkey’s Thwarted Coup: No Popular Support for Coup. Dead Erdogan desired? Did Russia Provide Intelligence?

Asked about the Russian operation, Kerry said Washington was still unsure of Moscow's intent: "It has the risk, if it is a ruse, of completely breaking apart the level of cooperation."
"On the other hand, if we’re able to work it out today and have a complete understanding of what is happening and then agreement on the way forward, it could actually open up some possibilities," he added, saying he had spoken with Moscow twice in the past 24 hours to try to clarify what Russian intentions.

The White House also voiced its doubts. "Given their record on this, we're skeptical, to say the least," White House spokesman Eric Schultz said at a news briefing.


The fate of Aleppo in the coming weeks has the potential to be a turning point in a seemingly endless, multi-sided civil war that has killed hundreds of thousands of people, driven millions from their homes and drawn in most world and regional powers.
 Digression, from January's post:" There is no more appropriate city to begin Syria’s healing. A Syrian government victory in Aleppo will make it harder to rationalize Western backing for jihadi groups who want to keep up the fight against long odds in the rest of the country"

So the keystone coup, really was "Keystone" in more ways then I had even entertained!: Pt 2- Turkey's "Keystone Coup": A Failure to Project Power

Back to Reuters 
Pro-government forces with Russian backing have advanced in the three months since the ceasefire collapsed, and imposed a siege on the rebel-held sector of Aleppo since early July when they closed the main road out of the city.
 So far, the safe zones have not been used. Syrian state television accused the rebels of preventing civilians from leaving, which rebels deny. A state TV reporter in Aleppo said reception centers with health and food supplies had been set up around Aleppo to receive civilians, but so far few had come through because rebel fighters were threatening them.
 I've no doubt the rebels are threatening the civilians- After all they need dead civilians for the cameras- They need human shields. This is why NATO's thugs move into civilian areas. This is why the PKK took their destabilization to the cities of Turkey. They want dead bodies for the camera- 
Privately, U.S. officials fear the Russian proposal masks the real intent of its Syrian ally, to separate boys and men from the rest of the population, claim they are terrorists and either imprison or execute them.
The US worries about a reduction in their terrorist/thug inventory... hard to recruit more when  your terrorists end up dead or incarcerated, right?

Yet another question: Does this put the planned creation of Kurdistan aka Israel 2.0 in jeopardy. We're going to have to see how this plays out! 

UPDATE #1: The agenda pushing, war promoting, NATO loving Guardian- stop this battle cause it will just ruin all of our elitist/NATO plans- furled brows and hands a wringin'

 The Guardian view on the battle for Aleppo: stop it now
 This battle is an urgent humanitarian catastrophe which could end all hope of a negotiated peace

Typical warmongering NATO media- they don't give a hoot about a humanitarian catastrophe, because it has been NATO, supported by the main stream media, that has created the entirety of this humanitarian catastrophe!  

The Guardian is fretting because Assad may not be outed. Overthrown or killed. Syria may not be split apart and Israel 2.0 may not get created- That's all there is to their concern!

Red Ice Radio just so happened to make available an extremely timely interview:

Turkey’s Failed Coup, Rise of Nationalism & Mammonism


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Turkey's "Traitors Cemetery" Just Another Staged Photo/Psyop

Did someone place a sign, take a picture which the lying media, alt and msm, then promoted as real? It appears so.


Man covering his face in front of sign- Is he crying? You're supposed to believe that. I don't
Let's read the news together:

Captain Mehmet Karabekir reportedly killed a local headman during the power grab attempt, and his body was rejected by his family and relatives.
There is no gravestone on his tomb but just a pile of soil. Next to his, three more empty graves have been dug.
‘Can’t rest in peace’
“The dead body was carried in an ambulance, with no sirens. He was laid to rest by a handful of people and then it was over,” one witness told AFP.
One unnamed witness- One witness

The rest of the article revolves around talk of such a cemetery, but, nothing concrete regarding it's existence or creation. With plenty of out of context quotes.

We're supposed to believe this 'low wall was hastily constructed'

Funny thing is this alleged cemetery looks like a construction site- And that new low wall doesn't look new- Other images I've seen if this new wall remind me of an old foundation- the building razed and used as fill...

Looks like an old foundation to me-

 And here's why it looks like a construction site....
 The location has been chosen with the apparent intention to offer the minimum glory in burial -- just near a construction site where a project to build a shelter for street animals is under way.
Istanbul being a large city, with stray animals , undoubtedly requiring a large animal shelter.
 The article above quotes the lone unnamed witness- If you believe this story, you've been psyoped!

In my opinion this traitors cemetery story is bogus. And is being promoted through the perception managing media- Alt and MSM. 

If anyone has something of substance to prove this is anything but a hoax feel free to leave your info- I did read plenty of news items regarding this today and it's all the same nonsense. 

An additional thought: Fetullah Gulen has many construction companies in his business 'flock' 

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General Votel Admits Allies Jailed in Turkey Amid Coup Backlash

I was going to address the fall out of the coup- And this admission of allies being jailed after the coup attempt will form the perfect starting point to address the fallout of the coup!


ASPEN, Colo. – A top U.S. military commander said there was a persistent concern that the attempted coup in Turkey – and the backlash by the Turkish government – would impair the Pentagon’s operations in the region.
The coup backlash by the Turkish government would impair operations in the region- First thing I've noticed is the Kurdish backed destabilization of Turkey has quieted down- Going by the media reports. Not disappeared but is toned down

U.S. Central Command Commander Gen. Joseph Votel said Thursday that a number of the U.S. military’s closest allies in the Turkish military have now been placed in jail following the coup attempt.
“We’ve certainly had relationships with a lot of Turkish leaders, military leaders in particular,” Gen. Votel said at the Aspen Security Forum meeting in Colorado. “I’m concerned about what the impact is on those relationships as we continue.”
The U.S. military sees Turkey as a vital partner in its efforts to combat Islamic State in Syria and Iraq. But an attempted coup by certain members of the military inflamed internal tensions and now the Turkish government has cracked down, arresting thousands of people.
Certain members of the military??

 Would these "certain members of the military" that participated in the coup attempt, who have been jailed,  be the same ones that the US "had relationships with"??

Then he talks Mosul, which I believe was interconnected to the Kurdish/US move on Mosul. Which ties nicely into the post from earlier today: Mosul: The Noose Tightens

Gen. Votel also suggested that the military has a tentative plan in place to retake the Iraqi city of Mosul from Islamic State. But he said they will not proceed until there are other plans in place to stabilize Mosul, provide political leadership in Mosul, and deal with a potential humanitarian issues there.
“We will go to Mosul when its time to go to Mosul,” he said. “Getting ready to go to Mosul is not just about getting a military plan in place.”
One of the Pentagon’s current strategies in combating Islamic State is to “overwhelm them” with numerous operations simultaneously in Iraq and Syria, he said.

Rare New Species of Beaked Whale Discovered

Not ascribing to the phony green ideologies... that we know all there is to know and have everything correct about this planet- I loved this news. It was awesome. It's humbling. Goes to show just how little we really know about this planet! Still discovering new species!  One can imagine how many more species are yet to be discovered in the ocean depths as well as other places and spaces

Scientists have identified a rare new species of beaked whales with a size of up to seven metres that ranges from northern Japan across the Pacific Ocean to Alaska's Aleutian Islands.

Japanese whalers call the enigmatic black whales "karasu," the Japanese word for raven. The new species is darker in colour and about two-thirds the size of the more common Baird's beaked whale, but so scarce that even whalers rarely see them, researchers said.

A DNA analysis of 178 beaked whales from around the Pacific Rim found eight known examples of the new species.

"The challenge in documenting the species was simply locating enough specimens to provide convincing evidence," said Phillip Morin from US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Fisheries' Southwest Fisheries Science Centre.

"Clearly this species is very rare, and reminds us how much we have to learn about the ocean and even some of its largest inhabitants," said Morin.

An earlier Japanese study had suggested that the black whales, sometimes considered a dwarf form of Baird's beaked whale, might represent a new species, researchers said.

That sent Morin in search of additional genetic samples to definitively answer the question and better understand the range of the elusive species.

He turned first to the Southwest Fisheries Science Centre's marine mammal tissue collection and found two samples that appeared to represent a new species.

One came from a whale found in Alaska's Aleutian Islands in 2004. Then Morin and his colleagues pursued additional DNA samples from museums, research institutions and Japanese markets where whale meat is sold.

In 2014 scientists found a dead beaked whale on St George Island in the Bering Sea. Genetic tests later showed it to be the new species.

DNA analysis shows that the new species and Baird's beaked whale are each more closely related to Arnoux's beaked whale from the Southern Hemisphere than they are to each other.

The genetic differences and smaller size indicate that the black whale is distinctive enough to represent a new species, the scientists found.

Official recognition and naming of the species awaits a formal review of the animal's characteristics and differences from other beaked whales.

Beaked whales remain among the least known whales in the ocean, with several species identified only in the past few decades.

 From Earlier: Mosul: The Noose Tightens

Mosul: The Noose Tightens

As noose tightens around Mosul, U.S. forces begin advising Iraqi units closer to front lines

Interesting the operation of  US Forces with Iraqi units vs US Forces embedded with Kurdish militias? The news that US Forces will not be embedded with Iraqi army and assorted Shia militias in order to keep casualties down doesn't jibe with the fact that US forces, special operatives in particular, have been embedded with the Kurds at the frontlines in Iraq. North, east and west of Mosul. And there have been casualties. However the  south of Mosul positioning of the Iraqi forces and Shiite militias makes the possibility of mass casualties a distinct possibility and one the US may truly want to avoid.  (Referencing the always possible collapse of the Mosul dam, of course) Also, the US doesn't really want to assist these forces
American military advisers have begun working with Iraqi army battalions in forward positions, U.S. officials said, as the campaign against the Islamic State enters a new, more risky phase.

The first mission began on July 20, when combat engineers from the 101st Airborne Division were tasked with helping an Iraqi engineer battalion establish security around a temporary bridge constructed over the Tigris River.

The bridge, southeast of the town of Qayyarah, is expected to be a key infrastructure point in the upcoming offensive for Mosul, a crucial test for Iraqi forces and their Western backers.
But the small team of American engineers, in a departure from the longer-term advisory missions that characterized earlier campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan, has spent only a limited number of hours a day with the Iraqi army battalion before falling back to its more fortified position near Makhmour for the night. The engineers’ work is now mostly complete.
“It was short-duration, high-payoff,” said Col. Chris Garver, a spokesman for the U.S.-led military coalition.

The narrowly targeted mission, with limited battlefield exposure, is an illustration of the restricted role that American commanders are planning for U.S. ground forces in the Mosul operation.
According to senior commanders, U.S. advisers will make short visits to Iraqi battalion headquarters, sometimes for only a few hours, rather than embedding with the local troops for extended periods.
The planned ground role is a recognition of the difficult course U.S. commanders must navigate as they seek to provide Iraq’s military with needed support without inflaming tensions with Shiite militias or fueling perceptions that the already fragile Iraqi government is reliant on foreign power.
It is also borne out of a desire to avoid additional U.S. casualties. Already, three Americans have died in combat in Iraq since 2014. (Embedded with the kurds)

If Iraqi troops succeed in swiftly smashing the militants’ grip on the city, it would bolster Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, who is grappling with a fiscal crisis and pressure from Shiite allies, and would also deliver a needed victory to President Obama before he steps down.
* There are definitely parties that don't want the Iraqi troops to smash the 'militants grip' in Mosul
* There are parties that don't want PM al Abadi to be bolstered
* And the US is one of those parties.

As I've stated & has been reported here a plenty! The US has been doing way more the advising the Kurdish thugs
While U.S. Special Operations forces have already been advising elite counterterrorism troops and Kurdish peshmerga forces at their lower levels, the Qayyarah mission marks the first time since 2014 that U.S. forces have advised Iraqi army battalions in the field.

While the Pentagon has not announced a timeline for launching an assault on the city, officials have hinted that it could begin in the late fall. By that time, MacFarland’s replacement, Lt. Gen. Stephen J. Townsend, is expected to be in command in Baghdad.

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Israel: Annexing More of Syria's Golan Territory For a "Safe Zone"- History Repeats

 Saved all the information below last night- I feel compelled to post  and hope you feel compelled to read!

Very Important UPDATE- Scroll Down

General command of the army and armed forces announced on Monday that the Zionist enemy launched two missiles, at 7.30 P.M from two drone planes which targeted one of the residential buildings in the workers’ neighborhood in al-Baath city in Qunaitera, causing material damages to the place.

“This flagrant aggression comes in the framework of the direct, clear support by Israel to the terrorist organizations and a desperate attempt to raise their collapsed morals due to the big losses they receive at the hands of the Syrian army soldiers and popular defense groups,” the army’s general command said in a statement.
Israel has repeatedly struck Syria in this same location- As they support their Islamic Terrorists- Cause Israel loves Islamic Terrorists and Islamic Terrorists, especially alphabet Kurdish militias, love Israel!

Will Israel create safe zone in southern Syria?

" It began in May with the announcement of an Israeli liaison unit to coordinate with Syrian residents living in opposition-held territory in southern Syria, followed by the distribution of Israeli aid during Ramadan across 35 villages in the same area. Then on July 11, the Israeli army deployed several bulldozers and a tank 300 meters (328 yards) inside Syrian territory in Quneitra and began digging, threatening to shoot anyone who approached them"
The bulldozer annexation is the exact tactic employed by the PKK in Turkey-  Not a surprise. But no less despicable
Some Syrian opposition figures with strong ties to Israeli officials confirmed to Al-Monitor an increased interest in the creation of a safe zone in southern Syria. Actions on the ground are proving that such a project may be underway.
 From the beginning of the Syrian destabilization, Israel has had it's Islamic terrorist whores embedded in the opposition- Doing the bidding of Israel, always. Way back in 2011 the sickening talk from Israel's islamists was pointed out here, repeatedly- 
 As Syrian security forces step up crackdown against demonstrators, desperate citizens plead for international intervention. 'Let the Jews come – anything is better than Bashar Assad,' says Daraa resident
 Israel's claim of non-involvement has been ONE  BIG LIE. And the Americans are fully on board! Same as with the Kurdish terrorist militias
 Kamal Al-Labwani, a Syrian opposition figure and strong advocate of the safe zone in southern Syria, has visited officials in Israel over the last two years.

“I was surprised that, at the Knesset, they said OK for the safe zone, and that if we asked for it, they are ready to help,” Labwani told Al-Monitor, adding that he met with several top-level officials and foreign diplomats to push forward the idea of safe zone.
Accordingly, in a meeting with the US ambassador to Israel, “He told me the Americans wouldn’t say no,” Labwani said, adding that when the proposal was presented to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, he “didn’t say no.”
According to Labwani, the proposed safe zone, approved by the Israelis, is supposed to run 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) deep into Syrian territory and approximately 20 kilometers (12.4 miles) along the border, starting just south of Hadar (a pro-government Druze village) to southern Quneitra, spanning over 17 villages, with a population of around 15,000 people.
He explained, “[The Israelis] said they would use their national security as a reason in front of the international community and that they want to protect their borders. Then the Jordanians and the Turks can do [their own safe zones], after the Israelis start it.
The liaison unit first came to light in May 2016, with the purpose of coordinating humanitarian and medical aid for residents in southern Syria, in an effort to win over hearts and minds. The unit is reportedly based on Yakal, which was the Israeli unit created for south Lebanon during the Lebanese civil war as a mechanism to interact with Lebanese citizens and militias.
In 1975, at the start of Lebanon’s civil war, Israel began connecting with residents under what was dubbed the Good Fence Policy. According to Lebanese residents, Israel set up a network of collaborators and played up sectarian fears against the Palestinians. Within months, Israel created the Free Lebanon Army under dismissed Lebanese commander Saad Haddad. In 1980, when Haddad was old and sick, this force became the South Lebanon Army under Antoine Lahd. Its task was to target Israel’s enemies, Palestinians and Lebanese, and to pave the way for Israel’s invasion and subsequent occupation of south Lebanon.
A similar scenario seems to be taking shape in southern Syria 40 years later.
“Given its long history of relationships along and across its northern border, Israel is a perennial player and sees the southern Syria situation within its strategic parameters,” Robert Rook, the chair of the history department at Towson University in the United States, told Al-Monitor. Rook, who specializes in Israel and Syria, added, “Something akin to the ‘Good Fence’ arrangement is in place, and beyond the humanitarian and good PR, there certainly is intelligence to be gleaned in the process.”
The forced withdrawal of the Syrian government as well as the United Nations peacekeepers has left the area under the control of a variety of opposition factions and extremist groups. Adding further strain to the residents is the influx of internally displaced people fleeing clashes between government forces and opposition factions and between rival opposition factions.
According to Labwani, “When Israel helps the Syrian people in the south with aid and medication, they stop looking at Israel as the enemy and a threat. Today the atmosphere is very appropriate to do this.” He added that Israel operates a comprehensive intelligence-gathering and communication network across the south.
“People are poor now and hungry, so would work for anyone for a little money,” he said. “[Israel] has access everywhere and to a lot of information.”
 So after Israel has made the lives of these Syrians a living hell- they present themselves as their saviours- I spit!

Moti Kahana is the Israeli-American founder of the US-based nongovernmental organization (NGO) Amaliah advocating for the safe zone. Kahana, who works closely with Labwani, said the Israeli government has given him the green light to operate within the designated safe zone.
NO GOOD ORGANIZATION- They should be shunned- By everyone. Everywhere.

“We started working already,” Kahana told Al-Monitor from his office in New York. “So in the next few weeks, we will be bringing supplies into the safe zone of Syria.” He went on, “The Israeli government will allow us to bring humanitarian supplies to the Syrian people,” adding that Israel is “willing to allow an American NGO — which is us — to expand and bring in supplies.”
Kahana explained that the first stage is to bring in medicine and equipment, the second stage is to open schools and focus on education, and the third stage is to help create and equip a local police force. We have identified which towns and villages we will be working in, but I cannot yet share their exact locations,” he said. He also declined to identify the opposition groups the organization is coordinating with
And sure enough, following the establishment of the liaison unit, Israeli aid suddenly appeared in opposition-held areas. Abu Omar al-Joulani, spokesman for the Revolutionary Command Council for Quneitra and Golan, told Al-Monitor, “A network of collaborators working with the Israelis enabled this aid to come through from the occupied Golan Heights.”
He added, “We don’t know who they are, but they operated in the dead of the night and distributed the aid to 35 villages, including Saida el-Golan, Saida el-Hanout, Ghadir el-Bustan and El-Hisha,” which he said indicates a systematic distribution system with a wide reach across the territory.
There are around 14 brigades in the area, from the Free Syrian Army (Kurds in FSA)  to Jabhat al-Nusra and Islamic State (Kurds in ISIS) affiliate Shuhada al-Yarmouk. “None of these groups have a problem with Israel, and Israel doesn’t have a problem with them either,
 Not one person  who reads here will be surprised to read that admission
Labwani said. “The problems are internal, between the different groups themselves.”
Issam Zeitoun, another Syrian opposition figure with ties to Israel, also confirmed a covert relationship between Israel and several brigade commanders, specifically those involved in the Jordan-based Military Operations Center. Zeitoun, the only Syrian invited by Israel to attend the annual security conference at Herzliya, is also pushing for an Israeli-sanctioned safe zone.
 “I have worked for the last five years to open this closed window,” Zeitoun told Al-Monitor, referring to a partnership with Israel. “We have been brainwashed for decades that Israel is our enemy. It is not.
Israel is not the enemy says Zeitoun the traitor who is assisting Israel in the theft of Syria`s territory  water and mineral wealth, not to mention energy resources all the while guaranteeing a miserable future for the residents of the area- How many shekels fill this man's pockets?
According to Zeitoun, the proposed safe zone “starts from Jbeta al-Khashab [south Hadar] and runs to Saida al-Golan and Tal Hara,” expanding it beyond the coordinates provided by Labwani and highlighting the areas in which aid from Israel was recently distributed.
For Israel, a safe zone in the area would be hugely advantageous. By creating a buffer where the Syrian air force cannot fly close to the border and Hezbollah cannot launch attacks on the occupied Golan, Israel is cementing its grip on territory its leaders claim belongs to them and should be internationally recognized as such.
That just makes me sick- All of it. 


Jerusalem Post- July 27/2016: For first time during Syria war, Israel opens border for humanitarian aid 

Same NGO as mentioned in the above post from yesterday! First and second stage at play.
For the first time since the Syrian civil war began, Israel’s government authorized the delivery of humanitarian aid into Syrian territory near its border, an American-Israeli businessman and philanthropist leading the project, told The Jerusalem Post on Wednesday.

“Israel finally agreed to allow in three types of aid: medical, educational, and food,” said Moti Kahana, a businessman and founder of the NGO Amaliah, who sold his company in 2010 and since then has been using his own money to aid the Syrian rebels.
Next stage train a suitable police force, for Israel's benefit that is! (Read above)
 The aid is being transferred into what Kahana calls a “Safe Zone” adjacent to the Israeli border  (stolen Syrian territory) and comprised of the town of Quneitra and its surrounding area.

Kahana ( Israel's islamists hold the territory) has been pushing the Israeli government to allow such aid flows and the deliveries are being coordinated with Amaliah.

One of the first goals is to provide urgently needed medical supplies in order to construct a field hospital so that Syrians can be treated there without have to leave the country.

Asked how the aid is going to be transferred into Syria and if the IDF is going to insure security for the delivery, Kahana responded, “the IDF knows who to trust.”
Of course the Israeli's know who to trust- Their Islamic terrorists they supported and nurtured and armed and fed etc., etc., etc.......
 Sources in the Free Syrian Army (FSA) coalition active in the area tell Kahana that the area is fairly calm and the locals are trying to uphold a safe zone. “This is a good opportunity to help and show them that their neighbors are wonderful people,” he said.
 FSA says what a good opportunity to show what wonderful neighbours Israel is- barf
Kahana called on the “world to join us. What we are doing by creating this safe zone is preventing the departure of more refuges.” He noted that the population in the Quneitra area is currently around 200,000 people compared to one million previously.
Ignoring the fact of 800,000 expelled by Israel. Making it easier for Israel to walk on in.
Deputy Regional Cooperation Minister Ayoub Kara (Likud) told the Post, “I fully support sending humanitarian aid to the Quneitra area.”
  Israel agrees to facilitate the transfer of humanitarian aid, but does not want to accept refugees, the Druse deputy minister explained.

“Civilians are in a difficult situation and we want to help them and not wait for others,” he added.

Asked how the aid would be delivered, Kara was vague, but said the aid would be brought to the border and the IDF would take over from there.
Israel does not want to take refugees, though, they are very, very happy to make refugees by the millions so they can steal land a resources!


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US Commander Campbell: The man behind the failed coup in Turkey- Named ahead of fire

The plot thickens... Fire breaks out near NATO/American base in Turkey

hattip ally:Fire breaks out near NATO base in Turkey

US Airbase in Turkey engulfed in Fire after Media IDs US General as Coup Leader
"Update: The Fire was started just two hours after Turkish paper Yeni Safak identified US Army General and NATO International Security Assistance Force Commander John F. Campbell as the leader of the coup!"

I wouldn't think Turkey would make this type of accusation, unless they had substantial information. Would you?

 A former U.S. commander of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), a NATO-led security mission in Afghanistan, was the organizer of the July 15 military coup attempt in Turkey, sources said.

The US and NATO are hand in glove.

General John F. Campbell was one of the top figures who organized and managed the soldiers behind the failed coup attempt in Turkey, sources close to ongoing legal process of pro-coup detainees said.

Campbell also managed more than $2 billion money transactions via UBA Bank in Nigeria by using CIA links to distribute among the pro-coup military personnel in Turkey.

The ongoing investigation unveiled that Campbell had paid at least two secret visits to Turkey since May, until the day of the coup attempt.

The coup plot that was foiled by the comprehensive effort of Turkish Nation, including its citizens, politicians, media and police forces, was organized by the Fethullah Terrorist Organization (FETO) led-by so-called cleric Fethullah Gülen who has been living in self-exile in America for several years.

American Intelligence, Military and other institutions are accused of supporting the FETO leader Gülen and his gangs for the military coup.
Sputnik- while engaging in shoot the messenger and a bit of sensationalism regarding American nukes stored in Turkey
  Hours after the publication of the article, the NATO military base in Izmir became victim of a mass fire that continues to rage on.
 NATO International Security Assistance Force Commander Army General John F. Campbell accusing the US military official
Link- (tied to Egypt)

Engaging in some obfuscation
 Turkish political analyst Ilhan Tanir tweeted an image of the front page of pro-AKP newspaper Yeni Safak on Sunday, which names retired US General John F. Campbell as one of the leaders of Turkey’s failed coup. Gen. Campbell does not appear to have served for any period of time at the US’ only military base in Turkey, Incirlik Air Base.
 The Turkish daily reported that Campbell had top secret meetings at the Erzurum military base and Incirlik air base in Turkey, adding that the US general "directed the process of trending / blacklisting the military officers in the base."
 The US's ONLY Military base in Turkey-LOL- from an Egyptian publication.
What's with the lying? What's with the attempts to mislead? Couldn't General Campbell have served at any of the NATO bases? Of course he could have. How about at Izmir? 
The place with the fire!
Izmir Air Station is a United States Air Force facility in Izmir, Turkey. It is located 320 km (200 mi) SSW of Istanbul, on the western coast of Turkey.
This base sounds so familiar to me- As if there is another post here that has something to do with that base

Aha!!!! Janes- US arms shipment to Syrian rebels detailed: Infantry Weapons
 The solicitation was subsequently updated with a detailed packing list that showed the cargo had a total weight of 994 tonnes, a little under half of which was to be unloaded at Agalar, a military pier near the Turkish town of Tasucu,

From Sputnik: The fire threatens US munitions stockpiles at the base which could result in a severe exacerbation of the fire, loss of expensive weaponry, and safety dangers.

It would seem some, many, or all of the weapons the US brought in at the pier would have made their way to Izmir? 

UPDATE: Geraldo Rivera Vouches for General John F. Campbell's Whereabouts the Day of the Coup- They were having a beer. Together.

Seriously- You just can't make this stuff up! I laughed at an absurdity that is passed off as  credible.
"In fact, on the day of the coup I think I was in New York City  with Geraldo having a beer," he added.
The newsman corroborated the general's claim.
Or so Fox News Claims? Because they offer up no quoted verification from Geraldo Rivera. No bar. No time. Nothing-  Only hearsay from Fox News. "The newsman corroborated the general's claim." Fox News says but Geraldo Rivera didn't!

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Canadian/Gulen Connection To Turkey's Coup & Turkey releases 1200 

Yup, Turkey has released 1200 grunts and you can bet you will read that nowhere else. As for the Canadian man arrested- There are images of him with Gulen.