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Turkish PM Ahmet Davutoglu to Resign

Had this bookmarked to post- before the news item, let's read a comment left regarding this breaking news:

Ahmet Davutoglu resigns. The post Erdogan Phoenix?

Davutoglu as the Pheonix Rising from the Balkanized Turkey? Entirely possible.


Image from Newsweek
ANKARA,— Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu announced Thursday he would step down as ruling party chief at an extraordinary party congress on May 22, meaning he would also quit as premier. “I declare that we will hold our congress on May 22,” Davutoglu told reporters in Ankara after a meeting of the central committee of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP). “I don’t think I will be a candidate in the next congress in the current circumstances,” he added.
Divisions between Davutoglu and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan that had been rumoured for months erupted into the open on Wednesday, with the two leaders holding crisis talks at the presidential palace that failed to resolve the conflict. With some AKP officials openly weeping in the press conference room, he said the end of his term was “not my choice but a result of necessity”. 

 Necessity?  Whose necessity? What necessity? Why?- That's  a very vague statement.

 Davutoglu became premier in August 2014 when Recep Tayyip Erdogan was elected head of state after more than a decade as prime minister. In an emotional statement in which he took no questions, Davutoglu gave a long description of his achievements as premier.
“There is no feeling of failure or regret in making this decision” to step aside, he said.
Amid reports that his departure was the result of a split with Erdogan, Davutoglu said he would not criticise the Turkish strongman. “Whatever happens, I am sticking to the promise I made. I will continue a committed relationship with our president until my last breath.”
“No one heard or will ever hear a single word from my mouth, from my tongue or my mind against our president. He also said he would continue to serve as a lawmaker for the AKP even after he steps down.But Davutoglu hinted that divisions within the AKP were in part behind his decision to quit.“In both (past AKP) congresses, I was elected party leader by consensus. I will not be a candidate for the party leadership if there is no consensus.”
Anyone wanna tell me Turkey hasn't been being destabilized? Betrayed by it's so called partners in NATO? If so, don't bother.

 Newsweek:Turkey's Prime Minister Confirms His Resignation

Turkey’s prime minister has confirmed he is resigning from his post, following reports of divisions between him and the country’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said he would step down following a meeting of his Justice and Development (AK) party on May 22.
The country and its economy would stabilize further "when a prime minister more closely aligned with President Erdogan takes office,”  presidential aide Cemil Ertem told Turkish TV, according to the BBC.
“A strong [AK] government will continue to lead for the next four years, and there should not be any doubts concerning safety and stability,” Davutoglu said, when announcing his resignation on Thursday.
He said he would not “accept any speculation concerning my relationship with President Erdogan.”
“We have always stood shoulder-to-shoulder.

Don't Miss: 


Kurds on the Attack in Iran- As Predicted ......

Here, at the blog, nearly a year ago.....

The latest:

Reports have emerged that Kurdish insurgents attacked Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) troops near the country’s border with Iraq, an incident only briefly mentioned by Iranian media.

Media outlets based in the capital of Iraq’s Kurdistan Regional Government reported on the Wednesday fighting, with ARA News saying that Kurdish combatants staged an assault against IRGC troops in the villages of Hamran, Myouni and Sartaja outside the border town of Sardasht.

“This led the Iranian forces to [deploy] additional military reinforcements to the region in a bid to face the unexpected fierce offensive,” the news site added.

Rudaw News, in turn, cited witnesses in the three villages as saying that clashes were ongoing as helicopters circled overhead.

“At least 15 ambulances were seen rushing into areas where security forces were deployed,” the report also said.

Iranian media has remained mostly mum in its coverage of the fighting, however the state-controlled Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) reported Thursday that a funeral was held for two IRGC members killed in “clashes” in Sardasht.

However, the report did not go into further details on the violence.

As of yet, none of the anti-Tehran Kurdish factions based in the area have claimed credit for the military operation, however Saudi Arabia’s Al-Arabiya television quoted local activists as saying that fighters in from the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan (PDKI) took part in the deadly clashes.

The PDKI, for its part, touted the fighting on its official Twitter account, claiming on Wednesday that more than 10 IRGC soldiers had died in Sardasht.

It also said that two Iranian helicopters had deployed to the region in a bid to aid “a large group of Revolutionary Guards that [were] suffering heavy losses,” adding that Iranian troops were shelling positions in the Myouni mountains.

The PDKI—a left-wing Kurdish nationalist group formed in 1945—announced on February 26 that it was restarting its “armed resistance against the Islamic Republic of Iran” and claimed an attack against a Basij base in the village of Majid Khan.

The group waged a deadly insurgency against Iranian authorities from 1989 to 1996, after which it maintained a peaceful policy until it purportedly engaged Iranian troops in the fall of 2015.

Another Kurdish opposition faction in Iran, the Kurdistan Freedom Party, announced Friday that it too was resuming its armed operations in Iran.

“Iran is at the doorstep of a wide-scale armed uprising… that will include all off its cities,” the commander of the PAK’s armed wing, Hussein Yazdanpana, told Asharq Alawsat.

From August 2015 : P5+1 is a distraction. Early Seeds of Iranian destabilization cross the Turkish border

"The seeds of an Iranian destabilization are being  sown-
All the while the destruction of Turkey by Kurdish forces is on full display, for those with eyes to see"

Last month  : Iran's Forgotten Kurds Step Up the Struggle- So The Media Promotion Begins

  The relinked blog post points out the attacks by PKK that took place on both Iranian and Turkish interests- Most chose to ignore this news. I did not!  Since the time of the relinked post I've repeated on several occasions that Iran is being set up for the fall- And the Kurds will be the destabilizers, reprising their role in Syria, Turkey and Iraq. Not Barzani's kurds- Nope. The PKK.

I've even spelled out how this was possible using the mountain ranges that border the 4 nations:
Annexing Mosul, Destroying Iraq & Collapsing Mosul Dam (Making way for Badush): Part 2

In the last 24 hours:

Lavrov: Turkey & Saudi Arabia No Ground Operations in Syria- But, Norway....

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Lavrov: Turkey & Saudi Arabia No Ground Operations in Syria- But, Norway....

Yup, Norway!  What's up with Norway?  It's as bad there as Canada, I guess?
Tyranny lovin' gov. As if harboring terrorists wasn't bad enough! Now Norway's government is going to send special op forces to invade Syria????!!!

May 4: Turkey and Saudi Arabia are unlikely to launch ground operations in Syria in the light of Russian air forces already stationed in the country, RIA news agency cited Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov as saying on Wednesday.

It is necessary to educate states trying to call for the military invasion in war-torn Syria, as it would be a direct aggression, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told Sputnik on Wednesday.
"Of course, there are calls for a military invasion, but in order to prevent this, which would be an act of aggression, it is necessary to educate those who are trying to advocate this option. But I do not think that they have any justification, at least some excuse [for the military invasion] because the ceasefire [in Syria] is strengthening after all," Lavrov said.
 "I do not think that anyone will decide to play dangerous games and carry out any provocations as the Russian Aerospace Forces are stationed there [in Syria]," Lavrov said when replying to a question about the possibility of a foreign ground operation in Syria by Turkey or Saudi Arabia.
 I believe it's been  noted previously here at the blog that Turkey & Saudi Arabia are unlikely invaders. Or they would have long, long ago.. That's not to say that other troops won't be sent to Syria. And if you're paying attention and understand logical thinking,  you will have noticed that Lavrov is telling us neither Turkey or Saudi Arabia are operating in Syria, presently!

Such as troops from Norway!!  

Syria knows, as well as you and I do, that Special forces from Norway will attack Syria's national army. Will kill Syrian civilians.
Syria has condemned the Norwegian Prime Minister’s statements about her government’s intention to send 60 soldiers from Norway’s Special Operations Forces to Syria to participate in the fight against Daesh.
The Syrian news agency SANA reported an unnamed official at the Syrian foreign ministry as saying that Syria condemns these statements.
The official stressed that any decision by the Norwegian government in this regard would be contrary to international law and UN Security Council resolutions which call for cooperation with governments of countries fighting terrorist organizations.
The source added that such a decision constitutes a “blatant and unacceptable” interference in state affairs and is a “flagrant violation of sovereignty, security and stability”.
The source said that Syria calls on the international community and the Norwegian and global public to take a stand against such decisions.

Yes, Norway keeps terrorists safe and cozy

Kurdish Mullah Protected in Norway- Founder of Ansar al-Islam aka KurdIShIS

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Pt.3 Iraq’s Maidan Spring- Operation Annex Mosul is Well Under Way

Operation Annex/Ethnically cleanse Mosul is underway- There is no delay. It's a go.

Finally Part 3- 
If you haven't read Part 1 and 2?
hattip S : who immediately noticed the abundant headlines screaming this morning about the death of an american soldier. North of Mosul.

 Interesting timing for sure. The soldier killed news is the kind of incident that can be used to justify/obfuscate all manner of activities. Same as the chaos in Baghdad.  Let's read the news regarding the US soldier- From Matthew VanDyke via WaPo - giving us, I must say, quite a recounting! Potentially muddying the waters up for the audience, when it's acknowledged quite clearly and implicitly that the soldier died by a single shot- a bullet- sniper fire.
“Matthew VanDyke, an American fighting alongside the Nineveh Plains Protection Units, said the Navy SEAL was hit by a sniper. A U.S. military official confirmed that the death was caused by a bullet. 
Making VanDyke's story about the Seals unloading on ISIS. A firefight with car bombs, all very hollywood, but, is it relevant to the sniper fire death caused by a bullet- I don't know? The soldier could have died prior to the all out battle described below?
VanDyke said that about 20 Navy SEALS arrived not long after the town was lost at around 6:00 a.m.

“They went straight into the fight,” he said. “They lined up on the edge of the town and they were unloading on ISIS.” He said the SEALS advanced in a convoy with peshmerga fighters.

“Every time we’d try to advance, they’d send car bombs,” he said.
The SEALs kept fighting but then ran low on ammunition and pulled out as hundreds of peshmerga reinforcements arrived, VanDyke said. “The SEALS were involved in direct action. That’s for sure.”

Mathew Van Dyke? That’s a familiar name. One I associate with perception management surrounding Syria. Is this the same person?  

Sputnik reports on the same incident: Joint Operation Kills 80 Daesh Fighters North of Mosul

With the Kurds providing the narrative of course:

Iraqi Peshmerga forces, aided by the US-led coalition against the Islamic State, also known as Daesh, eliminated 80 terrorists to the north of the Iraqi city of Mosul, Kurdistan Region Security Council said in a Twitter message on Tuesday.

"At least 25 ISIL [Islamic State] vehicles destroyed today, including 15 by the Peshmerga," the Security Council stated. "Over 80 ISIL terrorists killed. Further updates will follow."
​The Kurdistan Region Security Council said the Daesh sent three car bombs to combat the offensive and occupied Iraqi towns Tel Isqof and Musqelat near Mosul.

 Peshmerga forces were able to retake Musqelat within a few hours.
"Tel Isqof remains surrounded as @CJTFOIR [Coalition] warplanes target remaining ISIL positions," the council added.
Earlier on Tuesday, the US-led Coalition announced that a service member died while aiding counter-terrorist operations in Iraq.

Maybe a firefight took place? Maybe not. One thing is certain the PKK with the help of the US special forces have just taken a bit more of Iraq's territory north of Mosul. And one American soldier died, from a single bullet, fired by a sniper.

 The Crisis in Baghdad and the Liberation of Mosul- Paul Iddon
Less than a fortnight ago US President Barack Obama declared that by the end of this year conditions would be right for the fall of Mosul, Iraq’s second-largest city which has been an Islamic State (ISIS) stronghold since it was captured in June 2014.   
 It would seem to me the US would might like to have Mosul safely annexed and in the hands of their PKK terror counterparts by June. June of this year. A two year anniversary celebration has such a nice ring to it. Obama could use the  successful retake/ annexing of Mosul as a real  'feel good' ending to his presidential legacy. Perhaps he could outdo the George Bush stunt of so many years ago? 

May 1, 2003- Mission Accomplished
 Mission Accomplished?

 Paul Iddon continues:
 “My expectation is that by the end of the year, we will have created the conditions whereby Mosul will eventually fall," the US president said.
Fall to whom?
 Biden had been, reportedly according to a senior US administration official, hoping that some progress could be made on Mosul before the extremely hot Iraqi summer.
Abadi tweeted in late March that the “first stage of our offensive” to “liberate areas surrounding Mosul” had begun.
 a senior US official who traveled with Biden told the LA Times last Thursday that, “It’s our sense that if momentum is lost in the campaign, it’s more likely to happen on the political side than the military side.”
 The momentum to annex, ethnically cleanse,  Mosul is not going to be stopped by the 'chaos in Baghdad' because it was never dependent on Baghdad.
"The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants." (Albert Camus 1913-1960.)

An excerpt below from an article titled: Iraq - US Apocalypse in Mosul in the Guise of Bombing ISIS- One important section, read the rest at the link below:

Mosul: Liberation through annihilation
Incredibly on 23rd April, the Independent (2) reported another staggering piece of either disinformation or childish naivety, in a predictably familiar script : "A spokesperson for the US military said all possible precautions were taken to avoid 'collateral damage' ", but in approaching 7,000 airstrikes the number of confirmed civilian deaths had risen on Planet Pentagon to just - forty one.
In another past it's sell by date mantra: 'Colonel Patrick Ryder, a spokesperson for Central Command, said the casualties were "deeply regretted" but maintained that the campaign was the "the most precise air campaign in the history of warfare." '
And here's another familiar one: "In this type of armed conflict, particularly with an enemy who hides among the civilian population, there are going to be, unfortunately, civilian casualties at times." The Geneva Convention, amongst other Treaties, Principles and Conventions, is specific on the protections of populations in conflict, Colonel Ryder should familiarize himself with the texts.
So another onslaught in a quarter of a century of bombing Iraq is underway - another mass murder with a silly name: "Operation Inherent Resolve."
Here is reality from Dr Souad Al-Azzawi, Award winning environmental scientist who gained her Ph.D from the Colorado School of Mines.

Misguided or lying

She states of just the onslaught on Mosul, her home, the ancient university city of 1.5 million, that the stated figures from US spokespersons are: " either misinformed about the real situation on the ground, since they are using drones and guided missiles, or airstrikes blindly, intentionally not saying the truth.
"I would like to list SOME of what the American's airstrikes have been targeting and killing in Mosul:
* Destroyed are all state services buildings, including Municipalities in right and left sides of Mosul. When they bomb at night, all security personnel get killed or injured, also residents of close by areas, and adjacent properties are destroyed.
* Bombed and destroyed all communication centers.
Destruction of Dairy Production Factories in both left and right sides of Mosul. Casualties of these two are one hundred deaths and two hundred injuries among civilians who gathered to receive milk and dairy products from the factories.
Dr Al-Azzawi reminds that this is reminiscent of the bombing of the baby milk factor outside Baghdad in 1991 with the claim it was a chemical weapons factory. This writer visited the factory ruins just months later, there were still charred containers of milk power - the machinery was provided and maintained by a company in Birmingham, England which specialized in infant food prodiction.
* Bombing of Mosul Pharmaceutical Industries.
* Mosul University was bombed with ninety two deaths and one hundred and thirty five injuries. Earlier estimates were higher, but many were pulled from the rubble alive. "They were students, faculty members, staff members, families of faculties, and restaurants workers."
*Al Hadbaa and Al Khadraa Residential Apartments compounds. Fifty people killed (families) and one hundred injured.
* Hay al Dhubat residential area in the right side of Mosul, two days ago, five women women and four children killed and the whole house. The father is a respected pharmacist who has nothing to do with ISIL.
* Destruction of houses in front of the Medical College, killed twenty two civilians - eleven in one family.
* Bombing Sunni Waqif Building, twenty deaths and seventy injuries   which included those in nearby commercial and residential buildings.
* Car maintenance industrial areas in both left and right sides of Mosul destroyed with civilian's casualties.
* Bombing of flour factories in both sides of Mosul.
* Rafidain and Rasheed banks and all their branches in both sides of Mosul. Destruction of all commercial and residential areas in the vicinity of these places, with as yet unknown civilian casualties. (My emphasis.)
* Central Bank of Mosul in Ghazi Street, with nearby residential and commercial properties.
* Pepsi factory, currently producing ice cubes only. Three deaths and twelve injuries among the workers.
* The Governor's house and close by guest house.
* Mosul's old industrial compound destroyed, with parking area for fuel Tankers and cars. Three days ago, huge explosion of fuel tankers, one hundred and fifty deaths and injuries.
* Urban Planning Directory in Hay al Maliyah bombed.
* Engineering Planning Directory in Hay al Maliyah bombed.
* Food Storages in left side of Mosul bombed.
* Drinking water treatment plants bombed.
* All electrical generation and transformer stations in the left side of Mosul bombed.
* Domez land communications center in left side of Mosul destroyed.
*Al Hurairah Bridge - and many more.
 Sigh. It should be clear to everyone who reads here that the offensive to liberate/annex/ethnically cleanse Mosul is well underway.

  Here's where we go back to Mosul Dam. As a tool of ethnic cleansing, collapsing the dam would make quick work of clearing land, of people and buildings. No worries about fighting in that hot Iraqi summer heat. It is indisputable that the US control the Dam.

 I simply can't discount the possibility the US would behave so monstrously, given their present day proclivities, not needing to speak of their past atrocities.

Also related:The end of Iraq is Nigh: Gorran Leader Nashirwin Mustafa returns from London.

And one last item of interest! 

 Velayati: Plots by certain countries to partition Syria, Iraq will never succeed

I'm still hopin' certain countries will fail...

 Speaking to the UN special envoy for Iraq Jan Kubis on Sunday, Velayati said the plots by certain western countries and regional reactionary states for dividing Syria and Iraq will be foiled through the vigilance of regional nations. Since the beginning of campaign against terrorism, the Islamic Republic of Iran has taken serious and practical measures in this regard, believing that supporters of terrorists in the region will bear consequences of their support.

'As the Islamic Republic of Iran predicted that the inferno of terrorism will hit its supporters as certain countries faced this destiny. The countries claiming to fight terrorists should take serious action in this connection as Iran did,' he added.

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Pt 2 Iraq's Maidan Spring- Order out of Chaos/ Washington Must Decide!

There will be a 3rd part. I'm trying to keep these to readable lengths :)

Very briefly reiterating:
The protests that occurred in Iraq a couple of days ago, we’re NOT new protests. Nor was this the  first time the protests had taken place in and around the Green Zone. Protests have been taking  place since at least March of 2016. So, why did the war mongering media decide to report on these repeating protests, at this specific time?

1.The US and company need the cover of chaos to create the new order
2.The illusion of a central government in a unified Iraq is no longer necessary
3. Mosul

 I will relink all posts related to the above statement at the end of this latest entry

As expected, the media began immediately spinning on specific concepts/memes they want their audience to accept as reality. These memes should be rejected.  As I’ve already pointed out, the presentation of the protests was intentionally misleading therefore we should be prepared for more misdirection and obfuscation from the NATO media to advance the war making agenda!

The first batch of memes came in an approximate 24 hour period, from the Guardian:

I pointed some of them out in the comments section  from yesterday..

I was waiting for it!
And it didn't take long to appear...
The news talk for the week, from the Guardian!

Viability of Iraq's government in Question

"In one afternoon, the fragility of state control was exposed by the power of the street"

Ignoring the lie about one afternoon, you get the grass roots aka "power of the street" meme.

"Iraq’s legislature had three time refused to agree to reforms that would replace a corrupt cabinet with technocrats"

Technocrats just like Ukraine---- such a familiar theme
Italy too. 

"At issue now, is the very viability of Iraq"

Well, that's what the msm want's you to believe? Note the reinforcement of the originating premise? However, I've repeatedly quoted Ash Carter" “The U.S. plan to accelerate the campaign against the Islamic State in Iraq is not dependent upon whether Iraq can achieve political unity”  Making very clear that the viability or the unity of Iraq is not even a consideration!

"Public officials are starting to talk openly about a future state that is not bound by the same borders or political system"

"Talking openly"? Dismantling Iraq has been spoken of quite openly for some time now- Ditto for remaking the middle east. Is the Guardian article telling us that now the media is going to 'talk openly' , publicly and more often, about the dismantling/balkanization of Iraq since the time has come to move the agenda forward?

Followed up by Al Jazeera: 

"People power" looks to be the meme, again.

Is people-power emerging in Iraq?
 Today there have been numerous news reports framed along the same lines. 

With headlines such as this.  Days of Chaos in Baghdad: Protest or Meltdown?

 Pay attention to the words emplyed by NYT's:
"Mr. Sadr resurfaced in February to lead protests supporting measures by Mr. Abadi to reduce government waste, tackle corruption and end sectarian quotas"  (as I've mentioned the protest have been ongoing for months now)
 "Mr. Sadr is nominally an ally of Mr. Abadi, and the protests were seen as an effort to push Mr. Abadi’s opponents to approve a cabinet filled with technocrats rather than officials loyal to a party or sect"
Nominally? That's interesting. Nominally means "in name only- ostensibly" You could assume because Abadi is Shiite and Sadr is Shiite they are allies. You would be mistaken!
Nominally defined:  by or as regards name; in name; ostensibly:
Example: He was nominally the leader, but others actually ran the organization.

Sadr is not an ally of Abadi- Sadr is an ally of NATO. He played a role in the ouster of Maliki. He is repeating this role.
 "Mr. Sadr is unpredictable and cannot be seen as a reliable ally"
 Why did the protest end so quickly?
 "It was a tactical withdrawal. After they jubilantly occupied Parliament on Saturday afternoon, the demonstrators moved by evening to another area of the Green Zone"
 The protests have been going on weekly for months now- NYT's already informed you all of that, as did I, yesterday.

What really happened?

"Images of Iraqis storming Parliament over the weekend made it seem as though a popular revolution were at hand. In reality, it was something else: partly a legitimate expression of popular anger, but partly political theater"
 "seem as though it was a popular revolution" Entirely "political theater" in my estimation.

And how was it the protestors were able to make such political theater? Inquiring minds want to know. Since this makes Abadi look really lame, I'm more apt to believe the nugget below.

" And a militia aligned with the protesters took over security around Parliament, suggesting a deal with the security forces"
Repeating this statement of fact:
 And a militia aligned with the protesters took over security around Parliament, suggesting a deal with the security forces.

Militia aligned with protestors took over the security- YUP, looks to be the case.
 The NYT's article ends with a very interesting link back to an article from 2006 written by Joe Biden:

A decade ago, as a senator, Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. called for the partition of Iraq, an idea that is likely to resurface if Iraq continues on the path it is taking.

From  Joe Biden - 2006:  "The first is to establish three largely autonomous regions with a viable central government in Baghdad. The Kurdish, Sunni and Shiite regions would each be responsible for their own domestic laws, administration and internal security"
 No central government really necessary.

Finally: If Iraq PM fails to survive chaos, Washington must decide what's next

The Iraqi PM will fail as Washington has already decided.

Joe Biden: Gettin' er done!

US Vice-President Joe Biden steps off a C-17 military transport plane upon his arrival in Baghdad on Thursday.

Biden visits Iraq Thursday April 28/16.
Nashirwin Mustafa reappers in Iraq on Thursday April 28/2016
On Saturday we get the show from the Green Zone- Coincidence? No, of course not! 
That's what I'd call Coordination! Cooperation!  Collusion! All actions undertaken when people Conspire.

 The feeling of the vice-president and his advisers was that Iraqi politics were on a trajectory to greater calm and that the battle against IS would now proceed more effectively.  
No one is talking that way now. "There's a realisation that the government, as it's currently structured, can't hold," said Doug Ollivant, a former military planner in Baghdad and senior fellow at the New America Foundation. "It's just not clear how the Iraqis get out of this. I just don't see how they will."
 It is equally unclear how the administration will move forward if Mr Abadi is unable to consolidate his tenuous grip on power. 
 Because Iraqi society is so fractured along ethnic and sectarian lines, Mr Khedery said the administration should adopt a more decentralised approach, working directly with individual Sunni, Shiite and Kurdish leaders. "What you have is a society that is deeply polarised between communities and even polarised within those communities," he said. "We need a radical new formula."

I for one am quite certain that Washington has already decided on a plan.

  • Stay tuned for Part 3

Refresh or reread?

Iraq's Maidan Spring? Part 1

The end of Iraq is Nigh: Gorran Leader Nashirwin Mustafa returns from London.


Sunday, May 1, 2016

Iraq's Maidan Spring? Part 1

Long but worthwhile:

Nawshirwin Mustafa returns from London. All groomed and ready to go. Within hours, literally, the green zone is allegedly , maybe conveniently, breached as protestors enter the highly fortified complex. Conflicting reports are all the rage! And demands for a technocratic government are made?  Sorting fact from fiction? Reality from perception management?

First:  The end of Iraq is Nigh: Gorran Leader Nashirwin Mustafa returns from London
“Nawshirwan Mustafa has examined several evaluations for solving issues in Kurdistan during his visit to London,” Mahmoud said.
“He has a plan to deal with the region’s situation.”
“ Mustafa’s return would initiate a political movement in the region”
 You can find these next stories in the Friday’s post ( relinked directly above) in comment section

Second: Iraq Green Zone Breach

“Hundreds of protesters climbed over the blast walls surrounding Baghdad's highly-fortified Green Zone for the first time on Saturday.

Cellphone video uploaded to social media showed dozens of young men running through the halls of parliament, chanting slogans in support of al-Sadr and calling for the government to disband.

Earlier on Saturday, a bombing in a market filled with Shiite civilians in Baghdad killed at least 21 people and wounded at least 42 others, according to police and hospital officials”
 Earlier on Saturday, a bombing in a market filled with Shiite civilians in Baghdad killed at least 21 people and wounded at least 42 others, according to police and hospital officials

As I pointed out in the comment:
The bomb in the market would have rallied the masses and breaching the 'HEAVILY FORTIFIED" green zone (no guards/no gun fire) had to have been allowed, encouraged, knowing it would all be uploaded to anti social media as part of a psychological operation

"Clearly the US is moving on Mosul sooner, rather then later, as I expect"
It appears to me as if all this confusion, discord and chaos is part of the prep work for the move on Mosul. As has been stated and reiterated in two previous posts. 

- Gearing up for the Annexation of Mosul. Destroying Iraq & Maybe Mosul Dam too!
- Annexing Mosul, Destroying Iraq & Collapsing Mosul Dam (Making way for Badush): Part 2

 Ash Carter has stated quite clearly. “The U.S. plan to accelerate the campaign against the Islamic State in Iraq is not dependent upon whether Iraq can achieve political unity”
"Clearly the US is moving on Mosul sooner, rather then later, as I expect"
Third: We have a demand for a ‘technocratic government”

Maybe. As readers may recall, a technocratic government was the desired government for Ukraine. Yes, Maidan protestors wanted a less corrupt more fair government too. Or so we were told?
Al Sadr wants this too. Or so we are told?

Shia Mob in Iraq Demands More Technocrats?
Oh really!!!!
Mother Jones
Oddly, the "firebrand cleric" Sadr (remember when that practically used to be his first name in news reports?) is demanding that...the current hacks running government ministries be replaced with nonpartisan technocrats.

Technocrats, eh?

 Something that makes me a bit suspicious about exactly what went on yesterday or even when it went on:
Kuwait News Agency - MARCH 31/2016- Al Sadr ends Strike after Cabinet Reshuffle:

March 31/2016. KUNA. Baghdad ? Not April 30 2016? Gee that's odd.

“ Iraqi cleric Muqtada al Sadr and his followers ended Thursday (March 31/2016), their strike INSIDE and OUTSIDE the capital’s Green Zone after Prime Minister Haider al Abadi announced candidates for the upcoming cabinet shuffle

However demonstrations will continue every Friday of the week to pressure the  parliament to vote on the new cabinet line up, Al Sadr said while addressing his supporters INSIDE the Green Zone.

He also urged political blocs to bear their national responsibilities and look after the public interests in order to complete the national reformation program, pointing out the current high risk level in the country”
The images shown yesterday. Did that protest occur yesterday? Did it occur sometime in the month of April not necessarily yesterday? Did it occur in March? I don't know.
(Please read the rest at the link, I just can’t type any more of it out!)

****Proof positive the news produced for a psychological operation, against us, are part and parcel of the same ongoing protests, taking place every week since sometime in March!
Check this out!Iraqi protesters end Green Zone sit-in

Most important tidbit??? : "Protesters camped out in Baghdad's Green Zone for 24 hours have left the heavily fortified government district after issuing demands for political reform but they pledged to return by the end of the week to keep up the pressure"
These protests are nothing new!******

Fourth: Contradictory news reports
Baghdad has declared a State of Emergency
according to NATO news

"A state of emergency was declared when the supporters of influential Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr broke through the area, home to most ministries and foreign embassies including the U.S. embassy"

Or not? According to Iraqi news!

"Baghdad Operations Command denied on Saturday imposing a curfew in the capital, Baghdad, while confirmed that everything in under control and pointed out that the General Commander of the Armed Forces Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi ordered the security authorities to confront any attempt to attack on the public property.

A spokesman for Baghdad Operations, Brigadier General Saad Maan, said in a press statement obtained by, “There is no truth to the presence of a curfew in the capital, Baghdad, as reported by some media,” asserting that, “Things are under control until now.”
The claims of a state of emergency being declared due to these ongoing protests is questionable.
Since the protests have been a regular occurrence for more then a month now. Inside and outside of the Green Zone... So, would they ( Baghdad) declare a state of emergency for something that’s been happening for weeks and weeks now?

I left a final comment regarding the protestors leaving the green zone last night

"On Saturday, a security source in Baghdad province announced, that the followers of the Sadrist Movement have begun withdrawing from the Green Zone in central Baghdad.
Sounds like a regular protest.

Which takes us to my fifth point!

The real question is why does the NATO war mongering media wish to make us all aware, at this time, about the political situation in Iraq? Unless the global war makers are set to make a move under cover of all this chaos- I think that is the case.

Could it have been because Iraqi forces had a fairly good victory yesterday against NATO's terrorists? And, they want all this chaos as a distraction for their move on Mosul?

Iraqi forces took control of parts of Anbar

security source, speaking on condition of anonymity, told al-Baghdadia satellite television network that Iraqi government forces took full control of the villages of Khazraj and al-Nowaiem, located more than 140 kilometers (85 miles) West of the capital, Baghdad, following heavy exchanges of gunfire with the ISIL.

Iraqi troopers also killed an unspecified number of the militants in the process and destroyed a large amount of their munitions.

Separately, fighters from the Popular Mobilization units brought down an unmanned aerial vehicle operated by ISIL terrorists in the Southern suburbs of Mosul, located some 400 kilometers (250 miles) North of Baghdad, as it was flying over the area and surveying the pro-government fighters.

Also on Friday, four high-ranking ISIL commanders were killed in a series of airstrikes carried out by the Iraqi Air Force in the country’s Northern province of Kirkuk.

Jabbar al-Mamouri, a commander of the pro-government Popular Mobilization units, told Arabic-language al-Sumaria satellite television network that the Takfiri terrorists were killed as Iraqi fighter jets targeted the terror group’s key headquarters in the town of Hawijah, located about 282 kilometers (175 miles) North of the capital.

Mamouri added that the aerial assaults also killed dozens of the commanders’ companions, who had come together for a meeting at the time of the attacks.

 "4 commanders of Takfiri terrorists have been killed as the Iraqi warplanes targeted the terror group’s key headquarters in the southwestern district of Hawijah on Friday. Besides, Iraqi forces managed to liberate the villages of Khazraj and Nuwai'am in Anbar province.

The Takfiri terrorists were killed as the Iraqi warplanes targeted the terror group’s key headquarters in the southwestern district of Hawijah on Friday, Arabic-language al-Sumaria news website reported, quoting Jabbar al-Mamouri, a commander of the pro-government Popular Mobilization Units.

Mamouri added that the airstrikes also killed dozens of the commanders’ companions, who were at a meeting at the time of the attack.

Meanwhile, Iraqi fighter jets also killed at least 32 other Daesh terrorists in al-Rashad region and Bashir village in the province.
Earlier on Friday, Iraqi ground troops backed by the country’s Air Force also killed 91 Daesh Takfiris as the terrorists mounted offensives against the villages of Mahana and Kharbardan, south of the militant-held city of Mosul.

There will be a second part

Friday, April 29, 2016

The end of Iraq is Nigh: Gorran Leader Nashirwin Mustafa returns from London.

Properly groomed, no doubt. And by groomed, I’m not talkin’ hair and nails.

Gorran leader Nawshirwan Mustafa returns to Iraqi Kurdistan

SULAIMANI, Kurdistan region ‘Iraq’,— Change Movement (Gorran) head Nawshirwan Mustafa arrived in Sulaimani International Airport in Iraqi Kurdistan on Thursday after seven months in Europe. (Europe? How about London)

Gorran Politburo member Aso Mahmud said the Gorran leader’s return would affect the political situation in the Kurdistan Region.
Mahmoud predicted Mustafa’s return would initiate a political movement in the region and said the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) was waiting for the “return of Nawshirwan Mustafa.”

 Here too

 Change Movement (Gorran) head Nawshirwan Mustafa arrived in Sulaimani International Airport on Thursday (April 28) after seven months in Europe.
Gorran Politburo member Aso Mahmoud said the Gorran leader’s return would affect the political situation in the Kurdistan Region.
Mahmoud predicted Mustafa’s return would initiate a political movement in the region and said the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) was waiting for the “return of Nawshirwan Mustafa.”
Nawshirwan Mustafa has examined several evaluations for solving issues in Kurdistan during his visit to London,” Mahmoud said. “He has a plan to deal with the region’s situation.”
Mustafa went to Germany for medical treatment in September 2015. After his stay in Germany, he went to the U.K. and during his time there he has met with a number of Kurdish officials.

Bye, bye Barzani.  Good bye Iraq. Hello Israel 2.0

If you are unfamiliar with Gorran and Mr Mustafa refresh your memory...

'Keep it under your hat!
  We’ve discussed the rather violent Gorran party, on several occasions, here at the blog.  Gorran is the PKK affiliate party, challenger to KDP in the Iraqi Kurdish region. There is some misinformation around, seeming to originate with Israel, that Gorran is an Iranian supported party. If it is supported by anyone in Iran, it is Iranians who identify as kurds.  So, who are the real benefactors of Gorran?  
A very vital clue may come from the fact that the leader of Gorran, a man called Mustafa, has left Iraq for London. Yes, the London that is in England! And has been there now for months under the pretext of receiving medical treatment! 
  Also:  Izzat Ibrahim Al Douri-King of Clubs & Nawshirwan Mustafa- Gorran Party

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