Friday, August 7, 2020

UK: Coronavirus Lockdown Could Cause More then 70,000 Excess Deaths: Cause the means were never going to justify the ends!

Coronavirus lockdown could cause more than 70,000 excess deaths in long-term, UK government warns

The long-term impact of the coronavirus lockdown could cause more than 70,000 excess deaths, a government report has warned.

The document, published on Friday, said, for instance, that a recession caused by the lockdown could ultimately lead to 33,000 excess deaths in the long-term.

Thousands more excess deaths could happen as a result of reduced basic healthcare services during the lockdown, the report added.
We know this is already happening. In fact the excess deaths in Ontario, due to lack of healthcare was covered some time ago.
However, it also laid out the disastrous consequences of the nation not going into lock down in March, saying this would have caused up to 1.5m direct COVID-19 deaths.
UP to?  Nonsense to the claim of 1.5 million deaths as well.  Absolute nonsense. There is zero reason to believe that there would have every been anything near that number of deaths- Absurd. To the nth degree. 
The UK’s death toll as of Friday was 46,511. (actually it wasn't according to the report from the other say)
The UK’s death toll is finally and appropriately being reduced. As mentioned yesterday.
“It could see England's official coronavirus death toll of 41,686 slashed by approximately 10%, which would take it down to 37,518.

Continuing on with the excess deaths due to lockdown which are already occurring and will continue to increase as this insanity contines.

On the other hand, the report also warned: “Much of the health impact, particularly in terms of morbidity, will be felt long after the pandemic is assumed to last.”

It presented scenarios including:

    10,000 excess deaths “if emergency care in hospitals continues to be low” in the next 12 months. Emergency attendance and admissions have decreased since the start of the pandemic, the report said

    16,000 excess deaths of care home residents if the presence of COVID-19 continues. These could occur, for example, due to the pandemic’s continued impact on adult social care provision

    12,500 excess deaths in the next five years due to the delay of non-urgent treatments when the NHS was dealing with the outbreak

    1,400 excess deaths as a result of primary and community healthcare services stopping during the lockdown. This could have caused missed cancer diagnoses, for example

    18,000 excess deaths within the next five years as a result of a lockdown-induced recession
    15,000 excess deaths beyond 2025 as a result of a lockdown-induced recession
Of the overall impact of the outbreak, the government warned: “The estimates for the health impacts from a lockdown and lockdown-induced recession are greater in terms of QALYs [quality adjusted life years] than the direct COVID-19 deaths.                       

Therefore lockdowns will result in at least double the deaths that Covid has to date. As admitted by the UK gov. Exactly as persons such as myself have been stating since this psyop started

Lock Downs To Do More Damage then Virus: Shielding Elderly & Vulnerable A Huge Fail


Lebanon: Cue the anti-government protestors (with lots of media coverage) as Macron calls for “reform”

As predicted. As was predictable. Birth Pangs.

Blast in Beirut- Birth Pangs

 The irregular warfare destabilization rumbling begins- Economic hit. Infrastructure hit. Food shortages.       
Macron appears. I wonder if Bernard Henri Levy will show his face? Is there one nation on this planet that is without corruption? Just look at the French regime led by Macron? No calls for reform from the international community for France.  Why?

Anti-government protests break out in Beirut after deadly blasts: "Resign, you criminal!"

 Macron Promises Help While Pushing for Reform in Lebanon
Beirut | French President Emmanuel Macron promised aid to Lebanon and also reassured angry citizens reeling from a lethal blast that killed 145 people that no blank cheques will be given to its leaders unless they enact reforms and end rife corruption.

Macron said he proposed to the Lebanese authorities a roadmap of urgent reforms to unlock billions of dollars in funds from the international community, and that he would return to Lebanon in September to follow up.
"If reforms are not carried out, Lebanon will continue to sink," Macron said. "What is also needed here is political change. This explosion should be the start of a new era."

He said France will organise an international aid conference for Lebanon, and he promised "transparent governance" so the aid goes to the people, NGOs and relief groups and not to the ruling elite which has been accused of corruption and mismanagement.

Protestors urge Macron to bring “political change”  

Angry crowds in Beirut have urged Emmanuel Macron to help bring political change to Lebanon as the French president toured the city’s blasted port and the shattered surrounding neighbourhoods. Macron was surrounded by hundreds of people as he toured the wrecked Gemmayze neighbourhood near the port, many of whom called for radical political change. 'We have to launch a new political initiative,' Macron told reporters. 'All this anger is directed at politicians'

Gee, I wonder what the people of France think about that idea of Macron bringing "political change"? France is a big player in the remake the region plot. And he's very much a consort of Israel.

An aside........ Talked with my mother in law last night  and she was informed by tell a vision that Lebanon is corrupt. In that moment I knew then the campaign to remake Lebanon had begun in earnest. She’d already been imbibed with the meme of corruption- that didn’t take long at all.....

Also important:


Thursday, August 6, 2020

Thousands of England's Covid 19(84) Deaths Will Be Wiped From Official Records- Pointless Attribution Muddies the Waters

Thousands of England's coronavirus deaths will reportedly be wiped from official records.
New measures could see the country's death toll reduced by 10% after scientists raised the alarm about serious "flaws" in how it was being calculated.

Up until now, Public Health England (PHE) had been including anyone who tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 and later died as a Covid-19 death — even if they had recovered and died of something unrelated.
This means that according to the official numbers, no one would ever recover from the virus, and all 265,000 confirmed cases in England would eventually be added to the toll, even though most will recover.
Understanding the absurdity of these counts?
 Health Secretary Matt Hancock is about to intervene and change the process to bring England's toll more in line with the rest of the UK, The Sun reports.

Deaths in Scotland and Northern Ireland are only counted as Covid-related if it happens within 28 days of a positive test, and England will reportedly adopt this approach as well.

It's understood a second weekly toll measure will also be established, which records the deaths of coronavirus patients within 60 days of a positive test.

Hancock is expected to officially announce the new procedure by the end of this week.

It could see England's official coronavirus death toll of 41,686 slashed by approximately 10%, which would take it down to 37,518.
Professor Carl Heneghan, from the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine at Oxford University, says the difference in counting methods explains why England is still seeing a high Covid-19 death toll.

"There is no point attributing deaths to Covid 28 days after infection,
" he told The Sun.

"All it does is muddy the water. While deaths are falling in Scotland, PHE data suggests matters are worse in England.

"But if it's someone who picked up the virus in a care home in March and recovered, and last week died of a heart attack, what does that actually tell us?"

He applauded the Government's pending change to the "confusing" policy.
We are desperately in need of this clarity. Hopefully it will come to every other nation! And many in the so called "alt media"

  From earlier today:

U.S. Negotiates with Austria To Dig up CIA Arms Caches. Hidden Weapons Meant to Combat the Soviets- History Repeats

Stay behind groups and their abundant weapons caches, undoubtedly, including explosive materials- This report deals with just one nation. Austria.

Baltimore Sun 1996
WASHINGTON -- About 80 caches of U.S. weapons, hidden by CIA agents in Austria decades ago, pose a problem for U.S. diplomats and intelligence officers.

The caches, dating from the early years of the Cold War, contain mortars and submachine guns, explosives and radio equipment. They were part of a network of "stay-behind" supplies tucked away throughout Western Europe and intended to supply local guerrillas in case of a Soviet invasion.

Local paramilitaries, many with World War II resistance backgrounds, were trained to use them. These have been a cause of intermittent scandal in Europe.

In Italy, allegations have surfaced that the would-be guerrillas used their skills and perhaps their weapons to advance their domestic political agenda.

The stay-behind organizations remained in existence in a number of European countries at least until 1990.
There is ZERO reason to believe this program of destabilization EVER ended.
In fact, there is abundant evidence that shows this program continues to this day.
Late that year an uproar over the Italian group, code-named Gladio, embarrassed NATO and triggered moves in several other countries to phase out the groups.

The Austrian caches, however, appear to have rested undisturbed for 50 years. The U.S. government would now like to come clean to the Austrians.

Officials from the State Department and the CIA are consulting on the best way of doing so. The CIA reportedly has the locations of the caches and would divulge them to the Austrians.

The weapons-hiding operation goes back to the first years of the Cold War when Vienna, divided between the Western allies and Russia, was the main battleground of what Kim Philby later called "the silent war" between Western and Russian spies.

The U.S. government believed the risk of Stalin ordering an invasion of Western Europe was real.

The CIA began to prepare for wide-scale partisan warfare,
usually recruiting former members of the anti-Nazi resistance or people of firmly anti-communist credentials.
In Austria, officials say, the caches were dug during U.S. military exercises. Covered by the confusion and noise of maneuvers, CIA operatives would stash weapons and equipment.
The explosives "forgotten" at the Beirut port very much fit the pattern of leaving weapons, explosives and more conveniently located for later use.

Blast in Beirut- Birth Pangs

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Common Colds Train The Immune System to Recognize COVID-19

This is a fact that’s been discussed here previously. Since coronavirus cause common colds.  As does rhinovirus.

The common cold is a virally related syndrome and has been associated with over 100 different viruses, including Human Coronavirus and Rhinovirus.
 But let’s talk about the FACT that coronavirus circulates widely, regularly and is most often responsible for our seasonal cold.
And then consider the reality that our immune system will have built natural resistance due to prior exposure- Common cold coronaviruses t cells covid 19 immunity

Previous infections with common cold viruses can train the immune system to recognize SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, according to a new study.

The study, published Aug. 4 in the journal Science, found that immune cells known as T cells that recognize common cold coronaviruses also recognize specific sites on SARS-CoV-2 including parts of the infamous "spike" protein it uses to bind to and invade human cells.

This existing immune system "memory" may explain why some people have milder COVID-19 infections compared with others; however, the authors stress that this hypothesis is "highly speculative" ( don't think it's that speculative, because it just makes sense) and requires more research to confirm. That's because it's unknown exactly how big a role T cells play in fighting COVID-19 — T cells are just one part of a complex menagerie of molecules and cells that makes up our immune system.

"We have now proven that, in some people, preexisting T-cell memory against common cold coronaviruses can cross-recognize SARS-CoV-2, down to the exact molecular structures," study co-lead author Daniela Weiskopf, assistant professor at La Jolla Institute for Immunology in La Jolla, California, said in a statement.

Previous studies have shown that upwards of 50% of people never exposed to COVID-19 have T cells that recognize SARS-CoV-2. This ability has been seen in people around the world, in the Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom and Singapore. Scientists hypothesized that this existing immunity could be due to previous infections with other coronaviruses, specifically those that cause common cold infections.

In the new study, the researchers analyzed blood samples collected from people between 2015 and 2018, well before COVID-19 first emerged in Wuhan, China.

These blood samples contained T cells that reacted to more than 100 specific sites on SARS-CoV-2. The researchers showed that these T cells also reacted to similar sites on four different coronaviruses that cause common cold infections.

"This study provides very strong direct molecular evidence that memory T cells can 'see' sequences that are very similar between common cold coronaviruses and SARS-CoV-2," Sette said.

In addition to binding to the spike protein, the T cells  also recognized other viral proteins beyond the spike.
Makes good sense to me! 

Earlier today:


Young children less likely to spread coronavirus, McMaster University Review Shows

Recall when this  fact was reported by the UN, but, then it disappeared from the media. And, the UN walked back from their statements? Not exactly a retraction, just a muddying of the waters. Agenda at all costs. All the time.
 I'll relink two previous reports covering the topic of children as non spreaders of the virus after this latest news.

Young children less likely to spread coronavirus, McMaster review shows

Primary schools and daycare centres have not been major sources of coronavirus transmission, according to an analysis of the international evidence released as two of Canada’s largest provinces prepare to unveil their back-to-school plans.

A Canadian review of 33 studies across 16 countries found that young children – particularly those under the age of 10 – are less likely than teenagers and adults to spread coronavirus.

With children, “we don’t see these superspreader events that we see in other congregate settings [involving] adults,” said Sarah Neil-Sztramko, a researcher at McMaster University in Hamilton and one of the authors of the review. “Even in cases where a symptomatic child has gone into a setting and has had close contact with a number of children … they don’t seem to transmit it to the other kids. We see that fairly consistently across the reports that we found.”

The term "super spreader" is so bogus. 
Bogus= spurious, sham, factitious

When cases of COVID-19 were identified in elementary schools and child-care centres, the virus was most often introduced by and spread among adults, she added.

The new review, released Tuesday, was compiled by the National Collaborating Centre for Methods and Tools (NCCMT), one of six academic collaborating centres set up in response to the 2003 SARS outbreak and funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada.

The NCCMT is the latest organization to try to make sense of the role children play in spreading the coronavirus, a crucial question as provincial governments and school boards refine their policies for September.
brain damaged by fear


Asymptomatic/Children Superspreaders: Not The Driving Force Behind Covid 1984- Despite SuperFear Spreading Media Claims

Boy with Covid-19(84) DID NOT Infect More then 170 People As Previously Claimed. Zero, was the number. ZERO!


Studies Suggest Pandemic Fear Porn & Response Lead to More Depression: Ends Don't Justify the Means

Blast in Beirut- Birth Pangs

Thoughts about the blast:

- Easy access to Port from the sea

-Israel covets Lebanese oil reserves (claim as their own)

Massive Natural Gas resources to spark attack by Israel on Lebanon

- Israel occupies Lebanese lands

- Israel breaches Lebanese air space to wage war on Syria

- Hariri “Verdict”

I was always of the mind that Israel was behind the massive explosion that took out Rafic Hariri
Massive Explosion Killed Hariri 05

Israel has the capability to carry out this type of operation, such as Hariri’s assassination and the other assassinations that targeted Lebanon during the past few years,” said Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, adding that Israel’s motive was to cast the blame on its enemies, Syria and Hezbollah. 

Israel wouldn’t miss a chance to create uproar and use Hariri’s blood to drive Syria out of Lebanon and besiege the resistance,” he said referring to Hezbollah.

The most sensational revelation, however, was Nasrallah’s claim that Hizbullah had discovered how to intercept television footage from Israeli reconnaissance drones flying over southern Lebanon in the mid 1990s. He said that drone images intercepted by Hezbollah led the group to stage an ambush in September 1997 in which 11
members of a 16-strong elite Israeli naval commando unit were killed.

More footage from Israeli drones showed routes taken by Rafik Hariri’s motorcade in Beirut, including the scene of his subsequent assassination.

“Was that a coincidence?” Nasrallah asked. “Such footage generally comes as the first leg of the execution of an operation.”
Israel had the means, the motivation and the most to gain from the Hariri assassination then and the destabilizing affects of the pre determined verdict, now.
 a U.N.-backed court trying four suspects from Shi’ite Hezbollah delivers a verdict on Friday that could shake the country again.

Hariri’s assassination prompted mass protests in Beirut and a wave of international pressure which forced Syria to end its 29-year military presence in Lebanon after the U.N. investigator linked it with the bombing.

Few expect the defendants to be handed over if convicted, but any guilty verdicts could pose a problem to the government and deepen rifts unresolved since the 1975-1990 civil war. The country is already reeling from the worst economic crisis in decades and a deepening COVID-19 outbreak.

After the UN linked Syria to the bombing?? But, not Israel? 
Biggest benefactor in the region. Cui Bono.
And now the port explosion... all very destabilizing, wouldn’t you agree?

Port of Beirut - Devastated

On Tuesday, a massive blast in Beirut rippled across vast swathes of the city, leaving at least 100 people dead and more than 4,000 injured, while causing widespread damage.

The explosion has increased the pain from a severe economic crisis and severe political polarization in a country where regional and international parties overlap.
The Port of Beirut is the largest shipping and clearing point in Lebanon, through which approximately 70% of the incoming and outgoing trade traffic to and from the country passes, according to the port's website.

Economy Minister Raoul Nehme Wednesday said Lebanon had enough grain reserves for “a bit less than a month” after the explosion destroyed the nation’s main silo.

“We are currently looking for storage areas,” Nehme told Reuters, adding that Lebanon needed enough inventories to last at least three months to ensure its food security.

Meanwhile, Beirut Governor Marwan Abboud said the blast had left more than 200,000 people homeless, causing damage to buildings worth between $3 billion and $5 billion – and “maybe more.”

The port is located in a strategic area linking the commercial markets of Asia, Europe and Africa and thus reduces the duration of commercial navigation voyages compared with other routes.

The irregular warfare destabilazation rumbling begins- Economic hit. Infrastructure hit.

Food shortages.