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Mockingbird’s Usurper Eggs: Media Psyops & The Further Subordination of Saudi Arabia

 The Khashoggi psychological operation just goes on and on. The pressure on Saudi Arabia is very immense.  It’s been quite a show. An eye opener in how disinfo spreads through the media.
Alt and msm.

Khashoggi was killed by the Saudis?

 It was clear that this news was laid, like an egg, in the media, most likely by the CIA, aided by their mockingbirds in the so called ‘real news media’ and the alt media.

 What's with the bird analogy?

 Mockingbirds often hatch the eggs of other kinds of birds- Most often cowbirds.

 Mockingbirds do this because it gives their eggs an advantage for survival.

 Mockingbird media is like this as well. 

  Think of  actual mockingbird eggs as real news and usurper eggs as fake news. 
  Interested parties, lay fake news eggs in among the real news eggs.  All eggs are given equal care by the Mockingbird (media)
 Eventually both fake news and real news eggs are hatched (reported on)  leave the nest (disseminated) and spread off to new territories, places and or spaces (further spreading via the so called alt media)

Let’s get back to the origins of the Saudi consulate killers story

It originated with Washington Post. Of course.Linked to in this post
 Who is informing the reader that the Turkish officials (unnamed of course) told US officials (unamed as well) that their were audio and video recording supporting the theory of Khashoggi being killed? The Washington Post. And no one else. 
 From there the story was nurtured, hatched and flew away..It’s a news report with no verification of claims at all. It can’t be taken as anything but disinfo. A usurper egg laid in a mockingbird nest.
 Yesterday there was still more usurper eggs laid in the mockingbird media nest that didn’t come to pass-
That  usurper egg was definitely hatched and took flight.

Question: What’s really going on here?

Answer: The further subordination of Saudi Arabia. If one can imagine that possible?

MBS was extolled by the US.  But along the way something changed.. Perhaps it was  Saudi awareness? Self-preservation? I can only guess.
 To me it appears that all nations on the remake list are by now aware of their impending... just a matter of time... destabilization. Dismantling. Call it what you want?
Heck it was written about here, at this blog, years ago.
But there is this weird quiet on the 5 eyes media front. Alt and main stream. 
Regarding the ongoing remake in the region of the middle east.
Why is that? 

I touched on that some time ago. Obfuscating for the agenda.
When the dust finally settles it can all be claimed as happenstance. Except, it wasn't.

The remake of the region is continuing on apace.I’ve written on this subject way to often already to go into it again. Instead I’ll quote from a Yeni Safak Oped- Turkey is aware. Syria knows. Iran is fully cognizant they are going to be targeted.  So we should accept the fact that Saudi Arabia is just as aware of their own planned destabilization.
"It is a multidimensional dark incident ranging from the U.S. to Europe, from Saudi’s internal power structure to the disintegration between Turkey and Saudi Arabia, from the redesign of the region to Saudi-Iran war scenarios, from the rapport between Qatar and Turkey,

Turkey and Saudi Arabia must close all doors of the Khashoggi case calling on to international intervention and that aim to provoke both countries.

A plan aimed at pitting Turkey and the Arab world against each other is being implemented. They are selling the "Ottoman fear" to work the "anti-Turkey sentiment" theory on Arab streets. This plan is a major destruction project aimed at our region
Wake up, we are all in the same boat!

The invasion of Iraq, the Syrian war, Daesh, the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) project, July 15 and this new "Arab wave" are a part of the big scenario, the map operation that is aimed at our region a century later. The fronts from a century ago are being established. Yet, contrary to popular belief, we are all in the same boat"
This project swallowed Iraq and Syria. Now it is targeting Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Iran. If their conflict and confrontation plans between these three big countries succeed, the entire region will collapse.

Remaking the region- It's on!

Now we’ll talk Khashoggi/psyops and forcing Saudi Arabia to bend further to US edicts-
What’s at stake?

What if this is not about seperating Kash (Bandar disappearwd too) but state sponsorship. S400

The S-400
"Talks for Saudi Arabia to acquire the Russian S-400 SAM system are continuing...
Having become operational 11 years ago, the S-400 remains Russia’s most advanced anti-aircraft weapon in service. It was designed to detect and shoot aerodynamic and ballistic targets. The S-400 employs the 48N6 family of missiles with a launch weight of about two tons (4,400 pounds) and a range of up to 240 km (130 nm). The latest 40N6 missiles extend that range up to 400 km (215 nm). For engaging targets at shorter ranges, the system may use the smaller 9M96 and 9M100 families, weighing from 240 kg (530 pounds) upwards.

Saudi Arabia signed a memo of intent to acquire advanced Russian weaponry during King Salman’s visit to Moscow in October last year with intent to formalize a deal in 2018"
Iran extends a fig leaf to Saudi Arabia

Iran days ago offered fig leaf to saudis to restart negotiations to create and build regional agreements. Kind of like M. AM. Meeting the Abdullah?

found the report regarding iran's offer to Saudi Arabia

"Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says Iran is prepared to cooperate with Saudi Arabia in order to build a strong region together and put an end to the US humiliation of regional countries.

“President Trump repeatedly humiliates the Saudis by saying they can't last 2 weeks without his support,” Zarif said in a Thursday tweet.

“This is the recompense for the delusion that one's security can be outsourced. We again extend our hand to our neighbors: let's build a "strong region", and stop this conceit,” the Iranian top diplomat added.
 Iranian AND Saudi Energy Ministers Cavorting with the "Tsar" !
This is relevent:


Putin can meet with energy ministers of Iran and Saudi Arabia on October 3

Russian President Vladimir Putin will take part in the plenary session ‘Sustainable Energy for a Changing World’ during the Russian Energy Week International Forum. On the sidelines of the forum he will be able to briefly meet with the heads of energy ministries of Iran and Saudi Arabia - Iranian Oil Minister Bijan Namdar Zanganeh and Energy Minister of Saudi Arabia Khalid al-Falih, Russian Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov told on Tuesday, TASS reports.

So we have Iran extending the fig leaf to Saudi Arabia and Putin meeting with the oil ministers of both nations at the beginning of this month. And Saudi Arabia wanting to purchase the S-400's.
Mockingbird media doesn't mention regional remake

 In these three news items we see that Saudi Arabia was, by all appearances, moving in an independent direction. This had to have been a problem for the US and it's military industrial complex!

Scott at nomadiceverymanhas been doing some excellent work exposing this very situation 
The same one I'm writing here about- Forcing Saudi Arabia to comply by hook or crook!

Scott touches on the move to bring in the Magnistky act as more blackmail of Saudi Arabia, as was done here October 11/18  US to Apply the Magnitsky Act Regarding the Khashoggi Incident?

 Going so far as regime change should that be required. Nothing is off the table!

Monday, October 15, 2018

The Khashoggi Incident: Forcing Regime Change in Saudi Arabia?

A regime change operation of a different kind.

I'm really starting to accept this as a possibility- for a number of reasons that I'd hoped to touch on, but, don't have time to right now. The paragraph below should suffice
Relevant information from the Atlantic Council- The Khashoggi Affair: Back to the Future

Regardless of how the mystery ends, the Khashoggi affair is likely to have profound repercussions in Saudi-Western relations and perhaps inside Saudi Arabia itself. King Salman and family elders may realize that the Kingdom’s emergence from years of conservative and cautious foreign policies into a more aggressive stance inside and outside their borders may have gone too far. The logical conclusion to that line of thought would be another realignment of their top leadership.
Failing that, the pressure, particularly from the US Congress, is not likely to let up. 
Sure sounds like regime change! Realign your top leadership or the US is going to increase the pressure

Has Saudi Arabia acquiesced?

Saudi’s To Report Death of Khashoggi as “interrogation gone wrong” Maybe.

Saudi’s To Report Death of Khashoggi as “interrogation gone wrong” Maybe.

But that could change! Or not. This is breaking news?
Based on yet more unnamed sources.

Global News

CNN is the initiator of this reporting so take with a grain of salt.

CNN is reporting two anonymous sources telling of the report, although one of the sources said that the report is still being prepared and cautioned that things could change.
According to the sources, the report will detail that the interrogation of Khashoggi, who went missing October 2 after he entered the Saudi Arabia consulate in Istanbul, Turkey, was meant to lead to Khashoggi’s abduction from Turkey.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Reminiscent of Putin's Khodorkovsky release. "Pastor" Brunson released.

Apparently Brunson and Trump prayed in the Oval Office? 
What a nice touch. Very appealing to the evangelical crowd. I'm not impressed.
Trump did not say "You're FIRED! "to Brunson
Reality TV

In August of this year the subject of Brunson was covered here at the blog- Brunson walked/talked and quacked like a covert operative:
 An agent operating on behalf of another state, working to destabilize another nation state. In this case Turkey. Nothing new under the sun, really. I covered his 'church' in Izmir- a barred window store front- Not very church like at all, but, conveniently located to a big port, making the location ideal for smuggling weapons and distributing the same to US affiliated terrorists. Gulenists and or PKK. Hell, possibly even Grey Wolves? Read or re- read the earlier post relinked above-

Brunson had spent two years incarcerated. He was sentenced to 3 years imprisonment but was released based on the two years of time served.

The Turkish judiciary's decision on Friday to release American pastor Andrew Brunson was an impartial one, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan told his U.S. counterpart.

Trump also tweeted: "There was NO DEAL made with Turkey for the release and return of Pastor Andrew Brunson.” 

Brunson was arrested in December 2016 and charged in the Aegean province of Izmir with being a member of the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETO), the group behind a defeated coup earlier that year.
After being transferred from jail to house arrest this July, Brunson on Friday was sentenced to just over three years in prison, but released due to time served and his good behavior in custody. 
The charges against him included spying for both FETO and the PKK, a group recognized as terrorist by the U.S. and EU which is responsible for some 40,000 deaths in Turkey, including women and children.
Deal? No deal? My thoughts? No advance deal.

I've been going over all the reasons, in my mind, why Turkey released Brunson at this time?

1- Tied to the missing journalist incident which was surely set to turn the heat up on Turkey.
Did Turkey make a pre-emptive move in advance of what was undoubtedly going to be Turkey portrayed very negatively along side Saudi Arabia? 

2-Perhaps the reasoning might have been that the US would release some of the financial thumb screw tension that's been applied to Turkey these past months? Not likely.

Updated October 14/18: "TURKEY has caved in to US demands for the American pastor at the centre of a row between the two nations that saw the lira crippled - despite President Donald Trump refusing to ease his punishing sanctions against the troubled state"
As suggested the release had nothing to do with getting an easing of the sanctions

3-I do not think that this will affect US support of the PKK thugs in northern Syria- 
That plan is far to advanced for US/Israel to let it go now. They've had years to back off the regional remake and have not done so thus far. Releasing Brunson was not a consideration in this regard, in my opinion.
  Believe it, or not, my early morning thinking about this recent move went back to Putin's release of Khodorkovsky. That was a shocker. Including to this blogger! 

But, the way I'm thinking about this .. Brunson was released to get ahead of the fall out from the Khashoggi incident. As mentioned in point 1. In a move reminiscent of Putin's release of Khodorkovsky. Good PR.

Let's flashback to Khordokovsky, his release was covered below:

Apparently I thought as much of Khordokovsky as I do of Brunson.  LOL. A thief and a leech.
Clearly those were my kindest sentiments!

"Love how NYT’s calls him a ‘tycoon’ Makes me laugh. He is just a well connected opportunistic  thief and leech ( To drain the essence or exhaust the resources of) on the real wealth makers of any society."
Let's go back to another 2013 article covering the release of Oligarch Khodorkovsky

Mikhail Khodorkovsky
"It looked like a scene from a Cold War spy thriller. 24 hours after his release, Oligrach Mikhail Khodorkovsky, who ended a 10-year sentence, appeared in Berlin wearing a heavy duty Russian air-force jacket and smiling broadly. It was, however, the Russian President Vladimir Putin's announcement about Khodorkovsky's early release which caught a lot of people by surprise. A global media spectacle followed. Journalists and commentators scrutinised whether Putin's decision symbolised a political strength or weakness, whether Khodorkovsky admitted his guilt, and whether he is going to become a political opposition figure or remain in exile. Media outlets appeared to be outpacing one another in applying dramatic labels to the momentous event."
Just like Brunson, Mikhail hightailed it out of dodge... so to speak

"Labelled an "off-stage bombshell", Putin's announcement of the impending release of Khodorkovsky was deemed a shocking sensation. The change of heart was attributed to Putin's perceived love of surprises and his arbitrary application of the "carrot-stick" approach
Putin's bold decision has often been mistaken for arbitrariness in the latest analyses.
In contrast, Putin's announcement[Ru] of Khodorkovsky's impending release contained little emotion, only calm and calculated rationale. In stating that "10 years is a serious punishment," the president conveys a sense of "justice being done" and readiness to close that page of history. 
In the case of pardoning Khodorkovsky, the decision was neither sensational nor arbitrary. Rather, it was a combination of socio-political factors: A strategically timed publicity stunt to bolster Russia's positive image internationally in the run-up to the Sochi Olympics, a result of skilful lobbying efforts by the German diplomatic elite and a humane act of mercy driven by Putin's personal convictions about vengeance, justice and mercy."
We know the US has lobbied hard to have Brunson released. Perhaps enough 'justice' had been served by the two years  of imprisonment that Turkey saw more value/benefit in releasing Brunson then keeping him incarcerated. 

Friday, October 12, 2018

Lavrov: Easier for the US to Fish in Troubled Waters- Unifying Kurdish Held Territories

No one who reads here is going to be surprised that Lavrov is stating the US is trying to join annexed Syrian territory with the Kurdish territory in Iraq to make a unified territory.

Like a broken record I've reported on this... repeatedly. While taking a lot of flak for doing so.
One of a very, very few, but brave, voices speaking these facts. Sadly.
As the 5 eyes main stream and alt avoided the blatantly obvious. 

From November 2015: Sinjar: Creating a Crucial Supply Route for KurdIShIS & Annexing Iraqi Territory

When the US took Sinjar they were able to make the connection into Syria and start building the infrastructure for that cojoined territory.. That was three years ago!
"Clearly what is going on in Sinjar has zip to do with fighting ISIS. The US is aiding the Kurds in their annexation of Iraqi territory-  Same as in Syria. Same as will be done in Turkey. The US is redrawing the borders of the ME, using ISIS as the pretext, as has been suggested here for a very long time! As the US aids the Kurds in their land thievery and nation destruction they are also ensuring a supply route to continue this redraw. Complete with ethnic cleansing and massive displacement that will see yet more movement towards Europe- As intended!"

 The Map to the left doesn't even begin to cover the territory now held by the PKK/YPG in Syria and Iraq. With US help they annexed even more territory then this early mapmaker had anticipated- The PKK/YPG along with their USrael benefactors now hold 30 percent of Syria's territory.

 Below I've highlighted Lavrov's statements so they cannot be missed!


United States is up to plunge into a dangerous game in Syria with idea of unified Kurdistan, Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in an interview with RT France, Paris Match and Le Figaro.

"Neither the United State nor France nor other Western countries want to create conditions for the return of refugees on the territories that are controlled by Syria’s legitimate government until  a reliable political process is launches," the Russian Foreign Ministry quoted him as saying
Yet the US is willing to annex Syrian territory and join it with Iraqi territory without any reliable political process involving the legitimate government of Syria! Notice the double standards?

In the meantime, the United States is establishing power bodies in alternative to the Syrian legitimate authorities on a vast territory east of the Euphrates and is taking robust efforts to encourage the return of refugees there, Lavrov noted.

"The question is why it is not necessary to wait for the launch of a reliable political process on the Euphrates east bank that is controlled by the United States. There is only one answer to it - it is planned to establish a territory that would be a kind of a prototype of a new state. Or it will be another round of the most dangerous game with Iraqi Kurdistan, the idea of the so-called unified Kurdistan," he said.

"I don’t rule out the United States is seeking to keep the situation in that region that tense so that no one could calm down," the Russian top diplomat said. "It is much easier for them to fish what they want in such troubled waters. It has never done any good," he stressed.

Saudi Delegates Arrive in Ankara: US Spies Make Claims/Western Firms Withdraw

Interesting that western business and 'influential persons' like Obama (influential is not my choice of words) seek to distance themselves from Saudi Arabia. Or so they claim.
In advance of this possibility?
Again with the hearsay!  
From "one person" and a "second person". No substance. No names.

As Washington Post claims the Turks have told US officials they have audio and video to support claims of murder.  

The Turkish government has told U.S. officials that it has audio and video recordings that prove Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi was killed inside the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul this month, according to U.S. and Turkish officials.
 one person with knowledge of the recording who, like others, spoke on the condition of anonymity
A second person briefed on the recording said....
Washington Post always being very spooky. 

Persons of influence and wealth back away.. allegedly?

“What has reportedly happened in Turkey around the disappearance of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, if proved true, would clearly change the ability of any of us in the West to do business with the Saudi government,” Richard Branson, CEO of Virgin, said in a statement suspending several ongoing projects with Saudi entities.
Over the last few days, several large western firms and prominent figures announced they were pulling out of joint ventures and appearances with the Saudi leadership over the disappearance. Among them were The New York Times, Uber, and The Economist, along with Huffington Post founder Arianna Huffington and former US Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz, former energy secretary under President Barack Obama, is suspending his involvement advising Saudi Arabia on a $500 billion smart city project.
The loss of any 'smart city' is no loss at all- Those cities are abominations. Affronts to all that live.  The best way to think about smart is pain. Oh that smarts!
Torontonians may want to rethink that development along the lakeshore?

Saudi delegation arrives
A delegation from Saudi Arabia arrived in Turkey’s capital, Ankara, on Friday for the investigation into the disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi.
On Thursday, Turkish Presidential Spokesman Ibrahim Kalın said Turkey had accepted a Saudi proposal to form a joint working group to investigate the case of Khashoggi.



Thursday, October 11, 2018

US to Apply the Magnitsky Act Regarding the Khashoggi Incident?

 In case you're not up to speed?

 AlJaz-Senators trigger act requiring Trump to determine if foreign person committed rights violations against the Saudi writer

 This move sets some alarm bells off...........Five alarm fire style

"After the disappearance of prominent Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, US Senators triggered the terms of the Global Magnitsky Act, which requires the president to investigate and determine if a foreign person is responsible for a extrajudicial killing, torture or other gross violation of internationally recognised human rights.
In a letter, signed by a bipartisan group of 22 Senators on Wednesday, Bob Corker, the Republican chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, demanded President Donald Trump probe any violations committed against Khashoggi.
Here's a look at the Magnitsky Act and how it applies to Khashoggi's case:"

What is the Magnitsky Act?

"The Magnitsky Accountability Act was signed into law by then-President Barack Obama in December 2012, in response to human rights abuses against Russian lawyer and auditor Sergei Magnitsky"

Magnitsky was NOT a lawyer- He was an accountant. In 2011 three bloggers got together and wrote a big expose on the Magnitsky Browder saga years ago- I was one of those three.
The report is still available on line.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011: Magnitsky Report

Bill Browder was most recently playing the eternal victim role in Spain.

Is the Khashoggi disappearance a turning point for US-Saudi ties?

"Russian authorities arrested Magnitsky in 2008 after working with investor William Browder, who had hired him to uncover massive tax fraud totalling $230m linked to people connected to the Kremlin. Magnitsky was beaten in custody and died in 2009, days before his supposed release.
At the time of its passage, the Magnitsky Act targeted 18 Russian individuals, barring them from US entry and US bank dealings.
In 2016, it was expanded to give the executive branch power to impose targeted sanctions or visa bans on individuals who have committed human rights violations anywhere in the world.
With the threat of significant sanctions looming, the law is also meant to deter human rights violators from partaking in future violations, according to Mai El-Sadany, the legal and judicial director at the Tahrir Institute for Middle East Policy in Washington.
"The Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act is an unprecedented human rights tool ... [it] enables the president of the United States to apply targeted sanctions against individuals involved in human rights violations," El-Sadany told Al Jzeera."
The Magnistsky Act has nothing to do with human rights- It's the financial version of R2P.
R2P is a farcical excuse to attack other nations under the guise of protecting it's inhabitants

Louise Arbour"She now sees the R2P doctrine, in particular, as a failure: Its imposition by the UN in Libya, and the resulting chaos, severely crippled the notion of a legal intervention, she believes"

How is it triggered and what does it require the White House do?

"Upon receipt of a letter from a chairman and ranking member of one an appropriate House or Senate committees, the president has 120 days to determine if a foreign individual committed a human rights violation. A classified or unclassified report is then submitted to the committee explaining whether or not sanctions will be imposed, and if so, what sanctions. 
Violations would include "extrajudicial killings, torture, or other gross violations of internationally recognized human rights violations against individuals who seek to obtain, exercise, defend, or promote human rights and freedoms, including freedom of expression", according to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee."

How does it apply in Khashoggi's case? What happens next?

"On Wednesday, ranking members and chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, sent a letter to President Trump triggering the Magnitsky Act and an investigation into whether rights violations occured relating to Khashoggi's disappearance.
Upon receipt of the letter, the White House has 120 days to report back to the committee with a decision and determine whether it will impose sanctions on the foreign individual(s) involved in the "gross violation of internationally recognized human rights against an individual exercising freedom of expression".
Human rights violations would also include "torture or cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment or punishment, prolonged detention without charges and trial, causing the disappearance of persons by the abduction and clandestine detention of those persons, and other flagrant denial of the right to life, liberty, or the security of person," the Committee wrote in its letter on Wednesday. 

"Therefore, we request that you make a determination on the imposition of sanctions pursuant to the Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act with respect to any foreign person responsible for such a violation related to Mr. Khashoggi," Senators said. "Our expectation is that in making your determination you will consider any relevant information, including with respect to the highest ranking officials in the Government of Saudi Arabia."
The letter was sent by Senators Bob Menendez (D-NJ) and Bob Corker (R-TN), ranking member and chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and Patrick Leahy (D-VT) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC), ranking member and chairman of the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs.
The letter was also signed by Senators Marco Rubio (R-FL), Ben Cardin (D-MD), John Barrasso (R-WY), Chris Murphy (D-CT), Jeff Flake (R-AZ), Tim Kaine (D-VA), Cory Gardner (R-CO., Ed Markey (D-MA), Johnny Isakson (R-GA), Jeff Merkley (D-OR), Todd Young (R-IN), Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH), Rob Portman (R-OH), Cory Booker (D-NJ), Ron Johnson (R-WI.), Chris Coons (D-Del.), Jim Risch (R-Idaho), and Tom Udall (D-NM)."

What will it mean for US-Saudi relations?

"The enactment of the Magnitsky Act has been seen as a major blow for US-Saudi relations by many in Washington.
Although Trump told reporters on Thursday that he saw no reason to block Saudi Arabian investments in the US, an impending investigation into Khashoggi's disappearance could potentially lead to economic and political sanctions on individuals in the oil-rich Gulf state.
James Zogby, founder and president of the Arab American Institute in Washington, DC, said Khashoggi's case has led to "a tremendous shift in public opinion", toward Saudi Arabia, "not only among [Americans] but also in the Senate".
Whether or not the president implements sanctions, he said, Khashoggi's case would continue to haunt Saudi Arabia.
"Not putting sanctions on individuals will only poison the well [for] future arms sales and future exemptions to sanctions," he said. "Clearly in the Senate, where Congress can act without the president, there will be repercussions.
"This is something that has been building. This has got to be a concern for [Saudi Arabia]; having a good relationship with President Trump does not translate to getting a free pass from the Senate."

Isn't it interesting that the US has also threatened to use the Magnitsky Act to wreak financial havoc on Turkey
And isn't it also interesting that a couple of years ago I wrote a big piece as a response to Scott previously from Willy Loman but now at nomadic everyman titled:
And it has been for a good long while now.
teeny bit of a big post with lots of outward links
Yours truly: "Sy Hersh like Joe Biden, planting the seeds in your mind for the next two planned destabilizations- Since Turkey’s destabilization was well under way at the time I wrote “Who controls the Past, Controls the Future” I put more focus on Sy's obvious framing and blaming of Saudi Arabia, while still pointing out the lies concerning Turkey"
Aaaah. Memories.