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Libyan Ceasefire Agreement: Doomed to Fail? Unstable Since the US and France Intervened

 And we see the hand of the US and France at play in Nagarno Karabakh- Make no mistake about it.  As for this ceasefire? I have my doubts.

What does Libya’s ceasefire deal contain?

Libya has not had political stability since the 2011 NATO-backed uprising against Muammar Gaddafi  


Who is involved?

Libya is split between the internationally recognised Government of National Accord (GNA) in Tripoli in the west and Khalifa Haftar’s self-styled Libyan National Army (LNA) in the east.

The latest United Nations meetings in Switzerland were between five military officers from each side representing the GNA and LNA after they held preliminary talks in Egypt this month.

UN acting Libya envoy Stephanie Williams said they had agreed to a complete, countrywide, permanent ceasefire with immediate effect.

The truce does not include UN-designated “terrorist” groups such as ISIL (ISIS), which is present in parts of the south.

What must both sides do?

All military units and armed groups must pull back from the front lines and return to their camps. All foreign fighters and mercenaries must leave Libya within three months – by January 23.

Williams said there were mercenaries from up to nine countries fighting in Libya. Both the GNA, backed by Turkey, and the LNA, backed by Russia, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt, have fielded foreign combatants.

Any military agreements either side has struck with their foreign backers must also be suspended until a new unified government is in place, the deal said, with all foreign military trainers to depart.

How will it be implemented?

The two sides will set up a joint military committee to form an operations room commanding a limited force of regular personnel.

It will identify and categorise all Libya’s many armed groups with UN help and work out whether, and how, to integrate their fighters into state institutions.

A new joint police operations room would secure areas from which the two sides’ military forces have withdrawn.

Both sides will work with the UN Libya mission to set up a way to monitor the truce and they have asked the UN Security Council for a resolution to ensure compliance.

What happens next?

The two sides must continue with agreed measures to build confidence, including the opening of land and air routes between areas they control, curbing hate speech, exchanging detainees and restructuring a security force for oil facilities.

The two military delegations that struck the deal will reconvene soon with subcommittees to work out details on tough questions, including the withdrawal from front lines, the departure of mercenaries and the unification of armed forces.

A round of political talks is expected early next month in Tunis.

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Russia and Turkey Should Find Compromises For Disagreement on Nagarno Karabakh......Updated

 Keeping a watch on this situation, came across a couple of interesting articles. And yes, I'll be looking for some additional info as well.

Daily Sabah

Russia and Turkey disagree on the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and they need to find compromises where they disagree, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday.

"Erdo─čan may seem tough but he is a flexible politician and a reliable partner for Russia," he added.

Putin also stated that he hopes the United States will help Russia try to broker a solution for the tensions in the Caucasus.

The president also said that Moscow believed that nearly 5,000 people had been killed in fighting between Azerbaijan and Armenian separatists over the illegally occupied Nagorno-Karabakh region.

"There are a lot of casualties from both sides, more than 2,000 from each side," Putin told a meeting of the Valdai Discussion Club.

Here's hoping Russia and Turkey can engage diplomatically. Broached more then once, but, most recently in the post below. 

 I'm in agreement a regional solution is the only way to go. So sayonara France and the US


He also stated that Russia has always had special ties with both Armenia and Azerbaijan.
There are over 2,000,000 Armenians and nearly 2,000,000 Azerbaijanis living in Russia who have come to the Russian Federation to not only work temporarily, but also to settle. This is why both Armenia and Azerbaijan are equal partners for Russia, and the deaths of people are a great tragedy for us,” he said.

Should we take that to suggest that Russia is not solely in Armenia's court? 

Putin on Turkey and France's Discrepancies..

Talking about the discrepancies between Turkey and France in regard to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin said Russia has never abused the tension between states.

“As far as the internal disputes of NATO and the disputes between Turkey and France are concerned, Russia has never abused the tension between other states. Russia still has sustainable relations with good prospects and a good history of relations with France. The cooperation with Turkey is growing, and in general, Turkey is Russia’s neighbor,” Putin said at Valdai Discussion Club.

“I don’t know what President Erdogan is planning and how he treats Ottoman heritage,”..... Putin said in response to the moderator who hinted the view of experts (the view of spin doctors is much more like it) that Erdogan is actually leading a policy of expanding his zone of influence to the borders of the former Ottoman Empire.

Since the Putin quote was cut off, my question is did Putin suggest said experts ask Erdogan? 

UPDATE October 23/20: Being an individual who has read lots of Putin speeches over the years, I was certain the cut off quote included Putin stating that Erdogan should be asked.. Sure enough.

I do not know about President Erdogan’s plans or his attitude towards the Ottoman legacy. You should ask him about it.


All participants of the Nagorno-Karabakh negotiations genuinely strive for regulation, but Russia is interested in it more than anyone else, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday during a session of the Valdai Discussion Club.

"All participants of the negotiation process genuinely want the situation to be regulated, but no one is interested in this more than Russia," the Russian leader stressed during a session of the Valdai Discussion Club on Thursday.

"I would very much like for a compromise to be found. As you know, I’m in close contact with President [of Azerbaijan Ilham] Aliyev and [Armenian] Prime Minister [Nikol] Pashinyan. I speak to them over the phone several times a day. Our foreign minister, defense minister, heads of special services are in constant contact," Putin said.

Putin on change of format of Minsk Group for settlement of Nagorno-Karabakh conflict

“Unfortunately, I don’t have the answer to your question [is it necessary to change the format of the group for settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict?], and it’s not because I want to emphasize Russia’s role. Everyone understands that these are our neighbors and we have special relations with these countries and peoples. Russia has a special sense of responsibility for the settlement in Nagorno-Karabakh, but it needs support, including the support of the US and France and other members of the Minsk Group, including Turkey, as a matter of fact.

I repeat that we have sought and proposed mutual concessions for years. Unfortunately, we failed to find a solution, and this led to today’s tragedy. I hope everything ends, the battles end. I agree that the first thing to do is to cease fire. We agreed on this in Moscow, but unfortunately, the situation didn’t stay the same. We will aspire for this,” he stated.

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Astra Zeneca Covid Vaccine “Test Subject” Dies- Shocking Little MSM Coverage.

Astra Zeneca is really keeping this one on the secret side of the line. Anonymous sources cited?  No name Astra Zeneca spokesperson has “no comment”
Two cases of myelitis and a death. AZ claimed the subject of the first case had undiagnosed MS, which I don’t believe. AZ claims there was insufficient evidence to connect the second myelitis case to the vaccine. And now a death. The same vaccine. The deceased has no name.  Just an age. And a sex. 
Age, 28. Sex, Male. ( I don't do gender)
It’s not even clear when the test subject died.
By the way.. Astra Zeneca received  a $1 billion investment from the federal government’s Operation Warp Speed program . Yes that’s 1 BILLION dollars.
Then governments the world over will pay for the vaccines.
What a boondoggle

 A  project that is considered a waste of both time and money, yet is often continued due to extraneous policy or political motivations

They’re in the money. They’re in the money.



"Shares of AstraZeneca dropped slightly Wednesday afternoon following reports that a patient participating in the Brazilian arm of the company’s global Phase III study has died.

Little information about the death of the patient is known at this point. The patient is Brazilian, according to CNBC, which first reported the incident. However,
it is unknown if the patient received the vaccine
as part of an ongoing study in that country or the cause of the patient’s death.
Despite the death, it appears the Phase III trial in Brazil will continue."
"The Brazil National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA) said it was notified Monday of the participant’s death and received data from the investigation into the matter."

When did the patient die? And was cherry picked data received? I'd expect so. 


"A source familiar with the matter told Reuters that the trial would have been suspended if the volunteer who died had received the COVID-19 vaccine, suggesting the person was part of the control group that was given a meningitis vaccine."

Suggesting it was a meningitis vaccine? Suggesting!! That’s weasel wording. Also problematic? Thought the trials were supposed to be the actual vaccine or a placebo. Was a meningitis vaccine the placebo? That seems an odd way to test a Covid vaccine, no? Is that how vaccine trials are done?                                       
"So far 8,000 of the planned 10,000 volunteers in the trial have been recruited and given the first dose in six cities in Brazil, and many have already received the second shot, he said."
Both AstraZeneca and Oxford University, the pharma giant’s research partner for the vaccine, provided little comment on the news of the death. An AstraZeneca spokesperson cited “medical confidentiality and clinical trial regulations,” CNBC reported. The spokesman further said that “significant medical events are carefully assessed by trial investigators” and added the “assessments have not led to any concerns about the continuation of the ongoing study.”

Additionally, an Oxford University spokesperson told CNBC that “there have been no concerns about the safety of the clinical trial” following an assessment of the case in Brazil.
“The independent review in addition to the Brazilian regulator have recommended that the trial should continue,” Oxford spokesperson Alexander Buxton told CNBC

News of the death comes within hours of additional reports suggesting the U.S. Food and Drug Administration might lift an ongoing hold of the U.S. arm of the Phase III vaccine study. The study in the United States has been paused since September following reports that a patient in the United Kingdom who received the vaccine candidate, AZD1222, developed a serious illness that is believed to be a serious spinal inflammatory disorder called transverse myelitis. The patient was treated in the hospital and sent home. After a brief investigation by Britain’s Medicines Health Regulatory Authority (MHRA) determined that there was not sufficient evidence the woman’s illness was directly caused by the vaccine, the trial in the U.K. resumed.       
It has to be asked, would this death be swept under the rug so the US arm of Phase III could have their ongoing hold lifted?
"The federal government already has plans to purchase the vaccine and produce it at its biomedical research centre Fiocruz in Rio de Janeiro, while a competing vaccine from China’s Sinovac is being tested by Sao Paulo state’s research center Butantan Institute.

If the vaccine makes it through regulatory trials, AstraZeneca plans to manufacture two billion doses of its vaccine, with 400 million slated for the U.S. and UK, and one billion allotted for low- and middle-income countries."
This Covid vaccine definitely has problems. Not limited to the Astra Zeneca shot

Still gotta get to the news of how asbestos is going to save us from man made global warming -bizarre

From earlier today

Yahoo Doug Ford, Puts A Real “Iron Ring” of Protection Around His Government & Negligent Long Term Care Homes

  Are you surprised? I’m not. After all the malfeasance was obvious, now the Ford government will ‘plead’ innocent and avoid responsibility. Pay attention to the weasel wording.

 This should not be allowed. This should not stand. It’s reprehensible. It was the Ford Government’s policy that allowed for the sick to be moved in LTC homes. That allowed for homes to be at over capacity. They’ll claim they couldn’t have known, but, that’s a lie. Common sense suggests otherwise.

CTV: New Ford government legislation could protect long-term care homes, province from COVID-19 lawsuits

 image from the Beaverton

Ontario's Progressive Conservative government has introduced new legislation that could potentially shield itself, as well as long-term care homes, from COVID-19-related lawsuits, as long as the parties acted in "good faith" during the pandemic.

 Attorney General Doug Downey tabled the "Supporting Ontario's Recovery Act," which would introduce a new test for Ontario judges to consider before allowing a COVID-19 civil suit to proceed: whether an "honest effort" was made to follow public health guidelines and laws related to the pandemic. 

Their presenting the PSW as the intended target of these lawsuits. BULL BISCUITS! They are saving their own a$$es and those of the long term care homes (mostly private for profit) that took in extra patients for extra PROFITS

While the new legislation would protect front line workers from physicians to grocery store clerks, it would also place a legal iron ring around long-term care homes -- some of which are currently facing class action lawsuits. 

The government also confirmed to CTV News Toronto that the provincial government, municipalities, public health officials and politicians would be potentially shielded from litigation -- dating back to Mar. 17 when the government enacted a state of emergency. 

No one is going to sue the PSW or the grocery store clerk- that's absurd. This legislation is being put in place to shield the government. Municipal and Provincial. Also the lying public health officials. And the LTC homes.

"You allege that I do something, and my defense is I honestly did it in good faith, I listened to public health advice, I implemented the public health advice and something inadvertently happened -- that's my defense and that should be a valid defense," Downey said. 

Rocco Achampong, a prominent Toronto lawyer, said the government has made it "harder for the ordinary citizen to seek redress in courts" and said he was surprised by the government legislation.

"There has to be some concern in the bureaucracy that liability could be attracted by some of the advice being given or some of the action being taken, and in anticipation of that they may be protecting themselves," Achampong told CTV News Toronto. 

The retroactive nature of the legislation could have an impact on existing class-action lawsuits on behalf of residents and families in long-term care. 

One lawsuit in particular, launched by Rochon Genova, accuses 96 long-term care homes as well as the Ford government of negligence during the pandemic. 

"The government of Ontario and the defendant owners and operators of long-term care homes ignored numerous red flags and failed to adopt timely and reasonable infection prevention and control measures to avoid exposing the elderly to the risk of infection with COVID-19," the lawsuit claims. 

Downey said the legislation wouldn't automatically reject such lawsuits because it "doesn't protect bad actors." 

"This doesn't protect people who aren't following the rules, it doesn't protect against gross negligence," Downey said, adding it would be for the courts to decide who is a bad actor and who was acting in good faith. 

Achampong points out, however, that by requiring challengers to prove that gross negligence has taken place, the government has set the bar high enough to prevent litigation from proceeding. 

"It would be more difficult for a litigant to get redress from the government."

And that's the idea folks. Doug Ford failed to put that iron ring around the LTC homes, but, you can be dam sure he's putting one around himself and his business cronies! 

In case you've forgotten what kind of a "leader" Mr Ford has been...

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Nagorno-Karabakh needs a regional solution: M. K. BHADRAKUMAR

 This is an excellent op ed. Nagarno Karabakh does INDEED need a regional solution.

Bhadrakumar points out, what has been written about for years here at PFYT’s, that is the constant demonisation of Turkey and it’s leadership. This thought line comes straight from the US and friends. As has been stated, those slagging Turkey, in an irrational manner, are merely parroting Usrael Intelligence/ Military Industrial Propaganda.
Yes, that's you Loon, I mean. Moon of Alabama! And, Saker. Which is why neither site is linked here, in case you all wondered? There are far to many other non critical mouthpieces around. 

 I'm in agreement a regional solution is the only way to go. So sayonara France and the US

"The demonisation of Turkey and President Recep Erdogan has been carried too far in the most recent years in the western media. Turkey appears to be mired in controversies all across its neighbourhood — maritime boundary disputes with Greece and Cyprus; occupation of northern Syria; intervention in Libya; support of the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas; sponsorship of radical Islamist groups, e
This is being perceived (presented)  as stemming from Erdogan’s Neo-Ottoman ambitions to reclaim Turkey’s legacy as an imperial power. However, on closer look, the common thread here is Turkey’s rise as a regional power in the post-cold war era. As multipolarity gains traction in international diplomacy, more and more countries will start behaving like Turkey — exploring new opportunities to pursue independent foreign policies.
Branding this outlook as ‘neo-Ottoman’ is obfuscating the geopolitical reality that as Erdogan assertively navigates a way forward to create space for Turkey in a tough neighbourhood, it is bound to cause discomfort to other regional powers with similar regional aspirations. Thus, Israel, Greece, the UAE and Saudi Arabia have joined hands to oppose Turkey and this alliance enjoys US backing.
As has been stated here, repeatedly, the US backs Israel, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Cyprus AGAINST Turkey- It's quite obvious. Or at least it should be if people weren't so busy circle jerking their illusory truth effect- promoted by shills and repeated by the unquestioners

A certain distance has also developed between Russian president Vladimir Putin and Erdogan lately. The two countries’ differences over Syria and Libya have been apparent fro sometime, but that never stopped Putin and Erdogan from working on their convergences. Therefore, it is surprising that the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh has generated such a public rift between Russia and Turkey.

I'm not certain how public the rift is at this point. And am still anticipating diplomatic movement between Russia and Turkey

"Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov highlights that Moscow regards Turkey only as a ‘close partner’ and not a ‘strategic partner’! Russia’s intelligence chief Sergei Naryshkin repeats the unsubstantiated allegation that Turkey is transferring jihadi groups to the Caucasus! Conceivably, Russian officials are playing to the western gallery, capitalising on the strained relations between Turkey and the US.

Putin never once contacted Erdogan directly over N-K, while he held intensive discussions with several world leaders including Trump, Macron and Rouhani — and the leaders of Azerbaijan and Armenia (more than once.)
Meanwhile, the western media created a narrative of Turkish ‘betrayal’ and propagated a conspiracy theory that Erdogan is working toward ejecting Russia from Transcaucasia.  (Yup, that's how the conspiracy theory goes) Of course, Turkey has been selling arms to Azerbaijan — but so do Russia and Israel. (Russia also equips the Armenian armed forces!)"
"Erdogan made sustained efforts in the past several years to forge a strategic partnership between Ankara and Baku on the basis of the two countries’ Turkic identity. But it is an entirely different thing to say Erdogan has been plotting against Russia or that he is injecting the jihadi virus into Caucasus.

The French President Emmanuel Macron started the spin that Turkey was transferring Islamist fighters from Syria to the Caucasus, but he has an old score to settle with Erdogan. It is an absurd allegation. Azeri President Aliyev abhors ‘jihadis’.

Macron didn't start that spin, but, he certainly catapulted it. Over and over 

France’s Macron has lips that just keep flappin’ in the wind. He never shuts up. And the key paragraph below? France has, indeed, fanned the flames of conflict. And why are so few mentioning motor mouth Macron's role in a number of situations?
Back to the oped

At any rate, Erdogan decided to break the ice, finally, by calling Putin on October 14. The Kremlin readout gave a positive spin, the only discordant note being Putin’s ‘serious concern over the involvement of Middle Eastern fighters in the military action.’  (The Turkish readout ignored Putin’s  imputation.)

Aliyev also has clarified separately that Turkey plans to establish a military base in his country. He said, “Turkey and we have got a wide legal framework. We have agreements signed in many spheres, which include points on cooperation and mutual aid in the military sphere. This is our right. Turkey is our ally, and if there is a serious danger to Azerbaijan, we can use these opportunities. But there has been no discussion of the construction of a Turkish military base in Azerbaijan.” The remark was made possibly to allay any misconceptions in this regard in Moscow.) 
Indeed, Nagorno-Karabakh crisis exposes certain contradictions in Russian policies. On the one hand, Russia befriends Turkey but on the other hand it resents Turkey’s aspirations to be a regional power.

Russia claims to have legitimate interests in Syria, but resents Turkey’s growing influence over oil-rich Azerbaijan, which is also a Caspian littoral state whom Moscow wants to keep in its orbit!

Russia stands to gain out of Turkey’s rift with NATO and EU but will not offer an equal relationship to Turkey. Russia propagates multipolarity but regards its ‘near abroad’ as its sphere of influence. Such opportunism is unsustainable.
An enduring solution to the N-K problem can only be on the basis of the people of Armenia and Azerbaijan being persuaded that in the interests of peace, the occupied region should be returned to Baku — Turkey is absolutely right on that score — with some sort of special status, perhaps, that helps reconciliation between the two nationalities.

In the same way that Golan should be returned to Syria

Of course, that will also entail Russia vacating its base in Armenia, which may cause some heart burn to Moscow. Evidently, the Minsk Group is a recipe for stalemate — just as the Middle East Quartet has been — but that seems to be Russia’s choice today. All three co-chairs of the Minsk Group have lost credibility.
The Minsk Group was constituted in the early 1990 during Boris Yeltsin’s romance with the US. The international situation has radically changed during the past 3 decades. Today, as things stand in big-power relations, the Minsk Group virtually guarantees that the N-K crisis steadily morphs into a geopolitical slugfest. Haven’t we had enough of such slugfests already?

The only viable route appears to be the ‘Astana format’ within which Russia, Turkey and Iran could harmonise on Syria and move in a concerted fashion. Tehran has proposed a similar format for resolving the N-K problem, consistent with its stance that such problems are best addressed by the regional states.

Excellent idea- An Astana Format. It could be done and it could work.
But Putin seems to prefer the company of Trump and Macron, knowing fully well the US and French antipathy toward Erdogan. Perhaps, Putin is doing what he can to help Trump’s re-election? (The Armenian lobby is influential in US politics.) But Erdogan will not be cowed down.

If Erdogan can stand up to Trump as regards the recent testing of the S-400 ABM system, he can as well shrug off any Russian pressure tactic. In fact, he will. Turkey may not have many friends in the region, but Russia has even less. 

A well considered piece- 

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James Corbett: Your Guide to the Great Reset

hattip James Corbett:

 and from a commenter at Corbett's

AuntJennie says:

i do hate to look at schwab and i do hate listening to his voice.
anyhow, here’s a link for you all on the canadian aspect of the push to total digital economy.



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Stay Safe. Ironic, ya think?