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NATO Leaders Meet To Discuss and Plan for Second Attack On Libya

Ignoring the misleading headline and excluding most of the nonsense:

Looks to be a move to increase the weaponized migration into the EU
Among other agendas of course
To speed Gaddafi on his way to Hades, Nato and assorted pro-Western Arab states intervened in the Libyan uprising with an unprecedented avalanche of air strikes. Nato admits to flying an extraordinary 26,500 individual sorties against targets in Libya in 2011. Yet there have been only 3,933 Allied (non-Russian) air strikes in Syria against Daesh forces since bombing began in August 2014. In Iraq, there have been 8,438 Allied air attacks on Daesh units. So in Syria and Iraq combined, US and Nato forces have flown less than a third of the air strikes they did against the Gaddafi regime.

The result of the horrendous Nato bombing of Libya was effectively to destroy the country’s entire infrastructure – oil accepted, of course. Why this ridiculous overkill? Partly, it was at the behest of the Saudi-led Arab League which wanted revenge on the maverick Gaddafi. Partly, it was Nato and the US showing it could still flex military might after the debacles in Iraq and Afghanistan. Partly it was the petty vanity of Britain’s David Cameron and France’s Nicholas Sarkozy, who wanted to pretend to be a reincarnation of Mrs Thatcher. And it was the usual Western disdain for Arab lives.

Having destroyed the country, the Western powers simply walked away leaving Libya to descend into chaos. This dysfunctional country is now split into three warring zones. In the east, in Benghazi, there is the anti-Islamist House of Representatives, which is backed by neighbouring Egypt. HoR has some democratic legitimacy and is supported (after a fashion) by the remnants of the Libyan National Army led by ambitious General Khalifa Haftar. His is the strongest indigenous military force. Meanwhile, the western part of Libya, centred on Tripoli, remains in the hands of a variety of Islamist militias. In the middle: Daesh.
 I would call that a job well done, because splitting Libya up was the agenda. 
Discussed most recently in this two part, relinked below,  post from February 2015. Yes, over a year ago!

Two factors have renewed Western concern over Libya. The first is the flow of refugees and economic migrants using the country as a route into Europe. After the deal brokered between the EU and Turkey to return refugees to Turkish camps, chaotic Libya is now the obvious point of departure for those seeking to get to Europe. The UN reckons there are at least 100,000 would-be migrants waiting in their chance in Libya.

How can the EU broker a deal with Libya to send back any refugees, if there is no proper Libyan government? Answer: create a puppet government, sign a deal with them, then send in Nato military assets to enforce the deal. Last month, such a puppet government was delivered to Tripoli by boat (reportedly Saudi) and now resides in a heavily fortified naval base in Tripoli. This so-called Government of National Accord (GNA) is led by Faiez Serraj, whose father was a minister under the old pre-Gaddafi monarchy. The GNA is recognised by none of the other factions in Libya including strongman General Hafter. It remains surrounded not just by hostile Islamist militias in Tripoli but increasingly by Daesh. Daesh has deliberately opened a second front in Libya to break out of its encirclement in Syria-Iraq. It has anything between 4,000 and 6,000 fighters in Libya, based on Gaddafi’s old stronghold of Sirte. Despite ceding ground recently to General Hafter’s National Army, Libyan Daesh last week inflicted heavy casualties on militia units protecting Serraj’s puppet GNA.
Daesh conveniently moves to Libya... rolls eyes
At Nato’s July summit, the decision will be taken to blockade Libya’s 2,000-kilometre coast, to turn back refugees and isolate Daesh. Britain has already deployed a spy ship (HMS Enterprise) to the area and US drones are flying daily across Libya from the Italian island of Pantelleria. Various reputable media sources reveal there are already British, American, French and Italian Special Forces on the ground directing militia operations against Daesh. Come July expect renewed airstrikes targeting Daesh.

The UK has publicly offered to send 1,000 military advisors to train a new Libyan army loyal to the wobbly Serraj government. As these British personnel would be based in easy striking distance of Daesh suicide bombers, any notion they would be non-combatants is risible. The Second Libyan War has already begun. Where it will end is anybody’s guess.

From earlier:

Centcom's Votel to Syria/ "Rojova" after Unannounced Visit to Iraq

Centcom's Votel to Syria/ "Rojova" after Unannounced Visit to Iraq

Top US Commander Makes Secret Visit to Syrian Kurdistan This comes after his unannounced visit to Iraq, mentioned here: Mosul: it's Precarious Dam & an Earthquake? CENTCOM/ DOD. Baghdad Protests, Again

QAMISHLO, Syrian Kurdistan,— On a secret trip to Syrian Kurdistan, the new commander of U.S. forces in the Middle East said Saturday he felt a moral obligation to enter a war zone to check on his troops and make his own assessment of progress in organizing Kurdish fighters and local Arab for what has been a slow campaign to push the Islamic State out of Syria.
“I have responsibility for this mission, and I have responsibility for the people that we put here,” Army Gen. Joseph Votel said in an interview as dusk fell on the remote outpost where he had arrived 11 hours earlier. “So it’s imperative for me to come and see what they’re dealing with – to share the risk they are dealing with.”
Votel, who has headed U.S. Central Command for just seven weeks, became the highest-ranking U.S. military officer known to have entered Syria since the U.S. began its campaign to counter the Islamic State in 2014. Votel flew into the Kurdish region in northern Syria from Iraq, where he had conferred on Friday with U.S. and Iraqi military commanders. In Syria he met with U.S. military advisers working with Syrian Arab fighters and consulted with leaders of the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces SDF supported by the U.S.
CENTCOM Commander Joseph Votel and other U.S. military officials visited the Kurdish city of Kobani and met with Kurdish-led Democratic Syria Forces commanders and political officials, local media reported.
Votel’s visit is the first military visit to Syrian Kurdistan (Rojava) at the highest level.
The SDF is an alliance, formed in October 2015, of the powerful Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) with smaller Arab, Christian and Turkmen militias in a coalition intended to take on Islamic State.
So much for the claims of Turkmen belonging to Turkey and Erdogan! Certainly the Kurds and Turkmen alliance was mentioned at the blog previously.
The Kurdish YPG  forces, which the U.S. and Russia consider an ally in the fight against Islamic State, is the most effective group fighting IS in Syria, as the Kurdish militia has seized swathes of Syria from Islamic State.
 Annexed Syrian land from Syria
Votel’s flight into Syria was the first made in daylight by U.S. forces, who have about 200 advisers on the ground in Syrian Kurdistan. Military ground rules for the trip prohibited reporting the kind of aircraft Votel used, the exact location of where he landed and the names and images of the U.S. military advisers, who said they have been operating from the camp since January.
The last known high-level U.S. official to visit Syrian Kurdistan was Brett McGurk, Obama’s envoy to the coalition fighting the Islamic State. He spent two days in Syria in late January, including a tour of Kobani, the small Kurdish town near the Turkish border where Kurdish fighters backed by U.S. airstrikes had expelled an entrenched group of Islamic State fighters a year earlier.
Votel said his visit had hardened his belief that the U.S. is taking the right approach to developing local forces to fight IS, an acronym for the Islamic State.
“I left with increased confidence in their capabilities and our ability to support them,” he said. “I think that model is working and working well.”
The U.S. is supporting what it calls the Syrian Democratic Forces, which is predominantly comprised of Syrian Kurds, numbering at least 25,000 fighters, with a smaller element of Syrian Arabs, numbering perhaps 5,000 to 6,000. The U.S. is trying to increase the Arab numbers.
The US is trying to increase the Arab fighters- LOL. SDF has always been predominantly as in almost entirely Kurdish PKK/YPG
Qarhaman Hasan, the deputy commander of the Syrian Democratic Forces, said he has given the Americans a list of his most pressing needs. Atop his list: armored vehicles, heavy weapons like machine guns, as well as rocket launchers and mortars.
“We’re creating an army,” he said through an interpreter, and have had to rely on smuggling to get weapons.
They have an army- And they've been airdropped weapons by the US. As well as smuggled weapons through Turkish and Iraqi territory via their PKK bretheren. With the airport in Qamishlo and the US flying in and out of there- The PKK/YPG terror crowd can make  greater demands for even more weapons because it will be much easier to have them delivered.

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Henry Levy "Peshmerga"- Cannes Review: "Easy to see Peshmerga as a Propaganda Movie"

That's because it is! And that's all it is. But wait for it, yup, the reviewer uses the N word... Nazi.
Really predictable manipulative language- Just quoting the relevant paragraph from THR
Of course it was a glowing review. Would anyone have expected otherwise?

"It’s easy to see Peshmerga as a propaganda movie reminiscent of those made by the U.S. government’s Field Photographic Branch during World War II, framing its troopers as modern-day heroes and providing us with only a single viewpoint. Yet if there’s one regime in the world today that the public would probably compare to the Nazis, it’s ISIS, so Henry-Levy is unlikely to be criticized for stacking the deck too much against them"

I'll criticize Henry Levy for making a propaganda film reminiscent of every other piece of manipulative war garbage ever made. Reading the review made me retch!

There were so many other view points that were excluded-
-Ethnic cleansing of Arabs
-Annexing of land from multiple nations
-Kurdish "heroes" terrorizing there own bretheren
-The backing of the Peshmerga by NATO
- The support via American airstrikes- including strikes that killed many Arab families (ethnic cleansing)
- Training by NATO
-Arming of Peshmerga by NATO

All glossed over by BHL, so he could make a propaganda film, employing a simplistic white and black narrative presenting the Kurdish militia/terrorist/war criminals/land grabbers as heros!

I'll criticize him and his piece of garbage film. Which I have no intention of ever seeing.

 This is your perception being managed!  
Propaganda to make you believe that which you should not.

Cannes adds Bernard Henri Levy's "Peshmerga" documentary to official selection

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Mosul: it's Precarious Dam & an Earthquake? CENTCOM/ DOD. Baghdad Protests, Again

 If you’ve read here over the past few months then you should understand why I keep coming back to the subject of Mosul Dam. Today we’re all going to look at some information and images left by a very helpful commenter.  I've added additional info and will relink all previous posts regarding Mosul Dam

It almost appears as if the Mosul dam is being prepared for demolition as the dam's concrete footwall has been reduced to rubble and the concrete erosion caps cut into pieces in recent months.

This image is from

An employee operates an excavator as he works at strengthening the Mosul Dam on the Tigris River, around 50km north of Mosul, Iraq, March 3, 2016.

Would it "strengthen" the dam to remove the concrete at it's base?
I don't see how it would?

 Watch the video at VOA as the concrete is demolished- This is the low water level side of the dam.Behind that wall is the water being held back- To the left we see what appears to be the power generating operation? (If I'm understand this correctly?)

 ( I can't embed  the video, so go to the link.  Can't say why, but, it just won't show)

You can see the concrete demolition taking place very briefly- as the talking head claims repairs are being done. Except repairs cannot be taking place, because the "repair" contract was only finalized a very short time ago and  work camps were in the process of being set up. 

Here's a monkey running the torch cable to cut the rebar and VOA showing the demo job in progress.

Here is the main body of the dam being drilled from the crest of the dam (wrong place unless they are blast holes) in February 2016 but it sure isn't TREVI and I don't see any grout trucks or pumps anywhere. Besides they said the grout facility was in Mosul and under ISIS control.

Here is the proper place to grout the Mosul dam, namely the grouting gallery built inside the dam at the base expressly for that purpose.

 Yet, another image: The Grouting Tunnel- grouting gallery referenced by commenter

Employees are working to strengthen the Mosul Dam in northern Iraq [Azad Lashkari/Reuters]
 The Mosul Dam was built with a grouting tunnel specifically because of the geology of the area (gypsum content)

"The dam was built by an Italian-German consortium and started operating in 1986. Because of the high proportion of gypsum in the area, the construction included a grouting tunnel to allow almost constant injection of cement and drilling mud into crevices in the base that are widened by the water flowing through them"
 If we understand that regular maintenance of the dam, as with any dam, would be absolutely required! We then understand why the dam would be constructed with this grouting  tunnel  The grouting tunnel, was a design feature, built into the tunnel to specifically address the maintenance that was required. This was not incompetence or corruption. As a matter of fact this was competent engineering considering the locale.  This was what had to be done, given the geological base/location for the dam. 

 Recall in a previous post the times the maintenance of the dam fell to the wayside?

1-When the US applied harsh sanctions on the US. (the Iraqis came up with an alternative solution to keep the dam maintained)

2-When the US attacked Iraq

3- Allegedly for two weeks in 2014 when "ISIS" took control of the dam two years ago- Since that time the dam has been in NATO/Kurdish hands

Since we now know the grouting tunnel is THE way to maintain the dam- what is going on in the image below?

Repairs? That's the claim? But the Italian engineering firm isn't at work yet. So, what are we really looking at?

 Since a 'culprit' must be blamed perhaps this unusual and timely earthquake risk assessment released in November of 2015 could shed some light.
 November 2015- Yup, a timely assessment!

Difficulty of Predicting Earthquakes in Mosul Dam

Have a look at that information. November 2015 earthquake assessment? 

If you want to go down a rabbit hole then we can talk about the Assyrians. I've mentioned this before. The followers of Judaism have a biblical grudge with the Assyrians.  And that area of Iraq was the heart of the Assyrian empire....  

  Before I forget... if you want to take the express elevator to the bottom of the rabbit hole you'll want to read everything by Brandon Smith and Ken Stephens.

Here >

And here >

The forthcoming Mosul dam collapse is only a tiny part of the Globalist Shitshow and is designed to be part of the fulfillment of biblical prophecy. By September 2016 the world will be in military, economic/financial and spiritual conflict.

Don't get taken in by the show >

Baghdad has been preoccupied- and the US has already moved on Mosul with the Kurds

  • DOD  ISIL Campaign Shifts Toward Taking Mosul and Raqqa

 The U.S. commander of all troops in the Middle East, Central Command's General Joseph Votel, arrived in Baghdad Thursday on an unannounced visit for meetings on how the war against ISIS is progressing.
 CNN is the only television network on the military plane carrying Votel, a four-star general, to the Middle East to meet with his commanders, the troops and regional military officials.

I Spy an Indigo Bunting! And Other Fine Feathered Friends.

As I'd mentioned the song birds are back!!!

New birds I have seen while woods walking

Yellow Rumped Warbler- Myrtle

Both male and female together a few weeks back :)

Indigo Bunting- Only  the male (today)- he's beautiful

In the same area as the Indigo Bunting... Rose Breasted Grosbeak- Male only

A few weeks back- Eastern Bluebirds Saw a small group of these birds, both male and female:

In a world full of insanity- Woodswalking, bird watching, foraging & herb gathering keeps one sane, grounded and connected to reality.

 (Images are borrowed because we almost never have a camera)

Egyptian Military Finds and Has Confirmed Debris From Crashed Airliner

The Egyptian military found the personal belongings of passengers and other debris from an EgyptAir jet floating in the Mediterranean, Cairo said on Friday, confirming that the plane had plunged into the sea with 66 people on board.
The navy said it had found the debris about 290 km (180 miles) north of the coastal city of Alexandria and was sweeping the area in search of the plane's black box recorders.

 RT: Location of Plane Debris- Note the proximity of Cyprus and Israel? Recall the UK/US sovereign military base mentioned in yesterdays post? Think about Israel intercepting a plane and forcing it to land just weeks ago?
From Yesterday:  Egypt Air Retracts Claim of Wreckage Found: Late April, Israel Intercepted Egyptian Flight (Cyprus involved)

Not off the coast of Crete as was claimed yesterday.  Does the location of the find put this plane out of the reach of military exercises that had been taking place?  I have to admit to being very disturbed over the whole evidence being placed on facebook by some random  sea captain, who should be aware that all manner of rubbish from the "refugee crisis" has littered the Mediterranean and the Aegean Seas. (There have been many news article on this very subject- PDF)

President Adbel Fattah al-Sisi offered condolences for those on board, amounting to Cairo's official confirmation of their deaths.
Although fingers pointed toward Islamist militants who blew up another airliner over Egypt just seven months ago, no group had claimed responsibility more than 24 hours after the disappearance of flight MS804, an Airbus A320 that was flying from Paris to Cairo.
Three French investigators and a technical expert from Airbus arrived in Cairo early on Friday to help investigate the fate of the missing plane, airport sources said.
Egyptian Prime Minister Sherif Ismail said on Thursday that it was too early to rule out any explanation for the disaster. The country's aviation minister said a terrorist attack was more likely than a technical failure.

Friday's announcement that debris had been found followed earlier confusion about whether wreckage had been located. Greek searchers found some material on Thursday, but the airline later said this was not from its plane.

While there was no official explanation of the cause of the crash, suspicion immediately fell on Islamist militants who have been fighting against Egypt's government since Sisi toppled an elected Islamist leader in 2013. In October, the Islamic State group claimed responsibility for blowing up a Russian jetliner that exploded after taking off from an Egyptian tourist resort. Russian investigators blamed a bomb smuggled on board.

Last year's crash already devastated Egypt's tourist industry, one of the main sources of foreign exchange for a country of 80 million people, and another similar attack would crush hopes of it recovering.

Officials from a number of U.S. agencies told Reuters that a U.S. review of satellite imagery so far had not produced any signs of an explosion. They said the United States had not ruled out any possible causes for the crash, including mechanical failure, terrorism or a deliberate act by the pilot or crew.
The US has satellite imagery that has not produced any signs of explosion. MH370? 

Amid uncertainty about what brought down the plane, Los Angeles International Airport became the first major U.S. air transportation hub to say it was stepping up security measures.


The plane vanished just as it was exiting air space controlled by Greece for air space controlled by Egypt. Greek Defence Minister Panos Kammenos said the Airbus swerved radically and plunged from 37,000 feet to 15,000 before vanishing from Greek radar screens.
According to Greece's civil aviation chief, calls from Greek air traffic controllers to MS804 went unanswered just before it left Greek airspace, and it disappeared from radar screens soon afterwards.
There was no official indication of a possible cause, whether technical failure, human error or sabotage.
The aircraft was carrying 56 passengers, including one child and two infants, and 10 crew, EgyptAir said. They included 30 Egyptian and 15 French nationals, along with citizens of 10 other countries. A320s normally seat 150 people. The plane had made scheduled flights to Tunisia and Eritrea on Wednesday before arriving in Paris from Cairo.

At Cairo airport, a man sat on a brown leather couch crying with his hands covering his face on Thursday. "How long will Egypt live if human lives are so cheap?” he said.
That's a question that applies beyond the plane crash isn't it?

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Egypt Air Retracts Claim of Wreckage Found: Late April, Israel Intercepted Egyptian Flight (Cyprus involved)

That's right Egypt Air has retracted. The wreckage found near Crete is NOT from the missing plane

Egyptian authorities have now discounted early claims that debris found near the last known location of missing EgptAir flight MS804 is from the downed plane.
Early they had claimed that a couple of items of debris floating south-east of the Greek island of Crete in the Mediterranean Sea was from the plane.
Photo of the debris in the Mediterranean was posted on Facebook by Egyptian ship captain Tarek Wahba.

This photo of debris in the Mediterranean was posted on Facebook by Egyptian ship captain Tarek Wahba
 However Greek authorities quickly dismissed this saying the items were related to boat refugees.
"Up to now the analysis of the debris indicates that it does not come from a plane, my Egyptian counterpart also confirmed to me that it was not yet proven that the debris came from the EgyptAir flight when we were last in contact around 1745 GMT," Greek air safety authority head Athanasios Binis told AFP.

Terrorism or catastrophic mechanical failure are the focus of investigators looking into the disappearance of the jet, which had 66 passengers and crew aboard.
The EgyptAir 180-seat Airbus A320, registration SU-GCC, was flying from Paris to Cairo when it disappeared off radar screens yesterday.
EgyptAir Flight MS804 left the French capital at midnight (6am WA time) and its transponder signal stopped at 2.33am about 240km north-west of the Egyptian port city of Alexandria while flying at 37,000ft.
It was reported last night that the crew of a Greek merchant ship in the area saw an explosion that lit up the sky
A Greek minister claimed the plane suddenly spun sharply and swerved several times before vanishing.
What was the Greek minister basing this claim on? Who is this Greek Minister? 
EgyptAir reported at 5am that Flight MS804, which was due to land in Cairo at 3.10am, had gone missing.

 Videos accompanying the article:

# 1:




It surely reads to me that the Greeks are putting forth the narrative. And Egypt is denying this.

EgyptAir retract statement saying wreckage of plane found

The Egyptian Prime Minister told reporters that it was too early to say what had happened to the plane and that "we cannot rule anything out".
However Greek minister Panos Kammenos said: "It turned 90 degrees left and then a 360 degree turn toward the right, dropping from 38,000 to 15,000 feet and then it was lost at about 10,000 feet," he said.
Greek air traffic control say the pilot did not send a distress call and that "all appeared fine" when the last contact was made with the plane. However the pilot did not respond to calls when the Greek air traffic control were preparing to hand over to their Egyptian counterparts.
Greek Defence Minister Panos Kammenos says the EgyptAir flight made abrupt turns and suddenly lost altitude before disappearing from radar.


 Was the plane shot down? Green crow  Willy Loman:  EgyptAir Flight MS804 Flew Right Through Phoenix Express 2016 Naval Exercises and  EgyptAir Flight MS804: Phoenix Express 2016 Naval Exercises May 17 – 27

 What about the sovereign UK military bases  safely ensconced on Cyprus? Might those bases have been a factor in what ever is going on with this plane? 

 As is widely known, Cyprus was the place used as springboard for all the "US–British air operations in the region surrounding it, in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya and so on. However, neither the Republic of Cyprus, nor the breakaway regime in the north of the island had anything to do with that. The logistical hub for those activities were the so-called Sovereign British Military Bases conceded to Britain in the 1960 Zurich Agreement in return for the independence Cyprus gained in the same year. Cyprus is the only place on the planet where the United Kingdom maintains as a legacy of British colonial rule sovereign military bases and a military presence secured as a result of a multilateral treaty of guarantee far surpassing those rights that the United Kingdom had managed to have recognized in the installation of military bases in Burma, Malta and Ceylon"

 Would Greece fabricate a tale, in order to obfuscate  what really happened to this plane, especially if it  had something to do with these sovereign military bases?  I don't know? Just think out loud It's pretty clear the pressure aka thumbs screws is being applied to Egypt. 
Two Egyptian planes shot down as of late. ( Russian Plane)  With Israel looking at the Sinai. And some version of ISIS killing law enforcement officers and military men in Egypt's Sinai... And the US removing troops from the Sinai and Israel intercepting an Egyptian plane and forcing it to land at Ben Gurion.. What!  

Flashback to just last month: April 24/2016:  Egypt: US Removes Sinai Troops & Israeli Fighter Jet Intercepts Egyptian Passenger Plane

One of those keep it under your hat posts!
 CAIRO: Egypt’s Ministry of Aviation announced in a statement Saturday that an Egyptian passenger plane was intercepted by Israeli fighter jets and escorted to Ben-Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv.
Air Saini’s flight number 214 was escorted by the Israeli jets due to “Cypriot air traffic controllers’ delay in sending the data of the Egyptian plane to the Israeli authorities,according to the statement.

So April 24. Israel intercepts an Egyptian Passenger plane and forces it to land at Ben Gurion because Cypriot air traffic controllers delayed sending the necessary data- Interesting. Possible practice run? I don't know. I'm still thinking out loud.