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Syria: two thirds chems transferred & Canada prepares attack Syria plans

Canada prepares to attack Syria and aid Al quada! Make no mistake about it Canada will be aiding Al Qaeda.
Perhaps a rebranding will take place, but, the product will be exactly the same. NATO's Islamic fighters more commonly known as Al Quada. That is the reality of what/who Canada will be assisting. Canada is prepared to further aid the the thugs terrorizing Syrians.
Therefore Canada is preparing to assist Al Qaeda terrorists

Beheaders, organ eaters, child rapists, captagon junkies and traffickers- Those are Canada's aid recipients
OH and car bombers suicide or otherwise

  “Canadian defence and diplomatic officials have been quietly working on plans for possible Canadian military missions — as well as shoring up non-religious groups on the ground — in Syria as its three-year civil war continues.”
There are no ‘non religious’ groups on the ground in Syria. There are only hired mercenaries employing radical religious beliefs to brainwash fighters who are then killing ordinary Syrians.

  “Internal documents obtained by the Ottawa Citizen show National Defence has drawn up at least five scenarios in which it could become involved in Syria’s ongoing civil war, as well as potential Canadian Forces missions for each situation.
 The documents have been censored to remove specifics,(why?) but allude to “the rapidly deteriorating conditions in Syria, its impact on neighbouring countries (Israel) and … the importance of Middle East stability.” (Israel)
   “The scenarios also include several assumptions such as the Syrian government remaining “defiant,” as well as “most likely” and “worst case” outcomes, such as extremist groups getting hold of advanced or chemical weapons, or the conflict spilling beyond Syria’s borders.
At least one possible Canadian military intervention “assumes that a legitimate armed opposition group has been recognized” by Canada, although details about the rest of this scenario have been blacked out”

Assumes that a legitimate armed opposition group has been recognized ?
Since there are no legitimate armed opposition groups, this tells us the Canadian government would hard sell the hired  mercs as ‘moderates’ in order to get Canadians drawn in to this fight.
In order to get Canadians to believe that which should never be believed.
As for the rest being blacked out? Why?
Let’s read through the rest of the article and perhaps we can  understand why this is heavily censored.

- Canada has expressed concern (Concern of what type?) in the past about an influx of Islamic militias into Syria
- These Islamic groups blurred the lines between the different factions fighting (killing) Syrians .How then would a legitimate opposition be ‘recognized’? Other then to sell one as the acceptable product line in a rebranding?
-In documents obtained by the Citizen, Foreign Affairs officials cited the listed terrorist group Jabhat al-Nusra, as an example.  An example of what? Of a group blurring the lines between factions?  Surely al Nusra is one of those, but, the report cites them as an example of a entity that “ employs a combination of military exploits and delivery of social services to build a support base and position itself for power after the transition”
Why that reads to me as if Foreign Affairs cited the group as a prospective and legitimate opposition that could be recognized and supported? Because they are employing a multi- pronged approach- The carrot and the stick. 

 “A post-Assad Syria risks opening yet another phase in the conflict if those who vanquish Assad retain power through the force of arms, by sowing ethnic or sectarian division or through allegiance to extremist religious beliefs,”

That would work out for the endless war mongering. Sounds exactly like that which  NATO is hoping for.

 “Canada is also helping teach activists to monitor humanitarian organizations to make sure they are delivering the aid that is needed by Syrians, and training of citizen journalists. These activities are being supported by small funds run out of the Canadian embassies in Lebanon and Turkey, which have been at the forefront of Canada’s response to the Syrian crisis”

Delivering the aid that is needed by Syrians?
Via Lebanon & Turkey? Aid such as ....Mercenaries? Guns? Bombs?  Poison gas?
Training citizen journalists? Training liars for NATO

Images of Syrian torture to make an encore presentation. 

Prepare yourself for yet another round of psychological operations against the western audience with regard to Syria. As France rehashes the bogus Ceasar psyop.  This time at the UN. Sure to get additional unwarranted media coverage. Perhaps it can be used to demonize Russia for propaganda purposes at the same time as Assad gets sullied by slander. Then it can all be tied up with a boston bombing bow!

When the bogus Ceasar narrative was first dragged out a few months back I responded to the Qatar produced psyop with this post - Syrian torture claims without the torture

Abu Ghraib
one bad apple in action

Torture claims with no torture images. How is that possible? Abu Ghraib produced lots of torture images. Recall that? But that was 'just a few bad apples'

On the positive side -Syria Chemical Handover nearly complete

Syria has surrendered almost two-thirds of its chemical weapons with the resumption of transfers from the war-torn country, the global chemical watchdog said Monday, although it again pressed Damascus to step up efforts. 
“The Syrian government has completed the delivery of the 13th consignment of chemicals,” the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) said.
“The deliveries have raised the overall portion of chemicals removed from Syria to 65.1 percent, including 57.4 percent of priority chemicals,” it reported in a statement in The Hague. 
Damascus had temporarily halted the transfer of its chemical stockpile, citing security reasons, but resumed the operations earlier this month. Under the terms of the US-Russia brokered deal reached last year, Syria has until the end of June to destroy its chemical weapons if it wants to ward off the threat of US air strikes.
Kudos to Syria despite all the attacks from Canada's rebels. NATO's killers. Well, you know who I mean!

Additional reading! Cause I am running out of steam-

1- American anti-tank weapons appear in Syria 

2-  US-Israel-Turkey had part in chemical attacks

3- Turkey aided Islamist fighters in attack on Syrian town

Trigger a cold war to make it easier (for the US) to annex Europe

This is an interesting premise.Trigger a cold war to make it easier to annex Europe 

 Is Europe going to be annexed (taken over, subordinated, broken) so willingly.  Haven't used this resource for some time... for no reason other then they have gone unnoticed by myself. But this article, at this time, caught my eye. Keeping in mind the EU bureaucracy in Brussels fails to benefit the European populace.

Layout of the full article:

This public announcement contains sections 1 to 3.


When, in November 2013, Russia asked the EU for tripartite negotiations on the Ukraine’s free trade agreements with its two neighbours in order to find areas of common ground for all parties directly concerned (1), what was at stake was stability, integrity and independence for the Ukraine and that it should remain as the natural link between Europe and Russia.

But neither Baroness Ashton, nor Mr. O’Sullivan (2), in charge of the European External Action Service, nor Mr. Fule who, at the head of the Directorate General for Enlargement, spends his time trying to integrate everything that moves in Eastern Europe (3), didn’t want that. On the contrary, they have forced the Ukraine to “choose sides” (4), thus creating the conditions subsequent to the inevitable events which we know: the Ukraine has in fact chosen… and the country, logically, has entered a dramatic and bloody process of decision which is only just begun. Baroness Ashton and Mr. O’Sullivan have literally set a trap for the Ukraine… and Europe. (says much about the response to the sniper news from the Baroness)

Five months later and the damage is huge: over 100 dead (5), the Ukraine is left with an unelected government brought to power by extreme right-wing factions (6), relations between the EU and Russia are broken, the Ukraine and Russia are on the verge of a war ( war it seems the US is looking for) that isn’t far from being a war between Europe and Russia (7), the Russian military have retaken control of their Crimean assets, the US fleet is cruising in the Black Sea waters (8), the US army has set itself up in Europe again (in Poland, Lithuania and Romania (9)), the media, excited by blood, are a pure propaganda machine determined to push politicians and citizens into war, the EU-Ukraine free trade Treaty is about to be signed, against Russian interests, by Washington and a non-elected Ukrainian government (10) (if the same method is used for the TTIP, Washington and Baroness Ashton will have signed it in April at the latest), the West is preparing to deny the legitimacy of the Crimean referendum which will aggravate the crisis and continue to ask questions on the West’s democratic struggle… (11)

Just today I read the news that the Ukraine is calling Crimea occupied territory and the UN which is the shiny happy face of NATO is yapping like a lap dog on this same point.
-According to EU diplomats, Crimea is “occupied territory” comparable to the Palestinian territories occupied by Israel since June 1967.
I ask again, in whose interests are the EU diplomats working?

From a European point of view, what a significant political and diplomatic failure! Working to rebuild the Iron Curtain in 2014 and isolate Europe from all the current dynamics in these famous emerging countries to which Russia binds us, just as the Ukraine binds us to Russia (12).


Unfortunately, beyond a failure, this should also be seen as the result of an all-out attack on the European construction project, a project whose two main goals since the beginning have been peace through cooperation, the sharing of interests and the continent’s independence by the force which, de facto, brought about its union.

The current attack is, in fact, along the lines of that conducted against the Euro in 2010, in the knowledge that in breaking the common currency and taking into account the technical impossibility of returning to national currencies, Europe would find itself de facto integrated in the Dollar zone. This time, Europe resisted and saved its currency… at the price of enormous weakness, especially political.

The TTIP and the attempts to make us urgently sign this obscure Treaty that no one wants, seemed to have the particular objective of putting politicians under economic supervision (even more so than Europe under US supervision). Whatever the case, it would actually create a huge EU-US free trade zone using Dollars and formally annexing Europe to the Dollar zone. Here again, the tools of European independence are targeted, in this particular case its judicial arsenal for trade protection, guaranteeing Europeans’ economic interest, qualitative competitiveness and health. And the methods to obtain the signature of this treaty at any price are, on their own, proof of deep dishonesty.


And we have seen nothing of what Washington and Brussels would be capable of in this area. The Ukrainian crisis was probably triggered for no other reason than, ultimately, to force us to buy US shale gas (13), to sign the TTIP (without which the former can’t be sold in Europe (14)) and to justify a renewed increase of American-NATO military budgets (15) thanks to the restarting of a Cold War between the West and emerging nations (except for this detail that it’s the West which will be on the wrong side of the Iron Curtain this time).
 I think the authors of this piece are making some dam good points!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Ukraine in Crisis- The disappearing country

Interesting title from the Economist- came across this one last night, saved it for today
The journalist even includes this  SLOVIANSK, UKRAINE (for now)
Before we get to the economist a brief digression

I actually watched some of the UN session last night. Live. Unfortunately I missed Churkin's statement and absolutely would not watch Samantha Power- not wanting to take in her evil energy
France, UK & Australia were absolutely on the same message. Some language used was almost identical.
Same talking points. Same blather. I expect Ms Power would have talked along the same line and likely added some additional overblown rhetoric
Between all the NATO nations at the meeting there was talk on the the protestors being "professional" etc.

Let's see what  Samantha Powers  went on about?  Unsurprisingly... She was on message. Orders must have come down from the US to promote the same message?
“It’s professional, it’s coordinated, there’s nothing grass-roots-seeming about it.”
She went on to call them paramilitary units- NOT military. Paramilitary says grass roots to me. It suggests militia type groups. "organized actions by well-armed and organized paramilitary forces"

Funny how she said nothing like that about the freedom lovin' protestors when the snipers, including Israeli shooters were being employed at Maidan  (In Kiev, an Israeli army vet fights with his fascist bretheren) and molotov cocktails were being used in  abundance in Kiev? She failed to criticize when Georgians set up camp at Maidan. (Info on Georgians can be found here - Boston Bombing- Blame Russia (Hate to say I told you so, but......) Or when Ukrainian law enforcement officers were being killed, burned, eyeballs gouged out etc.,
  Samantha Powers forget all about the coordinated and very professional military operations taking place at Maidan

The NATO nations, UN talking heads, also droned on about respecting the territorial integrity of a sovereign nation. Forgetting that they fail to do so in Syria and Libya and Iraq and Afghanistan and Serbia etc.,

But, I have digressed enough! So back to Ukraine

I did see a video of one building takeover In fact you can find it in the post from yesterday.
Ukraine- Conflict, casualties, building seizures,1 MIA Oligarch & Updates
Organized? Yes
Professional? - Define professional?
Russian? I cannot find anything to indicate that, specifically. Not at this time. I don't doubt it, but...
One possibility for where the protestors got the know how to organize themselves, was contained right in the Economist article (first link) I will highlight this very important tidbit

THE KIEV authorities' hold on Donbas and much of the wider region of eastern Ukraine has disappeared. President Oleksandr Turchynov had said that a military operation was imminent and that anyone who left the seized buildings by 6.00 am on April 14th would not be prosecuted.

But by nightfall, as fog covered the Donbas, it was clear that no concerted government action to take back the region was under way. The region’s police appear to have defected en masse to the pro-Russian side. Police buildings in the town of Sloviansk and Kramatorsk fell to armed men on April 12th and there were reports of other municipal buildings being taken elsewhere. A Ukrainian security services operation to restore authority in Sloviansk failed. Military or police helicopters flew over town and unconfirmed sources said crowds prevented them from landing.
The mass defection of police forces to the Russian 'side' is the most obvious explanation for the ability and know how demonstrated in the building take over. It also likely explains some of the availability of weapons. I will quite safely assume that police offers are trained in this skill in order to execute their job.

Along the highway leading from the regional capital Donetsk barricades have gone up, manned by men wielding clubs and metal batons. Some are armed. At the entrance to Sloviansk bigger ones have been erected. In nearby Kramatorsk, small groups of men stood by the police station and nearby barricades.
On the morning of April 13th Arsen Avakov, the Ukrainian interior minister, announced that a fight-back for the east of the country was beginning. A few hours later film was circulating of stalled armoured personal carriers, a slumped man who appeared dead and another one on the ground apparently wounded. Mr Avakov said that one had died and five had been wounded in the shootout.
Another film (video is in yesterdays' post relinked above) showed a group of well-organised men in military uniform storming the police station in Kramatorsk. They are seen to be followed by men in civilian clothes. On April 13th a few dozen unarmed men were manning new barricades by the police station. The military unit seen in the film were no longer in evidence having possibly moved elsewhere. Ukrainian officials say they are troops from Russia.
Earlier in the day, at the barricade leading into Sloviansk, the first line of defence was a group of old ladies holding icons and saying they wanted nothing but peace. Behind them was a tyre barricade. On the side Molotov cocktails were being prepared. Behind this were men with clubs, who appeared to listen to orders being given by two uniformed armed men.
Russian flags and those of the self-proclaimed Donetsk Republic were flying at all the barricades and seized buildings. But what people want is unclear. Some say they want more autonomy, some want a federal Ukraine and some want to be incorporated by Russia. In Sloviansk small groups in front of the barricades by the seized police station chanted: “Donbas rise up!”
Many people railed against their low quality of life. They shouted that they worked hard while western Ukrainians were lazy and had to be subsidised by them. No one who supported the Ukrainian government was in evidence. On the outskirts of Kramatorsk Dimitry Padushkin was quarreling with a small group of men sent to stand at the entrance of a decrepit and non-functioning municipal airport that he said he owned.
Away from the group, who said they had been posted there to see that no Ukrainian forces landed, Mr Padushkin said that local pro-Ukrainians were frightened. “Of course there will be conflict,” he said, and for Russia, “this region will not be enough. They want everything. They will take all Ukraine.”
 As of today Ukraine has not advanced militarily against the protestors. And the protestors so far appear organized and very grass roots.

HHQ left this- Thanks HHQ! And if you get anymore information and want to share please leave it!

Penny, apologies for this late comment to your post, but have you seen this evidence yet? Undercover US agent in Spetsnaz clothing arrested in Ukraine I originally heard the story three days ago where it was quickly reported that a US merc (Greystone?) or agent, had been discovered and caught hiding in a East Ukraine building by Ukrainian civilian defence forces. At some point whilst being beaten he can be clearly heard saying "I'm a US citizen" in this alleged footage. If true, and common sense would also dictate that as well, it proves that the US is indeed sending in mercs as Fifth Column operatives and fit-up men posing as Russian special ops. Details are hard to get as it seems there's a pretty strong media sanitisation of this story when I was try to obtain more info.

Please don't forget about Syria- US is looking into new Syria chemical weapons claim

It's been a busy 24 hours so the two previous Ukraine are relinked below-

Russia requests UNSC Meeting Tonight.Ukraine Military Op- Criminal

Ukraine- Conflict, casualties, building seizures,1 MIA Oligarch & Updates

Sunday, April 13, 2014

US is looking into new Syria chemical weapons claim

Is all this going on because today is the 13th?
The ‘chemical weapons’ as manipulative tactic? I had hoped would go away, is not.
Today there are claims of a chlorine attack. Why would the Syrian government bother with this, when the Syrian Army has the upper hand almost everywhere- If chlorine was used, again, only the NATO mercs have anything at all to gain from doing this   Washington Post is running with the news
The United States said Sunday that it was looking into claims of a new chemical weapons attack in Syria, after rebels and the government traded accusations over the use of chlorine gas in a central village.

“We are trying to run this down,” Samantha Power, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations told ABC’s “This Week.” “We’ve shown, I think, in the past that we will do everything in our power to establish what has happened and then consider possible steps in response.”

However, she described the claims as so far “unsubstantiated”.

Both government and pro-opposition sources have said chlorine gas was used in the Friday evening attack on Kafr Zeita, which has been the focus of heavy clashes in recent weeks.

If the Syrian government is eventually implicated, it could ramp up pressure on the United States to take more robust actions against Damascus. The Obama administration backtracked on plans for airstrikes following the Aug. 21 chemical attack in the Damascus suburbs in favor of a program through which Syria would give up its chemical weapons, which is now running behind schedule.

Syrian state television has blamed the al-Qaeda-linked Jabhat al-Nusra for the attack. Insurgents across the border in neighboring Iraq have used chlorine in car bombings in the past and the toxic gas is relatively widely available in the region.

Opposition activists said that blood and urine samples have been collected from the five worst affected victims.

It is a latest in the string of relatively small-scale chemical attacks reported by the Syrian opposition, which they say have largely focused on the Damascus suburbs.

There, as in much of the rest of the country, the Syrian government appears to have taken the upper hand. Speaking to students in Damascus, President Bashar al Assad said on Sunday that the war had reached a “turning point” due to the successes of the army.

When you're on the team that is winning there is no need to stoop to dirty tricks

Related:   4 alleged chemical attacks being investigated by US/UK/Israel in Syria

 Also  - Kerry and US Military Clash on Syria?

April 03/14 -  BREAKING NEWS! Claims of Chemical Arms use in Damascus

Don't Miss the updates on Ukraine from today

Two posts-   Russia requests UNSC Meeting Tonight.Ukraine Military Op- Criminal 
& Ukraine- Conflict, casualties, building seizures,1 MIA Oligarch & Updates

Keep in mind the big loss on the stock market at week's end- Set to fall further tomorrow

 Stocks suffer big weekly loss; Nasdaq below 4,000

The stock market is looking vulnerable after an extended selloff in tech Friday sent the Nasdaq below 4,000 and wiped 1% off the other main indexes.

Russia requests UNSC Meeting Tonight.Ukraine Military Op- Criminal

Following on Ukraine ordering  a  military operation against the pro-federation protestors-
Update 2 in the post  Ukraine- Conflict, casualties, building seizures,1 MIA Oligarch & Updates

Additional info here- Ukraine to deploy troops "in anti-terror" Operation

The article  linked above was initially headlined -Ukraine special forces sent to eastern city.
Then changed to "anti-terror" http://www.businessweek.com/ap/2014-04-13/ukraine-special-forces-sent-to-eastern-city
Perhaps a bit too much was given away with that headline?

Anti-terror means oppression and the only attacking that went one was  launched by the coup government against the federation protestors.
 Ukraine is deploying troops in a "large-scale anti-terrorist operation" to resist attacks by armed pro-Russian forces, Ukraine's President Oleksandr Turchynov said on Sunday in a televised address.

The Russian requested UN Security Council Meeting...

The Kiev authorities, who self-proclaimed themselves as a result of a coup, have embarked on the violent military suppression of the protests,” the ministry said adding that the rallies, which have gripped the Donbas region were prompted by Kiev’s disregard of the legitimate interests the people.

Moscow slammed Sunday’s order, issued by the coup-imposed acting President Aleksandr Turchinov approving a full-scale security operation in the country’s eastern regions, as “criminal”.
“Blood has already been spilled as the result of such actions in the South East.”

The ministry’s statement elaborated that Russia strongly condemns attempts to use brutal force against protesters and activists by involving militants from the far-right Right Sector group or other illegal armed forces.
The West should bring its allies in Ukraine's government under control, Moscow said stressing “it depends on the West now to stop the civil war in Ukraine”.
“We demand the Maidan henchmen, who overthrew the legitimate president, to immediately stop the war against their own people, to fulfill all the obligations under the Agreement of 21 February,” the Foreign Ministry said.
“The western sponsors of the Maidan government, especially those who witnessed the Agreement [of 21 February] and are backed by the US, have to curb their out of control wards, they have to make them break away from the neo-Nazis and other extremists…”
The Kiev authorities have to start a national dialogue with an equal participation of all regions to make urgent and radical constitutional reforms, the ministry said.
 The coup-imposed President Aleksandr Turchinov set a deadline until Monday morning for the pro-independence supporters in eastern Ukraine to leave the government buildings they have occupied or the military will use force.

 UN Security Council to hold emergency meeting on Ukraine

Ukraine- Conflict, casualties, building seizures,1 MIA Oligarch & Updates

Kyiv Post- Definitely pro-coup/NATO 

However........... We have a bunch of conflicting news stories this morning to sift through.
We have reports of people killed. We have conflicting reports on where the killings took place
Ukraine coup government authority Arsen Avakov is claiming the deaths took place in the city of Sloviansk
The federalist are claiming this is not true.
 Interior Ministry Arsen Avakov said that one Ukrainian state security officer was killed and five others were wounded on the side of government forces in an "anti-terrorist" in Sloviansk, but the separatists told the Kyiv Post that the confrontation did not take place in the city or at the police station.
Since the federalists are talking to reporters from inside police headquarters & SBU offices. It would seem the federalists are presenting a factual accounting. I will highlight that information in the article below
But, first- A map of Ukraine

click on the map for more detail

DONETSK, Ukraine -- Amid reports of casualties on both sides as Ukrainian forces battle pro-Russian militias in Sloviansk, other armed separatists continued to seize or attempt to seize other government buildings or strategic locations in Donetsk Oblast, home to ousted President Viktor Yanukovych and 10 percent of Ukraine's population.
Here's what we know about each city on April 13:

Donetsk-  Pro-Russian separatists control the oblast government center and the oblast Interior Ministry. There was little visible presence of Ukrainian police or military in Donetsk and repeated attempts to reach people working for Donetsk Oblast governor Serhiy Taruta (Oligarch appointed by Kiev coup government)  today were unsuccessful.

Mariupol- In Mariupol, Donetsk Oblast's second largest city, Novosti Donbassa reported that several hundred separatists seized the local city administration building, citing eyewitnesses. The seizure occurred during a rally of demonstrators who favor secession from Ukraine and formation of the independent People's Republic of Donetsk.

Donetsk Peoples Republic posters?

According to http://www.0629.com.ua, Mariupol city news website, and  Novost.dn.ua, a regional news website, around 1,000 local separatists have seized the city council building in Mariupol. Here are their combined reports: As separatists stormed the building, Ukrainian flags were taken down and the Russian flag and the flag of so-called Donetsk Republic were put up instead. A police cordon had to step back afar getting pushed backed by the crowd. Unidentified people in masks stormed the building, broke the windows and got inside. A huge barricade is being built in front of the building. Protesters use everything they can find to build the barricade – men take concrete slabs from the sidewalk, others bring furniture from the administration building. Police forces did not do anything. As the barricade was being finished, women protected the entrance. Meanwhile, new people’s deputies were being selected from the crowd. A huge poster over the building’s central entrance reads “People’s Republic of Donetsk.” Rally participants want help from Russia.

Warning: This is a graphic video, purportedly of one of the men shot to death in clashes near Donetsk Oblast's Sloviansk between Ukrainian police or military forces and armed pro-Russian separatists.

As mentioned at the beginning of the post- whatever happened near Sloviansk- looks to have happened outside of the city-Rural looking area.

Interior Minister Arsen Avakov has confirmed the murder of at least one Ukrainian special service officer and said casualties have come on both sides of the conflict.

Sloviansk Armed pro-Russian separatists still held the police headquarters and local Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) headquarters in Sloviansk. Separatists inside were talking with journalists, and one claimed to the Kyiv Post that numerous casualties took place in a battle between Ukrainian police and pro-Russian separatists outside the city, possibly at one of the roadside checkpoints.
But that information could not be confirmed. Interior Ministry Arsen Avakov said that one Ukrainian state security officer was killed and five others were wounded on the side of government forces in an "anti-terrorist" in Sloviansk, but the separatists told the Kyiv Post that the confrontation did not take place in the city or at the police station.
Ukrainian military helicopters were flying over the area. The separatists are protected by some 1,000 pro-Russian demonstrators and roadside checkpoints. All the entrances to the city are also still blocked by pro-Russian militants. Separatists burn trees and tires on the roads to make the smoke curtain and isolate the town.

Pro-Russia activists assist an Orthodox priest walk through a barricade outside the regional police building seized by armed separatists in Slavyansk on April 13, 2014

  Pro-Russian separatists were holding rallies, but thus far only the local city administration building has been seized, according to the Kyiv Post journalist on the scene. The mayor of Yenakievo came to the city council building and wavered on which side that he is on when questioned by the Kyiv Post. The Donetsk Republic separatist flag is flying over the administration headquarters.
Kramatorsk After a shootout, pro-Russian armed separatists seized the police station and reportedly also have control for the local city administration building and the local airport.

A 5 minute, 46 second video shows the storming of the police station in Kramatorsk, a Donetsk Oblast city, by pro-Russian men in military uniforms with automatic rifles.

Editor’s Note: This article has been produced with support from the project www.mymedia.org.ua, financially supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, and implemented by a joint venture between NIRAS and BBC Media Action.The content in this article may not necessarily reflect the views of the Danish government, NIRAS and BBC Action Media.

Russian news agencies reported Sunday that U.S. CIA director John Brennan had a secret meeting with Ukrainian officials in Kiev before they began operations against separatist forces that had taken over buildings in the country's east.
Brennan landed in Ukraine on Saturday under an assumed name and held a "series of secret meetings" with the country's "power bloc" Interfax reported, citing an unidentified official in the Ukrainian parliament. The unidentified official said that there were "unconfirmed reports" that the U.S. security official was behind the decision to use force in eastern Ukraine after pro-Russian separatist forces took control of the city of Slovyansk.

 Take note of the language being used- I do not see these people as rebels, as in Syrian/Libyan "rebels" who are really mercenaries. Paid mercenaries.  Organized, yes. But, not hired killers.

Presently '
Ukraine is launching a “large-scale anti-terrorist operation” to resist attacks of armed pro-Russian forces, Ukraine’s President Oleksandr Turchynov said on Sunday in a televised address.
The authorities in Kyiv will use the army in order to prevent Russian forces from moving in...
No indication Russian forces are moving in. Is the coup government implying they are going to slaughter the federalist movement supporters. This is certainly the way I am interpreting this move.
 “The Security Council has made a decision to begin a large-scale anti-terrorist operation with participation of army forces,” he said. “

Friday, April 11, 2014

4 alleged chemical attacks being investigated by US/UK/Israel in Syria

Does this nonsense ever end?
US UK claims/investigating FOUR chem weapon attacks by Assad
I have not read zerohedge so can't tell you all what they are writing about- but-  Anonymous had to know that was going to pique my interest! Thanks anonymous, with that tip under my hat, I began my own search
That’s the way I like to do things...

I found some site called Mediaite- Spinning on 'New Chemical Attacks in Syria"
Obviously trying to pass itself off as ‘trendy’ or ‘hip’ Whatever?! Looks  to be affilliated with CNN.
Affiliation with CNN says

Mediaite- you know like Meteorite has borrowed from another source.  Mediaite tells their reader the source has compiled credible evidence, or did they say convincing evidence? They wrote "convincing evidence" Problem being...The evidence is NOT convincing. It’s just a bunch of stuff uploaded by the NATO mercs to antisocial media and compiled by Reddit users.

What is with Reddit? I have seen this “compiled by Reddit previously”. I remain completely unimpressed with their compilations

Back to the source used by mediaite- Interpreter magazine I read through their article- despite their heavy handed spin -they do not seem convinced

Example 1

2055 GMT: As we’ve been reporting, there are unconfirmed reports of another chemical weapons attack earlier today in Harasta, Damascus. 5 people reportedly died in that attack. Below we post two videos, though they aren’t terribly helpful. They reportedly show victims of the chemical weapons attack. Someone helps verify the date by showing their cell phone, but the victims don’t appear to have any clearly identifiable symptoms that could help confirm that this was a chemical attack.
 Not convincing

Example 2

2034 GMT: A potentially very important video.(in whose opinion?) This claims to have been taken this evening in Kafr Zita, and it is uploaded by a channel that has posted videos nearly exclusively from Kafr Zita. It claims to show a helicopter dropping a barrel bomb filled with the chemical weapons.

A quick analysis – "there is a clear editing mark right before the explosion"- That’s a huge problem!
"The edit may severely damage the video as a piece of evidence" Ya think?
Example 3
2013 GMT: Before the chemical weapons attack was reported, the town of Kafr Zita was already under attack. Note from the lighting conditions that this was taken earlier than the videos of the reported chemical attack

Are there alternate explanations for the chemical weapons attack? Yes. Incendiary weapons are often used in Syria, and could have created toxic smoke. Similarly, explosives could have hit chemicals that were stored on the ground, creating a similar effect.
The videos for these reports will be included at the bottom of the post.

More issues with the Interpreter article- No credibility on casualty claims- This is extremely sloppy stuff
"Now it’s time for perspective. The highest estimates for the confirmed chemical weapon attack in East Ghouta on August 21st is about 1800, with most estimates running between 1200 and 1600"

The highest estimate for Ghouta is about 1800? Is it really? I don’t think so.
In fact I know that number is wrong

Initial overblown estimates when the story first broke were “up to”1300. The numbers then dwindled down almost immediately into the 100's

FrankenKerry quoted some nonsensical number- he surely had to have pulled out of the empty space between his ears— In this post we have HRW & others tossing around numbers

“The Obama administration says 1,429 people died in 12 locations”
 In 12 locations, 1429 is the number. Not at Ghouta alone, as the Interpreter claims while providing some weird version of perspective
*Syrian National Coalition- When asked for victims' names, however, the group provided a list of 395
*The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says it only counts victims identified by name, and that its current total stands at 502.

 *Doctors Without Borders says it has not been able to update its initial Aug. 24 estimate of 355 killed

Bluntly speaking “The Interpreter” is full of shit. Same with Mediaite.

Setting aside the videos that show nothing and the silly numbers game that have already made both  reports non credible. The Interpreter is actually using Brown Moses as a source!  Yup, Brown Moses. Loved by the Guardian and all other NATO news outlets. Touted as a weapons expert. And dismissed by me, always.

Before I end this lengthy post and get to the videos I could not help but notice “The Interpreter” is  “A special project of Institute of Modern Russia” What in the heck is the ‘Institute of Modern Russia”?
Stinks like a NATO funded psyop. Perception Management outfit.  Let’s have a poke around?  Carefully, lest the putrid smell wafting through my computer screen gets any more overwhelming. ;)
Through watering eyes, while fighting the overwhelming urge to vomit, what do I see?!!
The Institute of Modern Russia (IMR) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan public policy organization—a think tank—with offices in New York and Washington DC. IMR's mission is to foster democratic and economic development in Russia through research, advocacy, public events, and grant-making.
Look at some of IMR's recommendations...About Us
This one really caught my eye! Khodorkovsky & Lebedev Communications Center
All credibility is shot to hell!


Barrel bomb, allegedly, with clear edit

Aftermath of something, allegedly a chemical weapon, but not necessarily

Man laying in bed with an inhaler mask?

If this is what the US/UK and Israel are "investigating" it's pretty useless stuff.