Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Lies + manipulation = war

So I understand that this month is the 5 yr anniversary of the attack on Iraq.
What a milestone.
For those of us who were not in support of the lusted after war, obviously this is not a surprise.
Sadly a great many of us were warning of just this happening.
Unfortunately the population was duped by the lies of the government.
Fear was used to conjure up a heightened sense of urgency, when there was no urgency.
Fear was used to impair rational thought, and reasoning.
Fear that turned the populace, nay, reduced it to a shadow of it's former self.
Fear that turned a country founded on idealistic principles , into a country cowering, at every fleeting movement.

One can say it was 9/11 that changed the world,
that made the Iraq war a necessity.
For that is what many people thought , and probably still believe.
but, I daresay that is not true.

9/11 changed nothing,
the world has witnessed attrocities far worse then 9/11
It was not the day the world changed
It was in fact, just another day
like too many others,
in too many parts of the world.

The only thing that 9/11 changed, was the population of America
from people capable of rational thought
to people incapable of rational thought
to people who allowed themselves to be manipulated, so far along now
that more America citizens have been killed ,
fighting a war for plunder,
then were killed on 9/11

Not to say anything of all the dead Iraqis,
woman , old and young, children, grandma's and grandpa's
the torture , rapes and mowing down of innocent lives.
Houses and buildings destroyed.
No water , sewage in the street, disease, starvation.
Is that liberation?


  1. There was an intereting show on Fifth Estate tonight that was called "The lies that led to war"

    I just cannot understand how a few men hijacked a country. What is the matter with the thinking apparatus of the people that accepted it?

  2. The lies that led to war,hm. It does leave one wondering, how it could have happened? Not why, the why was obvious, the Iraq war was a war of choice. Wanted all along, wanted by whatever means necessary. Including all the lies and fear, that could be conjured. But how did people not see through it all? I guess it does leave on really wondering.

  3. 935 lies and yet Bush/Cheney still walk among us as free men. they are traitors to their country and need to be addressed accordingly.
    As an American, I love my country and detest my leaders.