Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Crimea the pain in the Ukraines backside

Breaking news today out of the Ukraine.

Ukraine's pro-western coalition government collapses today.

"I officially announce the collapse of the coalition of democratic forces," parliament speaker Arseny Yatsenyuk told lawmakers.

and so it goes! Where is it going? I sure as hell don't know?
Where am I going with this? Hmmmm. Just speculating. Let's call this Kosovo blowback Pt2?

President Viktor Yushchenko accused Russia on Tuesday of trying to destabilize Ukraine by encouraging separatists in the Crimea, as fears grow about Russia's willingness to throw its weight around the former Soviet Union.

Seperatists in Crimea? Well it is really a little more then seperatists in the Crimea. It is infact that Crimea is already an autonomous region in the Ukraine.

A little history:
After several years of negotiations, Crimea became an "Autonomous Republic" within the nation of Ukraine. Crimea has its own constitution, government and legislature and certain other rights that keep it from being just another region (oblast) of Ukraine. Another touchy area of concern was the existence of the Soviet Black Sea naval fleet in the port of Sevastopol. (btw, it looks gorgeous there)

Does that at all sound familiar? You know seperatists in Georgia, that were already actually autonomous regions........

Crimea: Divided peninsula plays host to Russian warships and Ukrainian pride
Nationalist Crimean MPs now liken Crimea to Kosovo - the former Serbian province largely recognised as independent by the west this year. According to Leonid Grach, a pro-Russian communist MP, Crimea will declare itself independent should Yushchenko press ahead with his plans for Ukraine to join Nato.
If Yushchenko declares that Russia is the enemy, Crimea won't accept it," Grach said. "It means that Ukraine will break up. In Crimea there will be a war - maybe even a world war." Ukraine should renounce Nato, agree a friendship and cooperation treaty with Russia, and prolong the lease for Russia's Black Sea fleet, Grach said.
Nobody doubts that staging a coup in Sevastopol would be easy. The Russian flag already flies above many of the town's elegant and classical Stalin-era buildings belonging to the Black Sea fleet. Locals would merely need to tie up a few Ukrainian officials. Ukraine's government would be reluctant to reclaim the town by force, fearful of provoking an all-out military conflict with Russia.

How is this going to play out in the Ukraine? Will Crimea want to go back to Russia?
Will Russia recognize Crimea? What if a pro-russian leader wins in the Ukraine?

Reading Brzezinski's book, Grand Chessboard he speaks of how very vital the Ukraine is to Russia, necessary for Empire potential. Therefore it would make sense, if this is correct, that it is important to the US that the Ukraine does not fall into Russias sphere of influence.


  1. Ha!

    George Soros' colour-coded revolutions start falling apart. And it couldn't happen to a nicer fellow.

  2. what soros/ned revolutions?


    nobody, those 'colour revolutions' were people powered all the way.

    Though most people just don't realize what people actually powered them.

  3. Reaping what was sown huh?

    No surprise here. If one keeps poking the beehive eventually one will get stung.