Monday, September 22, 2008

What is going on with Dave McGowan?

His site, is overloaded. I am listening to him on Meria Heller show right now!

The Laurel Canyon series, aided by his stints on Meria, have put him over the top, as he said.
He feels that part of the popularity of this series, stems from celebrity driven culture we live in.

Perhaps, Dave will be looking for a new home for his website?

BTW: in the interview Meria and Dave discuss his book, Understanding the F-word in relation to another topic- Obama.
Last week Meria had interviewed Webster Tarpley on a biography he has written on Obama, and in his book, Tarpley notes that Obama has" missing years" in his bio. Years that information could not be found on.
Meria mentions this to Dave McGowan as this is the theme in part of his book, specifically Part 2: Century of Illusions- The American Presidency. In that section he makes note of how many US president have ,what can be characterized, as "missing years" in their personal histories.

Webster Tarpley had found and mentioned that missing years appear, or should I say don't appear, in Obama's bio also.


Anyway, as for Dave's site, popularity has overloaded it.

Oh, and one more thing an interesting little factoid. Obama is related to both Dick Cheney and George Bush. It is a small world!

Obama is vice-president's distant cousin, says Cheney's wife

But there is one element of his family history that has remained obscure: his eighth cousin is Dick Cheney.

Last month the Chicago Sun-Times revealed the equally startling news that Mr Obama is an 11th cousin of President George Bush, thanks to a 17th-century Massachusetts couple, Samuel Hinckley and Sarah Soole.

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