Saturday, October 4, 2008

US regulators say Melamine in food is not harmful !!

There , there stupid people, do you feel better? It is ok to ingest toxic melamine!!! Nothing to be upset about!

U.S. regulators say tiny bit of melamine in food is not harmful


WASHINGTON - Eating a tiny bit of melamine, the chemical responsible for a global food safety scare, is not harmful except when it's in baby formula, U.S. food safety officials said Friday.

While were at it, let's go eat some lead paint , just a little bit of it. Then inhale some asbestos filled air. And for good measure, stand at the tailpipe of the car and breathe deeply.
Just a little ain't gonna hurt you!

What is melamine? Why is this substance dangerous in food?

Melamine is a synthetic chemical (most often combined with formaldehyde YUMMY) used in a variety of industrial applications including the production of resins and foams, cleaning products, fertilizers and pesticides. It is not naturally occurring and is not allowed in food.

Health effects from exposure to melamine vary depending on the amount and duration of exposure. Scientific research indicates that effects to the bladder and kidneys, such as bladder and kidney stones and chronic kidney inflammation, can be seen if exposed to high enough levels of melamine.


  1. I was wondering what to do with Dad's old kitchen cupboards!

    I guess I can just drop them off at the food bank now eh?

    The FDA has been compromised for decades now. The revolving door of FDA/Pharma/Chem giants is astounding.

  2. Hey Penny - where is our skeptic? I see he hasn't responded in the other thread.

    Has he been called out? I wonder what he would say about this?

    Hey ex-drone where are ya?

  3. I am sure our "skeptic" is off writing a paper on the benefit of melamine in the food supply (cause an alphabet agency says so?)
    Then one encouraging parents to get cell-phones for their pre-school kids, so big pharma can make money "curing" them down the road.

    Cause remember, "an ounce of prevention, is a BIG bite out of big pharma's massive profits"

    can't have that, no sireee.....

  4. Hi folks,

    Not forgetting of course that the media requires that we hate China. And the melamine story is basically a 'yet-another-reason-to-hate-China' story. I'd been watching the melamine thing for a couple of days before I heard one of the talking heads say, 'So far, four children have died'. Say that again! In a nation with a population of over a billion, four have died? Gee whiz.

    Given that we take odds every day with our kids' survival (driving them in a car for instance) I'd say the odds of illness and death from Chinese products are lower than from strapping your kids into the car. Further I expect that the odds are easily comparable (and perhaps favourably) with your odds of being made ill or sick from American products. Honestly.

    Meanwhile your kitchen counter is precisely melamine. Or laminated melamine formaldehyde to be precise. Melamine is one of the oldest plastics. It's in the same ancient thermoset plastic family with bakelite. It's also possible that some of your kitchen bowls are melamine too. Certainly we shouldn't be putting it in food as an additive but by the same token don't confuse its depiction with reality.

    The scale of the melamine scare campaign says as much about how we're meant to hate China as it does about the dangers of melamine. I'm prepared to bet that more people have died from mad-cow disease in North America than have died from melamine in China (which has four times the population don't forget).

    Anyway the main rule is - whenever you see news depicting the wickedness of those whom we must hate, just remember that your outrage is taken for granted.

  5. Sorry, just read Buff's comments, ha ha. Me as ex-drone! Yoroshiku.

  6. hey nobody:

    you are a silly goose,but ex-drone, you are not, you will have to go back to the post on stephen harper to see who ex-drone is, but, IMO, a pr person, or lobbyist of some type, come here to tell us all what to think, about bill c-51.

    hate china? yeah, because the US and Canada love them so they sent all the jobs over to them, while the PTB may want the masses to hate china, they certainly love them to pieces, love to abuse and exploit their populace, etc.
    This was more about how alphabet agencies always say, don't worry, a little bit won't hurt you.

    A little of this, lead, asbestos, melamine, and a little of that, won't hurt you, never mind the cumulative affect of the endless supply of toxins that are apparently ok for us?

  7. Honk Honk!

    Hey matey, I'm with you. I don't have the option at the moment, but when this gig is over I look forward a house with no plastic, no aluminium, no chemicals and all food grown local and fresh.

    But in the meantime, this melamine thing with its four victims strikes me as a triumph of hype over substance. The only reason you're hearing about it is because no US/EU multinationals are making money from it. And if they were, it wouldn't be in the news.

    You know how the war on drugs is designed to shut down the CIA's opposition in the drug business yeah? Okay, These attacks on Chinese products are how the corporatocracy in the States shuts down their opposition. Meanwhile mad-cow disease in the US doesn't exist! Yay. Remember that big meat recall a little while ago? Something minor yeah? Ha ha ha, yeah right! Hey everybody look at how wicked the Chinese are!

    I'm not pro-melamine or any other chemical. And yes they should be nowhere near our food. Hell if I was dictator I'd legislate that ALL food be organic. Imagine that! It's just that I wanted to make a minor point about what gets covered and what doesn't, if you can dig it.

  8. Hey I just wanted to thank "nobody" for their comment re: hating China.

    The "news" is largely government propaganda, and getting us to hate/be scared of China is one of their goals. The message leading up to and during the Olympics was vile. Everything China did just went to show how bad they were. If they performed a beautiful dance that formed the character for "peace," it was because they are an evil dictatorship that can make people dance by force.

    Any news story that isn't straight information compiled from witness interviews is propaganda.

  9. hey nobody and hello to elvin too!!!
    nice to see you here

    OK, I am not sure what the honk honk is about, is it in the lexicon?

    and Yes I can dig it, and I get it totally, China is to kept in it's place, subordinate, see the news stories on the sales of weapons to taiwain, I absolutely get what is going on with that.

    And I totally understand that we are supposed to hate China, like we are supposed to hate Iran, we were supposed to hate iraq, I could go on, but, I do get it and I also understand the point you are making, indeed it was a good one.

    But you see nobody, I have a special axe to grind with agencies that say toxic substances are safe to use, or to consume, when they are far from it.

    I don't do personal stuff, but I was poisoned by something used everyday, and couldn't get any medical help because what happened was so unusual, that no doctor believed it possible, well it was, it happened and it very nearly killed me.

    These things we use everyday, because they are used one way, should not be portrayed as something safe, when they are cleary not.

    But yes nobody and elvin, we are supposed to hate and fear China, but I don't listen to that kind of shit anyway!

    That said, I resolve to be as obstinate as possible,
    and elvin, thanks again for popping in, you are welcome anytime!

  10. The honking is because I'm a goose, ya big silly!

  11. sorry nobody, clueless !!!!!