Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Israel intercepts Aid Ship- Free Gaza

Breaking News:

Israeli navy takes control of activist ship to Gaza

"We are outraged, they just stole (pirated) our boat and kidnapped our people," said Greta Berlin, a representative of the movement in Cyprus.

"The last we heard from them was 'they are surrounding us, they are surrounding us', and then the phone line went dead."

Israel stops aid ship to Gaza

The Israeli navy has intercepted ( hijacked) an aid ship on its way to Gaza, pro-Palestinian activists say.

Members of the US-based Free Gaza Movement, who were on board the boat, said on Tuesday the Israeli navy threatened to open fire unless they turned the boat around.

Navy stops Free Gaza boat from reaching the Gaza Strip

The Israeli Navy stopped a Free Gaza boat ( filled with humanitarian aid) from reaching the Gaza Strip overnight Monday, activists said.

(thereby ensuring the death and misery of Gazans will increase)

One person on the boat said the navy threatened passengers that they would be shot at if they did not turn back.

The 21 human rights and solidarity workers, representing eleven different countries, set sail from Cyprus Monday morning for Gaza in yet another attempt to break the (inhumane) Israeli blockade of the Palestinian territory.


  1. It is strange really, name me ONE just ONE shitty little country besides jewsrael that would get away with a stunt like this.

    Seeing that the boat never entered jew waters this was an act of piracy on every level and goes beyond wrong in more way s than one would care to count.

    Will you hear some sort of condemnation for this act from the rest of the world? No. Even The great holder out of hands to the poor and mistreated of the world Canada will say NOTHING. Just wait for it, the sound of silence coming from that sitter on the Jew masters knee fucktard Harper , He/It will say nothing and when he does open his shithole of a mouth it will simply be to insert another Jew cock and then the sounds of sucking will be heard again throughout the land.

    Even the Whores of North Main in Winnipeg or the hookers on Young Street in Toronto don’t live perpetually on their knees, sometimes I have to wonder what Harper’s Jew johns pay him for being their Fellatrix du Jour.

  2. This doesn't even make the news here.

  3. well one other country that would get away with it, is the US, to name onem but they don't qualify as a "shitty little country" they are a shitty big country.

    No the boat never entered Israeli waters, and yes, it was piracy, pure and simple.

    And moraly-reprehensible!

    I am waiting for Canada to apply their even handed approach to this incident, LOL!

    Hey John!
    I didn't see it on msm here either.

  4. It has been reported in the BBC.

    Nothing in Canada yet.


  5. Yes it is found on the bbc website but not on radio news, I don't know about tv, not important enough I expect though they have plenty of time for fluff here.

    Now if that had been Iran seizing a ship in international waters I think the reaction may have been slightly different, same old same old.