Thursday, August 27, 2009

Swine (flu): news rounded up in the Pen

A round up of interesting stories you may have missed.

Being reported in Britian: New Swine Flu cases Drop off SHARPLY
The number of new cases of H1N1 flu in England is continuing to fall sharply

And in New Zealand: As winter fades to spring, and the sun shines on the people more and more. Swine Flu fades with the change of season
With spring just days away, the number of swine flu cases is on the way down, health officials say.

And in Canada, where it is business as usual, taxpayers pay for the research and big pharma reaps the profits: Feds put more cash into swine flu vaccine testing

In addition to the 10.8 million another 2.7 million for a total of 13.5 million taxpayers dollars, and that doesn't even include the cost of buying the vaccine. Do you think big drug makers will give it at a discount? Not!

Just the other day, the Obama admin. was touting a very high expected number of deaths.
Today we get some more rational info: 90,000 flu deaths: Where did that number come from?

The estimate, released Tuesday, draws on analysis of how viruses operate, as well as their history. But it's a 'possibility' not a prediction, experts caution.

Even the CDC is backing away from the overblown figure


  1. I am beginning to think they are planning a release.

    Yesterday the skies were filled with trails - one of the worst spraying days I've ever seen.

    If this flu doesn't come, they will all look pretty stupid, which leaves me to think that they will cause it and the plan for that has been long coming.

    Yeah, I know... perhaps I should loosen my tin foil hat eh??


  2. hey maggie:

    think along the lines of the oral polio vaccine, with live virus in it, which causes a mutated virulent form of polio.

    apply that thinking to the swine flu vaccine, which we really know nothing about,imagine the possibilities?