Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Why Gary Doer ? Why now ?

Answer: The progeny of NAFTA and the SPP. Or should I say, the bastard child of ??
North American Union.

Gary Doer:

"He understands the critical importance of the Canada-U.S. trading relationship"

“He’s going to sit in the middle of some of the biggest financial and trade decisions in Canada, and to have a Manitoba boy in there can only mean great things for the province,”

Why, yes he is! He already has been.

Bring cheap Chinese or Mexican /slave labour manufactured products straight up the NAU highway into the US and Canada.
The biggest beneficiary? Business! -cheap wages, tax subsidized infrastructure.

Biggest losers? You and me, the working masses. We get, lower wages, no health care, poor environmental and living conditions. This is why we have been waving good-bye to our middle class lifestyle and our decent standard of living for years now.


  1. I agree... but I dont get many of the references in your post here. But I am originally from Kansas City, which is one of the main benefactors of this "North American Union" bullshit.

    You should see the construction going on for this "Hub" project - and that it really doesn't get very much play on local news. I talk to friends... many have NO CLUE about it. There's a GIANT new IRS processing center there as well. It is all very creepy.


  2. hey blakeart:

    Gary Doer has been the premier for along time now, and he has gone along not making waves and all the while behind the scenes he has been active in the NAU scene.

    So his appointment as Ambassador to the US is not a suprise given what has been going in in Winnipeg for years now.

    The quotations, "he will be involved in big trade negotiations", he already has been involved and is the obvious man for the job.
    What is so weird, is the Canadian media is trying to play it as a surprising appointment.
    What a crock!

    I see the hub there in Kansas!
    Then it is going to branch eastward and up into Canada.

    The Winnipeg/ Manitoba Hub will branch westward to British Columbia, and northward to Churchill Manitoba.
    This is why the race is on in the Artic.

    Blakeart you are right about the non-mainstream coverage. They talk about a highway expansion for increased traffic, but nothing else.
    A giant IRS processing centre?
    This is for the shipping?
    Or just centralization?

    It is creepy, very creepy.

    How can people have no clue about it?
    This is exactly how the EU formed with so called "trade deals" just like Canada/US/Mexico.

    Then there is the SPP the oxymoronic name Security and Prosperity Partnership.
    For who?