Sunday, October 25, 2009

Vaccine flogging duo say naughty Canadians will ruin Christmas!!

The vaccine flogging duo of Dr. David Butler-Jones and federal Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq have been getting some heavy duty coverage as of late.
Though Canada has not (yet?) declared a state of emergency they have their vaccine flogging duo out in full force. While the main stream media dutifully reports every last word, every wild speculation and every bit of fear mongering without question. Let's see what the vaccine floggers are saying?

Some quotes from a couple of articles
If a majority of Canadians refuse the H1N1 vaccine, hospitals will be overrun by serious flu patients and many businesses will be strapped for staff by Christmas, Canada's chief public health officer Dr. David Butler-Jones warned Saturday.

Swine flu will be the grinch that will steal Christmas, with out an H1N1 vaccine! exclaimed David Butler-Jones.

Canadians who don't get vaccinated against H1N1 are needlessly putting themselves and others at risk, says federal Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq.
Canadians who refuse the vaccine are going on Santa's naughty list!

"I'm anxious to get it like everyone else because (H1N1) is out there and people are dying," said Aglukkaq."

She must have forgot that Canadians put themselves and others at risk all the time!!
Indeed, Canadians die from smoking (45,00 canadian yearly), car accidents (approximately 2,700), work related deaths ( 5 deaths a day, everyday) and every year from seasonal flu. (The worldwide total for seasonal flu related deaths is generally between 250,000 and 500,000 a year. ) And, with much less hysteria.
Those stats are much higher then the 83 deaths in Canada in total to date and the vast majority of swine flu cases being mild?

"People are coming out of the woods to be the experts on H1N1 -- no one is an expert on H1N1 because we've only known about it for the last seven months."

So no one is an expert? Not even the Federal Health Minister?
There is a revelation, a moment of candour?

I was already wondering, why is the government resorting to fear tactics to strong arm the populace in this situation?

Is it because they have already spent almost half a billion dollars on this vaccine, and they have to justify this tax dollar expenditure? A tax expenditure that has been very profitable to big pharmaceutical business at a time when their profits were declining?

Then this!

Sweeping ad campaign in works to urge Canadians to get H1N1 shot

The Public Health Agency of Canada has already spent millions of dollars informing Canadians about the H1N1 virus and how to avoid infection.

The agency topped up its marketing budget this month to $8.5-million, which is being spent on newspaper and public transit ads and radio spots that began airing recently.

more money being spent!

At a time when mass media could use the advertising revenue.

Is this a 'bail-out of sorts for Canwest? Since Canwest/Global has lobbied the Conservative government for just such an action??

Look, Canadians are a smart lot. Wouldn't they know if a pandemic was on going?

Wouldn't they be aware of the very sick and all the dead?

Wouldn't it be obvious to them? So obvious that an ad campaign would not be necessary?


  1. We should ask the health minister about chemtrails and if she knows what they are spraying in the sky. I bet she has no prepared answer for that one.

  2. Hey doug, since she said no one is an expert on H1N1 including herself, she would probably have no answer for that unless it was prepared by some pharmaceutical pr firm
    I had to change my post to reflect the latests news on another ad campaign and more multi millions of dollars being spent!

  3. Same same in Oz. God knows what the budget for the vaccination campaign is - huge. Comparing to similar campaigns I reckon it'd be in the vicinity of fifty million.

    Me, I view everyone participating as being a variation of accessory to mass murder. We can argue about 'witting' or 'unwitting', but whatever...

  4. David Butler-Jones is a professor of microbiology at the University of Manitoba (the only school that would have him I suspect). I know the man, and I wouldn't believe him if he told me that pigs ate cabbage.

    Jones is now and always has been a shill for big pharma. He will do and say exactly what he is told to do or say, and that’s the only reason that he has the job. But to his credit I will say this, the man can stare you straight in the face and then lie through his teeth, but he will do so with the utmost sincerity. Jones states that between 4,000 and 8,000 Canadians die each year from seasonal flu, so which is it 4,000 or 8,000 because that’s a pretty big jump or is it somewhere in between. Surely he would know, being an expert an all, I mean they do keep records on things such as these do they not? They keep accurate records on everything else.

    As for leona Aglukkaq, besides being the token Inuit in parliament I would like to know just what the hell qualifies her for the post of Federal Health Minister? Perhaps she would better serve the public if she taught courses on the health benefits of eating Muktuk.

  5. well I figure the ad campaigns will help the struggling newspaper industry, while the vaccines will help the struggling pharmaceutical industry and the people will keep struggling, and no one will help them.
    Does that about size it up?