Monday, October 26, 2009

Dave McGowan Interview: Programmed to Kill

I came across this interview and thought I would share. I have the first six chapters of this book, Programmed to Kill, in the side bar of the blog.
The interview is more then two years old, but, it is worth a listen.
Particularly if you have become a recent 'devotee' of Dave's Laurel Canyon saga.
I have this book, I read this book, it is good, it is difficult....
Anyway, give a listen. I do hope you enjoy it.

VFTB 010: Dave McGowan — Programmed to Kill


  1. Thanks Penny!

    Dave gives a great interview.


  2. your welcome edo.
    I am waiting impatiently for him to make his next appearance on Meria's show this week.
    Came across this and thought, what the heck!

    He will be talking about the waggin the moon doggie work, so it should be interesting.
    I am sure wI'll here about the reactions to the writings
    can't wait!

  3. Going to listen now!! I'm stuck in this bloody office again! ARghhhh! At least I'll have Dave to listen too - he is truly funny.


  4. Forgot to say thanks for this recording, Penny. First time I heard Dave's voice . . . nice to have that voice to the writing, I think.

    I still haven't gotten through the book, although I do have it saved. Some time I will, just not right now . . . can't bury yourself in the filth of the world too much, know what I'm sayin'?

  5. Hey Pen, I clicked on this, thinking it probably wouldn't work but it was less than 10Mb and came down in 90 seconds. Yahoo! I'll listen to it when I get home. Thanks for that.

  6. hey slozo, actually Dave was restrained with that guy, you should here him on Meria's show, he is way more relaxed...
    And he swears, which is hilarious, because you just don't hear that anymore at all.

    They bleep out every swear word in music these days, it makes songs sound weird.
    I am not talking the fword, I mean shit, and christ, so your listening and it's like lalalalabeeplalala ruins the whole song.

    And yes, you are right, 'you can't bury yourself in the filth of the world to much'
    I had trouble sleeping reading that book.
    The idea that their are sick individuals in this world harming children in an organized manner, exchanging them, it is repulsive beyond belief!

    And how high up it goes, thinking of dutroux here, OMG!
    Notice, the msm makes a big huge deal of the guy released from jail, or lurking around schoolyards, which is as it should be, but this type of stuff, goes unmentioned, because it reaches the higher up, the elites of the world.

    btw slozo, I think edo uploaded the other interview for 100 downloads.
    maybe he can reprovide the link for you?

  7. Nobody:I am glad, and I hope you enjoy it!

  8. Hey Penny! I took up your advice and got me a month's subscription to Meria's site... Have now downloaded a shitload of Dave McGowan audios and will listen to them at my leisure!!!



  9. hey Edo, was wondering where you were?
    Left a reply at your place.

  10. I wonder also if The Finders provided children for the, literally, underground world: the reptilians...?

    1. Hi Anonymous

      thanks for stopping by here. I had forgotten all about this interview!
      But, I am listening to it right now
      Would i think "The Finders" have provided children for the sickos/psychos?

      I would think that is exactly why they are called the Finders.