Tuesday, October 20, 2009

From Spy (smart) meters to (chipped) Spy Rubbish Bins

Many councils 'bug' rubbish bins OR
Wheelie bin microchips could alert councils to big polluters AND

So this is what it is all about. Taking your hard earned money.
This is being done so that residents can be billed.

Question? Isn't this what property taxes are for?

Before anyone accuses me of being unconcerned about the environment, nothing could be further from the truth, so let's not go down that road, and look at this for what it is.

A way to have you and I pay more, for less.


  1. Makes me wonder what they will do with the likes of me, who has been completly off the grid for years. Biggest problem for me has been that if I had a power line running to my property I could have been selling excess power to the grid for the last fifteen years, but I don't so I can't shucks darn.

    And as for rubbish, don't really have any. That which can't be composted goes into what I call my Matter Anti Matter Reaction Device, A.K.A a high end, high air velocity distructer, which turns even trash such as tin cans, glass etc. into small clumps of slag, aluminum and such is turned into vapor and simply goes someplace else. An entire year’s worth of incineration amounts to perhaps one-wheel barrows worth of junk, which is easily disposed of by burying. Of course paper goods and other consumable go directly into the wood stove or the fireplace for heat.

    As far as a rubbish tax goes it never ceases to amaze me as to how much garbage people in this country produce, and most of it is unnecessary. Perhaps if people were forced to keep their garbage for one full year then perhaps people would realize just how much they pay for and then throw away. It makes no sense to pay for the packaging. Now I realize full well that most people don’t live in the country and can’t really deal with trash in the manner that I do, but still, even I will unpack items like say a new computer at the store and leave the junk at the store, sure I can just take it home and burn it but why should I? If more people would do this I wonder how long it would take say Wal-Mart to start complaining to the manufactures about the excessive packaging that they are forced to get rid of. So perhaps a rubbish tax would not be such a bad thing.

  2. Silv, you are right of course.
    Some people do produce a ridiculous amount of garbage, but then aren't they model consumers(citizens)

    spend, spend, spend.

    And isn't that what gov and business really want, good consumer/citizens?

  3. There is more about RFID microchip applications in the videos here: www.youtube.com/luddite333

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