Thursday, October 15, 2009

Is the use of live virus swine flu vaccines designed to spread swine flu?

The first swine flu vaccine to be rolled out to the public in the US is the nasal spray.
The CDC says that 3.4 million doses will be available at the beginning of October/09. When I saw this news reported , I thought to myself, why use this type of vaccine initially?

If your like me, you have possibly seem images reinforcing the use of this type of vaccine on your tv screen

I find this practice questionable, it worries me, because this type of vaccine contains live virus, and that virus sheds for 3 weeks after you have received your dosage of vaccine.

"Shedding" means you become a "Typhoid Mary" of sorts for the next 3 weeks.

So if the swine flu surges, or cases mysteriously increase could CDC's first choice vaccine be the cause for such an increase in cases?

Just thinking of 3.4 million recipients of the live swine flu virus,shedding this virus, over a 3 week period, how many people could be contaminated? Who would then go on to contaminate how many people? A sort of "pay it forward", that you don't want to be on the receiving end of.

More worrisome could this cause the swine flu to mutate?

An even more scarier thought that comes to my mind, could this be intentional to justify all the fear mongering and money spent on mass intervention?

If this scenario sounds to far fetched believe me, it isn't.
This scenario has played itself out before, creating more and worse disease. It is not unheard of in cases where live virus is used in vaccines. Except of course by the public.

Recalling some older posts I had done on the polio vaccines. One, on a recent vaccine created polio outbreak in Nigeria you can read that here. Then a follow up to that post that you can find here In the cases recounted in these posts of vaccine induced polio, the CDC and WHO were aware of the possibility and probability of the disease manifesting and worsening through the use of live virus in the vaccine.

So the decision by the CDC to roll out 3.4 million doses of live virus vaccines just leaves me wondering and worrying.


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  2. You know Penny, I'm not sure how the 'elite' will pull this off..

    Let's say you are the evil elite, so you ask yourself, what's in our best interest: Free-thinkers or automatons? Well, that's an easy answer: automatons are certainly far better controlled.

    So, you get yourself swine flu (which is aptly named in Orwellian terms), and your delivery method - not the vaccines - something else. You create the hype about the vaccine being dangerous, in a psyop sorta way. Now, you've got a lot of folks who do look outside of the box not taking the vaccine on the one hand and you've got your cattle rushing to it in droves, on the other. You release your pandemic. Free thinkers drop dead.

    Who knows what these bastards have in store for us.

  3. Interesting scenario.

    But, I got to ask, what in the hell are these people thinking?
    This is live swine flu virus (h1n1) that is being sprayed up their noses!

    They are CHOOSING to expose themselves to a virus, they may never have been exposed to, and then to make matters worse, these idiots are walking around for 21 days, spreading this shit around!
    scuse the language, but, it is just maddening, completely mad and maddening.

    And the WHO and the CDC are surely aware of this, as they are familiar with these scenarios from the oral polio vaccine,again, another live virus vaccine.

  4. I know this will sound harsh and I probably will catch some flak for it but what the hell. The fact is that I hope that this whole thing will blow up into a 1976 flu shot thingy plus 10 at least, I really want to see people dropping in the street like flies, not from the flu but rather from the flu shots . Perhaps then people would see that they have been lied to AGAIN. Perhaps then the people would be willing to rise up and dispose of some of lying bastards in the Big Pharma and the government, and when I say dispose of I mean just that, as at the end of a rope in the public square.

    There was a time when people knew how to deal with charlatans and frauds, perhaps those times and methods should be brought back to the fore. The problem is that in order for this to occur a LOT of people will have to die needlessly. So here’s hoping .

    And thanks fer paying Daves bills, I see he’s up and running again.

  5. hey silv, it does sound harsh, but, who the heck cares?

    It is sad and true that it is going to take just such a harsh reality for people to wake up.