Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Israeli Media Tycoon wants to buy alJazeera

Report: Saban wants to buy al-Jazeera

Former Israeli billionaire Haim Saban is holding negotiations for the purchase of 50% of the al-Jazeera television network from the Qatari government, Egyptian newspaper al-Mesryoon reported Wednesday. The negotiations are said to be conducted through an Egyptian mediator.

This isn't his first attempt at purchasing al-Jazeera

Saban backed out of the same negotiations in the past without offering any explanation. His new offer was submitted recently through an Egyptian businessman.

In addition to the Saban Group's media activity, and its stakes in Israeli communications company Bezeq, Saban used to be a musician and has a dual Israeli-American citizenship. He was born in Alexandria, Egypt in 1944, and immigrated to Israel in 1956.


  1. Why? = Control the information.

    I'm sure our Anonymous poster would have a few choice words to describe this!!

    Word Verification = develibe

    Oh the irony.

  2. I was thinking that would be the only reason, since making proftis couldn't be a reason.

    That would be bad for the arabs to lose an information source that is geared to their perspective.

    Also bad for the world, in general, as alJazeera does a decent job with the news from what I have seen.

    word verifcation

    peramip ??

    dam, yours was better!

  3. Why Pen? Gee whiz - wrong question. The right question would be, What took them so long? Which is to say, of course they were going to buy it. Of course!

    Think about it Pen - it's a bloc-media. The control must be total. Any independent media entity with an audience greater than 10,000 will be owned or managed by someone who'll toe the line. Think of the unbreakable rules for reporting any story for Israel. How do you think that comes about? It ain't by osmosis.

  4. Hi Nobody,

    Don't you think that the collective numbers of the alternative media are having an unassailable effect on news getting out about Israel, without it's influence?

    I feel this is the case.. Just a few years ago, this type of information was limited to extremist, reactionary websites, but today, it seems a lot more mainstream... (if there is such a thing in the alternative media)

  5. Nobody, I gotta ask the question to get the responses, that is the whole gig for this blog.

    And thank you for yours btw.

    Clearly it is the control, I mean the guy is rich, he don't need the money, Aljazeera is a money loser, so it has to be about controlling the message via the medium.

  6. And, Edo, I think the collective numbers in the alternative media are having an effect on the mass bloc of msm.

    I don't know what nobody thinks, but, just looking at Israel not getting off scot free on Goldstone, they will eventually, but they are having to work way harder to do so.