Monday, October 19, 2009

Smart Meters could be a spy in your home

This is VERY interesting, especially for those that live in Canada. Because, the province of Ontario is going hog wild, installing these nifty tracker devices on everybody's home. Are the other provinces going this route, let me know....

I knew these "smart meters" were tracking, how much and time of useage in real time, but now I wonder just what other information is being tracked and stored on electricity consumers.
And what will be done with that information???

Smart meters could become a 'spy in the home' by allowing social workers and health authorities to monitor households, adding to concern at Britain's surveillance society.

Every step takes us a little bit closer.

The devices, which the government plans to install in every home by 2020, will also tell energy firms what sort of appliances are being used, allowing companies to target customers who do not reduce their energy consumption.

If you can pay the bill, why should you be targetted?

The devices also pave the way for a national 'smart grid', backed by David Cameron's Conservatives, which would use the data to manage national demand more efficiently and advise households when it is cheapest to switch on appliances.

Who exactly is going to advise households when it is cheapest to switch on appliances, and more importantly if you need to use an appliance when it is inadvisable to do so, what would the repercussions be?

In its impact assessment, however, the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) says there "is theoretically scope... for using the smart metering communications infrastructure to enable a variety of other services, such as monitoring of vulnerable householders by health authorities or social services departments."

It adds: "Information from smart meters could also make it possible for a supplier to determine when electricity or gas was being used in a property and, to a degree, the types of technology that were being used within the property.

Doretta Cocks, founder of the Campaign for Weekly Waste Collection, said: "This is Orwellian."

Why yes it is, and it get's even more Orwellian...

The DECC document adds households could even have their power to some appliances turned off remotely to help the national grid if there is too much demand. It says: "In terms of potentially intrusive non-physical behaviour unrelated to data, smart metering potentially offers scope for remote intervention

Remote Intervention! Hello, there it is, someone else can interfere with your home, your private energy consumption. Big Brother is watching, and controling.


  1. If they can shut your electricity off remotely then they can easily get you and your family to drive to a FEMA camp rather than send police out to pick you up. We are entirely dependent on electricity. I was in Toronto during 3 day the power outage.

    The idea of an "energy shortage" or "global warming" is of course ridiculous. There must be another reason for these smart meters.

  2. Control.
    And the means to levy big fines.

  3. Whatever their reasons for installing smart meters, the first thing that entered my mind is that if the hydro company has an employee who moonlights as a burgler or serial killer, that person will have a good idea of when there may or may not be anybody at home.

    Ottawa Hydro told us when they installed the meters in my apartment building that there would be lower fees for consumption at non-peak periods, but after about a year they have still not changed their pricing.

    By various methods I've succeeded in lowering my consumption (See "Surviving in the New World" - Item 3) - mostly just to see if I could - so I've saved money that way, and I noticed that there was no power outage this summer, so I guess most people have paid heed about peak period usage. But this could have been accomplished without the use of smart meters.

  4. Ha ha ha!

    They can't put one in my house!! My nieghbourhood must be driving them crazy!!

    Many of homes here, for those who haven't yet moved their meters outside, have the old ones situated so close to the floor joists that it is physically impossible for them to place these meter without severe structural damage to the residence. The only other option is to FORCE us all to have our meters relocated.

    So far they haven't even attempted that route.

    I'm not bloody well moving my meter, at my expense just so they can attach a new bureaucratic toy!

    Screw Them.

  5. Solar and wind it's really not that big a deal. Shure Yuh get taxed when you install it but after that it's FREE sailing. Now I know that wind power can be a problem for people living in towns and cities but solar can be installed almost anywhere and can pay for itself in a remarkbly short period of time.

  6. Chalk up yet another method of control for the gov't . . . a method of control that starts to tell you when to turn on this, and when to turn on that.

    Why should we as private citizens have to switch elecrticity on and off at certain times, and be controlled in terms of when we use our power . . . when big industry gets it at an already discounted rate AT PEAK TIMES? Why is industry not asked to 'conserve water'? Why are tax-evading corporations given precedence over the tax-paying people?

    Well, we know who is in control here, don't we? Take control of your life, and heed not the calamatous shrill whistle of corporate backed gov't telling you when you can wash your clothes. Easier said than done, however. Of course, for some people . . . the money is a serious reason to do bend to the will of the master, hence the insidiousness of it all.

    Wait for all the prices to go up for electricity, gas, water, and then the control will ramp up even further. Trust me, the economic noose will tighten much further, there can be no doubt.

    Prepare yourselves (not to be too dramatic!).

  7. The thought that occurred to me was: does anyone really believe that the rich and powerful will allow themselves to be subjected to central control of how much power they may use? Fat Chance! There is no fucking way in hell that the super wealthy will agree to someone telling them how much power they may use. No fucking way.

    Once this comes in, society will divide into those subject to it and those not. Simple.

  8. you got it slozo, it is more control, and the way the meters have been sold, your gonna save money.
    no your not, wait till they bring on the spot market pricing, there is not on penny to be saved and we will pay more, use less, and have someone else telling us when we can use the appliances in our home, it is crazy.

    and nobody, your right.The rich and powerful are NOT going to have their lifestyles curbed, but all the rest of us are going to.

    Malthusian, man made malthusian theory.

  9. "Solar and wind it's really not that big a deal. Shure Yuh get taxed when you install it but after that it's FREE sailing. "

    This is NOT true in Ontario, as I am told by two independent insiders in the public power system. Any electricity produced in Ontario is the property of Ontario Hydro. Grow your own, but it isn't your won according to Ontario's Electricity Act.

    They just haven't started billing you for it, unless there are hidden taxes on windmills and those terrible, polluting solar cells (no joke).

    (I would take solar electric cells too - or make them illegal if I were gov)