Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Carbon Trade and Derivatives- Who benefits?

Besides- Big Oil- benefitting from Copenhagen Treaty, Wall St and the Banksters are set to profit also.
Is the next bubble being created?

Copenhagen's Hidden Agenda: The Multibillion Trade in Carbon Derivatives

The banks are preparing to do with carbon what they’ve done before: design and market derivatives contracts that will help client companies hedge their price risk over the long term. They’re also ready to sell carbon-related financial products to outside investors.

Carbon Capitalists Warming to Climate Market Using Derivatives ...

Banks Moving In

Banks intend to become the intermediaries in this fledgling market. Although U.S. carbon legislation may not pass for a year or more, Wall Street has already spent hundreds of millions of dollars hiring lobbyists and making deals with companies that can supply them with “carbon offsets” to sell to clients.

JPMorgan, for instance, purchased ClimateCare in early 2008 for an undisclosed sum.

Report Warns That Carbon Derivatives Markets Pose Threats Congress Has Not Addressed
This one from "Friends of the Earth"? Who funds Friends of the Earth?
Foundation money, what is the agenda of the foundation funder?

Shell calls for derivatives on carbon trading

Royal Dutch Shell, Europe’s largest oil producer, is calling for the removal of any restrictions on carbon credit trading and asking for derivative contracts to be allowed under cap-and-trade programs.

Shell? Big Oil? So are they also going to make money on carbon trading?

And the environment? Nothing will change.


  1. Did you see the Guardian article about the 'Danish text'. The the monies collected by the UN etc; will be 'handled' by the World Bank??

    I'd laugh at all of this if it weren't so serious.

    What a scam. Truly.

    BTW- great work Penny, as I have had a major writing block for months now, and though I want to can't seem to string together more than a few sentences before I lose all concentration.

    Buff - late onset ADHD... :(

  2. The environment will get worse. Right now polluters are under-the gun for certain emissions in North America (CA and USA anyways). Once the carbon trading scheme is established it will spread. Then polluters that put lead and sulfur into the environment will just be able to buy their way out.

    Manufacterers in India and China will not be held to the same standards as ones in America and therefore general pollution of the atmosphere will increase.

    Anyone that goes against the grain in all of this will likely be showered with DU tipped bullets too.

    Really the movie The Corporation explains it all as America is slowly being gobbled up by the United States (a private for profit corp inside America)

  3. Hey buff, no I haven't seen that one?
    Got the link handy?

    And Doug, I think the environment will degrade, look at all the shit in the water, I mean the pollution particularly from excessive use of pharmaceuticals...Anything going to be done about it?

    Cripes they pollute the water with fluoride, telling us it is "good" for us. My arse!
    Helping industry to avoid their responsibilities and dumping it on the people.

  4. Yeppers, here it is:

    Now, I just came back from driving my dad to the blood lab. Holy snowflakes batman!! I don't know what it is doing down 'south' where you are but crikies it's bloody wild out here!!! Some of the snow drifts are over a foot already.

    Glad I have my winter tires on!!


    Buffy in the Blizzard

  5. The National Post is doing a good job covering this whole thing. But they are a little tricky stating that the UN is there to equalize wealth when in reality they just rob everybody.

  6. It's funny Doug, but I find myself with very strange bedfellows in this situation.

    Often accused of being a radical 'left' winger, probably due to my stance wrt Israel, I am accused as being a fanatical 'right' winger by the AGWers.

    Odd that. Goes to show that all of these labels do nothing but divide us all.


  7. Left and right wings are the two wings of the same bird. That bird is a predator and has been set upon the worlds populations in legislation in the form of a ch 11 bankruptcy. We are are the prey for this bird.