Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bishop Robert (Bob) Bowman - 9/11 truther or 9/11 gatekeeper ?

Robert Bowman a patriot for 9/11 truth? Sure.
Took a run for Congress in 2004. Yeah.
How about Bishop Bob Bowman? Yes, that is Bishop Robert (Bob) Bowman, he is presiding ArchBishop of the United Catholic Church.

(that's Bishop Bowman in full costume)

I know, your thinking Vatican connections, but, you would be mistaken. The United Catholic Church has no ties to the Vatican. Generally this version of the Catholic Church is rather hostile to the Roman Catholic Church, headed by the Vatican. Bishop Bowman is, as commonly called, a Wandering Bishop.
Bishops in Independent Catholic Churches are sometimes referred to as episcopi vagantes ("wandering bishops") because of their lack of affiliation with a larger communion of churches.

A brief background from Bowman's church.

We of the independent Catholic movement are Catholic Christians not under the jurisdiction of Rome. The United Catholic Church is a free association of individual Christians, independent churches, religious orders, denominations, and interchurch fellowships.Our clergy are validly ordained bishops, priests, and deacons in the Apostolic Succession, and are recognized as such. ( I am going to come back to this ordination succession)

I notice there is a complete lack of information regarding the congregation.

I'll bet your scratching your head? What the heck is she on about? Well, you see, when I got this in an e-mail yesterday, I had an a-ha moment!

Because where, oh where have I read of oddly placed Bishops previously?

When we look at Dave McGowans piece, Sleazefest in Seattle, and recall that Seattle cop killer Maurice Clemmons -made an unusual visit to a Bishop, Bishop Bernard Jordan.
He disturbed a June 13 prayer service, trying to rush the stage and yelling, and then approached Bishop Bernard Jordan at his gala 50th birthday banquet the next day.

When else do we have oddly placed Wandering Bishops and churches?

We find them active during the Kennedy assasination and linked to intelligence operations and especially Lee Harvey Oswald.

This assassination team funded Maurice Brooks Gatlin, Guy Bannister, and the Miami office of Double Check Corporation. J. Edgar Hoover's Division V, Domestic Intelligence, working with the American Council of Christian Churches, had used this group from the Bowen-Osbome academy of assassins.

Working out of Guy Bannisters office were 4 ordained Wandering Bishops!

At one time, there were as many as four “bishops” functioning from Guy Banister’s Camp Street office, and these included virtually all of his investigators, from David Ferrie and Jack Martin to Thomas Beckham and the lawyer Thomas Jude Baumler. Beckham was a bishop with the Universal Life Church, along with his friend Fred Lee Crisman (the man who was involved with the seminal UFO event of the 20th century, the Maury Island affair)

As near as I can figure the Bishops and their churches serve as part of networks for any manner of covert actions. Another Bishop who figured big in the covert business was Walter Propheta

" In 1967, Propheta was involved with J. Edgar Hoover who evidently installed him as the “primate” of the American Orthodox Catholic Church at a dinner in Manhattan."

Okay, so I filled in some of the blanks. Or maybe I just made things worse? I can't tell.
But, either way when I saw this, I became immediately suspicious of what type of role Robert(Bob) Bowman has really been playing in the 9/11 movement. Has he been attempting to bring it out?Or has he just been helping to manage the movement?

Oh and I want to get back to this.
"Our clergy are validly ordained bishops, priests, and deacons in the Apostolic Succession, and are recognized as such." As is the claim of all Wandering Bishops, including David Ferrie and others.
What I want to know is who ordained Robert Bowman? Was he ordained through the multiples of intelligence connected Apostolic lines of succession?


  1. Would you but a used car from this man?

    word verification - "conast" It's a sign!

  2. No, I wouldn't!
    And I can tell you when I saw this yesterday, as I said, someone e-mailed all this too me, I was like, what the hell!!!!
    scuse the language, but, that is just too much!

  3. well, I shouldn't say e-mailed all of this, just the stuff about the bowman being a bishop, that blew my mind, I spent far too much time yesterday looking for links to back it up, of course, I could just get the Levenda book, where I first read about all this stuff and start typing.

    It all get's so weird

  4. They are Catholics by whatever stripe and this stuff surprises you?

    Think of the blood on the hands of the Catholic church and then tell me what it would be that they would not be capable of doing.

  5. hey silv, I understand what your saying about the catholic church and the blood on it's hands.

    I think of the average attendee of the catholic church and catholic school.
    And this is not them.

    Actually this church is what I would call a church of convenience, as it will adapt and absorb anglicans & pentacostal's.
    And create intelligence agents.

    Some things are just so bizarre,I admit to finding myself, still caught unawares at so many things.
    It's the learning curve I guess.
    And it is a steep one!

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  7. Bowman did a speech up here in Ontario during his tour. I stood up during the question/answer period (in line) and said global warming was a fraud after he mentioned that we were ruining the planet.

    You should have seen the look he gave me - pure hatred - I never saw anything like it from a public speaker.

    I talked to him on the phone about 9/11, he was quite pleasant and willing to speak with me for a few moments. This was before his Toronto speech when I was doing verifications for AE911Truth.

    Anyone that says global warming is real is a liar. So I don't trust him at all.

  8. makes you wonder who's doing the "ordaining"?

  9. meria; makes you wonder who's doing the "ordaining"?

    yup, who, was it one of the many intelligence connected "Bishops"

    And if so, why?
    What role does Bob Bowman play.
    The role of handler?
    As it seems David Ferrie did?
    If so who is he handling?

  10. Do you think if I gave Bishop Bowman's mum some of that material, she would make me an outfit just like the good bishop's?

  11. James, you could try, if she is a kind mum, she just might ;)

  12. It did help fund and support gun running activities.