Monday, February 8, 2010

Eustace Mullins: Last Writ for a Martyr

Just some excerpts, read the entire piece here.

Eustace Mullins, known for his seminal book, The Secrets of The Federal Reserve, passed away at the age of eighty-seven on February 2, 2010.

His passing, like his books, was completely buried in the establishment media. For all his efforts in revealing the nature of "our" banking system, he achieved the status of a non-person, a blacked-out dissident in the American Oligarchy.

Eustace Mullins was an American political writer, author and biographer. He also served honorably in the Army Air Force for three years during World War II. He later went to work for the Library of Congress and was cleared by the Office of Naval Intelligence to photograph top secret documents, and he also had entree to many offices on Capitol Hill. This led to his ability to research many arcane books, documents and records not available to the public a fascination that eventually became a lifelong pursuit.

As a librarian of Congress with special access to top secret documents and records, and at the urging of Ezra Pound, Mullins continued his research into the banking system ownership and the influential foundations of the ruling elite. As an expatriate, Ezra Pound had already done extensive research in the libraries of Europe and so his material served as a starting point for Mullins' research.

As Mullins noted in his book, The World Order Our Secret Rulers, "The American people remain blissfully unaware that their Constitutional government with its separated powers of legislature, judicial and executive departments, has been entirely superseded by the foundations, which generate basic policy for all three branches... staffs of all three departments are heavily infiltrated by foundation operatives. The CIA functions as the coordinating agency between foundations and the departments of government."

Indeed, as we've seen in administration after administration, regardless of party, it is these interlocking foundation relationships and corporate directorships that constitute a web of control over our "managed democracy. The same people beget the same people in positions of power and influence, and oligarchy rules behind a facade of democracy.

It is the job of establishment corporate media to prevent revealing such relationships and influence to the American people, and to maintain the pretense of democracy and hide the rude fact of fascist oligarchy. Once again, however, the game is up, the mask is off, and the people want banker's blood today. We want our country back.

But will we get it, or will it be more wars and market manipulations while distraction and dissuasion continue to serve the ruling elite? Who is the next Mullins?


  1. Contrary to what you wrote, Mullins never had access to "top secret documents" at the Library of Congress.

    For a more factual understanding about his life, see:

  2. Ah how refreshing, once more the great Ernie blesses us MORONS with his presents.

  3. Ernie mate, your 'legend' sucks!

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  5. hey silv and edo, what the hell is with this guy ernie?


    Having heard Eustace interviewed, noting he tells and retells the same narrative consistently with regards to his library access....

    as the author of this piece notes
    (ernie, I didn't write it)
    consistency is key. And Eustace was consistent.

    Ernie is pure and utter disinfo.
    You wonder is he part of the larger, "let's smear Eustace and burn his books" campaign that has been conducted for years?
    Is he on someone's payroll?
    What gives with the trolling the net to leave his bullshit?
    How does he find the time?
    ernie, no one here believes anything you say, take your act elsewhere. Find interested parties,ok?

  6. When I ran for an election back a few years ago, the ONLY people that really showed appreciation for what I was doing were Jews. I ran an honest money platform - imagine that - Jews appreciating this. Some of them showed their appreciation quietly and away from prying eyes.

    The ordinary Jew gets very afraid when he or she hears Mullins speak, it does isolate the Jews and this is very bad because Jews have a unique sociological position in the world. There are only 12 million of them and they are a tribe. They settle their own matters internally rather than depend on the courts - this according to Emile Durkheim.

    I am somewhat skeptical of our heroes, I think Mullins may have done a lot of harm in scaring ordinary Jewish folks who are no different and just as upset and scared of all this as anyone else.

    No non Jew ever thanked me for running and openly speaking truth. Several Jews did - independently, acting on their own, people who in all likelyhood did not know one another.

  7. His work on the private federal reserve is the best work in the field, had it not been for his tireless research we would have been as in the dark now as people were in 1913.

    His work was so good, that it was entirely plagiarized by G Edward Griffith.
    Eustace was aware of that, and I heard an interview with Steven Zarlenga confirming the same.

    Zarlenga praised Eustace for his information on the federal reserve.

  8. Thanks for sharing this, Doug. Did any of the Jews you mention contribute to your campaign funds?