Thursday, February 18, 2010

Haiti child kidnappers& Killer Colonel updates

Updates on two stories I've been following here

8 of the 10 child kidnappers have been released.

Earlier on Wednesday, the judge hearing the missionaries' case said all but two members of the group could leave the country, without conditions.
However, Judge Bernard Saint-Vil said he still wanted to interview the group's leader, Laura Silsby, and Charisa Coulter about a visit they made to Haiti in December, before the earthquake struck.
Silsby originally said they only took orphaned or abandoned children. However, it turned out that several of the children had parents who willingly handed them over to the group, in the hopes they would have a chance at a better life
(taking advantage of the devestated parents, who had hopes of better lives for their kids, these sub-humans Silsby and her 'nanny' Coulter, was going to sell them into sex slavery and certain death)
Oh an US Marshals are 'hunting' for Puello.
The Killer Colonel makes his court debut today, via video feed.

This should appeal to the tv heads of the world, since most people view 'life' through their tv screens anyway....

He has the best lawyer, Michael Edelson, that money can buy representing him.
It is expected that another court date will be set.

Meanwhile police continue to search the Colonel's home

Ooops, I should say both of his homes

Two unmarked Ontario Provincial Police trucks arrived late Wednesday morning at the former Canadian military commander's lakefront property, about 30 kilometres northeast of Belleville.
Another six cruisers and 20 OPP officers were also at the scene, up from about three cruisers earlier in the day.
Investigators equipped with saws, drills and other power tools were believed to be cutting out the flooring, wood-panelled walls and ceiling of the two-bedroom house as they search for evidence in the case against Williams.
On Tuesday, similar police activity could be seen at Williams' home in Ottawa's Westboro neighbourhood.
Let's hope the police manage to conduct a more thorough search then they did in the case of his school mate, neighbour & partying pal, Paul Bernardo.
Don't forget to search the light fixtures okay!

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