Friday, February 12, 2010

The Killer Colonel and the Serial Killer Paul Bernardo

This news just keeps getting more and more twisted.

The killer Colonel and Paul Bernardo.
Yes, that Paul Bernardo. The killer, who along with his wife psycho Karla, killed her own sister, and two other young girls along with raping another girl.

Here is some back ground on Paul Bernardo

More on the Colonel and his Toronto background-
Colonel charged in murders lived in Toronto as teen, young man

Scarborough was once home to Col. Russell Williams, the former CFB Trenton commander charged in the murders of two women.
Williams, now 46, attended Birchmount Park Collegiate Institute on Danforth Avenue and Upper Canada College on Lonsdale Road.
In the mid-1980s, the colonel and serial killer Paul Bernardo both went to the University of Toronto's Scarborough campus on Military Trail.
During that time, there were a series of violent sex attacks in the area
That would be the time of the Scarborough rapist attacks
Here is an FBI profile done on the Scarborough rapist, before Paul Bernardo's arrest.
Interesting to note;

Your offender is a white male, 18 to 25 years of age.
As noted above, we believe your offender lives in the Scarborough area. He is familiar with Scarborough, especially the initial assault sites, and, therefore, in all probability lives in the immediate vicinity of those first assaults.
He is a lone wolf type of person. The personal property of the victims which your offender took from the assault scenes is being kept by him. These effects are viewed as trophies by the offender and allow him to relive the assaults.

The Colonel is a trophy keeper. Undergarments.
Baltovich spent eight years in jail, wrongly convicted of that murder.
He said his hair stood on end earlier this week when he heard Williams, now accused of murdering two women, attended the University of Toronto Scarborough campus — the same campus Bain vanished from in June 1990.
In an interview with the Toronto Sun, Baltovich said the feeling he had when he learned about Williams’ case matched the one he had in jail when he heard about Paul Bernardo. Bernardo, later convicted of murder, was active as the Scarborough rapist during the late 1980s. But in an interview with police years later, he denied having anything to do with Bain’s murder.
Her body was never found.
Wait, there is more! Bernardo gives tips in case against colonel
Bernardo offered advice for police as they scour Williams’ life.
“(Paul) suggested they go back 20 years and look at everything, because that’s when his testosterone would have been at the highest,” Bernardo’s father said

So was Bernardo the Scarborough rapist? Or was the Colonel? Or were they a tag
team? Knowing or unknowingly committing the same types of crimes?


  1. What I don't understand about this whole thing is how this man could have gotten away with this for so long. You don't rise to the level of base commander without 'them' knowing when and how you wipe your butt. I think they must have known, but this dude got sloppy - so they cut him loose.

    Something stinks here.

  2. Hey Scott, yeah it is very Mcgowan-esque.

    And maggie, I don't understand either how he could have gotten away with this much for so long.

    The Bernardo connections is weird to say the least, two serial killers emanating from the same campus, in the same time fram, taking the same economics course??

    Another interesting coincidence.

    The Colonel and Bernardo were name changers.

    The Colonel was known by his birth name, then he switched to another name at school Russ Sovka, then by time he joined the military he was back to Russ Williams.

    Paul Bernardo was both Bernardo and Paul Teale.

    He applied to have his name legally changed

    read this

    "May 15/1992 Paul and Karla apply to have their names legally changed from Bernardo to Teale Bernardo wants to have an Anglo-Saxon sounding last name and he also wants to disavow himself from his illegitimate heritage (Kenneth Bernardo was not his real father) The name Teale is taken from the name of a fictional serial killer in the 1988 movie Criminal Law"

    Are we looking at two men with identity issues stemming from their dads?

    Apparently these two "partied" together, what the hell that exactly means is anyone's guess?

    Do you recall how badly the police botcheded the Bernardo investigation, leaving crucial tapes in the house in the light fixture?

    Which Bernardo's lawyer held onto..allowing the deal for Karla, wondering now....thought that was fishy then?
    Now, I am thinking, that was really fishy...

    Oh and in Feb/1993, their official name change came through..

  3. scuse the typos,cripes!
    sometimes I get so caught up in reading and thinking about the comment, I am not paying attention to the typing,
    oh well!

  4. So, Who was Bernardos real father ?

  5. I think maybe this guy said something or tried something that he shouldn't have and they framed him or exposed him.

    I believe what Maggie says about the army - no doubt at that rank and probably true with even privates.

    He could have gotten a little too big for his britches and made a big goof up with his ego.

  6. The story on Bernardo, Ken Bernardo is his legal father.

    His biological father, was someone mom was initially going to marry, parents wouldn't approve, she married Ken Bernardo who apparently had parental approval.

    During the unhappy marriage,she had a fling with the first suitor, and became pregnant with his child.

    btw Ken Bernardo, it is claimed, molested his children.