Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ukraine election results suspended by Courts

Julia Tymoshenko had carried out her threats, she has not accepted her loss.
She has taken her case to the Ukrainian court.

This brings back, to my mind, the selection of George Bush.Wether you like or dislike him is irrelevant. He was not elected, he was selected by the court.

This is the ploy Tymoshenko seems to be using.
Though unlike in the US, where no outside election monitoring was done, there were election monitors in the Ukraine present for this last election.
The monitors said the election was clean.
Still, the court says the result should be suspended while it considers the evidence she has submitted.
What evidence? The evidence of fraud, or so she claims, in the run-off vote.

Meanwhile, Parliament carries on the business of running the country, including setting the date for the inauguration of Yanukovich.
-Ukraine President-elect Yanukovych to be sworn in on February 25 which coincides with the day the court's ruling, on the gas princess's appeal, will be made.

Ukraine's parliament on Tuesday passed a resolution, which set Feb. 25 for the inauguration of President-elect Victor Yanukovych.
The resolution was backed by 238 MPs, the Interfax-Ukraine news agency reported.
If you refresh your memories on some recent posts on Ukraine, I mentioned this place is just too strategically significant for the West to lose.

Situated in the Eurasian heartland, Ukraine has a sizable territory and population. These make it a nation of great strategic importance. Ukraine has also played an increasingly important role between NATO and Russia after NATO began its eastward expansion

Julia Tymoshenko, would not, I repeat, would not be doing this without backing from some very powerful countries and people. President Obama may have called and congratulated the democratically elected new leader Victor Yanukovych, but, that call was equivalent to the kiss of Judas.

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