Sunday, March 21, 2010

Haitian child kidnapprs 'Lawyer' Jorge Puello arrested facing extradition

Thanks to Maggie for bringing this to my attention!

Recall the supposed Christian Missionaries who were bringing Haitian children to be adopted?
Without proper documentation and oh yeah, the kids were not orphans...
Remember they had a 'lawyer' who was not a lawyer, but was connected to human trafficking rings?
Hoping this is all ringing a bell? Because, this man had finally been arrested!
His name Jorge Puello. Sometimes know as Jorge Torres Orellana.
He was arrested in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.... coming out of the local McDonalds.
But, this patron of fast food slop is not the 'hamburglar'

This man is wanted in numerous places, for a number of crimes all linked to human trafficking.

-in El Salvador for crimes against children, sexual exploitation of minors and human trafficking,

-in the United States for criminal prosecution for conspiracy to transport illegal aliens, some from Costa Rica, El Salvador and Haiti

-in Canada on unspecified charges.

"According to documents of the US and Dominican authorities... this person is an important part of a network of alien smugglers (targeting) women and children from Central America and the Caribbean"
Before all the decent people rejoice the arrest of the scumbag, A Dominican Judge has 30 days to decide if Puello will be extradited to the US.
Puello denies all accusations. His mother will represent him in court.
And his mommy says in the Dominican Republic "the entire community will come out to defend him."
What community is that? That would be the Jewish community in the Dominican.
It is reported that the police found documents "connected to the Sephardic Jewish community in a house in San Salvador where the traffickers had held women"
That is the last sentence in the article linked above.
It is vague, very vague but, seems to indicate Puello is part of a larger ring of traffickers, then just himself and his wife, who is already incarcerated for trafficking people.

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  1. The more things change the more they stay the same. Kick over any rock and what do you find besides the normal creepy things? Yep it's always the chosen ones. It's always the same, the deeper and slimier the sewer, the more of them one finds.

  2. Nice find, Penny. Wow, now THERE is a story that will get buried . . .

  3. Very good!

    - Aangirfan

  4. hey all!
    it seems the chosen ones aren't alone in this, but...
    God's self-proclaimed chosen people are most definitely involved.

    thanks slozo and Aangirfan, relevant video.

    hopin' everyone watches it?