Friday, March 19, 2010

Michigan invokes terror laws to deny FOIA regarding H1N1 spending

Yup, the state of Michigan invokes anti-terror laws!

Budget documents show that the state of Michigan provided over $1.5 million in gloves, masks and other medical equipment to what MDCH calls its “partners.” But the identity of those partners is a secret, the state argues.

Here is why they must remain secret- I am just going to bold the entire sentence, so the nonsense really stands out for you!

The state says to name the organizations that benefited from public monies would identify “vulnerable” facilities in the state, and by doing so violate the state’s anti-terror laws.

Besides this nonsense the state of Michigan also claimed to have spent-

$1.5 million budget for a “state wide media campaign.” However, it appears the state only spent $1 million on that campaign. When asked to document where the other $500,000 went, MDCH spokesman James McCurtis declined to answer.

Budget documents reveal that the state authorized $145,000 in payouts for volunteers during the crisis, money to pay for hotels, meals and other costs for those volunteers. When asked to provide an accounting of that spending in the FOIA request, Mary Greco, Legal Affairs Specialist for MDCH, said that no volunteers were used. Asked to explain where that money went, MDCH spokesman McCurtis again declined to answer.

Chetly Zarko, director of The Michigan Transparency Project. says the denial of information makes no sense. He argues that the law was intended to target people who were planning to commit terror acts, not people asking government to provide accountability for where tax payer dollars are being sent.

H1N1 flu pandemic is the scam that rode the taxpayer dollar gravy train, unaccounted for, everywhere. I am quite certain, what went on in Michigan, went on elsewhere.
Incredible, to hide behind anti-terror laws rather then be accountable!?

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