Monday, March 29, 2010

Turkey says NO sanctions on Iran and ponders Israel's nuclear arsenal

Turkey's PM Tayyip Erdogan does not support sanctions against Iran.

"We are of the view that sanctions is not a healthy path and... that the best route is diplomacy,"

While the suck-up from Germany, Angela Merkel hopes that Turkey votes with the US in April.

"We would happy if Turkey votes in April on the Iran issue together with the United States and the European Union,"
Erdogan then wondered aloud-

Erdogan then wondered why the international community refused to impose sanctions against the Middle East's sole nuclear weapons power, in an apparent (obvious) allusion to Israel.

"We are against nuclear weapons in our region. But is there another country in our region that has nuclear weapons? Yes, there is.
And have they been subjected to sanctions? No," Erdogan said.
I hope Erdogan is prepared for another attempted overthrow, or perhaps an assasination attempt ?


  1. i love how he asked the question and answered it himself! haha, touche.

  2. I know, wasn't that excellent!

  3. Woo Hoo. Been busy Pen, the greatest raptor migration on the planet started this morning and the flyway is right past my office window. So far it has just been the Golden Eagles and they will continue to fly past for another week or so. Today we spotted 127 between 3pm and 7:01 pm. Next it will be the Balds and then The smaller Hawks and Falcons with my Vultures arriving between the first and the fifth of May.

    It's Skye's first time seeing it and she is really excited.

  4. that is amazing! any chance you can get some pictures?

    I have never seen a golden eagle in real life, just pics.

    What a sight for skye eh?

    I got some pics yesterday of a little hawk on the fence in our yard.
    Just a small guy, not a big one.

    What kind of vultures?
    Vultures are here all year round, wondering is it a different kind?

  5. Yeah Penn Skye is just like a kid on Xmas morn. As far as the vultures go they are my boys, we call them the Crypt Keepers they nest up here, well roost is more like it as they are males all seven of them. "Never More" and never less than seven. I'm sure that they are confirmed bachelors, either that or queer as feathered three dollar bills. I've banded all of them and gotten to know them quite well over the years. Their names are Boris, Herman,Eddie,Uncle Festus, and then there is Edgar , Allen and Poe. They will arrive at the beginning of May, do a flyby of the Nest tip their wings to say "Hello We're back got any dead stuff"? and then
    probably set a spell on the peak of the house and paint the cedar shakes white with crap. Oh well thats what rains are for I suppose.

    It will be good to see them back, I know that it may sound strange but I do so miss them when they have gone south for the winter and I worry, there are so many dangers and it's such a long trip. They are Turkey Vultures and they are my friends and although the headgear is much the same we are not related, I don't think so anyway, should look it up in the family TREE yuh know just to make sure(wink)