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Depravity exemplified! Silsby, Puello, Adrien, Catholic, Jewish, Christian connections

It is getting to the point with this saga, I don't even know what to title these posts anymore!
The deeper one digs into the story of Haitian child kidnappers, the more twisted the tale is.

I have pretty well made it clear, based on what I have read, my opinion is that Laura Silsby and Jorge Puello attempted to engage in the trafficking of the Haitian children. Isaac Adrien also participated.

Just want to cover a bit more on Silsby first.
Edwin Coq, lawyer for 9 missionaries said
"Laura Sislby knew she could not move the children without proper documentation. "
I believe she did know but the opportunity provided for her by the disaster was to great an opportunity to let pass.

Silsby "believed" she had all the documentation she needed, all obtained in Dominican Republic.
Regardless of what she believed, how could she really think that anyone in the Dominican could have the authority to allow her to take Haitian children? Clearly she had to have known that was not the case.

The Dominican consul in Haiti, Carlos Castillo, told the AP on Thursday that the day the Americans departed for the border, Silsby visited him and said she had a document from Dominican migration officials authorizing her to take the children from Haiti.

No word on who the Dominican migration officials were.

Castillo said he warned Silsby that if she lacked adoption papers signed by the appropriate Haitian officials her mission would be considered child trafficking. "We were very specific," he said.

This does verify what the lawyer Edwin Coq is contending. Therefore Silsby knew she did not have appropriate documentation and was told without it, she would be trafficking in children.
Since Silsby was engaged in trafficking why would that have bothered her?

I'm guessing here, but it seems sensible, she did not think that crossing the border out of Haiti was going to be an issue. Given the circumstances. It seemed she was more concerned with entering Dominican Republic.
So here is Silsby at the Haitian border, with the stolen children.
With no authorization from anyone in the Haitian government to move the children.
Haitian police stopped the Americans’ bus at the border before it managed to cross.
And who does Silsby make a call to?
This is Isaac Adrien's account, he came to light in the previous post. I believe he was part and parcel of this trafficking ring, and once caught, he started spilling the beans.

"She called Jose, the guy's name was Jose."
"Who's Jose?"
"He was a policeman at the Dominican border."
"Is he Haitian or Dominican?"
"Dominican he came and talked to the Haitians but they would not listen to him."

Aha, "Jose " a policeman at the Dominican border!?
Or so claims Isaac Adrien.
But, I do wonder could this Jose be- Jose Hidalgo?
Who is Jose Hidalgo?

Jose Hidalgo was the real estate agent who brokered the deal between the Dominican Catholic Church's Bishop Julio C├ęsar Amaro Corniel and Laura Silsby

Goodness gracious, just what we all need to see right now, the Catholic Church, because they don't have enough trouble with pedophelia.

The Catholics leased forty-five rooms of their Education and Training Center located in the town of Cabarete on the northern province of Puerto Plata to the organization New Life Children's Refuge. Silsby also bought land in the hamlet of Yagua Magante section of the town of Gaspar Hernandez, Espaillat province.
Silsby's so called orphange. I covered that in another post.
I don't know if this is the Jose she called, or if it was another Jose.
I imagine Jose is a common name in the Dominican so one can't be sure.
What is interesting though? The deal between Silsby and the Catholic Bishop.

When asked by reporters to identify who the policeman was it was reported that the missionaries:
"declined to answer that question and instead they responded by breaking into singing hymns"

I wonder who led the followers into the sing song?

"Later team leader Laura Silsby conceded she knew a man she described as a Haitian policeman she also said she knew another man she described as a Dominican coast guard."

I guess in the smuggling business it is very good to know law enforcement officals, by land and by sea. It is also good to know "fixers" and Laura Silsby knew a fixer.
Meanwhile, online forum comments by Dominican Legal Blogs (posts by Dominican and expat lawyers) reveal the matter-of-fact view that "Puello is a buscone (fixer) who had probably been hired previously by the work the DR-side of their enterprises."

Apparently he is a man of many hats...

Jorge Puello aka Jorges Torres Orellana, according to reliable sources is a daven (prayer).
"According to reliable sources Jorge Torres Orellana davens (prays) at the Chabad in the Dominican Republic. ( I covered his connection to Chabad in a previous post)

You know what else Jorge Puello aka Jorges Torrel Orellan is? He is a pimp!
From Haiti and Dominican to Miami, Florida
Get ready for this:


1460 NW 107TH AVE
Title VP
1460 NW 107TH AVE STE R
Title TRES
1460 NW 107TH AVE STE R
according to HaitiVox this appears to be a front company linked to a prostitution /online escort recruiting service.

Ana Ramirez is Jorge's wife

His wife, Ana Josefa Ramirez Orellana, has already been arrested and charged with sex trafficking by Salvadoran police. The two allegedly operated a brothel out of their home.

I want to look at something else, that will bring us full circle back to Isaac Adrien

Isaac Adrien was reported in some places to be the coordinator for Haiti House of Blessings.
I see no mention of him at the website. He was however raised as a child around that orphanage.

This reporting of the Haiti House of Blessing connection brought a denial from the founder of the orphanage. Missionary wrongly linked to Orphan Drama

But Phillip Murphy says he has no connection to the group and that the arrested Americans may have caused heartache for parents of the Haitian children.

He was incorrectly identified as "a Baptist minister, Philippe Murphy, who runs an orphanage in the area" of Fermathe, Haiti.

Isaac Adrien took Silsby's group to House of Blessings, which houses about 20 children, but the director, Joana Jean Marie Desir, turned them away, Murphy said.

Now if Isaac Adrien had really been the coordinator of the Haiti House of Blessings, would the director turn them away?

"She locked the door and said no, we don't know who you are," he said. (Philip Murphy recounting)

No luck at the orphanage so Adrien conveyed the offer of Silsby's group to gathered villagers, acting as a translator, and because of that connection, the villagers assumed they could trust the Americans, despite a warning from Desir not to, Murphy said.

"We lived there so long and people knew us, and when they saw Isaac with them, they assumed we were part of that (group)," he said.

Of course, we can't be sure if Philip Murphy is telling the truth or not. But, what does seem correct is Isaac Adrian used a connection to this orphanage to gather up children, on behalf of Laura Silsby, to be trafficked.

This episode, should have any sane and rational person asking themselves serious, very serious questions about the roles played by organized religion in this world.

Whether Catholic, Baptist (christian) or Jewish, the hierarchical religious organizations are perfect covers for any and every manner of nefarious evil doings. Including pedophilia, child prostitution and the trafficking of humans possibly for organs. None of it can be dismissed.

If you have been in a cave and need some background, read , here , here
and click on the Haiti label at the bottom, there might be more


  1. There Yuh go Grrrl, just keep kicking over the rocks. The deal is that shit that you uncover it's really all the same just in different piles, but as any plumber knows shit runs downhill and in this case it all seems to be headed for one of the lowest points on the globe both literally and figuratively, namely that shitty little country called Israel.

    And I've been around just a little busy flying out to the cottage and getting things ready for the summer as we will be there as soon as the kid gets out of school for the summer.

  2. Blimey Girl! I'm having difficulty keeping up! Great work Penny.

  3. Where were the children destined? To be sold to black market adoption... some going to pedophile rings, or worse - to MK Ultra-like programs, to craft our future celebrities and school shooters.

    This is a good site, if you don't know what I'm talking about:

  4. Hey silverfish, you might be surprised to read a headline I saw today.
    From February 02.2010
    from Haaretz

    Advocacy group: Israel is a pedophile's paradise

    Pretty harsh headline and sure it is an attention grabber, but, it's interesting.

  5. thanks edo, believe me when I say I have trouble keeping up with this one

  6. anarchore:

    who knows, who really knows??
    Given Puello's penchant for prostitution, well one can only guess, but it would be a well informed guess based on his past, oh and his wifes past.

    "To be sold to black market adoption... some going to pedophile rings, or worse - to MK Ultra-like programs, to craft our future celebrities and school shooters."

    Oh I know exactly what it is you speak of. It is a familiar topic.
    One I have covered here before.

  7. Penny I knew you were hip to it from your MKUltra links! :-)

    The link is for the benefit of others, and in case you hadn't seen that site before, it's a pretty good one although he stretches a little bit on some points.

    Sorry again for once thinking you were a 'progressive'. ;-)

  8. great work pen. i knew those chabadniks would turn up again. PLUS the catholics. PLUS PLUS the baptists. imagine my shock.

  9. Oh what a tangled web we weave,
    When we practice to deceive!!

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    Great work exposing these excrement dwelling scum.

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