Monday, March 1, 2010

Calling a spade a spade, Israeli Apartheid week

The strident denials of the few, attempting to silence the truth, don't change the facts.

And, no amount of denials made either blatantly or in a manipulative manner, or sung by the same tired choir, will change the reality of Israel's apartheid policies.

What is being used are the rehashed ploys of the political backers of the racist South African regime.
Michael Ignatieff should consider his words and actions, in light of the company he is keeping
The politicians of many nations, stood hip to hip, with the apartheid regime of South Africa.
It was the masses of individuals that made the difference.

Maybe you are asking, what is apartheid?

Apartheid, the word, basically means apartness, to keep apart.

The term Apartheid is generally known as a social policy or racial segregation involving political and economic and legal discrimination

This is an accurate description of the way Israel conducts itself as a nation with regards to it's illegal occupation of Palestine, the Palestinians and it's continued theft of Palestinian land.

Israel may not like it. The blind supporters of Israel may not like it.
But, whether they like it or not, is not the issue.
The issue is, does the judgement fit the crime, and in the case of Israel and it's many policies of apartness, the judgement certainly does fit the crime.

I am going to quote here, from an article titled "Yes, it is Apartheid?

"Roadblocks and inspections at every turn; licenses and permits for every little matter; the arbitrary seizure of land; special privileges in water use; cheap, hard labor; forming and uniting families by bureaucratic whim - none of these are apartheid, in any way. They are an incontrovertible security necessity, period.

The white Afrikaners, too, had reasons for their segregation policy; they, too, felt threatened - a great evil was at their door, and they were frightened, out to defend themselves.
Unfortunately, however, all good reasons for apartheid are bad reasons; apartheid always has a reason, and it never has a justification. And what acts like apartheid, is run like apartheid and harasses like apartheid, is not a duck - it is apartheid.

Israeli only roads, Walls to steal land and cut off Palestinians. Apartheid walls.

One can spout an endless stream of reasons for "apartheid"
We're frightened, we have to protects ourselves, God gave us this land, whatever.
In the end, it is all bullshit. Used to justify every abuse that can be heaped on the people who are not us. But, the one thing that we can be sure of, apartheid policies (policies that treat human beings as something other then) will not bring peace. Apartheid policies will not bring security. What policies of separateness will surely bring, in the end, is destruction.

And so with this post, let's mark the beginning of The 6th Annual Israeli Apartheid Week


  1. Well it is what it is, however it is not quite fair to compare what South Africa was to what Israel is.

    If you had ever been to South Africa instead of just hearing the crap from the Mandela supporters you would know that the blacks in S.A had it one hell of a lot better under White rule than they have now under majority black rule. The same applies to Rhodesia now Zimbabwe once the breadbasket of Africa now nothing but a desolate shithole with no future under black rule.

    Like I said it is what it is, you don't have to like it but don't ever compare what S.A was to what Israel is.

  2. You know silv, I have heard that kind of thing said.

    But, I don't know if it has so much to do with black rule vs white role.

    As just he entire mess that africa is in, I mean the entire continent.

    And the problem there is not individual leaders so much as western intervention and manipulation.
    I am reading a good piece from Andrew Gavin Marshall right now that lays that out quite clearly..

    I am just using the idea of apartheid - apartness, and the rules that enforce the apartness or apartheid as the basis for the spade is a spade analogy.

    I notice the political talking heads are out shrilly speaking.

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  4. OMG Penny, You've used the BANNED word!!

    I shall have to inform the Legislature about your subversive and clearly anti-semitical tirade.


  5. banned federally and provincially apparently