Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Gore backed by group linked to oil industry

Five months after saying the exploitation of the tar sands was "one of the most serious threats to the human race,” former U.S. vice-president Al Gore came back to Montreal this week with financial backing from Investors Group, a Power Corporation affiliate that is indirectly involved in Alberta's oil industry

Note the "indirect" connection, I will bold it for you-

The event's main sponsor is Investors Group, a Power Corp. company owned by the Desmarais family. The Desmarais family and their Belgian partner, Albert Frere, are the largest shareholders in oil company Total, which hopes to take three billion barrels of oil from the Alberta tar sands (and maybe more) over the next 30 years

Hmmm, that reads to me like the company, financially backing
Al Gore's visit, is DIRECTLY involved in the Tar Sands Project.
A project Al Gore condemned as a "serious threat to mankind"
How does anyone take this man and his views seriously?

Update: If you are reading this and you think no big deal, check my latest-

Al Gore takes cash for water campaign from chemical firm

For his clean water campaign, no less! Have a barf bag handy.


  1. This post would be enhanced tremendously if one could identify the Frere family interest in low carbon energies that Gore is pushing. No doubt that they exist and that Gore's backers have a stake.

  2. That didn't take too long.

    Total is also in the business of producing nuclear power:

  3. Yeah atheo, back when I was doing hard-core investigation on the global warming cult, I discovered that almost every key organiser for global warming groups, internet sites, supposed scientific communities, etc - were ex-nuclear power advocates, and sometimes even ex-executives. Pretty funny stuff I thought at the time, to my chagrin, and a real key indicator as to eventual motive.

    And then, when they started coming out with hilarious lines like nuclear power is clean energy, well . . . you can only sit back in amazement, wondering how the public - some of them supposedly of keen intellect - can swallow that shit.

    But many did swallow it, and continue to shut off all logical thought processes and continue to ignore what must be a hell of a headache caused by cognitive dissonance.

    And they rake in the money, while forcing the public to "save", as if they are even the biggest polluters. But people eat it up because they think they are helping to save the earth, as if polluting less saves anything, lol.

    It's an awesome psychological operation based on people's vanity, really. And what a vain and self-congratulatory bunch we have become.

  4. thanks atheo, I have found myself a bit swamped for right now. If I am not mistaken, Al Gore is also big on the nuclear power. The alleged 'green' energy. LOL

  5. And all the while never mentioning how much pollution is generated by the war machine eh slozo??

  6. Most importantly Penny,
    No mention that over 50% of all pollution is done not by citizens, but by corporations, and that clean drinking water is probably the most dangerous pollution hazard to anyone's health . . .

    . . . as opposed to an imaginary tidal wave formed by the warming condensation droplets from Al Gores forehead.

    And of course, never explain the DU stands for depleted uranium. And never mention what percentage of the average city's water supply is used by manufacturing. And never mention why when fluoride levels were getting too high, that it became healthy for teeth (it's a biproduct of heavy industry). And never mention any of the lawsuits Dow Chemical has had to settle.

    I could go on, but I have to hit the hay.

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