Friday, April 30, 2010

Poland- IMF loans and Radoslaw Sikorski does the US

So what is happening politically with Poland?
Let me drop a name. The name for the day is Radoslaw Sikorski.

Polands Foreign Minister is making the rounds in the US, on the arm of Hilary Rodham Clinton.
Just what have Rad and Hil been up to?! Reaffirming their firm committment to one another?

Indeed, they have. Both countries have agreed to resume a strategic dialogue. They made the announcement together after talks in Washington, yesterday.

Some interesting statements, that may be relevant to the recent plane crash that wiped out the previous government.

Clinton and Sikorski also discussed the conflict in Afghanistan and new areas of U.S.-Polish cooperation on energy and climate.

Sikorski said if American companies exploring energy resources in Poland "strike it lucky," it would enhance the energy security of Poland and Europe and forge new investment links between Poland and the United States.

That is kind of surprising.
I thought Russia and Poland had just struck some kind of energy pipeline deal?
Now Sikorski is talking 'energy security' with the US?

A delegation led by Sikorski is on a week-long U.S. tour since Tuesday with the focus on renewing the Polish-American Strategic Dialogue.

Sikorski is also scheduled to meet with U.S. National Security Advisor James Jones, representatives of the U.S. Congress, and Washington think tanks.

Then Sikorski announced that Clinton is visiting Poland as a member of the elite group of countries which will meet in Krakow during July 2-4 to re-launch the Community of Democracies.

Joint Statement on the US and Polish Bilateral Strategic Dialogue

Hilary, is such a gal pal to Sikorski, she is promising to look in Polish Visas.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has promised to look into the issue of Poles requiring visas to enter the United States after a meeting with Polish Foreign Minister Radosław Sikorski.

Earlier this week, European Parliament President Jerzy Buzek criticised the U.S. visa policy, which divides EU member states into "better" and "worse" countries according to which ones are included in the Visa Waiver Program (VWP).

Poland is the only member of the Schengen zone that is not included in the VWP.
The official criteria to enter the VWP is based on the ratio of rejected visa applications to total visa applications, which must fall under 10 percent. At the moment, the figure is at 13 percent. If the number of visas granted were to increase, Poland would soon be within range of entry into the VWP.
Don't worry Hilary is on the job!

Wait, there is more.. Missiles on Sikorski's Washington Agenda

“Such weapons are placed around Poland’s borders so it would be both in the interest of Poland and NATO to reduce the nuclear arsenal. Reducing tactical weapons would be the next step after reducing strategic weapons,Sikorski said after the meeting.

Missile reduction, is most certainly not what they are speaking of.

Some additional news has the IMF popping up!

Poland: does Warsaw really want a new IMF credit line?

The question is would the government, including the central banker, that died in the plane crash have wanted a new IMF credit line?

The Polish central bank insists the country has no need to ask the Fund for a replacement for the current facility

The government takes a different view. Earlier this week Dominik Radziwill, deputy finance minister, said an extension of the FCL was called for because of the turmoil caused by the recent downgrades of Greece, Portugal and Spain
Uber thought provoking statement from linked article, I am going to bold it for you to read and contemplate-

The issue had been a sore point between the ministry and the bank, but the death of Slawomir Skrzyepk, the former central bank governor, in the April 10 air crash, has taken some heat out of the argument.

The death of the former central bank governor has taken some heat out of the argument???

Who would benefit from Poland taking on more IMF loans? Not Poland, of course. For their would be austerity measures put in place. Hmmmmm........

I find all this interesting, because the main stream media has been giving us the news for the past couple of weeks that Russia and Poland could get closer and Russia could benefit from this tragedy, etc., etc. Then Sikorski is in the US two timing with Hilary?
And, the IMF is largely hooked in with the the US branch of the political banking cartel.

And another picture emerges entirely.

Aangirfan: NEO-CON CIA AGENT TO TAKE OVER POLAND? /Radoslaw Sikorski.


  1. Wow! That is interesting.

    - Aangirfan

  2. That's one hell of a rabbit hole you've found Penny.

    This whole crash is certainly a stinky one, and of course hardly a whisper in most mainstream sources - I guess they want us all to forget about the wiping out of the entire government.


  3. thanks anon, I thought it was.

    Yup, rabbit hole!
    without the drugs LOL

  4. touche pen!

    i have to say, hillary clinton just makes me want to puke.

  5. Hilary is sickening, I concur completely.

    All this news, so quietly reported on.
    I had to do a double take, has the media's focus on Russia/Poland relations been an attempt to keep us from looking at the special relationship renewed between the US and Poland.

    I just wonder...

  6. Penn, Perhaps it would be interesting to note the relationship between Polish Jews and American Jews before, during and after the second world war.

    The dates may have changed but the same Bullshit is again piling up so fast in Poland that soon one will need a Sikorski helicopter to stay above it. Oh the Irony.

  7. Hey silv,

    "Perhaps it would be interesting to note the relationship between Polish Jews and American Jews before, during and after the second world war"

    I think this would be one giant mess to get into. Where would i begin?
    Could you shed any light on this relationship?
    I have a feeling you may already know far more on this then I?

  8. Slozo;
    hoping you will be popping in sometime soon and get his message.
    I did listen to the archived show of April 24/2010.
    And it was interesting, to be sure.
    I had a bit of a problem with his blame everything on Russia attitude, and Putin is evil.
    Not a problem, but, I just can't see the polish plane crash as that cut and dry.
    I won't disagree that it is possible Russia played or role, or perhaps not?
    But, the plane crash looks like a coup, and that originated in Poland. But who in Poland, which faction?
    Tusk, seems to be on his way out.
    If he was the Russian point man, so to speak, he is useless.

    Then we have Sikorski whooping it up with the US? Which is interesting and higly suspicious.
    Then the banking dispute, and the IMF?

    Another comment the host made approximately one hour in, caught my attention.
    He said he watched the entire polish funeral, all 6 hours of it.
    I am quoting verbatim, because I relistened to this part at least three times, to catch the wording.
    "Not one single politician from anywhere in the world was there"

    Either he missed them, or he is intentionally misleading
    I am unsure which? I am simply not familiar enough with him to really make a call.

    It was reported msm that Medvedev attended, so did the leader of the Ukraine and Georgia.

    "Although US President Barack Obama and dozens of other dignitaries were unable to attend the elaborate state funeral because of the cloud of volcanic ash covering much of Europe, Medvedev flew in to attend Sunday’s ceremony."

    I had commented on how odd that was the medvedev could apparently circumvent the volcanic ash and others couldn't?
    another article

    Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych also attended.
    The late president's close friend, Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili, also managed to attend, flying in from the US through Rome - making five stops along the way.
    -Mikheil Saakashavili, flies into to attend from the US via rome, but Obama golfs?
    What message is sent to Poland by Obamas snub?

  9. The fact is that Obuma don't give a flaming rats ass what the Poles think, the fix is in and the squeeze is going to be put on Russia. After the fall of the Soviet Union Poland became second only to Russia in the number of nuclear missiles. They are still there and people wonder what the Americans want with Poland.

  10. Penny,

    There is no "blame everything on Russia" attitude . . . he clearly states what is my opinion even in that broadcast, and in almost every broadcast he makes:

    The real players belong to no country, and although they may appear to be "against" each other, in the end, they are all for one goal. Putin, like the puppet Obama, and like many other western and eastern leaders, are either the puppets of the PTB or high ranking members of the PTB.

    This is not an attitude of blame Russia . . . this is the attitude "blame the REAL PTB", and in this case, the conspirators and assassins are all probably Russian.

    How can Russia (see: Russian ptb, led by Putin) only be "playing a role" when they have controlled the entire charade? Crashed in Russia, plane last refitted in Russia, investigation controlled by Russia led by Putin, media coverage of crash all comes from Russia.

    The only western link to it is in regards to information control and dissemination of such for the western plebes watching the news . . . how convenient is it that the invisible ash of the volcano prevented western leaders and the public's eyes to look at this incident?

    Penny, from what I have gleaned in real history, 99% of the time, a coup does not originate in the country it happens in . . . it is bankrolled and directed by another power.

    And him saying not one single politician from anywhere was there, and you pointing out the attendance of Medvedev (but not Putin - busy covering up . .. er, investigating!) and two other neighbours of little or no importance . . . this does not make his statement a lie, in my eyes. There really was no one there, Pen - no that mattered, no one from the west at all.

    (here's one: if the cloud comes from the north west end and floats toward Poland, couldn't they fly around it? Above it? Below it? Or was it a magikal, all-encompassing invisible cloud, so large that it completely filled the sky from top to bottom?)

    And lastly Pen, his point was that Obama was directed not to attend, and no ptb members attended the funeral. To snub means you have control over your actions, and I wholeheartedly agree with the host of A View From Space that Obama is a pure puppet, with almost no control over his actions whatsoever.

    Listen to it tonight, please - give it a few more episodes (I never miss it) and you will get a better feel for his views (almost mirror mine exactly) and appreciate his vast knowledge of ancient religions and the ptb's obsession with numerology and sun worship and the like.

  11. hey slozo, I will listen again, I bookmarked the site so that I could.

    Like I said, those were just my comments on one show and one show is not enough to judge by.

    I always try to take from numerous resources and them make sense of what I am hearing, from what I understand about a situation.

    In otherwords, I guess I am my own best filter.
    I am glad you saw the message.


    "After the fall of the Soviet Union Poland became second only to Russia in the number of nuclear missiles. They are still there and people wonder what the Americans want with Poland."

    See, I learn something new everday, because had no idea that was the case.

    Now, I will throw this thought out there..another one rattlin' around in the brain.

    Have the repeated main stream musings of a possible closeness between Poland and Russia, been setting john and jane q public up for the idea that the US has to get heavily involved in Poland, lest Russia get in there and get to influential.

    So the idea of a closer relationship is being planted in our minds..
    next step the US warms up and get's more heavily involved, moves some additional missiles in etc??

    I guess we can watch and see.