Thursday, July 1, 2010

More G-20 updates- bogus weapons and more

Ok, one more!
So it is a three post day, what can I say? It' ll probably be a couple of days before I post again.....

I wanted to catch up on some stuff I had bookmarked, before I got sidetracked with all the police state G20 news.
Briefly getting back to the G20-

First: Charlie Veitch has been released, but, must appear in court August 23rd/2010

Second: 4 Journalists who were detained have filed complaints against the Police

Four journalists who claim to have been detained during the G20 police crackdown in Toronto last weekend have filed complaints with Ontario's Office of the Independent Police Review Director. Formal complaints ranging from physical assault to sexual assault were filed with the Office of the Independent Police Review Director by lawyer Julian Falconer

One of the complainants is Amy Miller, seen in this video

Amy Miller - Alternative Media Centre, Independent Journalist from Darren Puscas on Vimeo.

The Police continue on with excuse making: The had "communication issues"

All just one big misunderstanding! Or incompetence, right? Maybe it was "human error"?
But what went at the G20 was by design, it was intentional. Conditioning to accept the police state, conditioning to accept that you have no rights unless someone gives them to you.
Which is nonsense, you are born with your rights. As you live and breath, your rights are yours.

All the people arrested, strip searched and humiliated. Does saying "Oops it was a communication issue" change that fact that their human rights were intruded upon brutally?
No it does not. Not for the almost 1000 people detained in cages, strip searched, abused & assaulted it does not change a thing!

The whole thing is sad. Maybe even worse then that.

This story demonstrates how absurd the actions taken by police on the part of the state really are-

'Nerd' shocked his toys in G20 weapons cache

Here is the nerd

Police are living in a fantasy world if they think arrows on display Tuesday had anything to do with the weekend G20 violence, a Whitby man said Wednesday.

Brian Barrett was shocked to go online Tuesday and see a photo gallery showing toy weapons seized from him while en route to Mississauga for a fantasy role-playing game.

His hand-made scale armour, cushion-tipped arrows and hockey-taped shields were among the items Toronto Police chief Bill Blair said were “seized from criminals” who wreaked havoc on the city Saturday.

They weren’t the only misleading items on display during a Tuesday press conference.

(Misleading? In real talk, the police were conducting a psy-op on unwitting and gullible television viewing audiences)

When Blair was asked about a chainsaw and crossbow, he agreed they had been seized from a man near The Esplanade in an incident unrelated to the G20 summit.


  1. Penn, The pigs/police in this country have become so delusional and psychotic that they no longer realize just how transparent their lies are. But the one thing that they are aware of is the fact that they are untouchable.
    Thats the real scary part.

  2. Thanks Penny for another great article, all the research and sheer guts etc.

    I think this blog may be my new spiritual home. :)

    Not that I have anything to add right now except that our National Party run government here in NZ has lifted a ban on police running for political office. It was a speedy in the middle of the night thing and didn't get much cover in the media.


  3. I sent a few folks this way Pen, some of the youngns I farm with. So far I haven't spoken to anyone who believed any of the violence was 'real'.

    Seems a lot of people are waking up - and that's a good thing!!

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  4. silverfish:

    the police, the rcmp, all of them have lied, they have a culture of lying.

    Look at the airport incident, Mahar Arar, now this.. to name a few.

    And they get away with it over and over because they are placed in a postion of 'authority'


  5. Hi Sally!
    thanks for a wonderful compliment, not sure I can possibly live up to, but, hell I'll take it!
    Good to know the hours I spend digging news stories are worth it.

    New Zealand, of all places!
    Anytime you would like to leave a commentary on the goings on there, feel free to do so.

    It is obvious, or should be by now that the ordinary people on the planet do not have governments that serve the people despite the spin....

    I word sums it up - fascism.