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CIA, MKUltra and the Military Contracting of Psychiatrists and Psychologists. Ethics? What Ethics?

Yesterday while searching about for something to put up here, I came across an interesting story on the CIA and MKUltra experimentation, then I realized aangirfan had covered it here.

After I was done cursing those "school girls" for scooping an excellent story on the CIA's experimentation on children. I narrowed my search down to one individual in that story, and lo and behold up pops this massive article on Ethics of CIA and Military Contracting by Psychiatrists and Psychologists

This had the DSM's latest changes ringing in my ears....who are these so called changes really benefiting???

I have digressed briefly, but relevantly, so let's get back to Drugs the CIA, Psychiatrists and Military Contracting

There have been extensive, systematic violations of human rights by American psychiatrists, psychologists, and neurosurgeons throughout the second half of the twentieth century. These violations have occurred at the leading medical schools with funding from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the U.S. military.

There was extensive involvement of psychiatrists and psychologists in CIA and military mind control experimentation at the major medical schools in North America throughout the second half of the 20th century. Participation of psychiatrists and psychologists in ongoing, classified mind control programs, for instance, the Behavioral Science Consultation Teams operating at Guantanamo Bay, must involve continued systematic violation of human rights.


The first major manufacturer and distributor of LSD in North America was Eli Lilly Company, manufacturer of Prozac. LSD was discovered by Albert Hoffman, a chemist at the Sandoz pharmaceutical company in Switzerland, in 1943 (Lee & Shlain, 1985). In the early 1950s, according to documents obtained from the CIA through the Freedom of Information Act, the CIA was concerned that the Russians were trying to buy the entire world ' s supply of LSD (Ross, 2006). Both sides were using the drug for mind control, brainwashing, and interrogation.

The CIA wanted to develop a secure domestic supply of LSD. In 1953, the CIA therefore signed a $400,000 contract with Eli Lilly Company to manufacture and supply LSD. This was done under Subproject 18 of the CIA ' s MKULTRA mind control program.

The first people to take LSD in North America were psychiatrists, military personnel, and CIA officers. America was introduced to LSD by psychiatrists.

LSD experimentation on soldiers by the U.S. Army continued at least till the late 1970s, according to Senate testimony by army medical personnel. Other drugs first introduced into American culture by CIA psychiatrists include psilocybin and PCP or " angel dust. "

Psychiatrists gave LSD and mescaline to children in massive doses in the 1950s and 1960s. Dr. Lauretta Bender, a child psychiatrist, gave street-level hallucinogenic doses of LSD and mescaline to children aged 5 to 10 years old. Some children received doses daily for weeks, months, or even years at a time.


Psychiatrists and neurosurgeons at Harvard, Yale, and Tulane implanted electrodes in the brains of children and adults on contract to the U.S. Army and the Office of Naval Research. At Yale, Dr. Jose Delgado (1955, 1959, 1979) developed a technique for stimulating the implanted brain electrodes using remote radio transmitters. He performed these experiments on children as young as 11 years of age, and also on cats and monkeys

Dr. Louis Jolyon West was a MKULTRA contractor with top secret clearance . He attempted to set up a center for the study of violence while he was chairman of the Department of Psychiatry at UCLA. He recruited Dr. Frank Ervin, one of the Harvard brain electrode psychiatrists (Mark & Ervin, 1970), to work in his center. The center was never opened due to public protest. One of the potential projects was to insert brain electrodes into violent criminals.

Dr. Delgado (1969) wrote a book called Physical Control of the Mind: Towards a Psycho- Civilized Society. In it he described a utopian society of the future in which an elite squad of mind control doctors controlled the entire populace through implanted brain electrodes.

The brain electrode implant experiments were done for no therapeutic purpose, and were based on unscientific diagnoses and unproven, unscientific treatment methods. They were unethical and harmful. They must have caused permanent brain damage and the complications included brain infections, strokes, and death. There was no meaningful follow-up of subjects. There was no real informed consent. Subjects were not protected by the advice of independent counsel. Subjects were often criminals, orphans, psychiatric patients, drug addicts, or other individuals who could not resist.

Utopian for who? It's is as good a time as any to share a quote from Zbigniew Brzezinski.
You may have read it before? You may not have? If you haven't, read it now-

The technotronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values. Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities.
A more controlled society? Dominated by an elite unrestrained by traditional value?

Ponder that...and I will get back to the mind control article.

It covers the Manchurian Candidate experimentation. Then goes on to the False Memory Syndrome.

Drs. Orne and Dr. West advised the CIA on how to create iatrogenic multiple personality disorder, and they spoke with, published with, and reviewed the work of other mind control contractors including G. H. Estabrooks. (this is a name that has been mentioned on the blog previously, a master at hypnotism)

Dr. West and Dr. Orne, before their deaths, were both members of the Scientific and Professional Advisory Board of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, an organization that claims that most, if not all, clinically diagnosed cases of multiple personality disorder are iatrogenic (resulting from the activities of doctors)

The fact that both Dr. West and Dr. Orne were top secret contractors on CIA programs designed to create iatrogenic multiple personality disorder must surely introduce a possibility of bias and vested interest.

Their bias and vested interest could run a number of ways. First- They may wish to take credit for being capable of implanting false memories. As if they were successful at their experimentation. That is one angle.

However, another agenda may be at play. If they were indeed successful at creating Manchurian candidates, or just the conducting of brutal experiments, these doctors and others like them may use the claim of false implanted memories to cover up for the extreme abuses the multitudes of patients suffered at the hands of these so called doctors and their CIA backed, taxpayer funded experimentation. Young children, orphans, mentally incapable persons, abused by the mind control system and the claim that let's the abusive doctors off the hook??
It is not a real memory. It was just implanted by the doctor.

Operation Midnight Climax-
I did an entire post on this one previously

For instance, under MKULTRA, CIA officer George White constructed safe houses in New York and San Francisco that were decorated like brothels. CIA officers watched through one-way mirrors while prostitutes the CIA had hired had sex with men they had picked up at bars. The prostitutes gave the johns LSD without their knowledge. The purpose of the experiments was to determine the effects of LSD on unwitting subjects in a natural setting. Dr. James Hamilton, a Stanford psychiatrist who worked as a CIA contractor under MKSEARCH, participated in these LSD-prostitute experiments.
Unethical mind control experimentation is a political abuse of psychiatry. Under the guise of medical research, human beings have been subjected to unethical experiments for the benefit of the state. This abuse of psychiatry has occurred at all the major medical schools in North America. It has been pervasive and extensive. Many of the leading figures in psychiatry have either participated directly or looked the other way while friends and colleagues received grants and promotions.

So much for the hypocritcal oath, "do no harm"

We can't kid ourselves that this kind of stuff is 'just not happening at this time' or it is 'all in the past'. It isn't! June 19th/2010 I put up an article about Doctors in the employ of the CIA who aid in torture

This article was based on a brand spanking new report that had been released regarding medical professionals, involved in CIA interrogations of terrorism SUSPECTS, engaging in forms of human research and experimentation in violation of medical ethics and domestic and international law.

Nothing has changed.


  1. Hey Penny,...BOOM! Research and study that’s what makes for great journalism: Your piece is excellent.

    When I was first getting into journalism shortly after I got out of the army I received some sound advice from a friendly Editor: "As a freelancer (I was trying to get a fulltime job), you have to find an angle we are not covering, if you want me to see some value in buying your work."

    I would always buy your work.

    Nameste Pen'


  2. Hey Pen,
    A few weeks ago, I read a fluff piece at Vanity Fair's web site about the use of LSD in the 1950's by Hollywood "luminaires".
    If you haven't already seen it HERE
    heh heh word verification trabl (or trouble)

  3. I did a piece on MK ULTRA last week, and what struck me most was not that the CIA did these kinds of things (it says a lot about the CIA that almost everyone I talk to assumes they act this way), but rather that the CIA started engaging in these kinds of things almost from their very inception.

    In 8 short years, Operation Paperclip became Project CHATTER, Project BLUEBIRD, Project ARTICHOKE, and then MK ULTRA. By then, at least one person had died, and the CIA was off and running.

  4. veritas;

    Peter, thanks, when I have more time I want to read that piece entirely, sometimes in fluff their is substance.

    covertamerica, thanks for the interesting comment.

    "almost everyone I talk to assumes they (CIA) act this way"

    my experience has been the opposite, outside of the better informed citizen media persons(mostly other bloggers)
    Those that get their dose of reality via the msm have no clue and are completely shocked when informed.

  5. I find this all rather sad, sort of like the Laurel Canyon series... I liked lsd when younger (not now of course, I'm too 'mature' to be laying under a tree tripping), but it sure makes one wonder about the whole counterculture movement of the 60's and 70's. How so many bought into it, for whatever reason.

    For a laugh, check this out:
    Spiders on Drugs

    (I know, I am SOOO NOT serious these days Pen, am taking a break and enjoying myself immensely!! hee hee!!)

  6. I watched some videos today that deal with this. They came from a comment at that Vanity Fair piece. This one looked BEST
    although this one was fair

  7. Penny: Well, I should amend my comment. Most everyone I talk to about this kind of stuff is somewhat informed. But popular culture has, I think, somewhat equated the CIA with bad things in the mind of the general public (the Bourne movies, for instance).

    On another note, one of the authors of the article about experimenting on children (H.P. Albarelli Jr.) is also of the opinion that the CIA mass dosed the French town of Pont-Saint-Esprit in 1951, resultig in 7 deaths, and many, many others injured. You can read a quick paragraph with the basics here.

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  9. The Third Reich was a field test by the banking interests, government puppet-masters and corporations to see just how far they could take their sick and depraved dreams. The results culled from that large-scale op were transplanted directly into the US, UK and even Canada with Project Paperclip, Operation Sunshine, Operation Moonstone and Matchbox. It even involved bringing in rabid technical service psycho and sociopaths from Unit 731 in Japan, all to expound upon the valued Axis 'field notes' in advancing the continuity of Reich. Amongst much of the nastiness we currently find ourselves marinating in, much of this was established and refined in the wartime field labs of Europe and Japan. If the field experiment known as the Third Reich had never come to power these two-legged demons would be far behind in the actuated manifestations of what they've always dreamt.

    But alas, things turned out much to their advantage and these "advancements" have been surreptitiously introduced and oft time legislated into our lives. The more covert means -- mind control, controlled drug trade and industry as social pacification tools, civilian espionage, network black ops, preying upon children either mentally or pedophiliac, have always been painstakingly kept just out of public view. The scum who always looked at the masses with fear, loathing and with an eye for making us their livestock have never changed. They've developed a solid blueprint, advanced it into many working models and now wish to see it pushed to endgame finality. This is the 'great work' that is bandied about in their clandestine cabals and furtive globalist meetings. They've always fancied and asserted themselves as our overlords and masters and each succeeding generation of their brood is trained to this task as their destiny.

    Frank Olson was a hero and those not familiar with him should definitely make themselves aware. For all the indoctrinated patriotism and ideals he was raised to believe, he joined the ranks of US military services and later moved into the capacity of bio-weapon technology. He was at the critical juncture of MKULTRA (a Nazi technological prototype and Project Paperclip refinement) and earlier prototypical mind control experimentations and was privy to events, research and experimental operations which today remain at the highest of security classifications. The participants and things he eye-witnessed towards the latter part of his career made him sick and changed him to the point where he was contemplating going public and getting out of this business altogether. Unfortunately, this became known through intelligence circles and he was deemed a threat, which they quickly neutralised by dosing him with an LSD cocktail and then 'suiciding' him through a hotel window ten-stories high. It was through the investigations of his murder that missing parts of the MKULTRA story are leaking forth that shine a light on the beginnings and origins of this horror operation.

  10. hey covertamerica: thanks for clarifying.
    and thanks for the link to info.

    I am aware that Albarelli has made that claim, it wouldn't surprise me in the least, that it was correct, given all the other "testing" the CIA conducted unbeknownst to many unsuspecting persons, children and more.

    I find the issue of pop culture adoption of CIA agents and MKUltra operation for subjects then forces these very real subjects into the world of fiction, or non-reality.

    Thinking specifically of the movie Men who stare at goats, as a movie I liked it, but it made the reality behind it seem so preposterous, rather then the seriousness with which the operations such as stargate were conducted.

    Bourne, is presented as heroic, despite his many blemishes...

    Just my own personal beefs though and I do realize others may feel differently.

  11. HHQ!

    interesting.... Your entire post makes me think of the quote I put in the post from Mr Z Brzezinski, about a society dominated by elites unrestrained by traditional values??

    The masses owned and controlled by complete psychos

  12. Covertamerica: you are a bit wrong, I think.

    Wrong about the american and north american public having a negative view of the CIA because of movies like the Bourne series, or James Bond, or any of the hundreds of spy movies out there.

    They are there to tell you that lying, covert assassinations, undemocratic black ops at every level - is NORMAL, and should be ACCEPTED. And, we do accept it, because the good guys in the movie are always doing everything that the bad guy does, just on 'our side' and in the name of the Queen and civilised people (Bond) or truth and justice and the american way (Bourne).

    All the same fucking shite - propaganda at its highest form. Letting out very old behavioural secrets of yesteryear, sort of a kiddie version without the really bad stuff of what our gov'ts do - and getting you to groove on it, accept it.

  13. Hey Penny,...Slozo: Right On the Money, mate! I thoroughly agree with your comment and couldn't have said it better.




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    On the Road to Freedom: WELCOME TO YOUR BRAIN! in mindcon, STOP INFOWAR AGAINST CIVILIANS!, mindcon.wordpress.com, 1.01.2010,
    Yours sincerely.