Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Gaza: An interview with Dr. Norman Finkelstein

Love him or hate him? He never fails to provoke thought. Which I like.

As always share your thoughts on the interview
Recorded August 13/2010, so it is quite new. Thanks to Gnostic Media (link in side bar)


  1. Penn the problem with Finklelstein besides the fact that he's a jew is that while he talks a great game, thats all that it is, talk, and in the end he says absolutely NOTHING.

  2. I think that Norman Finkelstein has done more then just talk, he has visited Gaza and been arested, lost his job and more for his views.

    But all he can really do is talk, because he holds views that are heavily censored thanks to and via the Israeli lobby.

    And even his words cannot get out into the mainstream. To add another dimension to the sordid mess in the middle east.

    Sometimes, I feel rather like him, just putting out the info and hoping someone, somewhere, get's a fire under there feet!

    Until a tipping point is reached...

  3. Oh, I gotta admit I liked the shots taken at Obama, well deserved, well deserved.

  4. Hey Penny,...The whole 'good jew bad jew' thing is a scam, just like the two party system. Jews like finkelstein make the right noise and we have to accept them for it; however, the reason these 'good jews' are criticizing their bosses is more about self-preservation than sympathy for the goyim. It pretty much boils down to a public airing of internal arguments. E.g. "If you keep doing what you always did, you'll always get what you always got." That is to say exile from the host/victim nation and punishment (not persecution) for their pathologically evil acts.

    The problem for jews today is: When you are victimizing the entire world; where do you run to?

    Nowhere - you will be punished until the victims of your crimes are fed up with kicking your collective arses - that there is a lot of bloodshed people. Jews like finklestein know this and they are scared witless and getting more desperate, which means when push comes to mass rebellion, they will find safety among their own.

    "No where to run to baby, no where to hide."



  5. veritas:

    whatever his reason for speaking out, he does it. I can accept that.

    I do wonder given the level of animosity he has earned, will his supposed own accept him?

    I gotta tell you. I just don't see followers of Judaism as a people.

    In the way we would see the Italians as an example, with common genetics, common practices and traditions, common history emanating from a nation state.

    Thinking of Shlomo Sand's the invention of the Jewish people.

    Put simply they are a bunch of people who converted to a specific religion.

    How else to explain followers of Judaism in Dominican Republic and Ethiopia?

    Not the same for other ethnicity's

    An Italian cannot be born in Moldova, but an Italian can be born in Italy.

    A follower of Judaism born in Dominican is a Dominican born follower of Judaism.

    that's my opinion, anyway.

    This goes back to Arthur Koestler The Thirteenth Tribe.

    To me they are not an ethnic group, not a people in the sense of the most commonly used terminology of " a people"

    I hope I did not confuse matters worse?

  6. I'll have to agree with Penny on this one. I admire and respect Norman, have heard him speak and spoken to him in return. He is a honourable member of the HUMAN race - full stop.

    These divisions do more to harm us than unite us, which is what we need. I refuse to lump all folks together due to ethnicity. As i have said before, no group has the corner of the market on being assholes.

    Oh, and as far as Norman goes, he is an atheist, who happened to come from an ethnically Jewish background.

    If you ever have the chance to go hear him speak, I would highly recommend it - he is blunt, thruthful and actually very funny.

  7. Hey Penny,...I agree, totally with your statement regarding ethnicity and national identity.

    Magdelene: all the pseudo-jews are atheist: they do not believe in 'our' God.

    The yids that pretend to be hebrews are not a race per se; they are members of a death cult that's obsession is worldly materialism. They are a pox on humanity and they are virulent due to the 'christian' ethos of the goyim. I am not a 'christian' of the hagee or xtian zionazi stripe; I accept the label 'christian' when someone that understands the wealth of gnosis that jesus the prophet* was taught and taught in his turn uses the term.
    The sacred scriptures (not the corrupt ‘church’ interpretations) are a genuine source of documentary evidence which can be used to determine future scenarios. Imagine a world where everyone lived by the Christian ethos; in lieu of their agendized dogma and politics. No islam no christendom, no denominational incongruity perpetuate the hate and distrust that evil thrives upon.

    I have visions of a utopian society that is inclusive and based upon extended families, which in turn form communities that manifest more as extended families than towns or cities. I believe in the value of intimate communities, where all your children are my children and all my children are yours. A village where the responsibility for nurturing, protecting and teaching our children well, is the universal consensus.

    To achieve this end, I will fight, and I will not hesitate to use as much force as is necessary to protect all our children; I share this notion with a great many colleagues:

    I am the Adjutant of the Knights Templar of Australia; we are an ancient and noble Order of hereditary Knights and Dames, much maligned by the pseudo-jew media and their despotic minions. We are and always have been devoted to the welfare of all God’s children. Up until just a few years ago, we were the butt of jokes and aspersions.

    All of which fomented by the tribe: In the past few months we have had several thousand queries regarding our Order regarding its opinions on contemporary events and membership. My commander and I have been interviewed several times on television and in print.
    These developments are no novelty, people are scared and they are searching for the high ground.

    I do believe that we are on an event horizon that will present our kind with an opportunity to create a something wonderful: It will not be free, nor will this opportunity be cheap.

    That there are people such as yourself, AP, Timster and many others, strengthens our resolve to make this thing happen, for our children’s sake.

    We have only one enemy: satan, it does however have many minions. The Apocalypse is upon us!

    Your brother in Christ,


    I believe in these: love light & peace

    Adjutant KTA.

    "Non nobis, Domine, non nobis, sed Nomini tuo da Gloriam..."

    *If he were then the saviour we would not be enslaved by the tribe; soon he/she will return, and lookout!

  8. Magdalena: yes, I have listened to FInkelstein before in an interview or two, and hear what you are saying - he's atheist, just born from a jewish family. But tell me this - if you asked Finkelstein "are you a jew?", what do you think he would answer?

    1) yes, I am a jew.

    2) no, I am not a jew

    3) avoid the question in the only way known and taught to most "intellectual" jews, by deflecting it as a question back, coupled with political commentary and potentially a dollop of humour

    And what is an "ethnic jew"? Is that a semitic jew? Khazarian jew (eastern european)? Anyone that came from a family that practiced the jewish religion for more than two generations?

    Why don't the Irish Catholics get to call themselves "ethnically Catholic"? They have more homogenous bloodlines in many cases than jewry, and just as distinct a culture, physical look, customs, songs, historical sites and artifacts, etc.

    That's just one example, there are a hundred others - but you get my point.