Sunday, August 1, 2010

Murders and drug dealers: Reality tv gone to far

Television, other then a mind control medium, what is it worth to society really?
Clearly, I don't hold the fine art of idiot box viewing in high esteem.

In Brazil, there was a tv crime show host Wallace Souza that took his television show way to seriously....
He has recently died. And with him died the number of murders he contracted to spice up his show and kill his rival drug dealers

Murder for television ratings? It appears so.

A Brazilian TV host accused of ordering killings to boost his crime show’s ratings has died, leaving his alleged involvement in the murders unexplained.
This man was no stranger to controversy or corruption.

Former Police officer, statesman and present day drug trafficker. The killings he had contracted to boost the ratings of the show conveniently were hits on rival drug dealers.
One of his sons is incarcerated at this time on narcotics charges

A former policeman and popular state politician, was also suspected of being a drug trafficker himself, and of using the murders to rid himself of rivals. One of his sons is being detained on narcotics charges.
What ended his career as a law enforcement officer?

Souza, a former police officer who left the force more than 20 years ago after being implicated in a fuel theft case.
Another criminal who used positions of authority and public respect to commit crime!


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