Tuesday, August 31, 2010

South Korea and US to stage joint naval drills

Keeping in mind that just Kim Jong-Il was in China, on a hastily arranged visit, that just ended on Monday

South Korea said Tuesday it will stage a joint naval exercise with the United States next week, the latest in a series of drills aimed at warning North Korea after its alleged attack on a warship.
The anti-submarine drill will take place in the Yellow Sea from September 5 to 9, a spokesman for Seoul's Joint Chiefs of Staff told AFP.

"Now we're coordinating final details with the United States," he said, declining to say which ships would be involved.

Yonhap news agency, quoted an unidentified military official, said the exercise would involve two US Aegis-class destroyers and a 1,200-tonne submarine plus South Korean corvettes and destroyers, but no aircraft carriers or nuclear submarines.

The US military in South Korea said on August 20 that its flagship aircraft carrier, the USS George Washington, would not take part -- an apparent concession to China which strongly opposes the drills.

Any war games involving the United States in the Yellow Sea are a sensitive issue because of the area's proximity to China and the disputed maritime boundary between South and North Korea.

South Korea and the United States, citing a multinational investigation, accused North Korea in May of staging a torpedo attack which killed 46 sailors on a South Korean corvette.

The South announced reprisals, including a cut in most cross-border trade.

The North vehemently denies sinking the ship and has threatened retaliation against the series of military drills staged this summer.

In July South Korea and the United States held a major naval and air drill in the Sea of Japan (East Sea).

The South in August staged its largest-ever anti-submarine drill including live-fire training near the disputed Yellow Sea border, prompting a North Korean artillery barrage fired into the sea

Possible gearing up for the distraction.... which Israel and the US will use to their advantage to attack Iran???


  1. Well Penn it's the end of August and it's pissing with rain and it's cold, Been sitting in the cottage for the last two days with the fire going just trying to keep the frost off of my nose, YUK.

    But on a lighter note, the US and Canada seem to forget what happened during their last so called police action in Korea during the 1950s and how many lives were lost on all sides. The Chinese backed North Korea then and they will back them now. The only difference will be that both china and North Korea have MUCH more to offer this time around. Hell they (the US)can't even beat a bunch of Afghanis on motorbikes, how well do you think they will fare against a well defined
    military. Sometimes it's better not to piss to many people off but sadly this is something that certain countries NEVER learn.

  2. hey silv, it is the end of August and it is hotter and more humid then hades, or at least in my opinion.

    smog advisories as the air is coming up from the US, bringing pollution and likely some corexit to boot.

    As for Korea, your right some countries never, ever learn.