Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pentagon buys and destroys books critical of Afghanistan war

Still believe you are free from censorship?

The federal government bought and oversaw the destruction of 9,500 copies of the book "Operation Dark Heart" by Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer.

The U.S. Department of Defense acquired the book's first press run and destroyed them.

Defense spokeswoman Lt. Col. Rene White said Macmillan Sept. 20 "pulped and recycled the books ... they definitely did not burn them ... ." Defense Department personnel observed the operation.

Does it matter the method of destruction? The fact is the government bought the books and paid for them to be destroyed, censoring opinion and denying the empowerment that knowledge brings

For the second run of the book
"In an agreement with the publisher, St. Martin's Press, specified portions of the book to be blacked out or "redacted"


  1. Hey Penny,...'Redacted', don't ya love that word? I honestly felt for the people of the ju-S.A on 911, not because of the attack itself, because of what was obvious to my colleagues and I: It's begun, the final push for world domination. I don't feel sorry for any sheeple anymore for that matter; if they don't get it by now – too bad, they deserve what they are getting and what is to come.

    The yids have called for this destruction, they are the ones that “hates us for our freedoms” – they think they are the tribe ‘chosen’ to own the cattle – us, with a ‘g-d-given’ mandate do with us what they will.

    Thank god everyday that I am not in the ju.S.A...



  2. Hullo Pen,

    I wonder how often this happens? The only other book I know of to cop this is Walter Bowart's Operation Mind Control. If I was that Colonel Shaffer bloke I'd see to it that a pdf version of it accidentally appeared on the web. Accidentally, done-a-purpose kind of thing. 'Gosh how did that happen?' (shrugs, looks left and right).

  3. veritas if I may?

    what does maranatha mean?

    I have heard the word, am familiar with it, but, it is generally associated with a sort of wacky christian bunch?

    I noticed the exchange at Nobody's between yourself and Helene? regarding the Templar Knights, a subject I admit to not being very knowledgeable about...

    Therefore I suspect, maranatha may mean something else entirely then I understand it too.

  4. "If I was that Colonel Shaffer bloke I'd see to it that a pdf version of it accidentally appeared on the web."

    Someone bought a copy of it on e-bay and apparently approx 100 uncensored copies went out before the pentagon burned the books, I mean, pulped and recycled them....

    We'll just have to keep our eyes peeled!

  5. Hey Penny,..As with the truth about Templarism, no hidden dark secrets no dirty laundry stuffed under the laundry sink:

    Maranatha (1 Cor. 16:22) consists of two Aramean words, maran 'athâ', meaning, "our Lord comes," or is "coming."

    Basically, it's message of the faithful. A lose colloquial translation could be, "Be cool, The Christ is back in town and this evil yid shit will end soon." "Or my boyfriends' back and ya gonna be in trouble, hey yaa, hey yaa, my boyfriends' back."(grin)

    It never ceases to amaze me how people dis' the papacy and the media and then base their perceptions upon those very sources. Present company excepted of course.☺



  6. I believe that FOX News broke the story. Anything that comes from Zionist Murdoch's outfit is always suspect, but the book is available at a German used book store listed below.

    Operation Dark Heart: Spycraft and Special Ops on the Frontlines of Afghanistan -- And the Path to Victory by Anthony Shaffer

    Shaffer delivers an exciting, eyewitness account of fighting terrorism in Afghanistan using the military's most cutting-edge espionage tactics.


    Out of curiousity, I ordered the book to see if it arrives and to read it to find out whether there is actually some truth in the book or just another giant load of Zionist BS.

    Back when the Pentagon murdered their 'golden boy,' former football player Pat Tilman, who had completely soured on the war against Afghan civilians and was due to come back home on leave, I don't recall FUX saying anything about the Army destroying all of Pat's personal effects after the murder, including his diary.

  7. Good point Greg, I found a thing on the net detailing each of the chapters and best I could make out Shaffer is in no way against the war as such. He belongs in the if-only-we-could-fight-it-right-we-could-win camp, if you can dig it.

    And his pulping gets lots of airplay does it? Sure.

  8. Thanks for clarifying that veritas!

    Greg, interesting and let us know would ya?

    Wondering will you get the second edition? If it has been redacted how would we know what is missing from the first book vs the second edition.

  9. Hey Penny,...This whole 'pulping' things sounds like a psyops publicity stunt to SELL the new improved version; I bet the second print-run is more than 10k! Curiosity killed the truth-cats - forbidden fruit only tastes good if it actually tastes good - when I was a kid my mates and I once risked life and limb through a local farmer’s field full of cows and young bulls, to steal some enormous green apples - sour as hell! We ended up chucking them at passing trucks from the Mine.

    Youth is wasted on the young.

    Truth is wasted on the stupid.


  10. hey veritas, It could well be, hard to say at this point in time.