Wednesday, September 8, 2010

UN agency "curtails" probe of Israeli nuclear weapons

United Nations investigators, ordered to write a report about Israel’s atomic capabilities, said they couldn’t compile enough information to assess the extent of the country’s nuclear program. The International Atomic Energy Agency released documents today showing a split between member countries who want more light shed on Israel’s nuclear work and others that say the Vienna-based organization doesn’t have the right to pry.

Interested in which countries did not want to "pry"?

Countries including Canada, the U.K. and U.S. opposed the probe, saying that the inquiry risked turning the IAEA into a political battleground.

Risk turning the IAEA into a political battleground ? What kind of nonsensical claim is that?
That political battleground risk, was not so worrisome that these very same nations hesitated at pushing their political agenda's when it came to Iran's nuclear energy program.

Which countries wanted to investigate Israel's nuclear weapons

Others, including China, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and Turkey, supported the investigation.

What has Israel been doing? Being accountable? Since, they are the country that always wants peace. As they claim? You would think there would be cooperation?? But then, you would be wrong.

-Israel has refused to open its nuclear facility in Dimona to UN inspectors.
-Israel declined to cooperate with IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano’s inquiry on “political and legal” grounds

The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, a Washington- based policy study group, estimates that the Jewish state possesses enough material for between 100 and 170 weapons.

Hardee, har, har!! 100-170 weapons??

Some estimates have Israel stockpile as many as 400 nuclear weapons and then there is the Samson Option.
Making this nation, a nation that needs to be accountable to the world.

Another reason that Israel needs to accountable for their nuclear arsenal? This bit of news, recent news, that some may have missed. I am going to let James Petrus take this one away.......

Israel offered to sell the apartheid regime, weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear, chemical and conventional weaponry to destroy and defeat the million person African resistance movement.

The Genocidal Implications of Israel’s Nuclear Offer

Most liberal commentators and critics of Israel’s offer to supply apartheid South Africa with nuclear warheads merely focused on Israel’s “irresponsible behavior” in violating the non-proliferation treaty. (Israel is not a signatory too, nor will they be accountable for )

Irresponsible behaviour is one thing, IMMORAL behaviour quite another.

Few if any raised the great moral and political question of the profound human consequences of complicity in a genocidal nuclear assault on millions of Africans. The question is Israel’s moral responsibility, if South Africa had followed up the Jewish State’s offer, bought the nuclear warheads and sent the missiles raining down on millions of Africans demanding freedom. One might ask if complicity in a potential genocidal act is subject to a war crimes tribunal, in the same way that the German industrial manufacturers of poison gas for concentration camp prisoners were put on trial at Nuremberg for complicity in the war crimes of the Nazi State.

Israel’s offer to supply nuclear missiles if implemented would most likely have led to the shelling of shanty towns and refugee camps across the borders, housing millions of South Africans, killing hundreds of thousands and radiating many more to a slow painful death. Nuking a mass popular resistance in this case through the deliberate efforts of two racist regimes, is more than a ‘war crime’, it is a monstrous crime against humanity.

The above linked article is a long read but well worth taking the time to read to understand this issue more completely.

There are countless good reason Israel must be held accountable for it's nuclear arsenal.


  1. Without a doubt, Israel are THE most likely to use their nuclear arsenal next. What's more worrying is that they've already said those missiles can reach most European cities....

  2. Given Israel's policies, behaviours as a nation, including their wanton attacks on all neighbouring nations, attack on the USS Liberty, other false flags, their refusal to allow nuclear weapons inspection...I would agree, they are the nation most likely to use their nuclear arsenal

  3. I've said it before, this is the single biggest reason to turn Israel into a smoldering slag heap before they do it to someone else.

  4. I was thinking years ago of writing a book, a sort of sci-fi thingy, in which I gathered together all the worlds organized religions into Jerusalem, all eagerly awaiting their respective 'second' or 'first' comings and leveled the place with a nice big meteor.

    That took care of that.