Thursday, September 16, 2010

World renowned scientist won't be charged in airport scare

One more for today- and this one is curious.
This is one of those stories, that leads one to think, there is way more to this then is being let on.

Scientist found with suspicious item at airport had previously done prison time for plague sample flap

A world-renowned Texas scientist specializing in infectious diseases who was once charged with smuggling dangerous samples of plague bacteria into the U.S. was questioned by authorities after a suspicious item found in his luggage caused a massive evacuation at Miami International Airport Thursday night.

Dr. Thomas C. Butler, 70, was questioned by agents with the FBI and Miami-Dade police Friday after a suspicious item was found in his checked luggage by a MIA baggage screener Thursday night, sources told NBC Miami

The suspicious item scare caused police to evacuate four of six airport terminals and the airport's hotel for nearly seven hours as a bomb squad removed the item for further testing.

-Shortly before noon Friday, it was learned that Butler was released from questioning and won't be charged in the incident.

What is quite interesting about his release?

FBI Agent Mike Leverock said the item was still being tested at a lab to determine what, if any, danger it posed.
Curious isn't that? Released and on his way to Puerto Rico, while the item he had was still being tested to determine if it was dangerous? Also interesting, his flight had originated in Saudia Arabia?

Butler had been coming from Saudi Arabia when the suspicious item was spotted in his luggage as it went through customs.

Still something else! This is not the first time this scientist, released to Puerto Rico before it was determined wether the item he was carrying was dangerous or not, has transported very suspicious and deadly items. And even that first go round with transporting deadly items is weird.
Butler had been on the faculty at Texas Tech, until his arrest in 2003 on charges of smuggling and improperly transporting the plague samples, as well as theft, embezzlement and fraud. Butler told police that 30 vials containing the samples had been stolen from his lab.

He was eventually found guilty of exporting the vials of plague and stealing research money. He was acquitted of illegally exporting the plague samples.

He was found guilty of exporting vials of plague, but then acquitted of exporting the plague samples?
Connected to some sort of intelligence/undercover group or operation?


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  2. If this doesn't stink of an Israeli intel op, then I don't know what. It has certain earmarks:
    - Saudia Arabia as a departure locale.
    - Butler's background as a specialist in infectious diseases including cholera and bubonic plague.
    - His previous conviction and his embezzlement make him a strong candidate for extortion by a hostile enemy (read Israel) looking to compromise him for service.

    Here's my question though, if he was previously convicted for transporting plague samples previously and quite possibly on a TSA database watch list, why would he attempt something similar? As reported, security personnel noted "a 12-inch metal canister with black screw tops at both ends, buried in the research scientist's baggage. To me it sounds suspiciously like he may of been used as a diversion for something else. As the outcome was a partial evacuation of the airport and re-routing of planes. The fact that he's summarily released but the contents of his canister are still being analysed and tested is very suspicious. Israel and their accomplices are chomping at the bit to run another false flag and I can imagine that they are running different drills in order to refine their next one. Unfortunately and in large part to the blogosphere citizens of the world are on high alert and are vigilantly alert for any sign of the next one.

  3. Very good point HHQ.

    Just think what you could get up to with an empty airport...

  4. hhQ! you bring up some good points

    the diversion offered up by his transporting of the container
    A sleight of hand?

    while all attention is focused on the disgraced scientist, something else is happening elsewhere.
    really a good point!

    "The fact that he's summarily released but the contents of his canister are still being analysed and tested is very suspicious."

    ya, that struck me as quite odd also, well actually the entire story struck me as quite odd.

    drilling for false flags?
    entirely possible.

    Hey Edo!
    hope life is treating you well?

  5. Thanks Edo and Penny, my scenario is also made extremely plausible by the fact that US airport security is outsourced to Israeli firms. How convenient, for them to be able to insert themselves at just the perfect point, as the literal gatekeepers.

  6. HHQ; any time someone brings up such excellent points, they deserve the thanks.

    I knew the whole thing stunk to high heaven and it had to be intelligence connected, but, you pointed out some excellent and credible possibilities.