Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Meria Heller interviews Dr Paul Connett: Dangers of Fluoride

Heads up! Interested in the fluoride debate? Fluoridation of water?
Good interview at Meria Heller's free show link

This week’s free show is with Dr. Paul Connett on the dangers of fluoride. It’s one not to be missed – your life depends on it.

Free show link


  1. Hey Pen, I'm still using the distiller and couldn't be happier. After you get used to it it makes all other water taste like crap.

    BTW. At the time that I bought it, I chose the distiller over the reverse osmosis thing mostly on account that the latter needs constant and expensive replacement of filters and membranes. Just lately I found another reason for rejecting it - for some reason reverse osmosis operates on a waste basis by sending 9 litres down the drain for every one litre you get from it. Shocking really. And of course they'll never tell you that at the store.

    Sure enough, distillers have their own drawback what with chewing up energy. Imagine having your kettle run for four hours a day. Mind you, if the old man didn't idiotically drink 20 cups of tea a day (4~5 litres) and instead drank less than a litre like I do, we'd only need to run it every couple of days.

    To be honest the most sensible solution would be to catch rain water and then run it through a simple ceramic filter thingy. If only...

  2. "Just lately I found another reason for rejecting it - for some reason reverse osmosis operates on a waste basis by sending 9 litres down the drain for every one litre you get from it."

    I didn't realize that!
    That is a big waste of water.

    WE don't fluoridate the water here, thankfully.

  3. Nobody! You're alive . . . and apparently drinking unfluoridated water to boot! Excellent, it means another article is just around the corner.

    Myself, I am in an area where only a miniscule amount of fluoridation gets into the supply. Important thing is, I use baking soda to brush my teeth. And refuse fluoride at the dentist.

    Strange side effect though: healthy teeth with no cavities, and no wear and tear on my enamel (the protective cover your tooth has that is killed by fluoride doses, enabling cavities to form more quickly).

  4. Hullo Slozo, is fluoride in your toothpaste bad? I figured since you spat it out and didn't swallow it, no great harm was done. I thought it was the ingesting of it that was bad. No?

    Otherwise, alive and well and er... unstruck by inspiration. I don't know... one of these days...

  5. hey nobody!

    that is what the Dr says in the interview, the only benefit is topically. that is it!

    He does mention that most people use way too much of it on their toothbrush, you just need a small amount, pea size. Then rinse your mouth out well.

    He was also talking about the two type of fluoride, the one in drinking water is the cheap by product of industry.
    The one that is in toothpaste is of a better quality, more expensive.
    He explains the difference.

    I had an uncle who only brushed with baking soda, he had all his teeth, till he died and they were always very white.

  6. No explanation necessary Nobody - just try baking soda for a week, and I dare you to go back to toothpaste.

  7. Thanks Slozo and Pen, actually I used baking soda exclusively for a couple of months and was somewhat surprised to find that it didn't clean my teeth as well as the Bamboo Salt toothpaste (made by LG, a Korean firm) I used to use. So I went back to it. But it does have fluoride in it. You had me spooked there for a bit but I now go back to figuring that if I spit it out there's no problem. Yoroshiku.

  8. Hunh. I find that weird, Nobody, as I could never go back . . . teeth much cleaner with baking soda, for me. Maybe it's your aussie brushing technique? ;)

    Fluoride, while in your mouth, will eat away at the germs . . . and also, your enamel, the important stuff covering and protecting your teeth. You may spit it out afterward, but it still gets to clean/wear away enamel a bit. It may be minimal, but just as minimal as the cleaning effect it has.

    And, the fact that we get too much fluoride in the first place, and that when taken too much it is great for all kinds of bad diseases (plus it does make one more compliant), it is just something I will go out of my way to avoid.