Friday, October 29, 2010

US & Israel secretly negotiate 'leasing' Palestinian land?!

This news story from today is just too much!
Israel and the US SECRETLY discuss land lease?
Gee shouldn't Palestinians be involved? One would think?
But then this is in the West Bank, 'governed' (actually a dictatorship) by US/Israel puppet government Fatah.
The land lease is a gift to Israel, they won't pay the Palestinians one penny. This is a cover for the land thievery that Israel is notorious for. This claim of leasing the land is to legitimize the theft.

Here are the facts-
-Israel is holding secret negotiations with the US
-One option being discussed, negotiated or decided upon is that Israel may 'lease lands' in East Jerusalem from the Palestinians in exchange for the establishment of an independent Palestinian state.
Not surprisingly the Palestinian Authority apparently has only recently been made aware of the talks and hasn't been given the details of the proposal.
The "leases" will run as long as 99 years
According to reports, this initiative is American, not Israeli????

This type of option was previously discussed, but, clearly went nowhere.
At that time the length of the "lease" was 6-9 years, not 99.

Israel and the Palestinians discussed the option of leasing land in talks at Taba in 2001, but they discussed leasing for 6-9 years, and not 99.

Meanwhile, in just the past week, religiously crazed terrorists, fanatical adherents of Judaism have destroyed hundreds of Olive trees belonging to Palestinians.

Jewish settlers destroy 200 olive trees in Nablus
Israeli settlers set fire to more than 2,500 olive trees in Burin

Israeli settlers set fire to more than 2,500 olive trees in BurinIsraeli soldiers watched the settlers burn the olive groves, making no arrests...of the settlers that is.
But did take the time to arrest a Palestinian who attempted to
put the fires out.

The Palestinian people" called on the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank to fulfill their duty to protect citizens and provide security and safety to the public, and to stop engaging in security coordination with Israel as it will only result in more settler attacks."

The settlers, as if burning the olive groves weren't bad enough, also set fire to a Palestinian school.

Vandals set fire to a storage room in a West Bank Palestinian girls school early Wednesday morning and scrawled a Hebrew message on a nearby wall: “Greetings from the hilltops.”

Palestinians have accused a group of young settlers, known as the Hilltop Youth, of setting the fire to the room, which had been stacked with furniture. (Well they did leave their calling card, didn't they?)

This was the second arson attack this month, two weeks ago, the hilltop terrorists entered a mosque the Palestinian village of Beit Fajar in the Gush Etzion Region and set fire to a mosque and to copies of the Koran. The blaze damaged the mosque but did not destroy it.

The vandals also scrawled Hebrew graffiti on the mosque wall which stated “Revenge” and “Price Tag.”

What is the meaning of the term "price tag"

Extremist settlers (fanatical terrorists) have in the last few years instituted a “price tag” policy in which they damage Palestinian property to protest actions by Israeli Security Forces.

At about the same time as the arson attack, the IDF demolished several structures built illegally in an outpost near the settlement of Bat Ayin.

“There has been a clear escalation in recent months in the level of settler violence against Palestinians,” a senior IDF officer said on Wednesday.

The settlers attack the Palestinians, their homes, their lives, their schools because they can.


  1. One cannot lease what one does not own no matter what shite paper work is synthesised. Nice to see Manifest Destiny get an upgrade for our time. Israel occupies Palestine just as the Nazis occupied Paris or Poland. You see just because there is a contrived "extralegal" land transference enacted it does not mean that one iota of the daily genocide, theft, debasement and concentration camp-like occupation will ever abate. This is merely a cover to buy time they are fast running out of and no one in their right mind would fall for it. All this is, is a commonly agreed sanction for illegal and ruthless occupation full-stop. An agreement between a pimp (Israel) and his prostitute (the U.S.) with no international support. It's all part of Israel's 'New Ploys for Dumb Goys' strategy.

  2. Shades of the "Old South."

    Hasidic Jews can sit on their front porch of their luxurious homes, that were paid for with US tax dollars and watch their Palestinian 'sharecroppers' do all the physical labor, since that kind of activity is repugnant to the average Apartheid Israel Jew.

    Gosh, I wonder who will pay for those leases?

    Hmm, the answer's right on the tip of my tongue.. give me a minute or two to sort it out???

  3. "new ploys for dumb goys"

    I like it.

    "Gosh, I wonder who will pay for those leases?"

    Need some help with the answer Greg?